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Naruto Chapter 550: The Immortal Itachi

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob
Okay, if you’re not excited about this week’s Naruto chapter, then either you hate Naruto or you’re blind. We all knew Itachi was a uber-genius, but to plan this many steps ahead even after his death – that is impressive. The crow Itachi put into Naruto turned out to be pretty much what we expected it to be, even though how it played out was not exactly Itachi had hoped for. I was also very glad to see in this chapter, Nagato regaining his youthfulness and prowess instead of being the dilapidated zombie he has always been presented. Now we’ll get to see what a Rinnegan user at his peak can really do. There’s so much new information in this chapter, that for the sake of time and effort, I will just try to cover as many points as I can in this review:

– So just to dissect Itachi’s plan, here’s my understanding of what he planned: Itachi believed Sasuke would try to take his eyes to gain MS, which I believe has happened already. He put the crow with Shisui’s wonder eye inside Naruto so that if Sasuke used MS on Naruto it would activate and turn Sasuke “good” again. But because Kabuto’s Edo Sensei summons Itachi with his eyes intact, the crow reacted with the “faux” Itachi eyes when he used MS on Naruto and breaks Kabuto’s control over zombie Itachi.
– Shisui’s eye was powerful enough to cast a genjutsu (Koto Amatsukami) that could override the Edo Tensei. Itachi must have known of Edo Tensei’s existence through his knowledge of Orochimaru’s secrets. But I don’t think he ever expected to be resurrected himself through the process and run into Naruto of all people on the battlefield.
– Itachi said Shisui’s eyes require another 10 years before they can be activated again, by this statement I don’t think he meant that Shisui had this limitation while he was alive but that the detached eyes were limited use.
– However, Itachi mentions a loop hole: Shisui’s eyes could be activated if Senju Hashirama’s chakra was used… that opens some possibilities: 1. Kabuto has shown he can Edo Tensei summon Senju Hashirama and therefore have access to his chakra; 2. Yamato was born from Hashirama’s cells and possesses similar if not identical chakra; (Remember how Danzo implanted the First’s cells into himself? It must all have been an effort to activate the eye, but it must have failed; 3. Naruto, as a descendent of the Senju and in possession of similar life-giving chakra now may be compatible. We know that both Kabuto and Madara really want that eye because I think both of them have the capability to circumvent the ten year limitation and use it to their content. Having revealed his plans, Itachi has just made Naruto an even juicier target because he is now in possession of the crow.
– I guess I never realized just how versatile Nagato’s Path powers were. Just by himself, he was able to engage two of the top Jinchuurikis and incapacitate both of them in the matter of seconds. What I was most surprised was how fast Nagato used Preta Path drained KB’s chakra and use it to rejuvenate himself (something I didn’t think he was capable of doing). Considering the immense reserves of chakra KB has, that’s an impressive feat — but even during Naruto’s fight with Pein there was never any indication that there was any limitations to the amount of chakra Preta Path can absorb.
– And now Nagato’s got Naruto’s soul plucked out and exposed using Human Path. It’s unlikely Naruto has a counter against this ability even with his new powers. But I can definitely see Itachi coming in to rescue Naruto from this one, there’s no way he’s going to let Kabuto capture him. Next chapter: Itachi versus Nagato fight? Make it happen, KIshi!


97 Responses

  1. Uno…arriba!!!

  2. damnit 2nd, good post bob. I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter!

  3. @Bob

    Great review for a great chapter. One thing though: Hashirama can’t be summoned because of Shiki Fuuin as Kabuto stated. But, Yamato is a great second choice I hadn’t thought of.

    Also, for all we know, the jutsu Danzo used at the summit was Shisui’s other mangekyo eye. I know it would be weird for both eyes to have a powerful genjutsu, but this would fit along with Tobi’s sharingan being Obito’s other sharingan (the two eyes have similar yet slightly different techniques). We never saw Danzo’s eye while he was using that particular genjutsu, but he did speak about it “recharging.”

    As to Naruto, I think Itachi will save him here, but couldn’t Naruto just use some of the Fox’s chakra to crush Nagato’s head at this close range? Seems like Nagato can only use one path’s powers at a time.

  4. i wonder if nagato will still be able to summon gedo mazo. if im not wrong, gedo mazo contains all the bijuu tobi has in his possession. if nagato is still able to summon gedo mazo and does, i wonder if he’ll have access to the bijuu chakra inside of it.

    also i wonder what shisui’s other mangekyo sharingan powers are, as well as what were madara’s.

  5. “Kabuto has shown he can Edo Tensei summon Senju Hashirama and therefore have access to his chakra”

    He did??? O.o

    Naruto would look awkward with Shisui’s eye. I say give it to Kakashi, he should be compatible seeing as how he activated his MS, and though he isn’t of Senju decent neither is Naruto (Uzumaki). I agree that Kabuto could use Yamato. I can see Itachi holding off Nagato while Bee and Naruto seek Kabuto, but the question is whose stronger? The Rinnegan is supposed to better than the Sharigan, but Itachi is just so damn smart it might end as a draw.

    If Shisui was brought back by edo tensei, wouldn’t he just be a blind guy fighting??? Both of his eyes were taken out before he died, Itachi and Nagato died with their eyes.


  6. @fleece

    he’ll most likely be able to regenerate as nagato just did this chapter. maybe at first when your resurrected you’re the way you were before death, but then after being destroyed as an edo tensei summon, you regenerate back into your normal form rather than the form you were in before death, which would grant shisui his eyes back.

  7. but i doubt we’ll see shisui being resurrected.

  8. “I know it would be weird for both eyes to have a powerful genjutsu, but this would fit along with Tobi’s sharingan being Obito’s other sharingan (the two eyes have similar yet slightly different techniques).”

    Danzo was using Kotoamatsukami, because how else was he able to manipulate Mifune. Even though Sasuke is my favirote character, I freaking hate the Sharigan right now. The Sharigan seems to do more then the Byakugan and the Rinnegan and that is really annoying. That’s why I say Itachi and Sasuke eyes are special just as Hashirama was special to the Senju clan because from my understanding no one was able to do what he did in his clan. I highly doubt Tobi/Madara is using Obito’s eye. Speculation = interest in the world of anime, without speculation things get boring.

