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Its out! Naruto, One Piece and Bleach Chapters!

The chapters are early this week. ENJOY!

Naruto Chapter 550: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/65686308/1

One Piece Chapter 634: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/34376629/1

Bleach Chapter 459: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/54624477/1


61 Responses

  1. First!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Itachi and Nagato are beasts!!!!!!!!
    Even Kabuto admitted that Itachi was the best! Who would have thought he’d be the 1st ninja to break edo tensei and Nagato at full strength!!! Wooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. wooohoooo ….. the crow did have the sharingan ..just shishui’s … just that since we never saw shishui’s eye we failed to realize it …

    this chapter was epic … with an awesomer finish .. Pein is back to full power .. lets see what he rakes up now

  3. Also aswell Shisui is straight up badass!!!! Him and Itachi must have been a deadly uchiha tagteam!!

    The way things are going though we may end up wit Itachi vs Nagato aka Sharingan vs Rinnegan with both of them at full strength wit no sickness!! Jheeeeeeeeez!! Sorry guys got abit excited, Kishi is showing us some epic ish!!!

    Kisu, wat’d u think of Pain at full power?? u happy dude?!

  4. WWOOOOAAAWWWWW!!!!!! About time Kishi bust something like this! I guess he has been at this site and read all the negative comments. It’s been a long time since I couldn’t wait for the next chapter to come out!!

    @Tensa: I agree with you 100%

  5. Here a crazy theory: The sharingan usually have up to three tiers (or whatever you call them) in the eye, then when it transforms into the MS, those tiers change shape into something else. Since Shisui’s MS has a four design pattern, did his regular sharingan have four tiers? Hope you guys know what I mean.

  6. Damn Itachi is the man! He is back! That genjutsu was powerful enough to cancel out Kabutos jutsu. People also forget Itachi is only like 21 years old! That young and masterful….

  7. now it must be very clear who would won the fight Itachi vs Sasuke if Itachi would not hold back his powers

  8. @ZWX
    Well shisui was an exceptional uchiha but I reckon his normal sharingan had 3 tomes or watever there called- maybe the extra tome or tier in his MS is cause of that powerful genjutsu! Wait does that mean that its more powerful than Tsukuyomi?? Either way its badass an not that far behind Izanagi. I wonder if the Mizukage’s genjutsu is on this level?! There’s somethin to think about!
    Tbh both Nagato and Itachi are in a class of their own kishi had to do them right, Itachi’s always 3 steps ahead- his tactical an planning skills are easily sum of the best ever! Sorry sasuke will always play 2nd best to his older bro!

  9. @ zep – elaborate ..please … i’ve missing from action

    i don’t quite follow your theory on the 3/4 tier

  10. i don’t understand the fuss over the mangekyo sharingan’s Tome’s

    By your theory … Sasuke hasn’t revealed his mangekyo powers yet .. amaterasu was Itachi’s, he only has standard genjitsu and the dimentional sucking Jutsu .. he has 6 tome’s if you all haven’t noticed … so going by your theory he has 4 more bad ass techniques and then he gets the Eternal Mangekyo

    Epic Wholistic Theory Failure for all u guys … is what i believe .. the Mangekyo design is just a Design.

  11. I CALLED IT ALL AND IF U DON’T BELIEVE ME, GO TO OLDER POST, i knew itachi didn’t kill shusui, because when the shinobi went to his house and told him the news, he was shocked and that caused his ms to activate. knew the crow was a “sharingan trap” called that last week. just the purpose surprised me, so it was to rewrite sasukes’ hatred for konoha to protect konoha. epic.
    and nagato…..just wow.

  12. @Tensa (or TG, lol.): I guess you’re right. But ZWX?! Really?!

    @Devil: The Uchiha usually have two prongs on their eyes when they awaken their Sharingan, with skill a third shows up. The next stage would be the MS which gives the eye a special design. If you implant the eye of your brother’s MS you get the EMS with both brothers design fusing together. Since Shisui’s MS had a shape of a shuriken, and hense four prongs, I thought maybe he had four tomes to begin with, but I have been proven wrong. So I was just wondering how he got four, and everyone else got three. Hop that helps.

