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Shannaro Shippuden Ch.6 Flash a Genkages Revenge! Pt.3

Well, it’s been leading to this folks! The first battle between Tenkages forces and Shannaro’s. I wont bore you with this authors note so just jump right in to the story! Oh! But read the whole thing, dont stop half way! Enjoy!

First Chapter
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Ch.6 A Genkages Revenge Pt.3! Sinclaires Secrets Revealed!

Sinclaire was worried. As he and his team raced through the forest towards Shannaro, he couldnt help but feel a bit fearful. True, he may be strong, especially with the extra power that Tenkage had given him for releasing him from his prison, but he was still merely a shadow of his former self, his former strength. He knew he could take on a great number of the young ninja that made up the majority of Shannaro’s ranks right now, but there were still a few wild cards to consider. NTG for one. He still didnt know if he could bring himself to kill her. Maybe…maybe he-

“Halt!” Suna suddenly commanded to the rest of the team, breaking Sinclaire from his thoughts and alerting the whole team to something above them. Sinclaire focused on the five moving figures in the sky and almost growled as he recognized them. It was Ikamazu and NTG along with the rest of the early Shannaro Defenders. They were at least a hundred yards above the tree tops, riding on some of White Shinobi’s Draphens.

“Ignore them, they are no threat. They are obviously going towards Tenkage so that they can try to stop him, they are already dead.” Sinclaire said, moving towards the front so that he could start to lead the team again. However, Suna stepped in front of him as he tried to pass, an annoyed expression on his face, the first sign of emotion Sinclaire had seen from him since Tenkage had basically brainwashed him. Sinclaire met the boys annoyed glare with his own before speaking. “Move.”

“No” Suna said back. Turning to look up again, Suna explained himself. “Those were my friends. It seems that Zep called for back up since White Shinobi and Sothe are with them. If it was only Zep and my teammates, it would be a different story, but with Sothe and Shiro there they are a major threat and cannot be allowed to reach Tenkage-sama.”

“Alright, what do you propose we do then? We do still have our own mission to accomplish you know, and fighting the lot of them would take much too long.” Sinclaire asked Suna, barely hidden rage lacing his voice. It was just like Suna to argue with everything he did.

“We fight them one on one, leaving only one person left to go and try to fight the master. We would have to make sure to seperate them by a large margin of course to eliminate any chance of them finding any strength in numbers.” Suna suggested. Hidan and Ripcord grunted in approval of the plan much to Sinclaires annoyance. Still he wouldnt back down so easily.

“Then who do we leave out? And whats to stop them from trying to help their friends fight us?” Sinclaire said haughtily trying to find some hole in the plan.

“Easy, we leave out Ikamazu. He’s the one in the front, and he’s the most likely to continue on so that he could try and take out Tenkage himself.”

Sinclaire scowled, before looking back up towards the sky. The five teens were almost out of sight, and he knew Suna was right about the teams threat level towards Tenkage. “Fine.” He finally said before shifting his body forward. “I call the girl.”


“Ikamazu! Check your goggles again to make sure we’re going in the right direction!” Zep called out from directly behind him. Nodding, Ikamazu put his goggles back on focused the tiniest bit of chakra into them, allowing the world to shift colors and chakra to become visible to him.

“We’re still on course, Tenkage’s chakra is still dead ahead.” Ikamazu called before noticing something strange near the bottom of his goggles. turning to look below him he noticed four chakra signatures heading straight for them. “Look out!” He shouted behind him in warning.

Before any of the others could react though, there was a person on each of their draphens along with them. In a startled panic none of them even made a move as the four figures quickly latched onto them and leaped far off in different directions, leaving Ikamazu as the only thing left in the sky apart from the remaining Draphens. Cursing, Ikamazu saw as the four pairs of chakra signatures landed at the forest floor, all of them too far away from each other for him to give proper support to. Yelling in frustration, Ikamazu could only wish his friends good luck in whatever was happening as he continued forward towards Tenkages lair, intent on trying to finish this. After all, if he couldnt use Zep to seal off Tenkages chakra then he would just have to steal it all away.


