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Naruto 551! Bring the Pain!

Its out! And really early too! Who ya gonna call! Naruto!





57 Responses

  1. This was a good chapter but I do have a problem with it. The way they ended Nagato was easily the worst ending to any Edo Tensai character, or character in general. To have a strong character like him removed from battle because his best move gets destroyed is a serious cop out on Kishi’s part. They talk him up like he’s the most powerful thing in the world and he’s gone three pages later? Very disappointing.

  2. Man in one chapter itachi has moved from my third fav character to first! lol man if he wasnt there say goodbye to bee and naruto. Itachi did pretty much all of the work and as for the whole shinra tensei vs susanno I think its safe to say susanno has proven to be more than a match to withstand shinra tensei. This chapter itachi not only figured out the weakness of peins gravity thing but he is directly responsible for peins defeat (further solidifying how smart he really is… everyone calls sasuke and kakashi geniuses but I think itachi has shown through everything that there is him and minato and than there is everyone else in terms of analytical skills)and is it just me or is it retarded that naruto is givin the thumbs up at the end of the chapter when he didnt really do mnuch of anything?!?! lol.

  3. This chapter pissed me off. Seriously Nagato was defeated so easily. I mean damn even hanzo got a better ending.

  4. The only 2 things I didn’t like from the chapter were that Nagato got sealed to quickly (kishi pulled out chibaku tensei far too early) and that Pain downgraded himself so much at the end, praising jiriya! Jiriya was cool an all but come on Pain just made the 2 top jinjuriki look like useless fodder ninja!!!! His badassness isn’t even up for question tho seeing as it took all 3 of their special jutsu to break his 1 jutsu lol Btw wasn’t that a new jutsu by itachi??? Speaking of him, his level of genius is ridiculous! No wonder he was Anbu captain at 13 before he even finished puberty lol

  5. fight of such caliber was way too SHORT !!!!!!!!!!!! Damn you kishi!!!!!! donn’t do this to charather like nagato!!!! ffffff

  6. Oh an nice plan by Kabuto! Sneeky snake boy junior’s idea would have been great but in the end Sharingan defeated Rinnegan

  7. Nagata deserved to go down better than that. Disappointed a little in that but Itachi truly is a threat to any and all. Naruto once again was talking to much… Even while getting “a soul” removed….”nagata, show me that technique”. Come on! Anyways did that soul removal work & if so which soul? Isn’t part of his dad’s & mom’s soul in him??

  8. there were a lot of arguments about whether naruto was actually stronger than nagato when he “defeated” him back in konoha.

    in my opinion, this chapter answers that. naruto is clearly stronger, more versatile, and durable than he was when he fought nagato after training with bee. he also has bee and itachi, whom are strongest shinobi in the series backing him up. but despite all this, when nagato fought with his full potential he clearly outmatched naruto, and it wasn’t until itachi used the almighty sword of totsuka that he was stopped.

    on a side note, i wonder if kabuto knew orochimaru was sealed in itachi’s susanno’s gourd. if he did, you would think he would have made itachi release him back when he was still under his control…

  9. did anyone else notice the color page showing tobis face!!!!!

  10. @Profess

    That is fan art, so don’t get all excited.

    As to Nagato downgrading himself in comparisson to Jiraiya, he isn’t talking about ninja ability or power or anything like that: Nagato is talking about Karma if you will. Nagato believes that the path he walked in life was wrong and that Jiraiya couldn’t have walked a more noble path. He then encourages Naruto to follow in Jiraiya’s footsteps.

    As to Nagato getting beat too soon, you could argue that this battle should have gone on more, BUT we already saw how badass Nagato was and we also know that Itachi doesn’t mess around. I was actually surprised that Itachi didn’t activate Susanoo right away last chapter and seal Nagato away right then.

    Perhaps the destruction of chibaku tensei was too easily done, but I would think that it was the Tailed Beast Bomb, a Yin/Yang kind of technique, that was able to disrupt the gravity ball.