    @fastninja, how would he be able to regenerate, he doesn’t have absorbing powers like Nagato.

  9. @Fleece Johnson, i never thought of kakashi as a candidate for the eye. that would fit perfectly, i mean he is basically going blind now anyway, and with his declaration of “going on a rampage”, he will be using that sharingan to the max. so that would make the most sense.
    as far as shisui’s ms abilities, i don’t know if u guys realized it yet, but that just opened up a shit load of plot holes for this manga. the fricking eye can re-write a person’s personality, way of life, and it can create a reality for anyone cast under the ms to shisui’s liking. and if it takes 10yrs to recharge, alot has happened in konoha in the last 17yrs. to warranty “holes”,
    1.who has been put under the ms already?
    2.in danzo’s quest to master it, who were some of his first victims?
    3.did shisui use the ms on itachi to make him think what he thinks?
    4.or did he make itachi the way he is via his ms?
    lastly, u know if shisui used his eye on someone and say “be the strongest ninja in the fire country” the person would do everything in there power to achieve that goal. thats just a little of what’s going on in my mind after this chap. this week has been the best week ever for naruto, onepiece, and yes bleach.

  10. Also remember Kabuto mentioned he wanted Shisui and Jiraiya, so I wouldn’t be suprised if both came back. Also Jiraiya should be missing a arm if he come back aswell

  11. I am still trying to figure out why we are getting so much reference to Shisui this late in the manga…why so much now but nothing besides his death earlier?

    He’s being set up now as an Aizen type character…since I have heard theories about Danzo or Obito being Tobi (the latter with not much direct reference), it’s time to consider a new candidate.

    I still don’t buy “Madara” 100%, and Tobi did control the previous Mizukage…this could have somehow been done by contolling the beast inside him, but it also sounds exactly like Shisui’s jutsu.

    If anyone could trick the whole Leaf & Itachi, so far he’s the best candidate.

    And where is Kisu’s take on Uber Nagato?…why so much now but nothing besides his death earlier?

    He’s being set up now as an Aizen type character…since I have heard theories about Danzo or Obito being Tobi (the latter with not much direct reference), it’s time to consider a new candidate.

    I still don’t buy “Madara” 100%, and Tobi did control the previous Mizukage…this could have somehow been done by contolling the beast inside him, but it also sounds exactly like Shisui’s jutsu.

    If anyone could trick the whole Leaf & Itachi, so far he’s the best candidate.

    And where is Kisu’s take on Uber Nagato?

  12. sorry for the double post, can a MOD fix please?

  13. As far as Nagato vs. Itachi I think Nagato wins since Nagato repeled Amatseru, could do the same to sussano and is just too strong chakra/jutsu wise. That said I think Kabuto will end the technique on itachi unless he plans to use him against Madara/Sasuke. He could also make Itachi fight Bee and still rationalize it as protecting Konoha.

    Also senju are related to Uzumaki and Naruto is almost a direct decendant (via his mom being related to Hirashima’s wife)

  14. @Just passing, or Kakashi could get EMS, then he wouldn’t have to go blind.

    No matter how great Itachi is made to look, he had to be under a genjutsu to kill his entire clan. Stupid people (Kisu) would say they would have done the same thing. Who on earth would kill their only parents.

    I don’t see why Madara would want Shisui’s eye, when he’s already good at manipulating people (Sasuke, 4th Mizukage, Itachi, Nagato).


  16. “Also senju are related to Uzumaki and Naruto is almost a direct decendant (via his mom being related to Hirashima’s wife)”


    Where does it say that at?? Like I said before Speculation = interest. Naruto being related to the 1st would being interesting, but the fact is he’s not. Why can’t the Uzumaki’s get any credit?? Yes the Senju’s and Uzumaki’s are distant relatives, but saying Naruto is of Senju descent is incorrect. You don’t hear anyone saying Neji is of Uchiha descent. The Sage of 6 paths sons had “MANY” descendants, not just 2.

  17. @Fleece Johnson, again, good point. i don’t know if u guys remember me ranting on about shisui and itachi, and now all of it is coming true, and im not as immature as to say i’ve saying this the whole time.
    Fleece Johnson, u are dead on right, he had to be under that ms to kill everyone he loved. orders my ass. and then the mizukage(lady) flat out told the kage council that the previous mizukage was in fact being controlled, or was it aoi, doesn’t matter but it was being stated.
    since sasuke and itachi fought and we got the flashback of the shisui incident i’ve been saying “guys, it makes no sense to bring a character from the first part of the series and go in depth about him” and i said it when the mist guy realized that danzou was using shisui’s eye. but my question is, how many ppl are already under his ms. could be countless in konoha, im just saying he could have already set this thing up long ago. and needed some senju dna to decrease the activation time. thus enter oro’s experimenting with 1st. dna.
    i don’t see y though, maybe yamato was suppose to be a body with the 1st dna to be have shisui transferred into the body to have what he needed to use his eye more than once a decade.
    and the whole moons eye plan. ITS A GENJUTSU, AND SHISUI SPECIALIZES IN IT. just saying

  18. Im never gonna read this manga again if it turns out itachi was under a genjutsu all along and tobi = shisui… Itachi was what made me read this manga in the first place… I don’t want him to drop from being a total badass to a whimp.

  19. Great review, better than the videos at Youtube, your now my to-go guy for Naruto reviews. Rule # 10

  20. Danzou used shisui’s eye at the kage conference on mifune and it had recharged by the time he fought sasuke, he just didnt want to use it in case he had to fight madara.
    As much as itachi ties for 1st place with nagato in the favourite ninja awards, this whole ‘protect konoha’ thing is simple deus ex machina and that is annoying, yet satisfying. TBH I can only see itachi successfully countering nagato, using sussano to seal him away.
    I really hope kishi drags this battle out in a one piece manner, complete with flash backs, high octane jutsu and a significant death… sorry KB!
    what I want to know about this ‘breaking edo tensei’ nonsense is what is actually going on, is itachi still immortal and more importantly can kabuto reverse summon him/cancel the technique hence returning him to the land of the dead.

    But overall this was a great chapter even with the annoyance of kishi and his constant end game plothole fillers: hashirama’s cells and shisui’s eyes. the former is nonsense when u consider how inept hashirama’s clone yamato is and the latter is bullshyte as it shows that itachi’s whole ethos was derived from some end game ass-pull character. I preferred itachi before this chapter as a powerful, who the hell even trained him, ninja with a messiah complex brought about by his understanding of the tragedy of conflict and the desire for peace. now we find out that that ninja is actually shisui, come on kishi!