Natsumi was shocked for just a moment as someone grabbed onto her and dragged her off her Draphen, seperating her from the rest of the group. It was shameful for a kunoichi to freeze up like that as it could get her killed in the field, but she had only ever run drills so it wasnt unexpected of her to not have the best of ninja instincts. Still as soon as the moment was over she came back to her senses and immediately went into action, activating her fox cloak and lashing her tail out behind her to push away whoever it was that had grabbed her and sending her into a free fall. With out sparing a moment she created two more tails of chakra as she hit the tree line and extended them outward, stabbing into the thick trees and slowing her down. In just a few seconds her descent had completely stopped and she was in mid air being supported only by her tails.

Looking around her, she noticed a figure drop down into the trees by one of her tails. He was a little taller than her, with a cloak surrounding his whole upper body from the middle of his nose down to his waist. She watched him as he stared at her for a moment before she felt a shiver run up her spine. “What the hell are you looking at!” She shouted at the man. The man only looked at her for a second more before he closed his eyes and lifted his hand.

“Get over here!” The man snarled and immediately a glowing blue chakra string shot forth from his hand and latched onto Natsumi pulling her towards him. Natsumi struggled against his pull, using her three tails as leverage against the intense strength that the man seemed to possess. Eventually she prevailed and instead of the man pulling her towards him he was lifted off his feet and sent flying straight at her. Natsumi then created a fourth tail and lashed out at the man, intent on stabbing right through him. Unfortunately the man sent out another chakra string, this time towards a tree, and hastily pulled himself away from the attack, Natsumi’s tail barely grazing the outside of his leg.

Natsumi huffed and got rid of two tails so she could pull herself to one of the branches. Once she was back on her feet she turned towards the direction of the man and glared as she realized he had been staring at her again. “Hey you creep! Just what do you think you’re doing? Who are you?” She shouted.

The man let a small ‘tch’ sound escape his lips before he moved closer to Natsumi, staying only one branch above her. “I think that I’m looking at some one I havent seen in a very long time, Natsumi. Oh yes, I know your name.” The man said, a bit of amusement in his voice as he looked at Natsumi’s shocked expression. “I know you very well after all. Allow me to…reintroduce myself. My name is Sinclaire.” Sinclaire then mockingly bowed a bit, confusing Natsumi even more before a few things began to click in her head.

“What…what are you saying? You mean you know me.” Natsumi asked hesitantly. Because if he knew her, but she didnt know him then…

“What? Oh, yes I know you, didn’t I just say that? That’s the problem of when you’re young, you never listen.” Sinclaire said, all the while moving just a bit closer to Natsumi. He sighed deeply for a moment, as he thought of his plan again. He needed to have that power again, needed it with such an intense yearning that it ate away at him. But at the same time…he didnt want to hurt her. Anyone else but her. Closing his eyes to refocus his priorities, he tried to push aside his emotions. He was not who he used to be. He would not be weighed down by things like her again. He was supposed to be a GOD! And she…she stood in the way of that. Opening his eyes however he suddenly saw a look of such hope in her eyes that his resolve nearly buckled.

“If you know me…then do you know about what happened to me? No, ofcourse you do or else you would be shocked speechless. But then, if you still know me, then does that mean you knew me from before? Were you apart of my old selfs life?” Natsumi pleaded to Sinclaire, trying to find something out about who she used to be.

Sinclaire almost said yes. He wanted so badly to say yes, but in all honesty, he knew that even if he convinced her that he was apart of her old life, and somehow managed to get her to follow him, he would never truly have Natsumi. Not ever. With that anger in mind, he fueled his resolve and made the final desicion. For him to become what he wanted to be again, NTG had to die.