  13. Guys what if madara didn’t transplant itachi’s eyes into sasuke instead he give sasuke other ushiha set of eyes so shusui eye will not be activate when naruto meet sasuke

  14. @NSSK: How would Tobi (I still reffuse to call him Madara, until I see his damn EMS) know what Itachi’s plan was?

  15. … also, I belive only your brother’s eyes gives you EMS. I think.

  16. @Zep I think the Sharingans are based on the 3 tomoe design that Kishi wanted to start with at the beginning of the series, but when he brought out the whole MS I think he wanted to start to change it up, and give them different designs.


    I like ZWX since you gave me UTI, lol.

  17. I don’t get the the whole Pein not at full power and ciphering chakra to become 100%. Why did he not just do this before the naruto fight?

  18. And Kabuto said He “clearly on another level to the others.” Let’s not go Pink eye crazy. If Sasuke wasn’t the screw ser1@l ki11er he was then he would a zombie still.

  19. great chapter, everyone seems content with it, who ever bet on sasuke showing up this chapter lost, i dont think sasuke will showing his eyes for a while, a decade for shishuis eyes to regain its power thats crazy, i didnt understand what itachi was saying about the first hokage

  20. @Zep
    May be he did’t know itachi’s plan but think the other way why madara/tobi will give sasuke such powerful eyes like itachi’s eyes, it’s better to keep itachi’s eyes for himself and give sasuke low class Sharingans.
    And regard ur theory about brothers and EMS not sure if that the case so then why madara/tobi collect all sharingans

  21. and then again, how did shusui get ms?

  22. i lost again!!!???

  23. Zep he probably had a jagged three Tomo design that interlocks to look like it’s four. Also whoever said Sasuke had six tomo in MS is wrong it’s three ovals.

    I loved this chapter though it seems like Kabuto will end the edo Tensei in an attempt to regain control of Itachi (all it would take is another body which is easy to aquire in the war to end all wars)

  24. How the hell did Itachi gain his ms if he didnt kill shushi?

  25. @ a lost shinobil its not clear cause remember kakashi got his and although the pre-0requisite was thought that u had to kill a close friend this proved untrue as kakashi got his even though he lost all those close to him earlier. maybe its a extreme stress or state of shock? who knows

  26. @ lost, isn’t the pain of losing someone very close to u the requirement to awaken the MS?! Shusui was like Itachi’s older brother so they were very close- when he died that probably awakened his MS. I’m guessin this is how Kakashi got his MS too,he probably had to really tap into that pain of losing Obito an Rin…

  27. Alright, I originally thought this was going to be another therapy session but it was an awesome chapter!

    Itachi is amazing, to think he was able to think so far ahead. The only thing is, I think Kishi is trying to tell us Sasuke may die when it is all over with. He just showed us that this was the only thing to pull Sasuke from the darkness and back on the side of Konoha. Without this he can’t be redeemed unless Naruto talks him into it and I don’t really know if that’s possible. Naruto is going into the fight with Sasuke with a huge disadvantage. Sasuke knows that Naruto cares for him and that Naruto may hold back or be a little reluctant to fight him to the death and I think he will use that to take him down.

    Also, it looks like we are finally get to see what nagato was like before Hanzo paralyzed him. Hopefully he kicks Naruto’s ass to help him gain battle experience. Oh and Kishi is cheating, I was also going to make Nagato fight without the other bodies, that’s why I destroyed most of them in my last chapter of Revenge of the YellowFlash, lol.

  28. can someone ping Kishimoto to start coming in here … 😛

    @walmart1 – thanks – the 3 ovals comment

    Since this is now gonna spiral into the “who called it first” match about shisui’s MS .. i vote Just a Design

    @lost Shinobi .. Shisui gave Itachi his sharingan (the second one) before which Danzo had taken the first one

    Uchiha commanded shisui to observe Itachi .. Shisui wanted to protect Konoha, Uchiha wanted to run a coup De tat (<– Spelling) ..