  21. @ IronV, Itachi has the most advance genjutsu and genius level in comes of planing, canning and self control…. I can see everybody sacrificing there sharingan eye for that forviden jutsu (the one that will lose it power to make a reality to a genjutsu) i forgot whats it called but anyway not Itachi this guy have plans after plans on top of hes plans lol its like a multiple failsafe thing.. So i really believes that itachi might have been totally revive for how long i dont know, plus hes freaking popular even to hes death just like orochimaru he’ll be revive or reincarnated lol and maybe even jeraiya who knows

  22. Itachi vs Nagoto: if itachi summon susano’o and the sword of totsuka then he will able to seal nagoto for good……..what u think guys?

  23. so kakashi sees his arse using the sharingan let alone MS, yet the crow seems fine after using the world’s’ greatest genjutsu. just a thought

  24. @NSSK

    That would be the way to seal Nagato, but who is to say that Itachi could pull it off perfectly. As we have seen at the end of this last chapter, Nagato is no pushover. It seems highly likely that it will be an Itachi vs. Nagato battle here and one of the 2 will be sealed by the other.


    The crow likely contains Itachi’s chakra and since Itachi is an Uchiha, the crow can handle it.

    As to Itachi being unsummoned by Kabuto, it would seem that this genjutsu completely breaks the control Kabuto has over the soul.

  25. Um first off, Jiraiya and Shisui arent coming back, Kabuto clearly stated he needed their DNA which is impossible because Jiraiyas bodys is lost in an ocean, and shisui’s body is either unknown to everyone or in Roots possession. I dont know why people wpuld get upset if Itachi was under Shisui’s genjutsu, he still kicked ass on his own ability not someone elses. Im guessing Shisui was a part of Root and knew Danzo’s intentions to take it. I have to reread the manga…too much plotholes.

  26. i highly doubt shisui’s going to be revived, but he can be revived its not impossible. if kabuto can gain possession of shisui’s eye he can easily summon him.

  27. Great analysis Bob Sama.

    Here is my thoughts, So am i right in thinking that Naruto has control of the Crow now? if so then that means he has a sharingan! I know it was only Manifested when naruto sore a MS but its sticking with naruto on his shoulder! i also know that Nagato said that the crow was Itachi’s but Itachi did also state that he gave him a portion of his powers! it seems the Crow has not faded despite the MS just turning back into a normal Sharingan.

    the Sharingan is a physical thing. where as the Crow is a Genjutsu. maybe Naruto needs to implant the eye for it to work! i dont know what i would feel if naruto had a Sharingan though….

    Seems that Itachi is gonna go up against Nagato. maybe he will sacrifice himself in that battle but i thought Itachi would of survived long enough to see Sasuke face to face and go down in a blaze of glory.

    Question. what happens when Itachi is hit? does he reassemble or does the edo tensei just fade away. i would assume that the genjutsu would be voided if there wasnt a body to bind it too!

  28. Can’t kabuto summon jiraiya from negatos paths?

  29. @ripcord: that is very presumptive, until it is cleared up we need to consider other sharingan transplants namely kakashi and danzou. in danzou’s case he needed the 1st’s almighty chakra to handle the sharingan and in kakashi’s case, it drains his chakra significantly. am I saying that a crow’s chakra is en par with kakashi’s? maybe 😉
    is noone else pleasantly annoyed by kishi atm, see my note (madzikage, on August 5, 2011 at 1:41 am) above for details

  30. @madzikage

    We have already seen that Minato is capable of putting enough of his own chakra in Naruto to restore the 9-tails seal and Kushina’s to restrain the Kyuubi, so I don’t see why Itachi couldn’t put some of his own chakra in Naruto to be used with Shisui’s eye. He wouldn’t count on Naruto’s chakra being used to power the eye, that doesn’t make any sense because it wouldn’t guarantee that Naruto would have enough chakra left to use it.

    So Itachi would implant enough of his own chakra into Naruto for the eye to be used properly, he planned far enough to implant the eye why wouldn’t he go that extra step? I doubt Itachi implanted more than that amount of chakra though, as he intended it to be a one-time use.

    As to being pissed off at Kishi, it’s more of a WTF? Shisui was good too? You could argue then that more and more of the Uchiha are going to show up as “actually good” (like Sasuke, hahahaha). The whole “I’m actually a good guy” thing was awesome with Itachi because he was the only one. Now that idea is growing like the transplantations of sharingans is growing (when initially it was just Kakashi and that was awesome). I’m not upset at the progression of things, and I wouldn’t say they are plot holes or Deus Ex Machina:

    It’s more that Kishi is changing the rarity of things in his manga, cheapening some of the coolest things.

    That being said though, I have to quote Bob here:
    “if you’re not excited about this week’s Naruto chapter, then either you hate Naruto or you’re blind.”

  31. @madzikage LMAO, when u said who in the hell trained itachi. that was funny to me because i was thinking the same thing. cause whoever trained him shouldn’t be dead now, they should be better than or on one level under itachi. lol

  32. Shisui is officially the worst character in the manga. He is a plot device now, plain and simple. This is undoubtedly an asspull. As for the crow freeing Itachi, that wasn’t even his plan lol. He’s just lucky Kabuto sent him to fight Naruto, otherwise he’d be a zombie like everyone else.

    Also, Nagato once again proves why he’s a cut above the rest. He snuck up on Bee, something not even Minato could do, while still crippled and absorbed all of Bee’s Version 2 chakra, something not even Samehada could do.

    Even if Nagato loses I will be able to say it took Kyubi Naruto, Hachibi Bee and Zombie Itachi to take him out lawl. Anyone saying Minato, or anyone else apart from Madara or Kabuto, is stronger than Nagato needs to get their eyes checked.

  33. @kisuzachi
    An asspull huh? If i’m not mistaken, this chapter has been foreshadowed. This isn’t exactly the first time Shisui has been mentioned. Itachi put that crow in to Naruto how long ago?.. Have faith in Kishi will you?


    Just overall a better character who makes the story line so much more interesting. Lets see who wins..