“No, you pathetic girl.” Sinclaire spat out startling Natsumi slightly at the now harsh tone he was using. “I was not apart of your old life. Rather you were once apart of my old life. Back from before I was a god. Back when I used to care about that pathetic village of Shannaro I called home. No Natsumi, I dont know you from before, the only reason I know you is because I’ve lived through this time line before. I am from the future.”

Natsumi blinked in surprise before Sinclaire raised his hand again. It was then that Natsumi saw that Sinclaire had only been using one hand as his other one was shriveled up and close to his body. Without another word Sinclaire sent out a chakra string towards Natsumi and wrapped it around the girls neck to strangle her. Natsumi quickly got back into her battle mode and her fox cloak went haywire, her claws slicing the chakra string and her tails moving to spear through Sinclaire again. Sinclaire deftly moved aside and attempted to close the distance, but Natsumi drew in a large breath before screeching out at the top of her lungs.

A concussion wave blasted into Sinclaire, as high pitched vibrations caused an unspeakable amount of damage to his ears, bringing him down to one knee. Keeping up with her attack, Natsumi ran at full speed towards Sinclaire and rammed her foot into his head with a roundhouse kick. She expected him to go flying through the forest and smash into trees, but as soon as her kick connected, nothing happened. Mildly surprised, she tried again and again, putting in more and more strength only for the same results to keep happening. Nothing.

Sinclaire then chuckled before he dissapeared in a blur, reappearing behind Natsumi and safe from her Fox Shriek. “I always hated that move.” Sinclaire said before delivering a spine crushing blow to Natsumis back. Natsumi flew forward and hit a tree trunk face first, crying out in the pain. Slowly she pushed herslef out of it and rounded on Sinclaire, drawing a deep breath, only for him to blur infront of her again. “Uh uh uh, none of that now.” He said before he back handed her away with the force of a locomotive. Once again she felt as if she was flying until she hit the underside of a rather large tree branch.

Natsumi moved on instinct, pushing past the pain so that she could roll onto the other side of the branch, putting it between her and Sinclaire. It didnt do anything though because Sinclaire appeared on the tree branch directly in front of her, a cold stare in his eyes. “How?” She asked Sinclaire, desperately trying to stall for time. Sinclaire paused for a moment, wondering if he should humor her or not before deciding there was no harm in theatrics.

“How what? How do none of you’re attacks hurt me? How did I move so fast and hit so strong? How did I come back in time? You need to be a bit more specific.” Sinclaire said, a maliscious grin plastered on his face. Panting, Natsumi simply stated “Everything” making Sinclaire frown a bit. “Well, so be it. There is, after all, nothing you can do to beat me, so stalling for time will do you no good, and evil villain monolouges are just too much fun.” Clearing his throat, Sincalire began his tale.

“In my origianl time line, I was one of Shannaro’s reborn ninja. I was one of the best too, my powers giving me a rather large edge on the other ninja. Infact, I was so good that I even caught the attention of Bob, and was put on a special squad led by him with my two teammates, Natsumi Kitsuya and Suna No Ken.” Natsumi’s heart nearly stopped when Sinclaire finished that last sentence. It just couldnt be. It wasnt right. There was just no way possible. “My name is Sinclaire, but I used to be known as Ikamazu Oturan.”

This time her heart did stop. Natumi stared at the man infront of her with such denail at the claim, and yet, now that he said it, she could see the bits of Ikamazu that were still there in the mans eyes. He was telling the truth. “I-Ikamazu…” Natsumi breathed out. “What, happened?”

“A lot of horrible things happened. I lived through them. Others didnt. Including you.” Sinclaire said, his eyes darkening. “But those things didnt happen for a while. Still, to answer your question I started to become this way because of one of the Artifacts, to be more specific, the Helmet of Satan. It tempted me when I was younger, but I pushed it away. Later on though I needed the power to stop something, something that wont even exist so long as I act once the moment is right. So I donned the helmet, and gained ultimate power. I was a GOD!” Sinclaire shouted out to the heavens. Natsumi stared at what her friend would grow into in fear. He was speaking insanely.