    Questions :
    1. Why did no one know about Danzo having the eye
    2. where did Shisui's real interests Lie (to me looks like Konoha)
    3. (If Konoha) when Uchiha doubted Itachi .. why not Shisui
    4. Was the one who ordered the Massacare being controlled by Danzo
    5. if Shisui's Body was found in the River(correct me if i am wrong)who Killed him and why does Naruverse say shisui's body was never found
    5. Am i the only one who thinks Kishimoto has forgotten his plot

    Devli'sRage LOST !!!!!!!!

  29. Itachi confessed to killing Shisui (though it was probably more like the itachi-sasuke situation)

    His body was found by the Uchiha and later disapeared which makes me suspect either Madara or Danzo took it, because it said that Kabuto couldn’t find it. Another posibility is that either Shisui or the Uchiha clan did something to destroy it (similar to this in Shisui’s case http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Reverse_Four_Symbols_Sealing_Technique or something along the lines of this in the Uchiha’s clan http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Hunter-nin)

  30. shisui= tobi that is all

  31. Wow, I was trying to find this earlier, couldn’t, hit the random page on naruto wiki and it popped up: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Body_Elimination_Technique this is what I was actually thinking of when I put Danzo’s jutsu up. Also it’s spelled coup d’état

  32. Okay, I think Shisui’s Mangekyo can be activated again before the 10 incubation period. Itachi mention that Senju Hashirama’s chakra must be used. Seems like there would be plenty of sources for this. Afterall, you got Madara, Zetsu, and Captin Yamato all of which have the 1st Hokage’s (Hashirama) DNA.

  33. Epic chapter. I’m a little lost on a few things myself, but atleast this chapter gave us a confirmation that Jiraiya will never be as good as Nagato & Itachi is 10x smarter then Minato could ever dream of 🙂 . Wasn’t Danzo able to do what Itachi said Shisui’s “left” eye could do (control people without them noticing)?? How exactly did Shisui die?? How could Danzo a guy who got his ass beat by king Sasuke win against Uchiha Shisui (the Uchiha with the strongest MS genjutsu)??

    Prior to this chapter I had the impression that Shisui was pro uchiha, instead this chapter made me feel he was a double agent working along with Itachi but in the end he didn’t make it. I like the way this story is going

  34. not win, I mean take Shisui’s eye

  35. Simple, he was part of anbu and was confronted by danzo for his eyes… He was probably the subject of many power struggles already and judging by what itachi said, he wanted to protect everyone and was hard headed. Ironic that itachi says shisui and naruto have the same ideals… Definitely foreshadows naruto’s demise but that would be a lame way to end a manga…

  36. Breaking out of the jutsu that kabuto had itachi on was nothing more than a simple good side effect. There was no way he would’ve known that kabuto would bring him back with edo tensi.

    Another thing that bothers me is the fact that kabuto even summoned nagato to begin with. His body was still with konan; at that point madara didn’t even payed her a visit yet. So how did kabuto get what was required from him?

  37. “So how did kabuto get what was required from him?” other than it being a plot hole, the answer is probably that Orochimaru collected his DNA while he was living somehow.

  38. Awesome chapter, Itachi is a beast!
    Darth: itachi didnt put the crow in Naruto for himself to be released from kabuto, but it was meant for Sasuke. itachi never planned that this should work on him, so his plan got screwed up abit.

  39. It’s really simple how Kabuto got the Dna of Nagato

    Nagato coughed up a lot of blood back during the fight with Naruto Konan likely did not clean the blood up and Kabuto took the blood as Dna and used it to bring back Nagato

  40. @Rpg711 Shisui was apart of the Konoha’s military police force, that’s different from ANBU right?

    Also since Itachi broke out of edo tensei does that mean he’s back for good? I’m taking a wild guess and say that Shisui’s eyes both have the same technique, and Itachi and Sasuke are just special to have more then one MS technique

  41. @Envy that does make since, but it still bugs me. I mean the people are still trying to repair the village, everyone was on high alert because of fear of attack from somewhere else while the hokage was out of it, it can’t to have been a huge time difference between pain invading th village and the events of summit, by that point, anko and a few other ninjas were already on kabuto’s trail, he was still trying to get used to his new abilities. Not to mention all the other DNA he has obtained thus far. The jutsu wouldn’t have worked if nagato wasn’t dead so perhaps he was there the whole time watching and waiting, i don’t now. I just find it hard to believe he could’ve done that on his own, and this quickly.