  34. @rip: good comeback, with all arguments u use tht facts that benefit u. I still think tht crow could out sharingan kakashi but u raised a value point that brings it down to opinion. great stuff.
    @just passing: change ur knw bcoz u were kisu passing but now u r here hihi! but thanks for agreeing bcoz itachi is legen..wait for it..dary so who trained him? of shisui for matter? tht only ninja capable of duh is the 2nd-confirm timeline.
    @kisu: good to have a crooks debunker back, see my first comment, I am with u on the arse pull. the only good that came was a youthful nagato from this chapter.
    nb: nagato had red uzumaki hair upon his death (confirmed by the colour pages when madara took the rinnegan), but it changed colour when he got younger… huh situation tight there

  35. I seriously doubt Kakashi will lose his eyesight from using MS like Saucegay or Itachi. His eye was implanted from Kobito making it like Saucegay implanting Itachi’s eyes to have no loss of vision side effects. I do like the idea of Kakashi losing his other original eye and Sakura transplanting the Crow Shisui Sharingan in him!

  36. I don’t think Nagato is as strong as he was when fighting pain. Some of you mentioned that it looks like he can only use one ability at once. A tag team with bee/naruto using a physical attack and Itachi using a ninjitsu attack should be enough. It will be interesting to see what he can currently do now that he has his youth back.

    If Itachi is killed I think he just reforms since the edo tensei technique is still active. The gengitsu just made Kabuto release him for his control. Remember the tokens that are implanted into every zombies head? It’s probably not working anymore.

    I don’t think Itachi was under any gengitsu. Even if the technique could last long for him to kill all his clansmen why did he say Madara helped him? Wouldn’t he not remember that. What about the end where he doesn’t kill sasuke? How about when ‘Sasuke chases him and they have that famous dialogue about how to obtain the Magenyko. I’m not sure if Shisui’s technique can do all of that.

  37. @cthunder86

    idk why you think he isnt as strong as he was when he fought naruto. if anything hes stronger now that regained his normal form. and dont underestimate him either, none of us have even seen what he can really do and now that he has use of his legs and his youth back, we might just see the true power of the rinnegan. remember we havent seen not one elemental attack from nagato and he had mastered every element by the time he was 10 years old.

    imo bee and naruto should just leave the fight to itachi. as strong as bee and naruto may be, its just too risky for them to fight a rejuvenated nagato. he himself can use all the abilities of the six paths and he can use any elemental jutsu he pleases. also i dont think some of you guys appreciate the situation that naruto is currently in. hes on the verge of getting his soul removed from his body (in other words death). nagato absorbed all of bee’s chakra, while he was partially transformed, and is now in the process of taking naruto’s soul and he did it before they could even react. itachi is the only one who should fight him. whats the rinnegan’s weakness? genjutsu and what does itachi specialize in? genjutsu. genius vs genius, rinnegan vs sharingan, hope kishi doesnt f**k this one up.

  38. I liked this chapter a lot, Itachi is one of the best Shinobi ever to exist in the shinobi world. I would love to see him and Nagato battle each other out. I just wish Kishi let’s Naruto fight by himself to the death for once so we can see what he can do.

    I am glad we get to finally see what a full powered Nagato can do and so far he is amazing. Even though KB was still able to detect him before he attacked, he was able to absorb lots of his chakra. If Nagato keeps this up he could be as strong as Minato.

  39. @madzikage, dude, do u even know what u are talking about, i reread ur comment 4 times and couldn’t get anything out of it. my name has never been kisupassing, u have me mistaken. imma ignore ur lack of grammar.
    @fastninjaa, u are exactly right. that would be the only logical choice is to let immortal itachi have a go at nagato. naruto’s soul is partially exposed, but i really feel that itachi or kabuto will stop him before he completely removes it. the genjutsu weakness did slip my mind and im glad that u put that thought back in there. if everything plays out right, we are about to see the greatest fight in the series, itachi vs. nagato, that will be the fight that knocks the raikage owning taka.

  40. Ok, sry for any wrong spellings. But here is my final thought now after this chapter. Tobi is Madara.
    Itachi placed something in sauske that when he saw Madara’s MS that it would trigger & kill him….right? Well this is what just happened with Naruto. Itachi thought Sauske would take his eyes & itachi placed something in Shisui’s eye for when it saw his MS it would trigger, which it did. So with that said, either Tobi is Madara or Tobi has Madara’s eyes. If not, then sauske’s eye would have never triggered.

  41. Nagato is a piss take of a Ninja thats for sure! and now he is fully restored he could prove even a match for all 3 ninjas! I think the way itachi has planned this has been undoubtedly brilliant despite it not working out completely the way he planned. still the alliance has one of the best Ninjas of all time back now which is a big positive! I think its good naruto is in a life death situation because even after all his training and new abilities he still has a weakness! lets remind ourselves that naruto still has all those Clones deployed! all this high end action could blow up in his face!

  42. @Jman

    It’s not like Itachi said “hmm, let me check the sharingan “phone book” and look up Madara’s chakra signature or sharingan pattern and I’ll dial that into the protective jutsu I’m making.”

    What happened most likely is that Itachi programmed his Amaterasu to activate to Tobi (or Madara if he is Madara) sharingan. This doesn’t mean Tobi IS Madara.

    In fact, the only thing confirmed that came from the previous chapter is that Itachi also believed Tobi was Madara for some reason, but he’s not the first top tier ninja to think that. Yes, Itachi is calling Tobi Madara, but that’s the same mistake as everyone else.

  43. May be Nagoto catch a clone and not naruto himself
    Where is madara, he should arrive soon isn’t!!!!

  44. Yeees!!! Itachi is the man! That was such an epic chapter! ^_____^ ;;

  45. @Jman i think Itachi set off the amaterasu within sasuke using a genjutsu for when he sore the appearence of tobi/madara knowing he wouldny change dramatically.

  46. Can naruto now be able to use shisui’s sharingan to control the kuybi so he will cooperate with him

  47. I dont think Naruto can actually use the Crow to be honest, maybe he was just a host for it to manifest when the time came whoever was to use amaterasu on Naruto.

  48. Shisui’s Eye is physical and the Genjutsu is just Chakra! so naruto has the physical eye but not implanted! maybe one of the side effects is that naruto does have a sharingan but i thnk that would discredit naruto’s character! i dont think he needs the Sharingan to become there person he wants to be or to beat his adversaries.