“Using the helmet, I easily defeated the threat, but then I realized something. I had all this power, but nothing to use it for. Nearly everyone was dead, there was nothing left. So I left. I was alone for I’m not sure how long, the evil taint in the helmet my only company. Eventually, I was so downtrodden that I let the evil in, I welcomed the evil. And thats when I changed. It wasnt until three years ago that I had the idea that changed everything.”

“My old life was over. I had nothing left to live for in that world. But I needed something to use all that power for. So why not use it to rule. But with no one to rule what could I do? Nothing. Except use the power of a god to go back in time and rule over the past! So I did as the helmet suggested, but once I came back, the power I had was almost physically ripped out of me, leaving me aa you see me now, a shell of my former self.”

Sinclaire eyed his left hand for a moment before continuing. “You see, at this moment in time, my power wasnt in the helmet, it was somewhere else, in someone else. My power couldnt be in two places at once, so it disappeared out of my body, taking with it my chakra absorbing powers. Now I can barely make a chakra string. And that leads me to your second question of how none of your attacks can hurt me. I can absorb Kinetic Energy, making all physical attacks useless. Ofcourse, like my other power, I can use the Kinetic energy I absorb at my will, enhancing my speed and strength.”

Natsumi at this time was nearly ready to strike back. Despite the shock of discovering that this man was Ikamazu, she forced herself to remember that this wasnt the Ikamazu she knew, that this was an enemy who wanted to kill her, had free’d Tenkage, allowed him to kill Suna, and wanted to destroy the village. She couldnt let him get away with that. So as she sensed the ending of his story, she slowly began to change her chakra cloak.

“At that point I had two choices.” Sinclaire continued. “I could either try to live out the rest of my days here in this time line, not quite of it since I now exist outside of the conventional time stream, waiting for when the time was right for me to destroy what I had back in the past while it was still weak, or I could search for a way to gain ultimate power again and use it to crush everything in my way to becoming ruler of this world. I chose the latter and set in motion several events in this timeline that would be of great use to me, such as me freeing Tenkage rather than Sasuke. Soon, I’ll be able to steal Tenkages power for my self an be one step closer to my goal. It’s too bad really, that you’re-” Sinclaire was suddenly cut off as Natsumi sent a chakra tail straight at Sinclaire, Sinclaire dodging it by mere inches.

Sinclaire turned back to Natsumi, cold fury in hs eyes, only to be met with a ferocious slash from claws that felt as if they were made of steel. sincalire cried out in agony, clutching his face in rage and spitting out curses. Natsumi didnt wait for him though. Wrapping her tail around him, she lifted Sincalire up and slammed him into the tree trunk, only for there to be no damage. Sinclaire used the moment to enhance his muscles and break out of the grip, landing softly infront of Natsumi, four claw marks bleeding on his face.

“Very clever Natsumi, I didnt take into account this form. To be honest I forgot all about your fox armor. I guess I shouldnt have explained the part about where I cant absorb chakra anymore.” Sinclaire commented, buying some time to think. Natsumi shook her head, and looked back down at herself.

 Her fox cloak didnt cover her whole body anymore, instead she had upgraded it. Using nearly double the chakra it took to make the fox cloak, Natsumi was able to soldify her chakra into segmented armor that was stronger than steel. Pure chakra armor. It left a few areas open for attack, but with this armor on, she could deal a lot more damage to opponents with her fighting style, as well as have the added benefit of the armor’s natural healing aura, making her feel fresh and ready to fight, if not directly healing her. The fact that since it was pure chaka and thus could do things such as cut and stab through Sinclaire was not lost on her either.

“You know, growing up and reading stories, I always wondered, why the bad guy took the time to lay out his evil plan in front of his opponent instead of just finishing them off. Really, it’s pretty stupid. I dont care if you were once Ikamazu, I dont care about what’s going to happen in a few years, or even tomorrow. I care about today, and I will do my damn best to make sure that Ikamazu never grows into you” Natsumi then charged at Sinclaire again, forcing her chakra to create eight other tails of pure chakra to go along with her chakra armor one. “Take this! Nine Tails Rush!”

