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Shannaro Shippuden Ch.4 Flash! A Genkages Revenge! Pt. 1

I am back from my vacation! I hope you all missed me and were dying of anticipation for my newest chapter! I am posting this just fourty minutes after midnight so I kept to the one post one day rule! Alright now! Heres the fourth chapter people! Here we begin to see the power of Tenkage, quite possibly the most dangerous man on the continent right now. I hope you all enjoy this chapter!

First Chapter
Previous Chapter

It was about three hours later after Bob and J-sama’s defeat that a gravely injured Bob was able to drag him and Jay to the gates of Konoha. Upon arrival Bob promptly did what anyone would have done in his situation. He passed out. He enjoyed the darkness for a bit until he started to hear a voice giving out orders near him. Opening his eyes he saw Naruto and several other prominent shinobi surrounding him awaiting orders. Among them was the Anbu Captain, known by a few as Sai, Jounin Commander Shikamaru Nara, head of the Torture and Interrogation department Ino Uzumaki (I changed from a NaruHina to a NaruIno fan, they just work), the joint heads of the Hunter nin corps Kiba Inuzuka and Neji Hyuga, and healing him was the Legendary Medic Sakura Haruno. It was a veritable who’s who of Shinobi.

“Shikamaru, Sai, please put the village on high alert and mobilize at least four squadrons of the shinobi currently in Konoha, and I want Anbu at every key point in the village. Kiba, Neji, you need to follow the trail Bob left to where he battled and lost Tenkage. Try to find anything unusual or of possible use to us. Ino, can you please heal J-sama then after thats finished escort him and Bob to the holding center? I need to know what they know. And please call back Arashi from his training, if worse comes to worse he may need to help me. For now though, I’m going to see Sasuke.”

All the people he ordered nodded before going about the task they were assigned. Naruto then turned to the forest in front of him and closed his eyes before disappearing in a yellow flash. Bob blinked for a moment before trying to move alerting Sakura that he was awake. Moving a bit so he could sit up while still being healed, Sakura noticed the look of hopelessness in Bobs eyes. Bob just didn’t know what to do at the moment. The air was think with tension before Ino finally sighed while healing Jay and spoke up.

“I hope Naruto’s careful. Sasuke may have let him put a Hiraishin seal in his village but he ninja have orders to kill Naruto on sight. Not that they can, but still it only takes one mistake.” Ino said with worry. Sakura smiled encouragingly at her long time friend, but it was Bob that reassured her vocally.

“He’ll be fine, no matter what trouble Naruto gets into he’s made it out far better than others would have, myself included. Right now though we have bigger porblems, or at least I do. Tenkages loose, and he’s planning on destroying Shanaro before making the rest of the world a living hell.”

The two woman simply stared at Bob before shaking their heads in unison. “No, I cant accept that.” Sakura said firmly. “How did you stop him last time? maybe we could do it the same way.”

Bob shook his head, while trying to think of some way to control the situation. “We cant stop him the same way we did last time. Last time, Mart, Laydee Kay, Jay and I used our Gofuuungans to perform the Final Seal, and that was only after three days of harsh battle with him. Now I dont have the Gofuuungan and without it I cant help with the sealing. And it’s a week long trip from here to Shannaro without any spacetime jutsu support so Jay cant help either.”

“Isn’t there some way else to temporarily make him less of a threat? At least enough to where Naruto or Sasuke can take the creep down?” Ino asked Bob desperately.

Bob thought about it for a moment before shaking his head in resignation. “Not any way that I know of. Tenkages…different. It’s as if he has almost infinite chakra, and thats not something that can be easily overcome. And even after we put the final seal on him he was powerful enough to almost kill us. He’s too strong.”

“Wait a minute. If he didnt have access to his chakra, wouldn’t that cause him to-I dont know-be weakened to the point where almost anyone could take him down?” Sakura asked Bob, trying to find a way around this.

Bob thought for a moment. “Maybe. Granted, the Final Seal didn’t seal off his chakra, so it is possible that with no chakra access he could be taken down, but how could that happen?”

Ino finished healing Jay, before standing up to address Bob. “Well, Naruto mentioned that some of your ninja’s doujutsu changed into the Byakugan. That was one of he main reasons for the talks going on right now to determine the fate of the caged bird seal. So if some shinobi have the Byakugan, couldn’t they theoretically seal off all of Tenkages tenketsu?”