  11. @SSJ so ur saying Nagato when he has his “intent to kill” is stronger than 9 tailed cloak naruto…..i totally agree! lol Doesnt kabuto only know that sasuke took out Orochimaru?! i doubt he knows that itachi locked him away

    @profess wasnt that just someone’s prediction of what he’ll look like lol, he’ll probably look just like that tho but with a scar or something from wood style jutsu!

  12. itachi never ceases to impress me. he has jutsu for almost every kind of situation and if it wasnt for him naruto would have gotten his soul taken and killer bee would’ve gotten a chakra blast to the face. this chapter also showed how versatile and dangerous nagato is when he himself is fighting and dont forget that he was basically fighting mindless (which explains how he was so easily sealed) like the first two hokages were when oro eliminated their personalities and he still proved more than a match for naruto and bee. im not a fanboy of nagato or any character for that matter, but those that were saying, “oh nagato isnt even that strong”, analyze the last two chapters carefully. a shinobi with the rinnegan isnt referred to as the ultimate ninja for no reason.

    also naruto is playing a very dangerous game right now, so is bee. they both could’ve died in this battle twice if it wasnt for itachi. what if they had to fight itachi as well as nagato? a mindless pawn under kabutos control almost ended it for the both of them and its pretty early in the war. theres most likely way bigger obstacles they’re going to have to face than just a mindless nagato. naruto and bee have power that no other shinobi can ever gain. they can do better and they need to step it up before its too late.

    great chapter =)

  13. We can hardly complain that Itachi beat Nagato so quickly. We saw all Nagato’s techniques now for the second time, in his third fight. It’s better to move on from this fight than to prolong it unnecessarily, so the story can progress.
    When the fights are done in the anime, they are always prolonged anyway.

    @Kishi Itachi 2 Nagato 0 🙂 You can say he had to fight 2 Jinchuriki at the same time all you want but this calls for the victory screech!

  14. Great Chapter, and more than likely the fight will be longer in the anime, but this just proves how GREAT of a ninja Itachi was…

  15. did anyone catch when naruto was holding on to his soul by it’s mouth? loooooooooooooooooooooool good thing itachi was there

  16. Damn so itachi broke edo tensei, sealed a rinnegan user one of the most powerful shinobi ever and whipped out a new susanno projectile jutsu- the only question is now is who and how is he gonna get sealed away??!!! (que madara an his 6 jinjuuriki’s lol)

  17. This just proves how strong and intelligent Itachi was, too be able to defeat Nagato was amazing when not even Naruto and Bee could get a handle on him. I still feel that Nagato was beat kinda fast, I wanted to see more of his abilities but what he showed was kinda cool. I liked when he activated Asura paths abilities and formed a gun pointed right at Bee. I think he was way more effective using the six paths this way instead of in different bodies. I just wish the battle was longer.

  18. That technique Itachi used looked like a Sharingan. I wonder if Naruto mastered his bijuu-dama technique.

  19. Bloody hell Nagato and Itachi is amazing. Nagato taking care of two most powerful ninja, the hope of the alliance, like it was nothing. Itachi never fails to impress me. And bloody hell Naruto is so fken cocky now 😦

  20. Itachi is an excellent ninja, He didn’t even use his genjutsu (his bread and butter) and still got Nagato. He calmly analyzes the situation and breaks Nagato’s technique while simultaneously attacking Nagato with a one hit kill. I feel like all Bee and Naruto contributed to this fight were distractions for Nagato to attack. Meanwhile they gave Nagato enough power to go on a rampage. I feel that in this way they were battling on pretty equal footing and it’s a fair-ish representation of how a fight between them would go.

  21. ITACHI DIDNT DEFEAT NAGATO. BEE, NARUTO, and ITACHI DEFEEATED HIM…. If its one on one it clearly shows Nagato wins. I’m not bothered to deeply that Nagato lost. I am a little annoyed some folks give credit to Itachi and the sharigan for defeating him. That’s partly true but a Nagato vs Itachi fight goes to Nagato.