Sinclaire grit his teeth in anger before stepping back and preparing to dodge. He knew this move. He knew it. If he jumped he was dead, if he charged her he was dead, but if he dodged each strike…”Ichi!” Natsumi began, stabbing forward with her metal tail, Sinclaire sidestepping it to the right. “Ni!” This time two tails shot forward, slicing in a diagonal direction. He was supposed to try and go through the tails to dodge so she could crush him, so instead he backpedaled just out of their range, but straight into the third attack. “San!” Three tails came forward one stabbing at him that he dodged, one trying to sweep his legs that he easily stepped over, but the third tail struck true, slicing a deep gash behind his back. Sinclaire jerked in pain and didnt have enough time to dodge as Natsumi took advantage of the situation to skip right to the finale. “Kyu!”

Natsumi had four tails pierce right through Sinclaires limbs, lifting him up a bit and keeping him locked in position. Then she had two tails slash downwards across his body making two parrellel gashes spurt blood along his body. Finally, the last three tails spun rapidly and attempted to cut through his whole body. But Sinclaire knew thats how Natsumis attack ended. So, using the last of the strength he stole, he overpowered the grip two of the tails had on his arms and lurched forward, grabbing Natsumi by the front of her shirt before plunging his left hand into her chest. Natsumi gasped in surprise, not at the pain, but rather at the lack of pain. She looked down and saw that even though Sinclaires hand was in her chest, he hadnt damaged her body at all.

“This, is a technique that I perfected long ago.” Sinclaire said, his eyes blurred in a strange madness. “I call it the Chakra Spike. I can force a person to open their eight inner gates until they either collapse from the strain or die. And with how much chakra you normally have, I doubt you’ll just collapse! Now die!” Sinclaire then opened Natsumi’s first gate, giving all the other gates a small push so they in turn would open once it was their turn.

Natsumi felt her body give an involuntary shudder before she felt the unmistakable sense of her chakra rising well past her reserves. She nearly choked for air as the chakra started to overwhelm her at the third gate, causing Sinclaire to grin and cakkle in glee. However, as Sinclaire laughed, the presence around Natsumi shifted. Slowly, the intense pressure dropped and Sinclaire stared in shock as Natsumi pushed Sincalire off of her and suspended him high in the air by her two tails. Slowly, the chakra that was released began to coalesce around her head as she turned to face Sinclaire.

“I’m very sorry, that my first kill will be you…Ikamazu. At the same time though I know in my hear that I’m not killing my friend. So, Sinclaire, this is goodbye. You’re goals and evil stops here, with me! And thank you for unlocking the eight gates for me, I didnt think I could do it with how weak I was at the moment. Thats right I can control the gates, Arashi Uzumaki taught me how. He also taught me one incredibly devastating technique I can only use with the gates.”

Sinclaires eyes suddenly widened. He had no idea that Natsumi could use the gates. She had never used the technique around him. He had absolutely no idea what was going to be coming at him, and that scared the hell out of him.

“No! Stop! Dont do this Natsumi! It’s still me! It’s still Ikamazu! Please, help me! I dont want to be like this anymore! I just want to be with-” Sinclaire was suddenly stopped by a tail slapping his face away. He blinked and turned back to see Natsumi with tears in her eyes. Righteous anger pushing those tears out.

“You are not Ikamazu!” She shouted before pushing her hands infront of her so that the palms were almost touching. The chakra that had coalesced at her head then formed into a tight violet ball of chakra right infront of her face. Tucking her elbows in, she eyed Sinclaire one last time before letting out a soft breath.  Then she thrust her arms forward and released the technique. “Take this! Tailed Beast Blast!” Suddenly a giant ball of chakra shot out at Sinclaire hitting him head on and entering his body. Sinclaire blinked then realized what was going to happen. Slowly he smiled.