Bob blinked for a moment before a small spark of hope appeared across his face. “Yes, yes! Of course! I even know the person most capable of doing it too. Hold on for a second.” Bob said before he rummaged through his pocket and pulled out a small scroll. He opened it and quickly spoke into the scroll before closing it and making several handsigns. Finally he poured chakra through the scroll before pocketing it with a slight smile on his face.

“Now all we can do is wait and hope for the best.” Bob said before sighing and embracing the uncounsciouss world again.


Far away in Shannaro NTG and Suna were glaring at each other with a sheer ferocious amount of intensity, with Ikamazu standing near them, sweat covering his brow. It was a horrific showdown truly, and the tension would have stayed at levels not fit for normal poeple had a small chirping sound not started up, coming from Ikamazu giant battle scroll secured on his back. Both Suna and NTG tried not to turn to the noise, but after a few seconds of the chirping a voice seemed to emenate from the scroll. “You’ve got mail!” The voice said.

Ikamazu and his team broke away from the ultimate staring contest final battle that had so far been going on for almost twenty minutes of non blinking madness to stare at the giant scroll that was now in Ikamazu’s hands with said boy looking at the scroll increduosly. “Dude, this thing claims I have mail.” Ikamazu said, slightly apprehensive towards the scroll.

“Well, open it then.” Suna said hesitantly. “You dont want to make the voice angry.”

Ikamazu shot a confused look to Suna before muttering “How?”.

At that NTG took the scroll from Ikamazu’s hands and stared at it intently trying to unlock it’s secrets before speaking. “Open mail.” She called out expirementally. The scroll instantly obeyed and words started to appear on the outside of the scroll soon accompanied by Bobs voice.

“Ikamazu, listen up. Natsumi, Suna I hope you’re there too. I don’t really want to do this, but with me and Jay too far from Shannaro to help, Laydee Kay missing, and with Mart off on a mission, I have no choice but to give you three a mission that could very well get you killed. That being said, if you dont take this mission you’ll likely die soon anyways so it is far better to at least give you a fighting chance. So here is your mission.”

“An S-class Rouge Shinobi (Not someone who’s abandoned a village like a missing nin, but who was considered too dangerous to still be apart of a village) is currently targeting Shannaro, and intends to destroy it. Before that can happen you three along with another team member must put a stop to him and his two servants. To do this, you must find Zep Wulfex, our top Byakugan user and support him long enough for him to seal off Tenkages chakra before you can pool your strength together to use the Final Seal technique inside Ikamazus scroll. Ikamazu you will have to be in charge of this mission since your scroll holds the Final Seal, but if he seems too much for you fall back immediately and have Guruku round up everyone for an evacuation. As far as I know, the only place where Tenkage could be hiding out near Shannaro is around the mountain ranges  where our first team excersice took place. I have the utmost faith in you and I beg Kami that you make it back home alive. Bob out.”

The three young shinobi continued to stare at the scroll for a while before the last of Bob’s words disappeared from the surface and the chilling realization that their lives may end as the day does set in. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Ikamazu turned from his team and sighed. “Alright then, lets split up and search for this Zep guy and meet at the gates in two hours time. Hopefully we’ll be ready to head out by then.”

“Actually, I know where Zep is Ikamazu.” Suna said moving a bit to face his teammate. “I’ll get to him and tell him about the mission. You and Natsumi head over to the gate right now and wait for us, it wont take long” With that Suna nodded to his two teammates before leaping onto the nearby rooftop and made a bee line towards his house.

After three minutes he reached his home and walked into his back yard before tapping the tree in his yard three times on the knoll and pulling one of the branches. The trunk of the tree then extended forward slightly before bisecting and moving to the sides of the tree to reveal a large entrance in the tree with a metal pole in the center. He went down the pole and arrived shortly in a large, dark underground war room with a few jutting hallways. Suna stared into the dim room before calling out to his friend.

“Zep! Hey Zep! Get your butt over here now, we have a serious mission!” Suna yelled into the darkness, causing the lights to go off and illuminate the whole room. Soon after yelling, a figure appeared at the end of one of the hallways before sprinting straight towards Suna. Suna merely raised an eyebrow before a grin plastered onto his face.

