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One Piece Chapter 633- Promise

Read Chapter 633

The wait for this chapter was well worth it. After nearly four chapters the SH crew finally show themselves and they do it in such an epic way.Well I am happy to know that Oda has being doing better considering he was sick last week and now is in good shape to entertain us with One Piece chapters. So with out further or do lets get to this weeks chapter.

The Promise made

This weeks chapter can be dissected into two parts; the first part being about Shirahoshi’s promise to her mother and the entrance of the SH pirates. I will start with the promise Shirahoshi made. Basically all this time she knew the killer of her mother and never spoke of it to any one except the shark. Now this is both brave and courageous to hold up to the promise she made to her mother, but like Hordy said it was “stupidity”.I applaud Shirahoshi for not having hatred towards Hordy.In many manga stories, whenever one of the characters parents are killed that character most of the times takes revenge, but Shirahoshi does the opposite. Shirahoshi some what forgives Hordy for his actions and show sympathy towards him even though he killed her mother and was about to kill her brothers and father.  She is in a way what you would call innocent but it is her innocents that make her too naive.

What I mean is that her innocents puts people around her in jeopardy. Because she never told any one about Hordy’s actions, Hordy was able to cause ciaos in Fishman Island. She did have a point that if she would of told any one, every one would hold a grudge towards Hordy and that he would be either killed or imprisoned. Do you see what is wrong in this picture? Well I will tell you, Shirahoshi is worried about the person who killed her mother in cold blood. In all my years of readying manga, there was never a character that forgave or was worried about the person who killed their loved ones.(Except Naruto or which ever you know) But Shirahoshi has grown to be a very respectful character and a character that is the perfection of good.

They are Here!

Finally after almost four chapters the SH pirates have finally showed up and make an awesome entrance that caused all hell to brake lose. I believe that it was the perfect time for them to enter the situation. For one if they would of came into the situation any time sooner, every one would brand them evil and what Jinbe was afraid of would happen. But now when all hope is lost the Fishman citizens turn to the SH pirates for help. Now that the royal family is wounded and Jinbe is tied up, it is up to the SH to save the day. Jinbe thought that it would make things more complicated if the SH went loss in Fishman Island, but now they planned some thing that would show that the SH are actually people who want to help. We never got to see the conclusion of Jinbe Vs Luffy, but from the way things have gone I would say that the fight was stopped and a plan was made.

From the look of things the crew divided into two groups: One group consist of Luffy, Robin, and Nami would help Jinbe free the Royal family. While the rest of the crew went to get Zoro, Brook and Ussop. In just about four panels the SH were able to take control of the scene. Luffy was able to knock Hordy with one kick, Nami got the letter, Robin freed all of the Royal family and Jinbe, and Franky caused a huge explosion. Luffy has gotten faster and was able to turn to second gear with out his gear second stances. Nami has gained the ability to make her appearance disappear and her new staff has lost the balls on the staff as well and this staff she wields can be the upgraded version of her Clima-tact. This chapter pumps up and wait for next weeks chapter and see the Straw Hat Pirates in action.

Side Notes:

  • Hordy keeps getting owned that its comical how weak he is compared to Luffy and Zoro.
  • It seems that it will be a 100,000 against the Straw Hats.
  • Nami seems to sport some sort of belt that could be a pistol belt.
  • If you look at the last panel, there are two characters that are standing with the Straw Hat: Jinbe and Shirahoshi and I believe one of them could be a possible new candidate to join the Straw Hat Pirates.


17 Responses

  1. Good review.
    Finally, hope we’ll see the straw hats in action. Been waiting a long time to see what their new powers are especially the monster trio. I hope Jinbei will be the one to fight Hody. Luffy against Dekken. Zoro against that fishman swordsman. Sanji against Caribou.
    I dont think Shirahoshi will join the crew since she’s a very large mermaid that she won’t be able to get in their ship unless she just swims along. Jinbei can join but what will happen to the monster trio.
    Great chapter and cant wait for the next.

  2. If someone joins the SH crew it will probably be Jimbe because Shirahoshi is the princess of fishmen island, she cant just leave the island to become a pirate. It will be like with Vivi

  3. @rock lee, Dekken is not that much stronger than Hordy so I don’t see him giving Luffy a hard time.