  22. “That’s partly true but a Nagato vs Itachi fight goes to Nagato”: I have to disagree after this chapter. Quite some time ago I had a Nagato vs. Itachi debate with Kisu. in which I virtually predicted this chapter. A lot of Kisu.’s points were dispelled here, his main one being that Nagato would be able to absorb Itachi’s Sussano’o which he didn’t. Since Itachi has such a quick and powerful one hit kill jutsu, it seems like even without Bee and Naruto he would still have won. If you want to argue the Bee and Naruto contributed to this fight, then what did they really do?

  23. nagato’s will and personality was already supressed by kabuto by the time he turned the tables on bee and naruto. he was fighting mindless like hashirama and tobirama were when oro summoned them against hiruzen when he attacked konoha. i cant say whether kabuto was controlling nagato or not, but he was definitely a mindless pawn in this fight. a ninja’s will, personality and other character traits affect the way they fight, so im not too surprised nagato got sealed so quickly. hes way better than what we’ve seen from him in this fight imo. this chapter just showcased what hes capable of. add in his own mind, will and personality and he could be extremely more dangerous imo, but in a nagato vs itachi fight, id still favor itachi over nagato the reason being nagato’s main weakness is itachi’s most dangerous weapon, genjutsu (and itachi hasnt shown to have any weaknesses). fukasaku and shima’s frog song genjutsu pretty much completely disoriented nagato’s paths when he fought jiraiya and that genjutsu seems low class compared to tsukuyomi. itachi is just as intelligent as nagato if not more and his prowess with genjutsu is too great for nagato to avoid, and itachi isnt all genjutsu as he showed this in this entire encounter. he can go blow for blow with nagato with ninjutsu as well. itachi completely mastered his sharingan while nagato hasnt mastered his rinnegan. maybe the rinnegan is capable of much more than what nagato can do with it to the point where he wouldnt have to worry about his weaknesses, but that has yet to be determined. this chapter was all itachi imo, bee and naruto were caught completely off guard by how versatile nagato really is with his six paths of pain techniques. as far as a straight up battle between itachi and nagato goes, i’d favor itachi, but i cant say who’d win.

    p.s. nagato still hasnt shown us not one elemental technique, although he mastered every element by age 10 lol. sometimes i swear kishi doesnt know what hes doing.

  24. Well, well, well. We finally got to see the Rinnegan vs Sharigan (well not really). I agree with those above, Naruto and Bee were just distractions. I am kind of upset that we seen the Kin Gin brothers get like 6 chapters worth of fighting, 4 or 5 chapter dedicated to fat boy Choji, and we only get like 2 chapters of Nagato fighting? Itachi is a genius, and he is definitely a force to be reckoned with, but this fight didn’t prove he’s better than Nagato. Naruto smiling at the end like he just defeated somebody makes me sick to my stomach. Madara, Kabuto, and Sasuke are next. So far no good guys have died yet 😦

  25. http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Edo_Tensei

    read the section labeled control. i think nagato sucking in hachibi’s chakra has nothing to do with his complete regeneration and the restoration of his youth.

  26. @Tensa Gizzla If the Sage of the Six Paths could handle and capture the Ten-tails, I’m sure Nagato would have been able to handle Naruto and Bee.

  27. “nagato’s will and personality was already supressed by kabuto” I don’t think it makes that much of a difference. They still go all out with their abilities. Especially in talking about someone like Nagato who isn’t a strategist type. He has enough power that his mind isn’t going to make a difference in the fight.

  28. fastninja: That is incorrect. That part of the revival was already done because the talismen have already been implanted. Nagato DID regain his power by taking it from Naruto and Bee

  29. “He has enough power that his mind isn’t going to make a difference in the fight.”

    really? i wont debate about this one lol i just cant do it. all im going to say is his mind makes all the difference in the world and that goes for any ninja. why were the first and second hokages sealed so simply? because they were mindless. why was nagato sealed so quickly? because he was mindless. if you think ones own will, personality and mind makes no difference in how they fight, what techniques they use, and what strategies they use, then thats your opinion. the fact that he broke out chibaku tensei so early for no apparent reason is clear proof that he wasnt himself. thats one of his last resort techniques and he used it way early because kabuto turned him into a mindless killing machine as oro did with the first two hokages. he is powerful yes, but how he uses that power (his own mind and will being the two factors that determines this) makes all the difference in the world. if you really think hes powerful to the point where he doesnt need his mind to defeat the two most powerful jinchuuriki and one of the most gifted ninja we’ve seen thus far, i cannot agree with you on that one lol. thats madness.