Zep Wulfex, or as he preferred to be known as, ZepWolf X, was perhaps Suna’s best friend. The two of them had grown up as friends, so it was good to see each other again after almost five days of not causing any mayhem. “What’s up Suna?” Zep asked excitedly. “You said something about a mission?”

The grin left Suna’s face and he nodded towards Zep in all seriousness. “Yeah, and it’s a big one. You need to fill in to complete the four man team for my squad. We’re heading out to try and stop Tenkage”

Zep seemed to go inhumanly motionless for a second before he let out a short breath. He nodded to Suna in understanding and the two left the underground room, heading towards the surface. “So, this is for real huh? You know we probably wont come back.” Zep said to his friend.

Suna nodded and kept staring forward. “Yeah, I know. Hey, I always meant to ask, why do you insist on making our base underground?”

Zep shrugged as they hit the surface and started heading towards the gate. “Easier to see above than below I guess. Besides if the village gets invaded we have a secret bunker for everyone to mobolize in the heart of the village. I’ve been extending it too, so now it also connects to WS’s house. A few more weeks and we’ll have over a dozen connections in the village for quick and easy usage.”

“Cool.” Suna said, hoping that they would even survive long enough to accomplish Zep’s task. “Oh, there they are.”

Suna and Zep finally reached the waiting NTG and Ikamazu. The four nodded to each other before heading out the gates to try to take on one of the most dangerous men in the world.


“It’s big you guys.” Ikamazu commented to the rest of the Anti-Tenkage team. “It’s almost too big. I’ve never seen anyone with this much chakra before.” Ikamazu closed his eyes in a somber mood, took off his goggles, and turned towards his teammates. He blinked away the vertigo he felt from switching from the chakra seeing goggles to regular sight. “We need to rush him and take him down before he can do anything.”

Suna took his attention off of directing the hawk they were on to stare at his teammate as if he were delusional. “Heres the problem with that. We’re facing a senior ninja who may be over seventy years old but is still considered one of the most dangerous people in the world thus he has incredible battle experience. Along with that he was once a Genkage and so must have at least contributed several jutsu of his to that scroll on your back making it hard to surprise him with a secret technique from said scroll. Finally he has more chakra than I do when in my Nogan state and you barely managed to tie with me.”

“I beat you!” Ikamazu shouted in indignation.

“Keep telling yourself that.” Suna said. “Anyways, all that being said, do you really think a rushing attack will buy Zep enough time to seal this guys chakra?”

Ikamazu growled at Suna’s question in annoyance and turned away from his teammate to scan the flowing trees below. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were flying on their way to their possible doom he would be whooping in joy at the ability to fly on the back of this giant hawk.

“We have the advantage of surprise. I’m sure that Tenkage wouldn’t be expecting an attack so soon after just being freed. Also, were coming in through the sky, a perfect vantage point to ensure that our enemy isn’t aware of us. Besides I have a plan.”

Suna scoffed at turned ahead again, focusing on flying his hawk. “Please, enlighten us to this plan of yours.”

“It’s a simple plan really. We drop from the hawk one at a time. I go first and attack him point blank with a Chakra Pulse to screw with his chakra control before I start to absorb as much chakra as I can from him to weaken him. NTG, you come second, and as I’m absorbing his chakra you disorient him physically with your Fox Shriek. The mix of ultrasonic and bass vibrations will leave him in an uncontrolled state of vertigo. Zep comes in third, he seals away all of Tenkage’s tenketsu and deals any damage that he can while he’s at it. Once he’s out of the way, Suna, you go into your Nogan state and start beating the crap out of Tenkage while the rest of us prepare the Final Seal. Once we’re ready, you come over and provide the final amount of chakra for us to seal up Tenkage. Mission accomplished.” Ikamazu finished with a smug smile.

The rest of his team blinked before Natsumi sighed and sent Ikamazu an apologetic look. “Ikamazu, it cant be that simple. If I use the Fox Shriek you’ll get hurt by it too since you’d be so close to Tenkage.”