  49. although i wonder if naruto would gain certain more powers because he has boths sides of the sages sons powers! just just something to ponder over i guess…

  50. So, like a lot of people said, Naruto has the physical eye, in that crow, but it is not implanted and it will never be. The reason is simple, because the final battle will have to be between Naruto and someone who has/will have some eye power (sharingan, rinnengan, or all the eyes together) in order to resemble with the first fight). That’s what i think….sry for spelling errors…

  51. I understand both views of who Tobi could & couldn’t be. However there is no proof really pointing to either, so it’s just what each person feels.
    Zetsu & Kabuto call him Tobi. Everyone else calls him Madara. Madara even revealed himself to Kasume (tailess beast), & I thought he even said, ur Madara. I can’t find that episode so if someone could help.
    Question is: if Tobi is Madara who would threaten & strike fear in him (that could be brought back)?
    If Madara was in the 6th coffin, then who is Tobi? I’d assume he is a Uchiha. But there are only a couple Uchiha’s it could be. Madara & 2nd hokage were the only ones able to use the teleport. Also Tobi has the 1st cells since he grew back his limbs. So Madara could be alive with those cells. But wouldn’t he be around 100?…at least?
    Who else would have all the information that Tobi does?

  52. If Nagato loses while being succumbed to edo tensei, thus having no reason to hold back then kishi has lied and is just making shit up as he goes… Neither of the new “big 3” should take him… all of his moves are now at his disposal and having every element at your disposal, the ability to use any jutsu, and cant forget about the gravity ball thing then either he breaks edo tensei himself as itachi did or he succumbs to naruto’s speech that changes hearts jutsu…

  53. As I said before FINALLY we’ll see Rinnegan vs Sharingan, Genius vs Genius both at full power, I’m hoping this lasts a couple of chapters! It’ll be interesting to see how Itachi can counter nagato who is essentially thee ultimate ninja!! Why do I get the feeling that nagato’s gonna get freed from kabuto’s control an tobi an his 6 buddies are gona show up an it’ll be itachi an nagato vs the 6 jinjuuriki’s….

  54. @jman

    where did you see or hear that madara and tobirama could teleport? we dont know anything about madara’s powers aside from the fact was the first and only uchiha to obtain the eternal mangekyo sharingan and we dont know what tobirama was able to do with his space-time jutsu.

    it seems most peoples main support as to tobi being madara is, who else could know all that he does. just because tobi knows all he does that doesnt mean he can only be madara. he could be anyone. uzumaki clan members are noted for their longevity. mito uzumaki (1st hokage’s wife), who was alive around the time konoha was founded was still alive during the third hokage’s second term as hokage. this proves that tobi could be someone besides madara, maybe even an uzumaki idk, but i just used that as an example. just because he has plenty of information about different jutsu’s, the history of konoha, the uchiha and senju clans, and the sage of the six paths doesnt mean he’s madara is all im saying. also we dont know anything about madara powers or abilities besides that he was able to completely control kyuubi and had obtained the eternal mangekyo sharingan.

    also i read that mito uzumaki had gave birth, but im not sure if hashirama was her childs father. if she had a child, who was he/she and why havent we ever heard of him/her?

  55. naruto doesn’t need an eye jutsu. and the reason being that he doesn’t need one. his clones act as an imitation sharingan, his clones pass on the knowledge and experiences each one has. as u guys know that one of naruto’s first tactics when he fights is to throw hundreds of clones at his opponent first. so with each clone that is dispersed, thats more knowledge naruto gets about the ninja he is fighting, and therefore it allows him time to think up ways to win. so whats the point when his clones tell him the nature, power, speed, and affinity of his opponents. he just can’t copy the moves, but when u have a arsenal as big as naruto: toads, wind chakra, kyuubi, sage mode, rasengan, shadow clones, and don’t’ forget this new kyuubi mode. why would he need the eye. he’s fine where he is. let him work with what he has. like im telling u guys. that eye is going to kakashi. he’s going on a rampage against the seven swordsman of the mist. he’s already losing his sight, it wasn’t directly stated, but he did ask itachi how bad was his eyesight getting. and u would only make that kind of statement if u were going through the same thing.
    everything is starting to unravel, and im understanding a lot more. but the one thing that has my mind boggled is: why the heck are they keeping yamato around? i understand that he has the first’s dna, so what now? the only way he is important is if they are gonna do an implant like orochimaru does. they don’t need the dna, cause all of it that they need is now in the zetsus.
    what do u guys think

  56. This is a completely random thought but its interesting that sausake was named after the 3rds dad by a man who eventually wanted to take over konoha from the 3rd “as far as we know cause danzo couldve used the threat simply to rid of the uchicha and take their eyes as well as madara who has a stockpile” but the 3rds father should be around the 1sts age maybe he has some underhand role in all this

  57. Random thought but wouldn’t nagato’s best chance to beat itachi come from using the 6 paths technique?? Seeing as the sharingan can copy jutsu apart from bloodline ones.
    @ JP that eye may not be going to anyone at all an besides wouldn’t kakashi vs the fish squad be done by now? That started on the 1st day of the war an its now the 2nd day- kakashi doesn’t have that kinda stamina! Maybe they are keeping yamato around as food for zetsu lol

  58. “I would love to see him and Nagato battle each other out.”

    It seems you hate Itachi. Nagato proved this chapter that Amaterasu is useless against him lol. Nagato will be trolled, but not before showing why he’s a “god”.

    @JJ, everything about Shisui is an asspull. For a character so powerful and important, he was awfully non-existent in Part 1 and Pre-Kage Summit Arc Part 2. I will not have faith in a writer that continually disappoints lol. Just look at this war Arc. It had the potential to be the best arc in the manga, but it got butchered by Kishi’s love of the overuse of “love and friendship lol” and pushing Naruto as Jesus freaking Christ… I’ll end there. I’m only commenting again because I actually liked this chapter. Notice the lack of Kisu the past few weeks?