  30. it states there that if the summoner completely binds his summons, then any imperfections are buffed out and the original color to their bodies and clothing return. when oro completely bound the first two hokages, the color to their bodies and clothing returned as nagato’s did this fight. im not saying its true because naruto wiki has proven to not be completely trustworthy, but im just throwing that out there. it might be true.

  31. “hokages sealed so simply”: Wasn’t Oro. (a living ninja) cought in the same situation? He didn’t get sealed because Sarutobi ran out of energy, but then again wasn’t Oro. (a living ninja) cought in the same situation (no I’m not abroken record) Itachi sealed him just as easily. Their “free wills” which are NOT the same thing as their minds, aren’t the be-all-end-all that most edo-haters like to point out. Essentially the only abilities that it eliminates are talk-no-jutsu ones.

    ” the fact that he broke out chibaku tensei so early for no apparent reason is clear proof that he wasnt himself.”: Didn’t he use all of his other paths beforeusing it?

    “it states there that if the summoner completely binds”: I would argue that the word “completely is naruwiki’s interpretation only and that any form of binding does the same. I can argue this because we see Kabuto reviving them in the traditional two step process (showing the decrpit bodies then showing the retored bodies.) it’s just confusing because the restored body in Nagato’s case is the aged one he died in since he used his lifespan to fuel his final jutsu.

  32. as I predicted, while Nagato can use all of his techniques at one time as an advantage he is disadvantage because of one body. Although he used his summon as an extra set of eyes, all the had to do was to defeat one body.

    While I would of liked this battle to drag out the use of Itachi’s sealing sword can’t be denied. When Oorchimaru revealed himself Itachi quickly took care of him with the sword.

  33. Naruto and bee were literally useless in this fight….. it was not a joint victory it was all itachi lol… first he managed to free bee and naruto, than he blocked the gravity pull with susanno than sealed nagato himself…. yea they all three threw a attack but I’m willing to bet itachi would have been just fine by himself lol. This is itachis victory and as of right now I’d take him over naruto and bee anytime

  34. ^^^ that kid is such a herb

  35. kid in the above video should shut up after this chapter..,..

  36. i think there was so many chances for naruto and Bee to survive from nagoto attacks without itachi helping them

  37. wow, lets jump the kid in the dumbass video.

  38. I hate that kids voice

  39. Like other people have said, mega fight but didnt last as long as i wanted it too.

    For me i can think of this in my head! when Kabuto has control of Nagato, nagato would obviously no exactly how to use his powers and what to use to counter stuff, and what to use in succession. Kabuto doesnt have that unconcious decision. he only has the techniques that are given to him. So edo tensei isnt as effective as the real nagato himself not by a long shot in my view. So its not really NAGATO that is fighting. its Edo Nagato! So its not painting a true picture of his natural unconcious talent.

    Its nice to know Nagato is getting what he deserves now, a peaceful ending.

  40. No cop out here…Nagato was up against 2 Jin and perhaps the GOAT of the Uchiha Clan…only reason the battle lasted so long was the surprise attack by Nagato and like Naruto said – Nagato’s speed and use of the jutsu were on a different level probably from absorbing E8T’s chakra and put in full Edo mode.

  41. “So its not really NAGATO that is fighting”: I have to disagree, Nagato was still able to use his skills, Kabuto may have been paying attnetion to their fight, but he wasn’t choosing which ninjutsu Nagato used. Nagato ultimately had his full range of jutsu and about his average range of strategy. Kabuto wouldn’t know Nagato’s skills in depth enough to pull out things like the chammelon/soul suck jutsu or think of using Asura Path as a counter to Bee. I would like to see a full strategist type ninja under edo tensei but the only one that made the grade was Itachi and we all saw how that turned out. That’s why I’m very interested to see the 2nd Mizukage use genjutsu because you can do that without a personality but not a mind.