Ikamazu shrugged. “Well I-”

“And also,” Zep interrupted, “I would get the best results with sealing the tenketsu if my opponent is also standing. I cant guarantee that if he’s hunched over in pain.”

Zep swallowed nervously a bit before responding. “Okay, I can see how tha-”

“And another thing.” Suna added, cutting Ikamazu off. “What about those other two guys that Bob-sensei mentioned? Those one’s that busted Tenkage out in the first place? You think that they’re just going to stand around and do nothing?”

Ikamazu was now red in the face with a mix of embarrassment and anger. “Hey, who’s the leader here? Me, so when I say-”

“And one more thing.” A low, unfamiliar voice softly spoke up. “Do you really think I wouldn’t be able to tell that there were four powerful ninja riding a summons and heading straight towards my location?”

Wide eyed, all four of the teens turned as one to the source of the voice to see an extremely muscular man in tattered clothing standing atop of the summoned hawk they were on. Tenkage smirked a bit at the frightened expression on his preys faces before he disappeared in a blur and appeared again behind Natsumi. In a move too quick to follow, let alone defend against, Tenkage grabbed the girls head in one giant palm and began to squeeze causing Natsumi to scream in pain.

“NO!” Ikamazu shouted in fear before he rushed towards Tenkage, unfurling his giant scroll, followed closely by Zep, and Suna bringing up the rear. The whole hawk was twenty yards long. It took Ikamazu less than half a second to travel the seven yards to reach Tenkage. In that short distance and time, Natsumi had finally activated her fox cloak and stabbed her chakra tail right through Tenkage’s abdomen. Reacting on pure instinct Tenkage released her to clutch his wound when Ikamazu activated one of the seals in the scroll.

“Secret Art! Enemy Controller!” He shouted. As soon as the seal was activated, Tenkage seemed to lose control of his body. Using this to his advantage, Ikamazu pulled NTG towards him and unleashed a full powered Chakra Light Wave point blank on Tenkage. He didn’t let up for  full thirty seconds before he ran out of chakra and cancelled the attack. As soon as he did, he saw Tenkage move in to attack him and Natsumi but missed as Natsumi moved Ikamazu and herself away. Tenkage missed his shot and instead punched a giant hole right through the body of Suna’s hawk. The hawk screeched in pain, taking Suna’s full attention as Zep rushed in to attack.

Zep had activated his Byakugan as soon as Ikamazu began his attack and had therefor seen how Tenkage was barely getting damaged. So he used the thirty seconds that Ikamazu wasted on the attack to prepare for one of his own strongest attacks. His palms glowing pure white Zep reached out and placed a single palm on Tenkage’s back. “Eight Trigrams: Buddha’s palm!” He shouted. A titanic force then seemed to enter Tenkage’s body and effectively exploded seventy percent of his internal organs at once. Tenkage immediately spat blood up onto the hawk before he chuckled.

“I love the feeling of death.” He said, turning his smirking face toward Zep. “There’s no high like it.”

Zep stared wide eyed at the man-no monster- in front of him before Tenkage grabbed his ankle. However before Tenkage could do anything to Zep, Natsumi stabbed her tail right through Tenkage’s body again. “If you like being high so much,” Natsumi began as she lifted Tenkage off of the hawks body and high above her, “I’ll make sure you have one hell of a fall!” With that, Natsumi flung Tenkage high up into the air, far higher than they themselves were, though they had already descended a large amount due to the hawks failing body.

It was at that moment that Suna finally stepped away from the hole in his hawks body and turned to face Tenkage, ready to make him pay for hurting one of his friends in such a way. His hawks were his family, and he’d be damned before he let someone do this to one of his hawks and get away with it. So when he saw Tenkage get flung high into the air, Suna activated his Nogan, his eyes turning a bloody red instead of purple. In one swift motion he took off his weighted shin guards and his heavy gourd of sand, ran across the length of his hawk, and leaped high up into the air after Tenkage.

As he leapt towards the evil man, Suna dipped into his pocket and pulled out an old dirty hilt. Focusing his Nogan, he poured an obsene amount of chakra into the hilt, activationg it’s power. Once Suna was at Tenkage his hilt began to glow an eerie black before something long and sharp burst forward from the hilt. “Awaken the sixth blade, the cursed sword. Dessimate, Darkseid!”