    I agree with Just Passing, ANOTHER rare powerup will only cheapen Naruto’s character further than it has already been cheapened by this destiny crap lol

  59. @kisu lol I was unaware Itachi could only use Amaterasu :O

    It wasnt an asspull. Think about how long ago Shisui was mentioned. Everychapter=1 week. Im way to lazy to go back and check but I’ll end with this too. You may not like Kishi’s plot style, (love and friendship) but that doesnt mean hes pulling new characters and plot twists out his ass.

    And I agree with you and JP in that Naruto doesnt need Sharingan. Iactually think his abilities are a bit over the top but hey..

  60. lol now you guys say naruto is hack. i said that a few weeks ago and got the,”oh hes growing up and as he grows he gets stronger response”, lol. hes also, imo, over confident with his powers and his role as savior now. jumping into a war thats being fought for his well being, which means the safety of the world, without finishing his training is not smart. but now we definitely know naruto isnt all too hack when it comes to power because this chapter showed that naruto even with kyuubi mode will still get his ass handed to him by a healthy nagato.

  61. how the hell does hashirama’s chakra have anything to do with shisui’s eye? its pretty lame how often and senselessly kishi tries to tie things together like this.

    shisui is a character that we keep hearing about, but is shrouded in so much mystery, kind of like the sage. why were shisui’s eyes so unique? why did he have his own mangekyou technique, and why were his eyes capable of so much more than all other sharingan? these are the questions i’d like kishi to answer, though i doubt he will. he seems to be such an interesting character, especially to be somewhat superior to itachi in some aspects, and i wish there was more coverage on him.

  62. the only thing special as far that has been documented was that he had Kotoamatsukami

  63. @ssj

    The only thing I can figure is that Hashirama’s chakra is considered the pinacle of physical energy. Kishi has been trying to paint this picture of Senju = physical energy, Uchiha = spiritual energy. We don’t know if Shisui himself was bound by this “10-year” rule for his MS or not.

    As to why Shisui’s eyes were so special, it’s written right in the manga: he’s the only Uchiha capable of performing a genjutsu that the target has no idea they’re under it. And it affects how they behave in the real world, unlike them being trapped in the illusionary world. Itachi’s genjutsus are powerful, but they can’t manipulate a Daimyo’s decision making process for example.

    So anyone with Shisui’s eye(s) can manipulate people without their knowledge.

  64. @ssj, agreed! but the question is, how many ppl are already under the genjutsu? see that’s the thing with kishi, he gives us new info. and then he leaves it and jumps to something else. my thought process is like ” how many ppl did he put under this genjutsu so that he would have perfected it? and also how many did danzou put under it to control it? ” when danzou used it at the conference, it seemed like he had mastered it and knew it’s time limits and all. and he did say he wanted to use it on “madara”, why would he want to do that? did he have a plan for madara? and also did shisui put itachi under it? itachi does have a strong “i want to protect konoha and the uchiha name” nindo

  65. Well if you don’t know much about Madara then research it. Yeah he uses space time jutsu but yes he uses “teleport”. He has used it several times…with Nagato, Fu, Torune, Sasuke, & Karin. Remeber they were in another dimension…and then he teleported him from there to Danzo to fight…that is teleporting.
    Also Madara was NOT the only to use or have the MS. His younger brother did too…Izuna Uchiha.
    Again, I’ll say it again and again…I think Tobi is Madara because there is more proof he is then he is not. Also back in the day when he met Itachi he also wore a similar mask. He also is now wearing a Uchiha robe, with a Uchiha crest on the back. He also is wielding his war fan which has switched from an orange color (from back in the day) to a light purple one.
    Who was giving orders to Pain…Tobi…who is Madara. Maybe he was controlling him…I don’t know.
    Anyone can think what they want…that’s fine. This is what I think and some information I know. I don’t have time to write everything. When the time comes, I’ll be back to say I’m right ….or wrong. Who knows what could happen….that’s how this series has been.

  66. “Yeah he uses space time jutsu but yes he uses “teleport”. He has used it several times…with Nagato, Fu, Torune, Sasuke, & Karin. Remeber they were in another dimension…and then he teleported him from there to Danzo to fight…that is teleporting.”

    well thats obviously an opinion. since you think he’s madara, then you say he can teleport.

    “Also Madara was NOT the only to use or have the MS. His younger brother did too…Izuna Uchiha.”

    what i said- “also we dont know anything about madara powers or abilities besides that he was able to completely control kyuubi and had obtained the eternal mangekyo sharingan.”


    i said he was the first and only uchiha to unlock the eternal mangekyo sharingan which he was.

    “Again, I’ll say it again and again…I think Tobi is Madara because there is more proof he is then he is not.”

    well what type of clothing he wears or used to wear and what weapons he uses has nothing to do with his identity. it isnt valid proof. also theres actually way more evidence suggesting that he isnt who he says he is rather than him being madara. think about this, why would he continue to hide his face if he is madara uchiha. he insists on telling everyone about the history of “himself” and hashirama senju, the feud between their clans and the history of the sage of the six paths and his sons, but yet he wont remove his mask. everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, but imo all evidence if any suggesting that tobi is madara uchiha is irrelevant because hes already been proven to be a good liar.

  67. You know what would be great that Nagato finds a way to broke the edo tensei too so we can see a tag teen match with Nagato/Itachi/Naruto/Killer Bee team vs Madara’s jinjurikis team… epic fight, isn’t it?

  68. *tag team

  69. @Rocks

    Well according to Kabuto, Shisui’s genjutsu is the only thing strong enough to break Edo Tensei’s hold. Of course, one of the Six Paths could have a strong genjutsu as a part of it, but Nagato would have to perform it on himself. This would require the weakening of Kabuto’s control (similar to how Hanzo stabbed himself in the stomach). Hard to say if it would be possible.

    It would be pretty cool though if they both freed themselves.


    Totally agree with you. It can all be about the power of suggestion. Tobi is playing poker with the Kages and they don’t really know what his hand is, but I would have to guess that he is a big bluffer.

    Jman’s comment that Madara could use a teleporting ability is incorrect:

    We know Tobi can use space-time jutsu and we also know that Mangekyou sharingan are capable of space-time jutsu (Kakashi’s Kamui), but there has been no establishing of Madara’s eye techniques independent of Tobi’s identity.

    You can’t say that Tobi is Madara because Tobi uses teleportation jutsu, because there is no proof that Madara himself used that.

