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One Piece Chapter 634- The Battle Begins

Read One Piece Chapter 634

It has been a while since a One Piece chapter gotten me this pumped up. Ever since the flashback about Queen Otohime and Tiger, the chapters were not as exciting as this weeks chapter was. Do not get me wrong I like the flashbacks, but I love seeing the SH back into action. The flashbacks are important to give more background on the history and develop the story better and it just makes it that sweeter reading this chapter. In my opinion, this chapter is the start of many chapters that will awe us in excitement.

10 vs 100,000

The title of the chapter is very interesting because it has 10 vs 100,000. This is interesting because the SH consist of 9 crew members including Luffy. So who is the tenth one? I am assuming that Jinbe is counted as the tenth, which in a way for shadows him possible joining the SH. Now it has been debated on who is the tenth person to join the SH and Jinbe has been a top contender.  Jinbe might or might not join for obvious reasons. For one he has been getting closerto Luffy as friends, had the same hardship together. But Jinbe wants to protect Fishman Island, which he cannot if he joins the SH. So it is very debatable on whether Jinbe is the tenth member to join the SH, and I find it interesting that the title is 10 vs 100,000, not 9 vs 100,000 or even 11 vs 100,000 (counting Shirahoshi and Jinbe).

The Plan

It was obvious that we got to learn how the fight between Jinbe and Luffy was settled and like most of us thought the fight was stopped and both of them came to an agreement. It was so funny how Luffy shows us his values on being a hero. Luffy might not notice it but he is a hero to many people. Whether Luffy likes it or not he is a hero even though he does not like to share meat. We also get to see a funny side to Jinbe. When Jinbe was first introduced he was so serious and up tight, but now on different occasions he has pulled of some funny jokes making him SH material. The plan Jinbe makes is not really a plan it is more of go with the flow plan. Butt overall Jinbe had a point that its needed to look like the SH were allied with him so that the Fishman Island citizens would think that the SH are heroes instead of the “brutal humans that smashed Hody”.

Hody is evil

Well Hody is not as weak as we thought, for he was able to get up. I am hoping that he at least pisses of Luffy to the point where Luffy just unleashes everything he’s got on Hody. The thing that I noticed about Hody is that he has lost all his senses of reasoning. That he will appose any one that goes against his justice, even some one he idolizes, in this case Jinbe. The difference I see between Jinbe and Hody is that Jinbe is more open minded to  negotiations between the humans and try to have a peaceful existences. While Hody wants redemption for what the humans have done to the Fishman race. But what Hody does not is that not all humans are like the ones he had experience with. Take Luffy who is some one who is all against slavery, he even punched a world noble and freed Camie from been enslaved. My point is that Hody is blinded by his own hatred towards humans, which will be his down fall.

The Straw Hat Pirates 

At the end of the chapter Luffy was so badazz, from what he said about him being the future Pirate King to him knocking out 50,000 of the New Fishman Pirates. Luffy has shown us how powerful his Haki is and now we will get to see his full power in the up coming chapters. The conversation between Zoro and Sanji is interesting because it seems that they are very familiar with Haki. Sanji even mentions the name of the type of Haki Luffy used, this makes me believe that Zoro and Sanji have Haki. There are somethings that never change in the SH and that is Ussop, Nami and Chopper. Originally Ussop was supposed to be the only one piloting the new Sunny weapon but is over crowded by Nami and Chopper. This chapter was great it had the originality One Piece has, the humor, action and suspense. Well next weeks chapter should be as exciting and maybe even more exciting than this weeks chapter.

Side Notes:

  • Franky has his old hair style.
  • Poor Zeo he was totally ignored by the SH.
  • Nami still has that running away from a fight trait.
  • The new Sunny weapon should be pretty awesome. It might be some sort of tank vehicle or maybe a ship.

Its out! Naruto, One Piece and Bleach Chapters!

The chapters are early this week. ENJOY!

Naruto Chapter 550: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/65686308/1

One Piece Chapter 634: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/34376629/1

Bleach Chapter 459: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/54624477/1