Tenkage’s eyes widened as he saw the black glow that Suna was holding solidify into an terrifying pure black scimitar. What was truly frightening about the sword was that it had no end to the blade, the blade actually went along the whole length of the sword, having no hilt the blade also cut into Suna’s hand, his blood being absorbed by the blade and making the blade larger and more wicked looking. Suna smirkedevily as he saw a momentary flicker of fear pass over Tenkages face. “Prepare to suffer.” Suna snarled in malicious glee.

Evil Blade Technique: Razor Suffocation.” Suna slashed the blade parralel to Tenkages body and immediately all the air in Tenkages lungs was cut out of him, slicing out of his chest in a rush to fill the vacuum Sunas slash made. The next thing Tenkage knew, he was plummeting towards the ground. Suna had used the air he slashed out of Tenkages lungs and redirected it to strike Tenkage like a bullet. Tenkage briefly looked up to see Suna falling towards him as well, his sword pointing straight at Tenkages body.

Evil Blade Technique: Bloody Joust.” Suna’s blade suddenly shrunk as a large spear made of the blood Suna had fed into the blade so far erupted forth and stabbed right into Tenkage’s body, propelling him straight towards the ground where he made a small crater from the impact. Before he could rise to start a counter attack however Suna threw his cursed blade straight into the ground.

Evil Blade Death Blow!” Suna roared in anger. “Deathly Sword Mirage!” Tenkage was immediately thrown into a world of pain as his whole body was suddenly pierced by a small valley of bladed weaponry springing forth from the ground. Spears, swords, lances, kunai, and other bladed weapons of death buried him in an avalanche of steel and pain before his voice ceased.

Releasing his Jutsu, Suna landed on the ground next to his sword and pulled it out of the dirt before turning it back into his hilt. Suna felt an immediate release of pressure as the cursed blades influence was sealed away and sighed. He turned towards Tenkages broken form and stepped towards him when out of no where he felt an increibly sharp pain in his head. He fell to his knees in agony and clutched his skull before seeing a shadow fall over him. Tenkage, bloody and bruised badly, was smirking down at him.

“Interesting. You have so much potential, you intrigue me greatly. Ah, ah, ah.” Tenkage suddenly said mockingly as Suna thought of a way to get out of the situation. “Dont fight me. I am in your mind perfectly. Your strenght has impressed me, as has that goggles boy. Sadly I cannot have you both, but who knows I may end up getting the pair soon.”

“Out…” Suna struggled to say. “Get out…of…my head.”

Tenkage shook his head, smirking. “You cannot resist. It is better to just allow the pain to stop, it is inevitable that you will fail in the end. You will serve me.”

Suna struggled with all his might, trying to put the power of his Nogan behind his mental defenses and drive tenkage out. “I will…never… serve you.” He said.

A dark look suddenly crossed Tenkages face before he raised his hand towards Suna and stomped his foot. “YES! YOU! WILL!” Tenkage roared.

Finally, with those three words, Tenkage broke all the way through Suna’s mental defenses and invaded Suna’s mind entirely. He laughed in malicious glee as he set to work destroying Suna’s personality, and turn him into his perfect little soldier. Suna writhered on the floor, crying out for everything to stop, before his voice halted in a moment. His body relaxed and his eyes stared blankly up at Tenkage as things suddenly seemed to make sense to him.

“Suna No Ken.” Tenkage said to the teenage on the floor. Suna turned his full attention towards Tenkage.

“Yes, my master?” Suna responded.

Tenkage grinned before raising his hand towards the boy. “Rise.”


And thats the show folks! I hope you all really enjoyed it, and we get to see the first truly evil acts of Tenkage. Before any of you ask any questions however, this was tenkages first and only time actually on the front line of battle. He wanted to strech his legs so to speak and he thought that fighting against this squad would be perfect. So dont worry, Hidan, Sinclaire, and even Suna now will be fighting on the front lines for a while. And I hope you’re all scratching your heads over just what makes Tenkage so strong. It’s a huge secret but I want you all to guess! Well I hope you all comment on this chapter a lot, I really worked hard on it!

This chapter I have some awesome art of Zep since he just joined the story! Zep I hope you appreciate this! I worked hard to do your character justice! Suna OUT!

