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The Strongest Ninja?

What makes a ninja the strongest? Theoretically any ninja could beat any opponent given that circumstances were tipped strongly in their favor. (for a match up like Ino vs. Nagato it would take a nearly impossible set up, but there is still a possibility.) So what increases their chances?

a. Defence: If your opponent can’t win you, you can’t lose. This is a theory of one of the world’s greatest wrestling coaches. The problem with it in the Naruverse is that there really is no “Ultimate Defence” in the Naruverse and only genin have been arogant enough to claim to have one. However we have seen time and again that these defences are eventually breached. If all you can do is defend, then it is only a matter of time before an opponent analyzes your weaknesses and strikes. This is true of Neji’s rotation/Byakugan, Gaara’s Sand, Madara’s Space/Time jutsu, and even (Sasuke’s) Sussano’o.


b. Offence: The idea here being the opposite of above. Destroy your opponent before they destroy you. Several, factors come into mainly divided into power and skill. Power is mainly in dealing with an opponent who is also coming at you with an attack, while Skill is more in getting through your opponent’s defences. Offence is an important factor in ninja battles but there is a major downside into going all in in offence, which is the possibility of mutual distruction much like the situation between the secon Mizukage and the second Tsuchikage where the Tsuchikage couldn’t protect himself dispite being able to level mountains in seconds. furthermore if your offencive abilities are purely based on either power or skill the imbalance will create situations where your abilities are useless such as Naruto vs. Madara (maybe not so much now that Naruto has the Kyubbi’s sensing abilities and speed, since he could possibly pull off a situation like Konan’s where Madara has no safe place to go, but I find that doubtfull) or Naruto vs. Shikimaru (where Shikmaru doesn’t really have a fair chance at victory).


c. Tactics: Like I said earlier, even Ino could defeat Nagato if the situation was right (say Nagato was paralyzed, drained of chakra, in the dark and had no paths to use). The trick to avoiding this is to never get into that situation. To look at your own abilities and search yourself for weaknesses so that you can improve. This is in my oppinion what makes Itachi much scarier than Nagato despite Nagato’s overwhelming power (If Itachi can pull of something close to Shisui’s genjutsu or some other end-run-jutsu like Sussano, he wins). It’s why Kabuto is so weak at the moment (He doesn’t know his own battle potential or any of it’s side effects and weaknesses. Leaving him open to things like Sasori being freed or Itachi turning on him). It’s why Naruto will eventually beat Madara (because Naruto keeps gaining allies while Madara keeps losing them).


d. Diversity/Uniqueness: If you only have one “go-to” jutsu it’s easy to counter because it’s the only thing your opponent has to worry about. Furthermore if you have a jutsu that is simple to understand, inventing a counter becomes easy. However the more complex a jutsu and the more varried your array of jutsu is the harder it is to counter.


So which ninja have these qualities, and which can be considered the strongest? What are their weaknesses?

Madara: He lacks in power and versatility. He has a strong defence but has to rely on others to attack (Kabuto, Gedo Mazo, Akatsuki, Sasuke, ect.) He is tactical in the short term, but continously makes enemies and loses allies. He lived in the shadows for years but still isn’t doing a great job of playing his enemies against one another. I think it is only a matter of time until someone figures him out compleatly.


Nagato: He has versatility, strength, a good defence, and a loyal companion. His only downfall seems to be his tactics. He can’t be defeated easily, but allows himself to be backed into a corrner multiple times. He also doesn’t seem to understand the depths of his own power, as shown in that Edo Tensei him was able to figure out a mode of mobility that his consious mind didn’t think of (his summons).


Itachi: His weakness is in his power. I think that otherwise he is the best in every aspect. This gives him the ability to exploit the weakness of any opponent he comes across as long as he doesn’t fight them head on, which he rarely does.


Jiriya: Versitile and Strong, Jiriya has only one weakness, tactics. His jutsu are highly situational, and seem random/improvised. He doesn’t really plan ahead, and just goes with the flow. Allowing his opponents to out manuver him with basic deception. He doesn’t know or cover his own weaknesses well enough that the best he can do is usually self destruction.


Naruto: Too much power, not enough skill. If you have a fighting style that can counter lots of shadow clones (basically and area attack jutsu) and Rasengan variations (either dodging or sufficient defence at the risk of being overpowered) then he isn’t much of a match. Usually he just relies on overpowering his opponents with raw power and endurance. If he gets desperate he may use trickery to create a power struggle, but it essentially comes down to the same. He is strong because his weakness is people countering with defencive jutsu, and given his endurance he has enough time to find their weak spot. He would do the worst against end-run jutsu that slip past his attack without considering it’s power and land an attack of moderate strength.


Kabuto: He doesn’t understand his strength. Much like Nagato, he allows things to happen that could have been avoided. I feel that he has lived in Orochimaru’s shadow too long, and fails to see the big plays for himself. By the time he realizes his full strength all his best summons will be permenantly sealed. His only ace-in-the-hole jutsu being the coffin he showed Madara, assuming it’s strong enough to take on everyone left after his Edo Tensei zombies are sealed.


I could analyze others but I will defer that to you with the question, who do you think is the strongest (most likely to win in any given situation)?


