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Shannaro Shippuden Ch.5 Flash a Genkages Revenge! Pt.2

Theres not much I want to say in this little authors note. Really all I can say is read, enjoy, and hopefully comment! Seriously, PLEASE COMMENT! I even made this chapter a lot shorter for all of you who didnt want to read a novel, so yes while it still looks long thats only because I decided to take a page out of Zep’s book and do some character profiles after the story part was done, hopefully it helps you sympathize with the characters a bit. Alright then, on with the show!

First Chapter
Previous Chapter

Ch.5 A Genkage’s Revenge Pt.2! Preparing for battle!

Natsumi was devastated with what she was hearing right now. She could’nt accept it, there was no way that she could even bring herself to consider it, but Ikamazu still held firm, saying it over and over again no matter how many times she tried to deny it.

“NTG, Suna is dead. We have to go back to the village now.” Ikamazu said quietly for what felt like the fiftieth time. Again though, Natsumi shook her head wildly and looked out desperately towards the forest line.

“No! dont say that! He might still be alive out there, some where, hurt or-” However she was cut off by Zep’s voice.

“Not possible in the slightest. Tenkage is a ruthless, sick bastard, fond of ritual killings. There is no way in hell he would leave an opponent alive. And from what Ikamazu saw with his goggles we can confirm that Tenkages chakra is still gigantic, and thats it’s back near his base. so suck it up ad take it, Suna’s dead.” Zep turned back away from the other two and focused forward towards where the village would appear shortly. He gently pet the giant wolf they were riding on in order to try and find some comfort.

Natsumi was now even closer to tears than before. However, these tears were’nt so much as those of sorrow, as much as they were of anger. Breathing heavily she glared at Zep’s back and screeched at the boy. “How can you say that! I thought you were his friend! Dont you have any faith in your own friends!”

Before another word could come out of her mouth, Zep turned to face Natsumi with a cold fury in his eyes. Natsumi froze for a breath of a second before the look was gone and Zep was facing forward again.

“We all know the risk of going out on missions. We were raised to know that, remember? We didnt coose to be ninja, we were forced into it by Bob because thats what our past selves were. I dont remember if me and Suna were enemies or something in our old lives, but right now, I just admitted to my best friend being dead in the forest. And I hate it. But, I will mourn my friend when the times right, not now, not while so many other lives are at risk. So I suggest you face facts, shut up, and try to think up a way that we can avenge Suna.”

Ikamazu blinked at that. “We have to evacuate the village Zep, we already wasted over an hour searching in desperate hope that we might find Suna still alive. We cant go back out there and try to avenge Suna by ourselves.”

Zep shook his head and sighed. “Who said it would be by ourselves?” Zep asked rhetorically. “We are heading back to the village, but for a few reasons. You two can go and follow your orders to have Guruku do an evacuation of the village, that wouold be the best thing for now. I on the other hand, will be getting two very specific people that could help us when we go to take down Tenkage.”

Before Ikamazu could respond, Natsumi spoke up. “Who are these two people?” She asked.

“Sothe, and Shiro Kiko, though you’d know the latter better as White Shinobi.” Zep answered and curved his mouth slightly at the gasps the other two made.

“You’re joking. You mean Sothe, the battle master? The master of dozens of different fighting styles and the greatest one on one strategist we have in the ninja ranks?” Ikamazu exclaimed in surprise.

“You cant possibly mean White Shinobi the spirit master? He’s supposed to be one of the strongest ninja that were re-trained by Bob! And he’s supposed to have those elemental spirit things…the Draphens!” Natsumi finished, a bit shocked that Zep could get ahold of two very powerful ninja.

All Zep did was nod before saying, “Yes, both of them.”, and focusing back onto the village ahead. Ikamazu and NTG stayed silent, contemplating what they were going to do once they returned to the village. Finally, after twenty minutes, they made it back to the village. Getting off the wolf, they each nodded to each other, agreeing to meet back at the gates in two hours before breaking off to do what they needed to do.


Deep in the mountainous caverns on the border of the land of Sun, Tenkage sat on a stone throne, thinking over his plan to destroy Shannaro. Finally coming to a decision, he called out into the darkness for his minions to assemble. Immediately three figures rushed in front of his throne, kneeling down before him while a fourth figure slowly made it’s way towards them all. Tenkage eyed the fourth figure in distaste. He was not someone who he felt would be reliable, but he needed followers, and Sinclaire had said that the man was strong. Finally, once the fourth person knelt down as well, Tenkage spoke.

