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Naruto Chapter 550: The Immortal Itachi

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob
Okay, if you’re not excited about this week’s Naruto chapter, then either you hate Naruto or you’re blind. We all knew Itachi was a uber-genius, but to plan this many steps ahead even after his death – that is impressive. The crow Itachi put into Naruto turned out to be pretty much what we expected it to be, even though how it played out was not exactly Itachi had hoped for. I was also very glad to see in this chapter, Nagato regaining his youthfulness and prowess instead of being the dilapidated zombie he has always been presented. Now we’ll get to see what a Rinnegan user at his peak can really do. There’s so much new information in this chapter, that for the sake of time and effort, I will just try to cover as many points as I can in this review:

– So just to dissect Itachi’s plan, here’s my understanding of what he planned: Itachi believed Sasuke would try to take his eyes to gain MS, which I believe has happened already. He put the crow with Shisui’s wonder eye inside Naruto so that if Sasuke used MS on Naruto it would activate and turn Sasuke “good” again. But because Kabuto’s Edo Sensei summons Itachi with his eyes intact, the crow reacted with the “faux” Itachi eyes when he used MS on Naruto and breaks Kabuto’s control over zombie Itachi.
– Shisui’s eye was powerful enough to cast a genjutsu (Koto Amatsukami) that could override the Edo Tensei. Itachi must have known of Edo Tensei’s existence through his knowledge of Orochimaru’s secrets. But I don’t think he ever expected to be resurrected himself through the process and run into Naruto of all people on the battlefield.
– Itachi said Shisui’s eyes require another 10 years before they can be activated again, by this statement I don’t think he meant that Shisui had this limitation while he was alive but that the detached eyes were limited use.
– However, Itachi mentions a loop hole: Shisui’s eyes could be activated if Senju Hashirama’s chakra was used… that opens some possibilities: 1. Kabuto has shown he can Edo Tensei summon Senju Hashirama and therefore have access to his chakra; 2. Yamato was born from Hashirama’s cells and possesses similar if not identical chakra; (Remember how Danzo implanted the First’s cells into himself? It must all have been an effort to activate the eye, but it must have failed; 3. Naruto, as a descendent of the Senju and in possession of similar life-giving chakra now may be compatible. We know that both Kabuto and Madara really want that eye because I think both of them have the capability to circumvent the ten year limitation and use it to their content. Having revealed his plans, Itachi has just made Naruto an even juicier target because he is now in possession of the crow.
– I guess I never realized just how versatile Nagato’s Path powers were. Just by himself, he was able to engage two of the top Jinchuurikis and incapacitate both of them in the matter of seconds. What I was most surprised was how fast Nagato used Preta Path drained KB’s chakra and use it to rejuvenate himself (something I didn’t think he was capable of doing). Considering the immense reserves of chakra KB has, that’s an impressive feat — but even during Naruto’s fight with Pein there was never any indication that there was any limitations to the amount of chakra Preta Path can absorb.
– And now Nagato’s got Naruto’s soul plucked out and exposed using Human Path. It’s unlikely Naruto has a counter against this ability even with his new powers. But I can definitely see Itachi coming in to rescue Naruto from this one, there’s no way he’s going to let Kabuto capture him. Next chapter: Itachi versus Nagato fight? Make it happen, KIshi!