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  1. I hope everybody enjoys this chapter! And Comment! PLEASE!

  2. I’m going to comment this as I did last time.
    NARUINO?!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!?! How do they ‘work’ according to you?!

    The way Bob communicated into the scroll reminds me of a book I’m reading. I like it.
    Oh yeah, read it and weep people ‘top’ byakugan user. lol. Can’t wait to see what my abilities are, and how I do in a fight. I’m liking zep’s character; he seems laid back, so different than my own zep OC. lol.
    I was confused for a moment. I was like: “why is Zep talking to himself.” Then I realized you messed up. lol.

    Shouldn’t the hawk be unsummoned if injured that bad? just saying.
    I liked it. It was a little star warsy, with Suna joining the dark side, but I liked it. Can’t wait for the next one.

    good job on the artwork. I like how Zep looks.

  3. it was nice lol i really can’t see where you’re aiming for and yeah, zeps looking good. and why the hell is mart one of the high ranked? as far as my story went he was still a gennin that ran from home.

    i tihnk Tenkage ate all them dragonballz! no seriously i got idea lol

    BTW i think you should do the same thing to me as you did to ntg just make me a nickname and name me walter or whatever 😛

  4. @ Nice Chapter – hahaha the end I was like we seriously need the Star wars theme here… dun dun dun da da da, da da da. 😀

    Good chapter overall, I must say Zep has a cool character but looking forward to the rivalry soon 😛

    I think Tenkage true power is his power of influence, he is also pretty much immortal, that is why Naruto struggled since the Kyuubi would be cursed 😛

    Keep it up

  5. nice chapter …
    the characters and their moves were well planned ..

    the tenkage seems to be a bad ass …. being alive after all of Suna’s Blows and then doing something lame lke controlling SUna ….\

    wait thank god is not like the Sasori seal ….

    Overall awesome chapter .. waiting for the next

    Peace Out

  6. Thank you for reviewing so far! Just a few quick general comments.

    I like star wars, and yes, that ending was a complete reference to Anakin being made into darth vader. I couldnt help it! When I wanted my character to turn evil here the only thing i could think of was Star Wars. Besides, everyone takes something from Star Wars, it’s impossible not to. And Star Wars ripped off of old Samurai movies to begin with so there.

    NaruIno just works! I like it! In fact I was a HUGE NaruHina fan before I started reading this one fanfic. I went onto the naruto fanfic rec thread i found through google and i found this hilarious story with a perverted title but has absolutely nothing graphic in it. At first I was rooting for NaruHina in the story, but then I couldnt help but want to cheer on Ino as she sorted out a few things. Trust me, it’s a great fanfic and I think everyone should read it, so heres the link!


    @WS- dont worry I came up with a pretty appropriate name for you, esecially with how you fight in the story. Your name is Shiro Kiko which translates into white spirit. Not to give away too much, but remember a LOOOONG time ago when we and WFK were on chatroll just spamming our own moves as if we were in some kind of ninja fight? You used these things you called draphens. Well, you still do. Heh! Also you appear next chapter so feel awesome about that okay! Your art also appears next chapter, and i think you’ll like it.

    @Pein- You have no idea how close you are with that immortal comment and the power behind Tenkage. His power of influence doesnt extend so far as to subtle little things that can turn you evil, which is the effective way to get Naruto to succumb to the Kyubi’s power, it’s more just a brute force invasion of your mind and destruction of personality. Besides, Naruto doesnt have the Kyubi anymore. I wrote this before the Kushina thing, so in my story, if a Jinchurriki has children then those children get a random number of the tails from the Biju. So there is no longer a Kyubi. NAruto and Ino had three kids, triplets. Arashi who got five tails, Inorou who has three tails, and Kushina (the girl triplet) who has one tail. Naruto and Ino also had a pair of twins, Jiraiya and Tsunade who have no tails.

    Well thats it for now I guess. Suna OUT!

  7. Oh, and thanks DR, i didnt see your comment before. Yeah Tenkage is bad ass, but the controlling Suna part was instrimental in my plan for this arc’s plot. It was either going to be him or Ikamazu, and I decided that Suna would be best.
    Now Suna OUT!

  8. lol suna you actually remembered that? and it’s draphins with an i lol

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