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Post Author: Mart

I’ve got another blog, I’m bored and making up for lost time. My long term favorite ninja has always been Kabuto. I’m talking about from the moment he was introduced (because I liked his intel card jutsu). He’s always been hard to figure out and always made things interesting, from saving Hinata only to knock Kiba out to transplanting Orochimaru’s arm into his body, he just makes moves you don’t see coming. He’s not some predictable “super hero” like Naruto or an emo antagonist like Sasuke. Much like Itachi he leaves lots of little details behind for the reader to try and guess at his motives and intentions.

Here are my thoughts on some of his major controversies

1. His birth: This isn’t currently relevant to the story, but I feel like when we finally see the Kabuto backstory it will resurface and be an integral part of his motivations and powers. Kabuto was found among a pile of dead bodies at the battle of Kikiyo Pass. During the Chunin Exams he thought to himself that if he continued fighting the “Real me (Kabuto)” might come out. This could just be referring to the Jounin level skills he actually possessed but it might also imply that he has some form of kekkai genkai or special ability and that he was the one who killed all the bodies that surrounded him (He could have also been doing this as a brainwashed slave of Sasori but it seems like he was too young for that). I’m hoping that he has some ability he hasn’t shown yet that isn’t just an Orochimaru rip off.

2. His allegiance and goals: This is by far the biggest question about Kabuto. He has been brainwashed and traumatized so many times that I’m not even sure he knows where his final allegiance will fall. Even though he was supposedly released from Sasori’s control, it’s quite possible that Orochimaru missed some subtle personality change that Sasori created or made one himself that fundamentally altered who Kabuto is and created a form of incepted (root word inception) duplicity that causes Kabuto’s erratic mind states. Not to mention the effects of implanting Orochimaru’s arm into his body or the long years of dehumanizing experiments. His psyche is obviously one of if not thee most fragile in the whole story.

There are several options for where his allegiance lies.

A. With Himself: He could just be a power hungry villain. This is probably the easiest option to accept. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and only wants as much power as he can get. This option leaves one question though, What does he wish to do with this power once he obtains it? He is currently responsible for killing thousands of ninja from every one of the five great ninja villages and is the second most wanted ninja alive. He could form his own village like Orochimaru, but Kabuto doesn’t seem the type (to me at least.) I just can’t see an end game here.

B. With Madara: His temporary ally. I don’t think he has any long term plans for affiliating with Madara. It is fairly obvious that both plan to backstab the other and take their resources the question is simply who gets there first.

C. With Konoha: This is an interesting option to consider. What if his end game is to position himself to take down Madara? Or more realistically he realizes that there is no end game situation he likes in situation A and opts to pretend that this was his motive all along and leverages killing Madara for sparing himself. (Inspired by Naruto’s determination of course since most Kage would buy that hook line and sinker.)  He can then use actions like giving Naruto intel on Akatsuki and leading Team Anko and keeping Anko alive as further proof. Then explain that using Edo Tensei was simply an act to get in with Madara and a necessary evil to take him down. “Reformed” of his former ways he can then use his power (and Sasuke’s eyes) to do as he pleases. It would also probably help his case that he is strong enough to almost single-handedly take on all five great shinobi villages at once which means accepting him minimizes a powerful threat and gives significant military power to his allies.

D. The Sound Village: You always have to wonder what ever happened to them after Orochimaru (and the sound four’s) death. Who is there to lead them? With Sasuke ignoring them the heir apparent seems to be Kabuto (since he is literally half Orochimaru anyway). I think however that after Hebi’s formation Kishimoto has forgotten them. (until one of his subordinates reminds him and he uses some plot hole jutsu to bring them back in.) You also have to wonder if they aided Kabuto in obtaining the DNA samples.