    I have argued previously though that all Mangekyo techniques are space-time jutsu:

    Tsukyomi affects the perception of time, amaterasu “eats” things up most likely by teleporting them into another dimension molecule by molecule. Kamui is a more focused kind of Amaterasu. Koto Amatsukami doesn’t really seem to apply to that rubric though. I guess you could say that the space-time jutsu alters the reality of the target (similar to how Izanagi alters reality).

    So in summary, there is no independent verification that Tobi = Madara, but just the same there is no independent verification that Tobi is not Madara either.

  70. Tobi is the future
    Madara is the past
    so when Madara teleporting himself to the future then he became Tobi
    that’s all…lol

  71. Tobi IS Madara, Beacuse he say he is Madara, and as long as no one prove him wrong he´s right, so at the moment he is Madara… Inoccent until proven guilty ☺

  72. So when Madara is able to disappear & reappear at will… What would that be called? Then when he is able to take someone out of the real word & put them in another dimension.. What would that be called? Just sounds like some people are ignorant.
    Again, I’ve heard nothing that proves he is not Madara. There’s more that makes him Madara. If he isn’t then yeah, he was a good liar… But for what real reason? Why not hide his face? Why does he have to show it? Has any shinobi/ninja worn another outfit or crest out of disrespect to that clan when they themselves were not apart of that clan? That would bring another question… Why would he represent Uchiha if he wasn’t one? If not Madara, then who from the Uchiha? Ive stated a lot more proof that the possibility is Madara but I’ve yet to hear anything that tells otherwise. Wow, he lies…. Doesn’t mean a thing.
    He says he’s Madara, so he is until time comes. If you think he isn’t then tell me who & for what reasons… I’m just curious what others think. But some take this too serious…geez!
    But whatever makes you feel better about yourself.
    And again, do some research & find out more about the characters. If you are smart enough to translate foreign languages then you might know some things I know or have shared. The Japanese use the word teleport & space time jutsu. Its probably best to get information from the source than by opinions…just saying.

  73. There’s not manga this week? Cr@p!

  74. is there really no manga this week

  75. @jman

    You are the one who takes this too seriously, ranting and all. I’ve already presented my case above and in other review posts. Kabuto clearly mocks Tobi’s identity. I can’t think of any other reason why Kabuto would do that.

  76. @jman yea ripcord has a point; 1) if u r who u say u r y are u wearing a mask. 2) kabuto clearly comments that he is not who he says he is http://www.mangareader.net/93-49862-17/naruto/chapter-489.html and 3) zetsu himself calls tobi tobi not madara but tobi and zetsu u could argue is the closest to tobi at this point in time. So dont say jman there is no proof that tobi is not who he claims; its right in the manga.

  77. umm just wandering. Nagato & Gedo Mazo vs Itachi & Susanoo. which is stronger? I’ll leave the answers to all you guys. thanks

  78. Sage of Seven Paths: Does Nagato even have control over Gedo Mazo? He needed other ninja present for the extraction and never summoned it in battle except against Hanzo where he clearly had no control. Also what do you consider stronger? (physical muscle strength?) and what states are they in (Edo Tensei, Living just before their respective deaths, or Living at the peak of their ability [before Itachi went blind/got sick and before Nagato was crippled or with all of his bodies] ) If Kabuto lets the two edo zombies fight I think that Nagato will try to take either Bee or Naruto in a snatch and grab much like Kabuto did to Yammato but if it comes to a prolonged fight Itachi would probably try using Genjutsu on Nagato (since this is his greatest weakness, especially since he doesn’t have his puppet bodies) but it wouldn’t exactly be them mono-e-mono as KB and Naruto would be helping Itachi.

  79. @jman Tobi is not madara. Kabuto, zetsu ,kisame and all of us manga readers (maybe except you jman..hehe) know that. Read all recent chapters and you will come to a conclusion that he is not madara. In addition to what ripcord and token said, tobi shown his real face to kisame. Remeber …in the memories of kisame…before he was defeated by guy…… If you are wondering who he is…well these are my guess…
    1. The mage of six path shimself… the one who teaches about chakra in the ninja world…(maybe thats why tobi said that rinnegan was originally his)
    2. The brother of madara (the one whom madara manggekyou sharringan came from)
    3. One of the two sons of the mage of six paths( maybe the one who has the eye of the sage)

  80. sorry about consecutive posting…it looks like I make a mistake in typing…i mean sage of the six path not “mage”…. oh yeah, if tobi is really madara,then why does he hide his face if everyone knows in the ninja world that he is madara…(if he is really madara …maybe he is just darn ugly to hide his face…haha)…I have also my ending….naruto will become the next sage of six path or maybe even surpass the sage…afterwards, he will nulify all chakra users thus ending the ninja world and having the peace that they all wanted …the end…

  81. @jman

    “Just sounds like some people are ignorant.”

    i know right? lol. not me nor ripcord are the ignorant ones. we’ve read the manga and know the actual facts of it.

    “Its probably best to get information from the source than by opinions…just saying.”

    we do get our information from the source, the manga itself. theres so many hints that kishi has made when it comes to who tobi truly is most of them suggesting that he isnt who he claims to be.

    what he wears and what weapons he uses arent valid proof as to who he is. yes we know for sure madara used a war fan in battle, but just because tobi does too that that doesnt make him madara. and there are no facts nor proof stating that madara uchiha even had space-time jutsu, let alone the ability to teleport. while there arent any facts stating that he isnt madara, there are many hints as to him hiding something about his identity. the argument here is that you say 1) theres more evidence pointing to tobi being madara and your examples being his clothing and weapons and 2) that if there is no proof that he isnt madara, then hes madara until its proven he isnt. if you choose to believe that tobi is madara then thats completely fine and understandable, if thats the way you personally lay out the story, assuming tobi is madara until its proven he is or is not, then no one can tell you otherwise. saying that he absolutely is and debating using examples that are invalid is where this all comes from. he can be anyone, even madara, but as the story progresses more and more hints are given to us that tobi is hiding his identity and he isnt who he claims he is.

  82. “Does Nagato even have control over Gedo Mazo? He needed other ninja present for the extraction and never summoned it in battle”

    He showed he could summon it to the caves Akatsuki gathered at so why wouldn’t he be able to summon it in battle? HE could but summoning your super weapon in enemy territory isn’t too smart.