  42. @Tsukage – you know what? You may actually be right… Moon’s Eye Plan ultimate genjutsu. Itachi brought back just before unmasking. Wow

  43. Ok so if Tobi= Shisui then maybe in Coffin number 6 is the REAL MADARA UCHIHA….
    It still kinda feels like Tobi is related to Itachi an Sasuke tho imagine if tobi was there real dad lol

  44. @darth

    Kabuto and oro probably started collecting DNA a long ass time ago. Remember, oro could use the edo tech and Kabuto could use everything oro could use and now with his DNA he can do everything oro could do. So it stands to reason that they already had the DNA in the event the people died.

  45. How much itachi loves his village. He sacrifice his clan and himself even willing to sacrifice his brother for sake of konoha. He is one word self-sacrifice

  46. oro was also in akatsuki, so he could have collected the dna back then

  47. There are so many ways to collect DNA that it’s not even funny.

    And Shisui = Tobi? NO. Why can’t anyone simply accept the fact that Tobi is Madara? It’s been stated so many times and how else would anyone have the knowledge and power he has?

  48. @??? people question that tobi is in fact madara cause kabuto never mentions tobi as madara and when the coffin was revealed to tobi kabuto said its our secret… if tobi was madara why would kabuto say he would keep the secret tobi has already told everyone he was madara

  49. @??????

    I can’t accept that Tobi = Madara because:

    1. Zetsu doesn’t even call him Madara.
    2. Kabuto took jabs at Tobi about his identity (saying “you go by Madara now don’t you?”).
    3. Kabuto said “don’t worry I haven’t told a soul” when presenting the 6th coffin that Tobi was so afraid of. The body in the coffin obviously has to do with some secret Tobi is keeping.
    4.Throwing the name Madara around is the perfect way to get people all afraid.

    Think about the Wizard of Oz, everyone believed he WAS a wizard and why? Because the Wizard SAID he was a wizard and put on a smoke & mirror show. Tobi says he is Madara to a lot of people and puts on a show so they believe it, but everything Tobi has said and done is not proof.

    That being said there is no proof for who Tobi really is. I have my opinion as to who he is, but I believe there is some evidence for who Tobi is not:
    1. Madara (see above).
    2. Danzo (he’s dead)
    3. Nidaime Hokage (sealed in Reaper)

    4. Shisui, maybe– Itachi said he helped Shisui erase his existance, meaning he helped kill Shisui in a way that looked like suicide. It is possible that Shisui used his genjutsu to make Itachi think he helped kill Shisui, but why would Itachi be given his eye, such a powerful item? Also, the Uchiha said it was death by drowning, so they had to have found a body, how else would they have known about it being a drowning, as the suicide note said nothing about that?

    For all of Part 1, Itachi is a complete villain, or at least he seems that way. In Part 2, we realize how much of a tragic hero he really is. So if Kishi can fool us with that, odds are he’s fooling us with Tobi too.

  50. We hear a lot about shisui and how BA Barabis he is and he is only shown a couple of times. If he’s tobi i’d be a little pissed.

  51. @token:

    The fact that Tobi is afraid of something doesn’t not make him any less credible. There are numerous characters that have taken good hits on Madara. Onooki fought him (I believe), the 4th kicked his ass, took the Kyuubi, and forced him to retreat, the 1st completely demolished him and came out alive, and Konan would’ve kicked his ass too if he didn’t have the ActionReplay/Izanagi Technique; had she been aware of Izanagi, she could’ve easily outmaneuvered him. I would be hard pressed to say that even Jiraya or Naruto could kick his ass given enough information. The simple fact that there is a deceased character that Tobi is afraid of is NOT a license of for unfettered speculation about his identity, it opens the door to talk about how powerful Tobi truly is.


    Didn’t Madara create Zetsu? Tobi definitely could be hiding information from him, like his identity. As I said earlier, the fact that Tobi is not an all powerful character and that a deceased character is powerful enough to defeat him means nothing regarding his identity, that Edo Tensei Zombie could easily be the Sage of 6 Paths. I think the only credible evidence against Tobi’s identity is probably what Kabuto knows.