  42. *not without

  43. @ssj – hahaha, for real!

    Good fight. I think people may be missing something with Edo Tensai; it’s a resurrection as well as hypnosis technique except that people know they are under hypnosis in some cases. So they are told “Defend yourself to the best of your ability, that is your enemy” and they act such on a reflex action level. They can say whatever they want but they are attacking with full intent to kill. Fight was short because the level of techniques being used was on another level, an in the trenches battle will last MUCH longer than a bombing blitz. All realised they had to whip out big guns and get off that nuclear blast before the other got the one up on them. Against Susanoo you’re not gonna waste time with hand-to-hand or other drawn out methods. You’re going to end it quick with black hole gravity technique (chibaku tensei?).
    I reckon Bee and Naruto would have been fine, a little gun blast and replay of tug of war Naruto already went through would not have ended these two. Konoha’s number one surprising ninja would have pulled something out his ass…
    I was convinced he had sent in a kage bunshin though….
    Sharingan projectile, bwoss!

  44. Nagato deserves more credit than he’s been given. I concede that Itachi is the better shinobi between the two, but disagree that the MS is better than the Rin. It has not been stated that the Rin is the most powerful of all the eye tech for no reason. Itachi won not cuz he had MS but cuz he was a better strategist than Nagata. He was quickly able to figure out how to defuse chibaku nd hit Nagato on a quick counter b4 he cud react.

    If you disagree, try and answer this: If Nagato had MS and Itachi had Rin in this fight, who would win?

  45. itachi wins, because like you said he is a strategist!!!

  46. Yea ok, so Itachi figured out a way to difuse Nagato’s technique, but he also realized he couldnt do it himself, thus the solution to utilyze everyones most powerful long range technique… So in essence we had the top two jinchuuriki, and the probabably the best MS user ever all in concert attacking one guy… Seriously… NAGATO IS THE STRONGEST… U CANT DEBATE THAT… JUST TOO POWERFUL

  47. no need to debate it, its right in front of ur face, nagato lost again. now sure on paper he should be the strongest, but he isnt, something is holding him back from that title, either he doesnt know how to fully use his powers or something or someone is limiting his power. im sure itachi couldve came up with another plan had bee and naruto not been there, it wouldve took longer, but ultimately he wouldve probably still won.

  48. wait a minute. i thought the naruto in this fight is a kagebunshin? i remember that he made clones because he want to get to the white zetsus fast and he left one clone with KB. can a clone’s soul be yanked out? by that time, shouldnt the clone go puff already? so that one’s not clone?

    abt Nagato’s too early demise, I’d say that it was Itachi’s sword of totsuka that ends the battle. if itachi doesn’t have that sowrd, he won’t be able to defeat Nagato that easily coz nagato’s naraka and human paths are so way above the top. you’re practically a god coz you can kill and revive a person at your own will [according to kabuto].

  49. I thought it was a great chapter even though Nagato was sealed way too fast. Kishi pulled out all of the ultimate moves way too early, and I feel that the battle was not engaging. With that said, I want to pose one question. Since Sasuke took Itachi’s eyes, do you think that he has access to Itachi’s sword of tosuka and yata mirror?

  50. “all im going to say is his mind makes all the difference in the world and that goes for any ninja”

    Admittiely, I haven’t read the rest of the comment or the comments afterwards, but I’m betting that was probably the most truthful fastninja had typed in it. From my experience as a fighter, personality makes a huge difference and how one fights. Anyone who says otherwise is either in denial or simply doesnt understand fighting. Even beeing cold hearted, calculating or simply doesnt have a personality are categories in of themselves. and reflects in thier fights. It’s most obviously seen in pretty much every naruto fights, in gaara’s, jirayas, sasuke’s, and(to use and edo tensi example) zabuza when he fought kakashi as a mindless summon. You saw how quickly thier usual fighting style changed(improved or otherwise) as thier emotions did.