“Shannaro will fall, and I deem it to fall tonight. They have sent out people to try and kill me, not even a day since I have been free’d. They simply have no patience. So instead of a long, drawn out battle of suffering, they shall pay for their impatience with a swift, but tortuous end to all they know.” Tenkage’s fury almost overwhelmed him at the thought of not being able to soak in all the fear, misery, and deliscious pain that a drawn out battle would give him. Still, it would be far more prudent to destroy the village now than give it a chance to seal him away again.

Still though, it would be a feast of such hopelessness…why shouldnt he at least enjoy a small course then? “You four will go ahead of me however. This attack on me has shown the desperation Shannaro is facing right now in regards to the threat I pose to them. No doubt, they are scrambling even now in an attempt to evacuate their village. In their hectic state, I want you four to sneak into the village and cause as much destruction as possible. I want you to instill fear into their hearts, leave them with a sense of hopelessness as they witness what my mere minions can do. But most of all, make them feel pain that I can revel in once I arrive to lay the final blows on the village. Now, go out and do my will.” Tenkage finished with a roar. As one, the four figures rose and bowed to Tenkage.

“Yes my master.” They all said before turning and dashing out of the cave, leaping off the cliffside and landing at the base of the mountain. Without a second wasted the four figures rushed on, heading in the direction of the giant forest near the mountain range.

“Suna, when we reach the village it will be your job to take Hidan and Ripcord and do as much damage as you can. I have something special planned once I reach the village. Understood?” Sinclaire asked towards the stoic faced boy as they ran closer and closer to the trees. Suna made no sign that he heard Sinclaire, but he knew the boy had and would do as ordered. However that didnt mean others would do the same.

“What the hell are you talking about Shitclaire? You heard our lord! We are to do his bidding, not our own!” Hidan screeched from besides him. Before Sinclaire could answer however, the fourth member of their team shot his arm forward towards Hidan, a hidden knife popping out of his long sleeve leaving a shallow cut along Hidans throat. Hidan eyed the knife resting on the mans wrist by some hidden mechanism before chuckling a bit.

“What’s the matter Ripcord? Dont like it when your boyfriends insulted?” Hidan taunted only to be stabbed in the back by one of Ripcords hidden weapons. Ripcord then moved from Hidan and slashed his blade throught the air letting the blood fly off. He reset the hidden knife-spring mechanism before shooting a glare at Hidan.

“I dont care for Sinclaire anymore than I care for you, but at the moment I’ve got an in with Tenkage because of him. I could have real power again, and a little shit like you will not get in the way of that by jeapordizing whatever mission it is Sincalire has in mind. Understood?” Ripcord snarled.

Hidan only chuckled again before the four figures were lost in the darkness of the forest.


Natsumi and Ikamazu stood waiting at the western gates of Shannaro as dozens of people were trying to hurry themselves out of the village. Ikamazu could only look forlornly at the villagers, imaging what must have been hell for them. They had just gotten their lives back ten days ago after nearly twenty years of being petrified and now they have to abandon their home. It was just depressing.

“Hey, how are you holding up?” Ikamazu asked to his teammate. He turned to see her and almost had to do a double take. The confident and cheerful young woman who he had known for the past five days was standing there with such a broken look on her face. He sighed, knowing that he had to do something for his teammate. “You know, he would hate to see you making this big a deal out of something like this. He hates the whole depressing vibe thing remember?”

Natsumi only let out a sigh of her own, looking down towards the ground. She stayed that way for a few moments before she said something that threw Ikamazu completely off. “It’s my fault.” She whispered quietly.

Ikamazu blinked in surprise before a confused look appeared on his face. “What? You cant possibly blame yourself for what happened to Suna!”

Natsumi only shook her head frantically, tears threatening to fall. “No, it is my fault. If I hadnt launched Tenkage into the air like a freaking idiot then Suna would have never jumped off in an attempt to fight him. I mean, if I hadnt done that, then we could have backed him up as he fought Tenkage. We could have stuck with that plan of yours and maybe we wouldnt have lost a teammate. It’s all my fault.”

At this point Natsumi had broken down and tears were streaming down her face rapidly. Ikamazu had no idea what to do for the crying girl, so in a desperate act to stop the girl from crying he hugged her to his body to muffle her cries and tried his best to reassure her that nothing was her fault.