    Regarding Shishui, erasing existence means complete disposal of the corpse, not suicide. I find it highly unlikely that Shishui of all people is Tobi with both of his eyes taken. They did find Shishui’s body, but Itachi probably erased it.

    I firmly believe someone with Tobi’s knowledge and ability has to be Madara.

  52. idk how anyone can accept that tobi is madara. there is absolutely no proof that hes even an uchiha let alone madara. rip pointed out all the hints and the build up, idk what more is needed. think if tobi is madara uchiha, how is he still alive? whats the point of the mask? why havent we seen his mangekyo sharingan? but most of all, whats the point of the mask? he insists on sharing the history of the sage of the six paths and his two sons, the uchiha and the senju, and “himself” and hashirama senju with almost everybody. so why would he still be unwilling to show his face? im not saying that tobi isnt the real madara because he could be, there isnt any proof that completely rules out the possibility of tobi being madara. he could be many people. this story and many of its characters have loose ends that need to be tied, we might be in for a shock when his true identity is revealed.

  53. All this does is make me more appreciative of kakashi… how the hell did he pull his ms off considering what shusui and itachi are going thru? and is nagato a bad dude now or what?

  54. I still keep my theory that the 6th coffin is Kishimoto. Hell, Tobi is Kishimoto too, why not. lol.

  55. @Sirius: Yes, through Edo.

  56. i need nagato to be a good dude… uggghhh….

  57. So Nagato can suck chakra? is this his method of becoming complete? How was he incomplete? Y need chakra when ur dead and practically indestructible, and beside being dead in all honesty edo tensei cancels the need for chakra

  58. @??????

    Tobi created White Zetsu from Hashirama’s cells, but we have no idea where Black Zetsu came from. If I had to guess, I would say that Black Zetsu is also Tobi’s creation (from Madara’s cells, in a first attempt at making a “perfect body”) although we have no evidence to completely support that. But fine, if both Zetsus are Tobi’s creations, then why does Zetsu still call Tobi… Tobi. If Tobi were actually Madara, when Kabuto was around Zetsu called Tobi, Tobi so why the ruse?

    I mean, Tobi has already “revealed” himself to be Madara to the Kages and the entire ninja world, so why would one of his subordinates still call him by his fake name? It just makes no sense to me. As to Tobi being afraid of Kabuto’s last coffin, it HAS to be about information because Tobi was not impressed by the might of the Edo Tensei bodies shown earlier.

    As to Shisui’s corpse being destroyed by Itachi, that I believe is untrue. I think Shisui’s arm was grafted (along with Hashirama’s cells) onto Danzo’s body (as it was noted at the Kage Summit that the chakra in Danzo’s arm matched Shisui’s). This would imply Shisui’s body was recovered.


    Thank you for backing me up. Tobi being Madara at this point is all hype and I’m glad at least one other person around here sees that.


    Nagato recovered after absorbing bijuu chakra probably because bijuu chakra is restorative to the host, I guess it did the same for him. That didn’t make him complete, I think it just enhanced his “physical energy,” making his hair red again, etc. So his vitality increased after absorbing the Haichibi’s chakra. As to Nagato being complete, I think that will have to do with whatever he is taking from Naruto (although from what I know Human Realm pulls souls from bodies).

  59. I’m kinda hoping Tobi is a character we haven’t heard of, not obito, not shusui, not madara but a brand new guy- his backstory would be epic!!

  60. @tensa

    i think obito has a connection to who tobi is whether he himself is tobi or imo could be related to him. the fact that obito’s mangekyo sharingan has a time-space jutsu that looks and works very similarly to tobi’s is quite a coincidence that cant be written off or ignored.

  61. kakashi was still a a preteen when the fox attack occured meaning only a few years passed during that time and when obito died i dont think obito eye wouldve been powerful enough in that short time to master to that level take control of the 9 tails not get weakened due to being a non uchicha using the eye and take on the 4th. And for the whole shisui comparison Mist guy both fought shisui and broke the genjustu cast on the 4th mizu wouldnt he notice the resemblance if there were any

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