3. His hidden jutsu: Like I said earlier, I would be disappointed if all he turned out to be was a stronger non-pedophilic Orochimaru. He stated that he had another jutsu besides Edo Tensei (which could be one of many things) up his sleeve. Right now he is using the war to acquire many different forms of power; Curse Marks (why doesn’t he hit up that penitentiary where Jugo was, or Jugo himself for that matter? I can see him using the Edo Tensei Zombies to attack Jugo and Suigetsu out [queuing the Suigetsu-Mangetsu reunion] ), Sasuke’s Sharingan (EMS version), Bijju (Since I don’t think he plans on giving them to Madara plus his biggest problem currently seems to be chakra deficiency though he could need Orochimaru’s chakra specifically though I don’t see why.), and experience with Edo Tensei. All of this SEEMS to be building to him being the same as Madara/Orochimaru ability wise (sage body/eyes/chakra+Edo Tensei) but I’m hoping for something more unique seeing as he already has a hidden trump jutsu and doesn’t have the things mentioned above (yet). He also has his medical ninjutsu and research (plus spy intel) to develop an interesting technique we haven’t seen yet which is honestly what I’m hoping for. Some form of anti-immortality jutsu that specifically targets overpowered ninja like Madara (cell rejection would be Madara’s worst nightmare since he is just a walking amalgamation of other ninja’s bodies.)

4. His hidden body: Obviously someone related in some way to Tobi. This almost guarantees strength because who can run with Tobi besides world class ninja like those in Akatsuki, as well as make him feel fear? I personally hope for the sage of six paths or Madara’s brother. I’m also hoping he brings back Danzo in order to use Shisui’s eye on Madara (though is that possible?).

5. His power level: It’s really hard to tell what he is capable of. A. he has history’s strongest at his beck and call b. he has all of Orochimaru’s jutsu c. he can heal himself from near fatal wounds and d. he is exceptionally clever.


16 Responses

  1. I didn’t see any mention of Kabuto’s conversation with Naruto were he was determined to take revenge on Sasuke which it was clear was his goal when showing his powers to Madara with the Edo Tensi Summons.

    Didn’t Kabuto try killing Sasuke when he was in the hospital and Kakashi chased him away? This is somewhere in the Chunin exams I believe.

    Jealousy… That’s what I think motivates Kabuto. I’m thinking Orochimaru was son of the 2nd and Kabuto is also somehow related. either Oro’s nephew or (*GASP*) son of Orochimaru. huh? C’mon He must have experimented with the ladies and let this be a lesson to you all because it only takes ONCE! HA…

  2. intersesting, i agree with most of it.

    but kabuto can’t use sishuis eye from danzos edo tensei cuz danzo destroyed it before he was dead (edo tensei summons keep only that what they have in the momment they die, danzo destroyed it before that)

  3. im still on why did kabuto during his raid on “turtle” island say something like aoba’s there too.
    why is he concerned about that ninja that seemed like fodder. whats the meaning behind this concern?
    i understand that kabuto has at his disposal an immortal army made of the strongest ninjas. that alone makes him dangerous, but out of all the ninjas on the island, aoba?

  4. Mart, Awesome Post!! *gogogadget voice* WOWzers

    Siskin, I dont think Jealousy motivates Kabuto. if he were smart, hed learn from his predecessor, Orochimaru, that jealously is not the best way to go. (Orochmaru was obviously envious of Uchiha users and the beloved sharingan. If Kabtuto learned anything, it would be a legit counter to that, or some way to adapt so that it isnt as much of a threat as it was to his former Master.)

    I dont think Jealously and strength motivate Kabuto, I think learning all the Ninjutsu out there (Like his master Orochimaru), and of course Naruto’s strength, are both Motivating to Kabuto.

    Madara? He’s Fucked, and I think its only a matter of time before his walls come tumbling down. Madara acknowledged Kabuto’s intel when he noted that Kabuto examined the 1st Hokages cells much further than he, and then Kabuto exposed his hideout to the leaf via Anko and company. Lets not forget Naruto who’s new sage form reacts to Zetsu (I have a feeling that Kabuto knew that would happen), AND then lets not also forget that Yamato (still rpesumably alive) is in Madaras base. Whos to say that Naruto with his new form wont sense his former sensei’s chakra and immediately dash for his base and expose everything that he’s seen?