 “Natsumi, you cant beat yourself up over something like this. It’s not your fault, not at all. Suna knew that Tenkage was in the air, he knew that we wouldnt be able to give him support, he knew that he may end up dying in his attempt at defeating Tenkage. He knew all that, and he still did it. He wouldnt want you blaming yourself for his death. That would make him feel like the biggest jerk in the world. And he’d never forgive you for turning him into the biggest jerk in the world.” Ikamazu said, listening as Natsumi’s frantic sobbing turned into light sniffles at his words. sighing, he moved to get out of the embrace, but Natsumi gripped his shirt and kept him in place.

“Please.” She whimpered out. “Please dont move yet.” She asked in a tiny voice. Nodding sadly, Ikamazu held her for a bit longer until she composed herself again and moved out of his arms, wiping away the remaining tears. Ikamazu stared at her for a moment to make sure she was okay before she suddenly lashed out a fist and hit him squarely in the chest. Confused, Ikamazu looked at Natsumi who was giving him a half hearted glare. “Mention this to anyone, and I’ll hurt you.” She said.

Ikamazu only laughed a bit before hearing a voice call out their names. Turning, Ikamazu saw Zep with two other people rushing towards the gates. When they reached them Zep quickly introduced the two as Sothe and Shiro, the latter of the two growling a bit.

“I told you over and over again, stop telling people my real name! Whats the use of coming up with a nickname if you dont tell it to people!” Shiro shouted in frustration. Sothe could only laugh next to him as he extended his hand to Ikamazu and Natsumi.

“Hey, I heard you two were Suna’s teammates. I’m sorry for your loss, but I’ve known Suna for a long time, and I dont quite think he’s gone just yet.” Sothe said as the two shook his hand.

“He’s right.” Shiro told them. “Name’s White Shinobi and Suna always said that if he died he’d make sure to come to me right away. I havent seen his ghost yet, so there is the possibility.”

Ikamazu amnd Natsumi’s faces lit up for a brief moment before Zep brought them back down to earth. “Alright now, we got our team, and we got our mission. We go find Tenkage and seal the S.O.B. away for good. Now are we ready?”

“Hai!” Everyone shouted before turning to the darkeing plains and heading straight for the forest.


And thats the show you guys! So how did  you enjoy this little chapter. It was really more transition and filler than anything else, but it got all the pesky boring stuff out of the way so that we could head straight for the action in the next few chapters! Also I used this chapter to try and leave as many hints to Tenkages power as I could so I REALLY hope someone guesses it soon! After all, they need to SEAL something in Tenkages body. And NO it IS NOT A BIJU! But what could it be?

This chapter we introduced three new character! Sothe, the battle master, White Shinobi the Spirit Master, and Ripcord who you dont know much about yet. So who will be the one with art this week? Why White Shinobi by the luck of the dice! Here you go WS, I hope you like your character!

Next Chapter


The second picture is an alternate drawing of WS that my friend Jean made. It’s basically the same pose and person, the only real difference is that Jean added a type of sleeveless cloak and a high collar to the short sleeved shirt. His art is better but I think mine portrays the character better. What do you think?

And now without further ado I give you the Shannaro public a brief look into the eyes of the Shannaro Shippuden Characters!

Ikamazu Oturan
Age: 17
Status: Jonin in training
Ikamazu uses pure chakra as his main attacks since he cant use traditional Ninjutsu. He can absorb a persons chakra and manipulate it however he wants. He also carries with him the secret scroll of the Genkage, a battle scroll full of sealed attacks that he can use at his disposal His primary attacks are the Chakra Disruption Pulse, the Thousand Bomb Fists, and the Chakra Light Wave. Finally, after he’s absorbed enough chakra, he can enter what he calls his Chakra Outburst state. Similar in a way to the eight gates, Ikamazu’s chakra surrounds him in an aura of color that increases all of his physical abilities, as well as having the added benefit of making the chakra easier to use and steal from others.
Bio: Ikamazu Oturan is one of the reborn ninja of Shannaro. He cant use traditional Ninjutsu, which he sometimes hates, but his gift and ingenuity more than make up for it. Ikamazu is a good person with a few issues from his past, which included not having a connection with his parents when he was growing up. He tries his hardest though and he wants to one day save the entire world.