    @Tobi-Madara discussion, why not wait until Kishi asspulls an answer? Not that it will be satisfying at this point…

    “lol now you guys say naruto is hack. i said that a few weeks ago and got the,”oh hes growing up and as he grows he gets stronger response””

    I’ve found this Arc pretty stupid ever since the Raikage-Naruto confrontation where Naruto failed to raise any valid points as to why he should go to fight and instead just loudly declared himself Ninja Jesus. Then all this lovey-dovey mushy bull. What happened to the Naruto where Gaara’s mother hated him? Where a ninja’s life truly sucked? I can’t say I’m enjoying this story at all. I’m only reading to see how it ends. I mean, lol, if this chapter with my main man Nagato couldn’t restore my faith, nothing short of Nagato killing Naruto would bring me back.

    “It wasnt an asspull. Think about how long ago Shisui was mentioned”

    I don’t think you understand. Sure the Crow thing and Shisui was mentioned and happened long ago, but it’s still an asspull. For such a powerful Uchiha, Shisui was mentioned once in Part 1 and only showed up in part 2 less than 100 chapters ago. You know it’s an asspull when you can replace Shisui with basically any Uchiha or any other power. It’s like Kishi just said “I need an Uchiha to give all these powers to…oh yeah there was that guy Itachi killed, I’ll make him uber mega awesome nao”.

    Uhm here’s the tl;dr version: Everything about Shisui came completely out of left field with 0 foreshadowing and was just a convenient way for Kishi to move the plot forward.

    God am I cynical. I need to go watch some My Little Pony Friendship is Magic! Oh wait, I have Naruto and it’s infinitely sillier. Lucky me!

  83. oh kisu, i used to enjoy you stirring things up, etc, it made for some great entertaining. reading through all the posts and everyone digging insults or agreeing with you etc. although now i find your my little pony and sooking a little childish and drawn out. i just want to see how it all ends, and i mean its not over yet, there is still time for redemption, hopefully this all pulls together, although most sequels are never as good as the original and i enjoyed the first part of naruto, even the beginning of the second part of naruto alot more, than what i am enjoying the manga at this moment. but im not whining about it, just going along (usually silently), waiting for some important bits of information to pop up and mule over.

  84. @ Kisu – Well to be honest, I agree on every point

    Naruto needs a death… what made Pain’s invasion so exciting was there was consequence and emotion in what happened, I mean Hinata was stabbed, but once Nagato brought everyone back we knew Kishi didn’t have a spin and we became DBZ 😛


  85. @pain0avenue and kisu

    I hate to agree about the Pain invasion arc, but generally I do. Naruto saying he understands pain because of Nagato doesn’t quite hold true. Yes, Pain killed Jiraiya, and I’m sure that was something Naruto had trouble grappling with, but the whole village being devistated (people-wise) would have given more weight to Naruto overcoming his hatred. Nagato clearly had seen more loss in his life up to that point.

    The only reason I don’t completely agree with you is that Kakashi died and well… he’s probably my fav. character (still upset that we haven’t seen his rampage, I doubt it now too, since it’s already the next day in the war). If Nagato hadn’t resurrected people he’d still be dead, and well I guess I’d just live with it, but I’m glad he was revived.

    That being said, Jiraiya is probably my 2nd fav. character yet strangely I’m glad he wasn’t able to be revived, he had an honorable death like he always wanted.

  86. @ Ripcord – Yeah Kakashi dying was a bit of a sad point but to be honest if Kishi wrote a better battle for Kakashi in the arc and had him do better then I think Kishi wrote, him dying would of been pretty cool, in the end of all the people that had died who has really been shown to shine? None and their pressense is annoying, yes its a feel good moment and all but also Naruto would of had to put money where his mouth was…

    Nagato bringing back the dead undid most of that forgiveness, Naruto never really had to deal with that hate, Nagato would of continued living and he would of suffered the pain,

    That in essance is why Sasuke is so angry, he sees his pain and he sees everyone else being happy so that is where that anger comes from, Pain was also created because of loss but also that the Leaf Village was relatively unharmed and ignorant to the pain it caused other, still gotta be my fav moment in Naruto history when Pain Schooled Tsunade in the ways of the world…

    Yes Kakashi should of lived but in the end what has come of it, its almost a running joke that he is an ignored character, and what does the one manga say a person dies truly when he is forgotten 😛

  87. When does a man die? When he is hit by a bullet? No. When he suffers a disease? No. When he ate a soup made out of a poisonous mushroom? No! A man dies when he is forgotten!

    sorry for the double post but here is that quote 😉

  88. “why wouldn’t he be able to summon it in battle?”: I said CONTROL not summon. He could have a situation similar to (or worse) than the relationship Orochimaru had with Manda or Part 1 Naruto had with Gamabunta where when he summons it it does whatever it feels like and then takes a sacrifice from Nagato (A.K.A. his life).

    “HE could but summoning your super weapon”: it goes back to the Raikage debate. What’s the point of a super weapon if you can’t use it?

  89. To be honest i think one fo the Konoha 11 should die as i thought there Characters would of been deveolped allot more! that would fuel a bit of anger and emotion into the mix. i dont know which one would be best to have the chop though! the one that would spark the most anger i think would Probably be Rock Lee. i could imagine Guy flipping out and just going on a rampage but i like Rock Lee far to much for him to die. i would say would ino but everyone would be abit down down for like a few mins then think ” Ah Well ” lol

  90. well i agree with Mattmaru…one of the 11 should die..but I think it would be great if sasuke would kill one of them….neji would probably be the best one to fight and die with the hands of sasuke…they were bith known as geniuses in their batch….and we need to know who is the better ninja( well sasuke is…of course)… thus enraging naruto….

    @kisu… well i hate to disagree but I like this chapter…it focus more in battle rather than so much flashbacks… we all know that all ninja life are sad…. so what’s new if they focus again in emotions and long long long talking to each other…

    though I agree with Mattmaru ….I only like to see that naruto(or QB…read as “kyubi”) would fight sasuke without his feelings getting in the way…. and that would only happen if sasuke kill one of his friends…

  91. That isn’t a funny joke Kisu. …

  92. lol

  93. I was just about to put it up kisu, lol.

  94. That’s ok, I put it first on the Kabuto discussion, lol.

  95. will someone post tread IT’S OUT ??????????????????

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