‘Looks like I didnt really have it in me to kill you, Natsumi.’ With that final thought in his head, the tailed beast blast exploded from within Sinclaire, killing the shinobi that went to far into the dark.

Natsumi stared at the scene for what seemed an eternity. Then, almost painfully, she turned away from her battle grounds and headed off in the direction that she and the others were going. She still had a job to do.


And thats the show. So, yeah I know, the whole time travel thing is a bit cliche, but I think I pulled it off well. Ikamazu is more or less the main hero of this story, he’s just a bit higher than Suna and Natsumi when it comes to plot points. So I decided to have Sinclaire be the Ikamazu of a now alternate future. And dont think that just becuase Sinclaire was alive means that Ikamazu will survive at all. Sinclaire set into motion many, MANY things that had never happened in his original timeline. Case in point, Sinclaire had Hidan and Ripcord join his little party for Tenkage. In the original timeline Tenkage fought alone. Bringing them back into the mix has changed things drastically already, so some events, such as Natsumi dying, might not happen either. You’ll just have to keep reading if you want to find out what happens.

Now since this was Sinclaires last chapter with him taking any direct action in the plot (Just cause he’s dead doesnt mean we wont see more of him in the things he set in motion or in flash backs that are COOL) I decided to do a double art this chapter. The first one will be of Sinclaire, that was drawn by my friend Jean. After White Shinobi saying he didnt really like his art (He didnt go that far as to say it, but jean and I bet that everyone would love their art, and if not, he could draw them, so yeah. BTW WS, I uploaded your alternate pic that jean did for you on the last chapter, check it out) Jean will now be the one who draws you guys. However, since I already drew NTG/Natsumi in her fox armor mode I’m also going to be posting that up too! That will sadly be my last art to post until chapter 19. Unfortunately, I only have the prototype pic, I upped her fox armor considerably since I first wrote this. Along with the head gear, chest plates, metal claws and tails, she’s also supposed to hand shin plates to protect her legs, metal clawed feet, and a white metal stomach plate to protect her midsection.  So enjoy!


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  1. Read and comment! I’ll try and reply to the comments by tomorrow morning! Finally this is up.
    Suna OUT!

  2. Hey Suna, cool chapter, but I don’t have a lot of time to comment. Pretty cool art too.

  3. I think there was a bit too much talk in there, i would’ve left a few thing out and maybe let ikamuzu have “flasbacks” (flashforwards?) about his future as sinclaire

    i didn’t dislike the other one, i only said i liked the spirit more then me lol
    the NTG art is really awesome.
    if you’re out of them you should’ve put only one of them on each chapter and maybe do some for the bad guys. (tenkage, sinclair, ripcord)

    one more thing, next time you misspel draphin i won’t comment lol

  4. Wait! WS, What is this and your obsession with how I spell Draphin as Draphen? Do they actually exist? I thought I explained this already, I worte so much as it being Draphen that I dont even want to try and spell it Draphin becuase I’ll start to mess up and use both spellings and just confuse people. So yeah, comment back on that please.Anbd I cant wait to see your fanfic on friday! I wont lose to you!

  5. This was an interesting post. I never expected Sinclaire to be Ikamuzu. Keep it up.

  6. http://spliffdoobious.deviantart.com/art/Draphin-60190857
    that’s a draphin. (my version looked a bit more bulky but was lost)

    friday is just the prologue, you can have that win lol

  7. @ Suna – Awesome Villain *High 5*

    Bit Cliche but still cool sad he is gone, I would of like to see why he took the mask, reminds me of…
    War Craft (that prince with the sword)
    I always enjoy a hero that dips himself in darkness to save everyone… and then had gone too far and becomes the villain himself…

    Keep it up I hope you keep the Villains interesting the whole, kinetic thing reminded me of X men first class too, but the speech giving away the secret was annoying, I was hoping you would let him keep his chakra absorbing power and when NTG was like “but you said?” he would be like, I am the villain I lied 😛

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