Natsumi Kitsuya
Status: Jonin in training
Natsumi uses what she calls her Fox Cloak, a physical manifestation of her chakra into the form of a fox that she can control and shape at will. She has humongous chakra reserves and revels in anyform of hand to hand combat as she uses her Fox Cloak as both an armor and weapon. She can manipulate the fox cloak to great lengths, such as extending the arms out to grab people or spinning her tail rapidly to saw through things. Her primary attacks are the Fox Shriek and the Nine Tailed Rush. Finally she can summon foxes of all types and sizes.
Bio: Growing up as one of Shannaro’s “reborn” ninja, Natsumi wanted someone to emulate. she found out about Naruto from one of Bob’s stories and decided that she would strive to become even better than the best. Basing her style off of him, Natsumi went on to become known as the Nine Tailed Girl, or NTG for short. She has a very outgoing personality and enjoys music so long as it isnt polka. If one were to play polka around her she would try and kill them.

Suna No Ken
Status: Jonin in training
Suna can manipulate sand to his will and has what is known as the Nogan, a rare power that increases all his attributes including chakra to an ‘n’th degree but only for five minutes, after which Suna is powerless for at least five hours. He also utilizes his sword style the Kage Strike Style. Suna can summon all types of hawks for all types of purposes including a secret technique he and Zep created. Finally he has a legendary weapon known as the Hilt Of Ten Blades, a hilt that can bring forth ten blades of great and terrible power, however to use this he must usually be in his Nogan state as the hilt puts a huge drain of chakra on it’s user.
Suna is another of Shannaro’s “reborn” Ninja. Growing up, he made a few choices that have panned out into him becoming a swordsman, and a damn good one at that. He’s pretty upbeat at times, but he has a good strategic mind, if somewhat lacking in the common sense department outside of missions. He has a few good friends that include Zep Wulfex(Wolfx), Sothe, Shiro Kiko(White Shinobi) and Emi Ren(E.R. Nefarious) the boys forming a group they call the Shannaro Defenders, of which Suna is the second in command, though he tends to run things anyway.

Zep Wulfex (Wolfx)
Status: Jonin in training
Zep is one of the few “reborn” ninja that have developed the Byakugan through their original doujutsu mutating. Zep uses his Byakugan as any normal Hyuga would, having become entirely self taught in the arts of the jyuuken style. Zep also uses wolf summons that he uses for all types of purposes including a secret technique he and Suna created.
Zep is a “reborn” ninja of Shannaro who has taught himself everything there is to know about the Byakugan. Zep is the kind of person who spaces out then rants to people about how cool something is. He’s a nice guy who just always ends up in compromising positions with girls. He’s Suna’s best friend, and of the Shannaro Defenders he is undoubtely the most laid back but fiercest fighter.

Shiro Kiko (White Shinobi)
Status: Jonin in training
White Shinobi uses a mutlitude of spirits and ghosts to help him in battle. Moderately skilled in Taijutsu, and Genjutsu, and horrible at Ninjutsu, White Shinobi isnt a push over but you wouldnt expect him to be taking down “S” class criminals. However, with his use of ghosts and spirits he can call upon a veritable army of sorts, though the more spirits he summons to fight, the less he can do himself in order to control the spirits. In times of difficulties, he calls upon the elemental spirits of the Draphens as he is their mortal gaurdian. Using them he can do things no ordinary ninja can such as turn his skin into metal and so on. 
White Shinobi is one of the strongest of Shannaro’s “reborn” ninja. Early on, he felt a distinct connection to the spiritual world and found his calling as becoming the mortal gaurdian of the draphens, whom without protection could be slain and thus throw the world into chaos. He believes it’s best to take things with an open mind since it’s more adventurous. Of the Shannaro Defenders, he is the strongest and best big picture strategist and thus the leader, though he tends to let Suna run things figuring it’s too boring to sit still and command.

Sothe (???)
Status: Jonin in training
Sothe doesnt use anything other than different styles of martial arts and his Tanuki summons. However his extensive knowledge of martial arts means he can counter almost any fighting style he is matched up against, and his one-on-one tactical powers are rather unheard of, and he can unlock up to six of the eight inner gates.
Sothe is one of Shannaro’s “reborn” ninja. He is usually a quiet person, believing whole heartedly that actions speak louder than words. That being said he is a hopeless romantic, always falling head over heels for almost any girl who speaks to him. Thought he usual controls himself in a professional manner while on missions, once he has some downtime Sothe tries his best to get a girlfriend, much to his friends’ amusement. Of the Shannaro Defenders he is the best in one-on-one combat but also the one who is surprised the most.