    A few things to be noted:
    – Kabuto can learn and/or see what is going on with his summons, so if he is able to gather information from seeing and listening to his summons and how they interact/engage the enemies, that is by leaps and bounds, a plethora of new information. if that is the case, then he definitely has a better idea of how Ninja as of now are compared to Madara who relies on Zetsu and his record-no-jutsu.
    – Remeber when Kabuto met Naurto in the forest and he said that Orochimarus cells have currently taken over 1/3 of his body and that Naruto was his motivation?
    – Remember the legendary sannin and their reunion with Naruto? Naruto’s strength alone motivate Naruto, and I am sure this will be brought up in the future.
    – That white snake that communicated with Kabuto? it seems that it can function indepenedently…? I am going on a limb with this one, but what if that is Orochimaru?
    – The 6th casket? Who is it? I sure as hell don’t know. I have ideas, but I am tired of being trolled by kishimoto.
    – If Danzo came back, that would indeed be awesome. It was noted that Shisui’s eye would be retained if Danzo was brought back via edo tensei because it’s in his DNA.
    – Many of Kabutos summons were Ninja who prior to this war, we all thought were badass to some degree, but Kabuto doesnt seem too bothered about them being captured and/or immobolized. What is the source of his confidence? What makes him so nonchalant that it puts him in a IDGAF(I dont give a ****) mentality and basically not give a damn about some of the Ninja we have revered as the strongest and most talented, only to be owned by the Shinobi Alliance? This to me says his trump card must be one helluva trump card… otherwise, why else would he not care about these “pawns” that he no longer has access to.

  5. kabuto is definitely a hard one to predict. i have always wanted to learn more about kabuto’s past after he ‘helped’ sasuke, naruto and sakura in the forest of death and his eyes turned red, (just checked the manga and it happened there too, not just in the anime) leaving the water ninja stunned (to which naruto then knocked them out). then when he was speaking to kakashi in the hospital ward where sasuke was recuperating. hopefully kishi gives us a little more insight to the main villian.

  6. Edit*** Please don’t post such things on my blogs unless they have a relevant point. Not that I don’t like Yu Yu Hakasho, I simply fail to see the relevance to this blog. If there was a relevance I missed, you need to connect it with an explanation.

  7. What if Kabuto is holding the ultimate wild card in his casket with the Sage, if ITachi can break edo then the sage would easily break his way out. I think the ultimate bad guy could possibly be a semi 1-7 tails juubi in Sasugheys Body with EMS??? If that happened Kabuto would save the day with a Sage res that would probably work with NAruto to slay sasuke..

  8. @robin
    How would sasuke become a jinjuuriki host, he has no interest in it at all and neither does Madara! I doubt kabuto can bring back the SOSP!

  9. The new chapter is out:




  11. Wow Nagato is a beast. Itachi always calm and thinking. Nagato gone again already.

  12. Well Nagato’s still badass, dont know why he downgrades himself tho but itachi is a true genius, he took pain’s most powerful technique an found a counter in 2 seconds!!!!!!!! No wonder Madara was a bit scared of him lol

  13. sweet post my man! here is my wish: kabuto was a good guy, whose clan got wipad out by an invasion of European imperialists-jutsu was no match for guns and canons. This made kabuto want power at all costs to save the ninja world from a future invasion. but as with Revan from Star Wars KOTOR this road to hell was paved with good intentions and in the end kabuto becomes so twisted and corrupted that he is beyond redemption.

  14. Kabuto is a beast. He made a plan to kill the Jinchuriki and use Pain to revive them and control them at his leisure…SMART.

  15. @???
    That was a very smart move on his part but itachi fucked his plans up thee arse!! Lol

  16. will someone post IT’S OUT

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