  51. @skykss:

    That’s exactly what I thought! I think the clone will just dispel, as when the 3rd Hokage used Dead Demon Consuming Seal with his Shadow Clones against the Edo Tensei 1st and Second, his clones just dispelled

    I just wanna see Itachi kick more ass.

  52. it was a pretty good chapter all round, yea the fight is a bit short….but this goes to show just how good itachi is in analyzing and finding opponents weakness. i think naruto n bee learned sumthin here, plus nagato jus believes his way was wrong….n naruto to seal the trilogy….dont see anythin wrong with the thumbs up thts jus a affirmation given to nagato by naruto. too bad we can never get to see a fight between the greatest….itachi and minato…tht would be sumthing.

  53. screw everybody hating on naruto’s confidence. He is a beast and would take out itachi and nagato, seperately.

    So it was not the eye tech that won the battle but the ninja. “A gun is useless w/o a user” or in this case, “an eye tech is only as powerful as its owner”. Just imagine if Nagato had his free will, this fight would have lasted much longer. His ability to absorb ninjitsu and chakra make him practically untouchable, plus he can rip out yur soul. Yes, I am saying personality has everything to do with the outcome of a battle. If you disagree, try and answer this: WOULD NARUTO HAVE WON ANY OF HIS FIGHTS W/O HIS “NEVER SAY DIE” ATTITUDE? “YOU GIVE UP TRYING TO MAKE ME GIVE UP!!!”

  54. “WOULD NARUTO HAVE WON ANY OF HIS FIGHTS” All zombies have that attitude though, they won’t give up because they can’t die. Edo Tensei doesn’t remove the brain’s function, it just controls it like the rest of the body and uses the brain towards the summoner’s intention. If the Edo Zombies DIDN’T have brain function, how would they know what technique to use or how to use those techniques? the whole “edo zombies” can’t think argument is ridiculous because they CLEARLY can otherwise they would just be puppets with flesh. Kabuto DOESN’T know dust element/Renningan/Sharingan/Gold Dust ninjutsu or any of the other ninjutsu that that has been used. Clearly the ideas and memories needed to preform those jutsu come from the edo zombie and clearly they STILL come when the zombie has their personality erased. If you want to argue that there is a personality better for battle than: Kill, never give up, don’t be a classic movie villain and tell them your plans in a long winded speech, then I would truely like to hear it.

  55. @walmart1

    It’s like saying a robot can think. You can program a robot to release water when it detects fire in a building, but a person would be able to reason better and may release water in a more efficient way. Kabuto himself mentioned that HE was going to use certain Rin’negan path techniques to get the Haichibi and Kyuubi under his control, which meant that HE was deciding what technique to use.

    It doesn’t necessarily mean that Kabuto himself can use Human Path or Hell Path, but with Edo Tensei he can execute the program to produce those techniques: the very same way that the post you just made ends up on Shannaro. You know how to type the keys and send the information, but you don’t actually control the electronics moving and whatnot, you just executed a command and the computer did what you told it to. That’s what an ET zombie is.

  56. Just some food for thought…The Nagato we saw fight was a Nagato that was souped up on Hachibi and Naruto Life Giving chakra not the version cripppled by Hanzo, I have no idea how Kishi is going to explain this or if he just did so to satisfy the “what if Nagato was healthy” question, how did Nagato get healthy just like that? why didn’t he do that while he was alive, Edo Tensei property or glitch lol, but there are some things to be considered… Nagato would not have been in good health after Chibaku Tensei, his reaction time seemed fine. As for Itachi, we see an Itachi without sickness, was it the effect of Sharingan overuse, or as someone said, I can’t recall TB or Ninja aids, If he weren’t Edo’d he would not be able to use Susanno that long, in all honesty, as evident by his fight with Sasuke. So an argument can be made that these are not the same shinobi as when they were alive by the perks they have in death. Just consider all this before everyone jumps into who is better debate, this is Kishi’s way of trolling and giving the Naruto junkies what they want, and I got my fix…I was hurting bad. lol

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