Bob Nanashi (Nameless)
Age:29 (79)
Status: Ex-Genkage/Jonin Elite
Besides a strong Fire affinity and combo transformations, not much is known about the ex-Genkages powers.
Bio: Bob was Genkage at the time of the Kurogyouten attacks, and the only person who would attempt to settle a fight between Naruto and Sasuke. After the last attack on the village and the villages looming petrification, Bob transformed almost every ninja in his ranks into infants so he could retrain them into younger but stronger ninja to support the village once they were ready to take it back. He is a mighty leader and a good person though he does occasionally have evil dictator tendencies. He enjoys training the three jounin in training, but there is a hole in his life, left there from the mystery of what exactly happened to his Laydee Kay.

J-Sama (Jay)
Age:56 (73)
Status: Genkage
Besides a strong Earth affinity and combo transformations, not much is known about this Genkages powers
J-sama is the current leader of the village hidden in Genjutsu, Shannaro. He is one of Bob’s oldest friends and greatest allies, an extremely powerful and loyal person. J-sama is a veritable Pimp, and as such is always one who is up for a party. Never one to back down from one of Bob’s challenges, J-sama constantly gets himself into trouble with the women of Shannaro. In fact, people have recently said that he is what Jiraiya of the Sannin would have most likely turned out to be had he become the Hokage.

Sinaclaire (???)
Age:??? (Though appears to be mid thirties)
Status: ??? (low-jonin strength)
Little is known about Sinclaire, other than he has his own agendas and a uniques power of using Chakra strings and causing people to force open the eight inner gates until the either pass out or die.
Nothing is known as of present about Sinclaire, though it seems he knows things that he should yet be able to know, and has an insaitable thirst to, as he says, become powerful again, implying something caused him to become weak.

Ripcord (???)
Age:??? (Appears to the mid thirties)
Status: “A” rank Missing nin from Kusagakure
Little is known about Ripcord other than he is a weapons master and trap master, prefering to watch people play into his hands.
Nothing is known as of present about Ripcord, though he has an insaitable thirst to, as he says, become powerful again, implying something caused him to become weak.

Well thats all for know folks! I hope that this little character profiliing at least got a once over from people and that you all comment. I really want some comments! All well, on to the next great adventure!


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  1. like i said last time it’s draphins, iiiiiii not eeeee lol

    i do wonder when they changed from summons into spirits but it has a nice touch lol. i’m the one on the right, right? too bad i like the other one more lol.

    I liked the chapter, it’s building up suspense for the next one i love those kind of chapters because whatever happens next chapter you know it’ll be awesome.

    It’s them dragon balls! wait SOB sounds fammiar, son of a bitch? oh wait wasn’t that a bomb used in some kind of war?

  2. Nice post here. I love the arrangement and the details provided. Keep it up.

  3. OMG … Sothe’s Bio is really close to my personality

    Quoting –
    “He is usually a quiet person, believing whole heartedly that actions speak louder than words. That being said he is a hopeless romantic, always falling head over heels for almost any girl who speaks to him. Thought he usual controls himself in a professional manner while on missions, once he has some downtime Sothe tries his best to get a girlfriend, much to his friends’ amusement.”

    where “Missions” can be my Job 😀 .. lolz …

    @Suna … Do i Know you !!! ???

  4. @Suna

    Just Couldn’t Resist 😛

    Good chapter … good flow and speed i thought.. i was preparing myself for a long read this week as well … but then you turn around and change the “delivery”

    Excellent chapter overall … Just One Suggestion though .. when introducing new characters you Don’t have to mention their abilities as and when their names are spoken …keep them a mystery … this will help you Rip out a whole “Talk No Jutsu” During the Battle or maybe someone who is observing these characters fighting could be giving an idea of his understanding of their powers ..

    For example of you follow Naruto Anime the Scene where Danzo is using Izanagi and Madara does the explanations …Just a suggestion .. would like to hear your thoughts on it

    BTW … sorry for the lack of comments in the last 2 weeks .. was traveling for work .. and reading on the phone.