    @kaio Well Vivi was the only sibling and she was more of a figure head to her people than Shirahoshi is. But like you I want Jinbe to join the SH. But like rock lee said the balance of ranking of power in the SH crew will change.

  4. I don’t really care about power balance that much. Is four “monsters” any different than three? I don’t know if either will neccesarily join though as Jinbei is a lot like crocodile in that he doesn’t mind fighting with Luffy but isn’t really Nakama status yet (though he is closer than croc). I could see him not joining the crew but showing up for a major battle or two just as easily.

  5. Yeah but the “monster trio” sounds cool lol

  6. lol you guys don’t underestimate zoro and sanji, i think the monster trio will stay the same even if jinbei joins. i have a feeling he doesn’t join for the reasons mart said but on the other hand it would show a great deal of union between humans and fishmen if a fishman would join. i think Shirahoshi is closer to joining, because she isn’t the heir to the throne like vivi was she has no reason to stay behind other than the love for her brothers but she also wants to see the above world and this could be a great chance for her.

  7. shirahoshi probably, with her unique power she would be the ideal candidate. dnt think jinbei will join but he would be more like ace was to luffy. jus need shiriahoshi to shrink a size or two

  8. actully Dekken is stronger then Hody Luffy a gear 2nd stomp on him and crashed him into the ground while he bled slightly it did no real damage to him

    Don’t count Hody out yet Luffy cought him off guard like he did with Crocodile and Enel after getting the first rather strong blow in they started the real fight and were more even

  9. I think Dekken is stronger, as he could make a knife his “target” and throw someone into it. He can also throw things that don’t neccesarily have a physical form like “pain”. As with all DF their power is limited only by the users creativity.

  10. I never counted out Hordy, it is just that in front of Luffy or Zoro he seems uncomparable. Dekken would make an interesting opponent for Luffy and frankly we have not seen the full extant of Hordy or Dekken’s powers. The most interesting opponent for Luffy is Caribou because he’s a logia type and I want to see how Luffy can handle himself against Logia type. Before he had to use their weakness against them. For example,he used water to be able to touch Crocodile. Now I want to see how he can handle them with Haki.

    I want either Jinbe or Shirahoshi to join so the SH pirates can have a Fishman or mermaid in their group.

  11. I disagree with most people here on one thing. I think that BOTH Jinbe and the mermaid princess will join the crew for a little while, just like Vivi did. The idea would be that the SH pirates would be escorting them both to reverie, just as they escorted Vivi back to Alabasta (sp?). Just a thought though.

    -pcgnome out

  12. @pcgnome, I never thought about that, but why reverie?

    Reverie is where the Kings and queens of the world go to discuss current issues.

  13. pcgnome makes sense there, luffy destroys fishmen island in the lady’s vision so they need another place to live, i think some fishmen would join for a while and eventually one will stay in the crew. (jinbei, shira or someone else, maybe one of the princes?)

  14. @ jdogg it would be possible since fishmen island is an important part of the grand line where most humans take a stop to resuply, if luffy destroys it what will happen?

  15. I like your guys idea of Jinbe or Shirahoshi and some fishman traveling with the SH till one of them becomes a member. It would make for an interesting plot twists.

    But I don’t think Luffy will destroy Fishman Island more like remodel it in a big way. I do not know what Madam Shirley saw in her vision, but the way she speaks of it, it seems that she is proud to say it. She also mentioned in this chapter that Luffy might “destroy” Fishman Island today or 20 years from now.

    @white shinobi, to answer your question on what would happen if Luffy destroys Fishman Island? Well for one, the Fishman race would lose a place and country to stay and they would be treated like out casts and enslaved even harsher, since their country was destroyed. Every fishman/mermaid would have hatred towards Luffy. Basically bad things will happen if Luffy actually destroys Fishman Island. It would cause a lot of trouble for the Sh and all hope for the Fishman race to have faith in humans.

  16. Tying in the theory that Dekken can “throw” anything, I think that he will “touch” Fishman Island and hurtle it towards something or someone, necessitating Luffy’s destroying the Island. But not before the Island is evacuated after negotiations at Reverie are successfully completed and Fishmen/Mer-people can live on the surface without fear of persecution.
    Users of the Grandline will just have to find somewhere else to stopover in the meantime 🙂

  17. maybe luffy will not destroy fishmen island by himself, it could be by deflecting that huge boat that dekken threw

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