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The Black Flames 7 – Duty

The air in Fugaku’s office was dry, this winter there had been little rain and the dust had began to become a problem, the air seemed to even suck the moisture from his lips. Grabbing a nearby glass of water Fugaku promptly drank as he was sitting in his chair. “Excuse me Lord Hokage, your afternoon meeting has arrived” Came the voice from his receptionist, “Please send him in” Fugaku replied finishing the last bit of water in his glass and promptly standing to greet the old man that entered, “Ah Sato Uchiha, please come in, have a seat” Fugaku mentioned gesturing to the chair before him, “Thank you, Lord Hokage” the old man replied, his voice shaking slightly as he moved slowly to the chair, “Please call me Fugaku” Fugaku moved to sit as the old man had gotten into the chair. “I have come to discuss the matters of the Uchiha, you have been meeting with the heads of all the other clans but you seem to have forgotten us.” Sato’s voice was coarse and dry, his hands were old and he shook as he sat on the chair before Fugaku. Once one of the most powerful Uchiha besides Kagami of course, “I am still the head of the clan Sato-sama, I am the one that decides the matters of the clan, as Hokage I look to our benefit and the benefit of the Village too.” Fugaku tried to remain calm he idolized this man as a boy and had watched him grow frail as he grew older, the old man began to cough before speaking, “Then I am glad, hahaha,” the old man laughed as he again began to cough, “We are not meant to live this long you know, us shinobi, I wish I could have died in battle and not in my bed like a child” the old man muttered looking to the ground, before looking up again to Fugaku. “The 2nd reason I came here is Ratio,” the old man pause a moment, his face looking sour as he tried to spit out the last name, “Uchiha, the half breed, he has been moving up in the ninja ranks, though still a genin” Sato paused almost delighting in the way this boy couldn’t really advance. “Well we as the Uchiha think its time he had some real missions, something a little more dangerous. Lets not have him suffer old age like I have to.” the old man smirked an evil grin at Fugaku.
Fugaku knew this boy, he had graduated the same year as two of the most gifted Uchiha had. Though he was never truly an Uchiha, his mother fell in love with a Yamanaka, she practically abandoned the Clan but the war claimed the father, leaving her pregnant with no place to go. The family was scorned however and removed from the Clan meetings, but the boy was never told who is father really was or why they hated him. “Alright, I will be putting him on the greatest mission we have with a few other Genin ninja” Fugaku almost sighed the rest out, the old man seemed pleased as he struggled to his feet, “Ah I will be sleeping better tonight” he said smiling as he left slowly walked to the door, “Thank you for your time Lord Hokage” with that the old man left, leaving the door open behind him. “Get me Ratio Uchiha” Fugaku shouted out the door.
The Rain Village.
Naruto finally fell to the ground as he kept trying to preform that Jutsu Itachi had used, ‘Dam its more difficult then I thought!’ he thought to himself as he worked through all of Itachi’s motions while performing the Jutsu. The door began to creek as it was being opened, Konan stood before Naruto looking puzzled at him laying on the ground covered in sweat. “What are you doing?” her voice rang out to Naruto as he tried to catch his breath again. “I am just working out you know, keeping a healthy soul in a healthy body” Naruto replied grinning as he attempted to move his arms, “Well then, you will need to eat up then.” Konan laughed as she brought the bowl of food to the table in the room, “Is it Ramen?!” Naruto jumped up full of energy as he asked, Konan just laughed as she saw the boy rush excited towards her, “Unfortunately no ramen today. This is my favorite meal, flame-broiled fish.” As she said the word fish Konan could see Naruto’s face change, and his brisk walk turned to a slouched one. Konan could feel her chest warm up as she wanted to laugh. “Fine.” Naruto finally sat down by the bowl, looking down to it. Konan simply sat next to him with her bowl. “Eat up” she said as she lifted her eating tools. “You think they miss me?” Naruto asked in almost a whisper, as he sat looking to his bowl, “You think the kids I left behind are missing me now, or have they forgotten me already.” he continued looking down almost asking himself more than Konan, she could see the pain in his posture, his face was hidden from her. “You know what I think?” Konan replied, putting her hand on his shoulder, “I think you’re one kid that is hard to forget, and I would miss you if I were them.”, she said moving her hand to his hair and scruffing it up. Naruto then raised his head again, his trademark smile beaming on his face. “Yeah and when I go back one day I will be the strongest of all the Shinobi in the Village and they will all respect me!” Naruto broke his eating tools apart and began to eat. ‘This boy is amazing,’ Konan thought to herself,’he is so much like him and yet so different.’
The small hut in the Stone Village
“Your genjutsu is really something Itachi” Orochimaru began, looking at the young blond boy laying before them, “I do think those eyes are something special.”
“We must leave, Deidara, Please come with us peacefully, our leader has use for your skills” with that Itachi turned to face the door again. The boy named Deidara slowly stood up, seemingly cursing Itachi, his face molded to pain and anger. “My art will defeat you!” Deidara shouted, but Itachi did not even stop, he just continued walking ’till he reached the door, “You may be right” Itachi began not turning back, “You have a powerful jutsu and someday it may be a match to my Sharingan, but if you want to become stronger you will join us and not rot away here.” Itachi finished and left the room.
Orochimaru had never seen potential like this before. If he had ‘those’ eyes, he would be able to learn all jutsu so much faster, and with Genjutsu he would be able to act more discreetly, ‘I need those eyes’ he thought to himself as he left the building. ‘My technique is almost perfect now, and I have to change bodies soon, maybe I have found my replacement.’ Orochimaru thought looking at Itachi, letting out a light laugh as he did.


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  1. looks like konan and naruto are having fun lol. she’s like the mother he didn’t have. i hope you will show us a good fight between oro and itachi since the manga didn’t make it that exciting, good job dude!

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