    Peace Out

  5. I’m at work, so I’ll comment later.

  6. I like it. The way you write is almost novel-like. Just one thing though: I thought if J-sama is Genkage, why the gang had to report to Guruku? I forgot. lol. good job overall though.

  7. what! zep, you already forgot bob and J got their asses kicked!? lol

    let me quote something
    Theres not much I want to say in this little authors note. Really all I can say is read, enjoy, and hopefully comment! Seriously, PLEASE COMMENT!

    if you are begging for comments that much then at least you should…

  8. I’m with WS on the above statement. lol.

  9. WS, get off my case. I wanted to wait a day to see how many review I got before responding to them so that I could respond to most of them in one go. Alright then since you were first to respond I might as well begin with you.

    @WS- I KNOW! I not E! But I wrote it that way in my notebook several hundred times already so whenever I type and see it I’ll most likely forget to change it and end up with tons of different spellings in the first place. So deal with it please! And the Draphens are elemental spirits that you summon, so they are still summons, and you can change their size so they could fit in you palm or be large enough to ride, BTW, in the picture, that spirit next to you is not a draphin, it’s one of your personal spirits that you’ve captured, the Scythe ghost. And I have an alternate drawing of you that I decided not to post, but if you dont like this one, then ask for the alternate. Thanks for all the compliments, I really needed them becuase I was so off with this chapter, or atleast I feel like it. And no, there is no crossover in this story so no Dragon Balls at all!

    @DR- Oh wow, that interesting. No I dont know you DR, at least I dont think so. I just created sothes personality, but i may be possible I subcounsciously took the persoanlity from someone I know. Still, I’m 18 out of high school and just got my first real job, so it’s unlikely. I appreciate the suggestion and praise, but you shouldnt think that the profile reveals too much, believe me we havent scratched the surface with those two.And no prob with the comment lag, as long as it’s getting read.

    @Zep- I will take all of that as a compliment! Thank you! I do want to be a professional novelist in the near future so that really made my day there. You rock man!

    Well, comment again if you want to reply to me, and for all those who havent commented yet, please do, I wanna crush zep!
    Suna OUT!

  10. @Sunanoken

    Cool fan-fic. I usually don’t get a chance to read them because I’m so busy, but your writing is pretty good. I’m honored to be a part of your fan-fic. I like that the character is mechanical, as I basically work on machines all day at work. Also, while I’m not sure if the “mid thirties” age is a guess as to how old I am, lets just say I’m older than I look but younger than I sound.

    Keep up the writing, and don’t kill Ripcord off too soon, I may just keep reading :).

  11. @Sunanoken

    By the way, I have a semi-fan-fic semi-real Naruto thing I was working on since before the big fight with Konan, would you be willing to finish it up for me but still keep the same style? If you think it’s too much work I will understand too, but I feel that I can trust you with it if you’re interested.

  12. No I can totally do that. I’ve done a lot of beta reading on fanfiction.net and have nearly mastered the art of writing in someone elses style. Note, nearly mastered, so theres still a chance I’ll get it wrong depending on what style it is. Either way I’m honored you would ask and would gladly tackle it for you. How do you want to send it to me?
    Suna OUT!

  13. Oh, and dont worry about killing off Ripcord anytime soon. In my original draft I had him die in his first fight, but I’m on draft four now and I;ve got something cool planned for him. After all theres a reason I made his profile so like Sinclaires.
    Now, Suna OUT!

  14. Also, it is likely you will have to post here and give me a detail about your email so I can tell yours from fakes (if any), like “it has a $ in it”. Man, sometimes avoiding Trolls can be a pain…

  15. no comment on the bomb? does that mean i was right? lol

    suna edit rips comment and you should be able to see his email

  16. Nice Chapter Suna – My internet been down the last while so been struggling and only getting to read at work @_@

    I liked the flow, does Zeps Byakugan work like the normal ones in Naruto? Why was he or even the goggles able to pick up Tenkage and Suna’s chakra ?

    I think the two WS and Sothe will be like yin and yang which is cool, will be nice to see if you create some combo jutsu’s with the two…

    I enjoy a villains role a lot more then hero’s sometimes, but would like to see a dynamic villain in the story, maybe sinclair, cause most at the moment either just follow orders or seems hell bent on destructions like Zero from Fairy Tail, and I would like to see a Zero from Code Geass,

    BUT It is an awesome story keep it up 😉

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