The Black Flames 8 – Balance

“Well done, Ratio.” Fugaku looked out of his window to the dark clouds approaching the Village, feeling relieved the rain was coming to the village again. “Thank you Lord Hokage” the teenage boy began, his black hair covering most of his face, a patch covering his right eye and his remaining eye was dark and empty. “You earned it,” Fugaku finally turned to face the boy, “You have a great mind and potential for great things” Fugaku paused, sitting down and motioning for Ratio to do the same, “You are an Uchiha after all.” Fugaku leaned forward passing Ratio a glass filled with some strange liquid, “Please, when one graduates to Chunin level a drink is usually customary.” Fugaku sat back sipping his drink. The boy named Ratio struggled to keep a straight face as he sipped from the cup. Fugaku drank the last of his cup in silence, reaching for a folder as he put the cup on the table with a bang. “I have your first mission, Ratio. This is your first chance to prove yourself worthy of the Uchiha name.” Fugaku said as he threw the folder before Ratio.

Ratio did not enjoy this taste, it burned his lips even now after finishing his cup, the folder before him had a strange red glow, Ratio knew that this was his chance to be noticed, to be accepted. His hands felt as though shaken with excitement and fear, he lifted the file’s cover to reveal a small picture of a boy not much older than him, Itachi Uchiha. As he read the file he could see all of Itachi’s stats, near perfect on every level, his genjutsu and dojutsu abilities on perfect. “B… but this is your son?” Ratio began looking confused at the page before him, “That is not my son!” Fugaku replied with intense hatred, “He is a criminal, Itachi Uchiha…” Fugaku paused standing to look out the window again. “The world needs balance, for every action there needs to be a reaction.” Fugaku paused for a moment as the rain began to fall before him, almost a sign of the tears a father should shed for the loss of a son, “but Itachi destroyed that balance when he took the Nine Tailed Fox from the Village.” Fugaku turned to face Ratio again looking at this young boy not even a year younger than his son. “I need you to help me restore that balance and regain the honor of the Uchiha name.” Fugaku’s stern face showed no emotion at the task at hand.

Ratio heard all the Hokage was saying but he was fixated on the idea of regaining honor, his childhood was never easy, forsaken by his father and always on the outskirts of the Uchiha clan. They would mock him as a “nobody” or a “disgrace”, the older members wouldn’t even look him in the eyes. The day his Sharingan awakened he was unable to control it and it still remains active in his left eye, covered now as a disgrace to his family and his name. As he remembered his painful past and the vows he made to change it, his mind began to work on strategies, “To defeat a genjutsu and ninjutsu master” he thought to himself, “To bring honor to my name and clan”. “Thank you, Lord Hokage. I accept this mission, I will require 3 Genin of long range distance and with a helpful knowledge of earth style.” Ratio said, no longer the boy before Fugaku, but a man. His voice was strong and filled with purpose. “I will also need all data you have on Itachi and the boy.” with that Ratio left with the feeling of having pieces to play with, though he wasn’t great at ninjutsu, taijutsu or genjutsu he was able to use people and effective strategies. This was his moment. “To kill Itachi” he thought to himself as the Rain fell around Konoha.


“Whats wrong, Itachi?” Kisame finally shouted out, “You’re keeping such a slow pace.” “I was just remembering an old friend, me and him did a mission in this land and we passed through this area.” Itachi answered. “Hmph, we don’t have time to waste. Pain is expecting us at the meeting in a day.” Kisame continued, “and you didn’t want to fly there with Deidara so we gotta move extra fast, let’s just hope he doesn’t escape Orochimaru and Sasori” Kisame seemed genuinely concerned. “Don’t worry Kisame, I have given Deidara a reason to stay in Akatsuki, he will not leave till he finds a way to kill me.” Itachi was calm as ever, the trees were beginning to grow thicker as they reached the border.

1 Day later.

“Ah, so this is Akatsuki.” Deidara began looking around the dark cave, “I know my village used you many times before but this does not seem like the base of the most powerful criminal organization in the world.” he mocked as he found his way to the hands standing in the center of the cave. “Deidara, welcome. You will stand next to Kakuzu, his partner died recently and he is attempting to find his replacement. You will be placed there for now.” Pain’s voice echoed, silencing Deidara as he made his way to his place. “Kakuzu.” Pain directed his attention to the after image of the man named Kakuzu, “Why are you taking so long? Your assignment was to find Hidan and bring him to us.”
“Well I have been hunting down the last of the Jashinists and their members seem to gain a good price, I will be able to locate Hidan soon.” Kakuzu responded proud of his accomplishments in gaining the money. “I see.” Pain finally responded seemingly uninterested in the answer. “There is a matter we need to attend to, Konoha has become increasingly active in their pursuit of the fox and Itachi, we will need to counter their actions.” Pain always spoke with authority and his eyes seemed to lock with each member as he did. ‘So this is the man behind the ten most dangerous criminals in the world”, Deidara thought to himself as he looked around the room. “Orochimaru! You will attempt to return to the Hidden Leaf Village at once.” Pain looked towards Orochimaru, “But they would kill me upon entry.” Orochimaru responded but did not seem to be afraid. “They will not, the leadership has changed and they would do anything for information on Akatsuki, you will return under that disguise. If they try and kill you, you will always have ‘that’ jutsu to fall back on.” there was a pause for a moment, “So you know about the Jutsu I been working on, eh?” Orochimaru’s words seem to sliver out his mouth. “Very well. I will go and seek an audience with the new Hokage.” Orochimaru wanted to gain the Sharingan and would now get his opportunity to gain one through the Village he wanted to destroy.


Added Extra’s – The first chapters of this fanfic where difficult to write, I wanted to hold of on battle orientated to rather build up characters though now with each on their paths.

Which of these battles would you most like to see happen…

Some of these battles will happen but not all also I think some people are confused about Fugaku and his ability, I wanted to reveal it later but I will give a short fact file on his character and Ratio in the following chapters 😀