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Naruto Chapter 548 – Not Naruto vs. Itachi!!

Post Author: ssj

Your unholy ruler is a tad busy this week, so just bear with me while I cover for him. This week’s chapter was rather controversial judging by the comments on the release page. I have had mixed feelings about this war from the get-go, but you guys have to realize how many different things are going on right now. All the characters from the series are coming together, and with that, a lot of different expectations from the fans. Kishi isn’t going to please everyone with how he handles things – that would be impossible, but I have no doubt in my mind we will all be pleased with the end result.

Now back to Gaara’s closure. It was a little sentimental for my taste, but I’m okay with it. Gaara is a brand new character now; he isn’t the same psychotic little shit most of you loved from part one. You’re going to have to get used to the change in delivery of his character, he is one of the first truly successful redemption stories in the manga, so I think it’s alright if he gets his happy ending. Though I completely agree that the tears were a little much for the battlefield.

From the beginning Gaara’s powers were strongly based off of emotion, originally hatred, so it’s not very surprising that such a powerful emotion as love allowed for him to have such a huge surge in power. It may not be the most scientifically explainable power, but you’re reading a shonen – get over it.

With that Gaara attempts to seal the kages. His father is happily restrained, but the Third Raikage and the Second Mizukage easily escape. The Mizukage seemed to harden the sand around him into a clay, and then shattered it; I wonder if this is another kekkei genkai. Later he reveals himself to be a Yin element user – one who specializes in genjutsu.

There were a couple parts of this chapter that made me roll my eyes. While the Raikage and Mizukage battled hundreds of shinobi, Temari actually tried to have a conversation with them. Really? They are forcefully annihilating dozens of your comrades, and you want to know if they have a minute to chat? Also, a giant clam? I could understand if it sat below ground to swallow unsuspecting enemies, but now that it’s above ground what is it going to do? All it has done thus far is give them the higher ground, though that is a pretty serious advantage.

Oonoki is on the losing end of his dust battle against Mu. I’ve gotta admit, this is one fearsome jutsu. They are literally erasing giant pieces of landscape from the faces of the earth. It is more accurate to say they are compressing them to a sub-atomic level, but it is virtually the same thing. I wonder how any other shinobi would be able to counter this jutsu.

And onto the title of this chapter: Naruto vs. Itachi!!… not really. All we see is Naruto and Bee encounter Nagato and Itachi. To be honest, I would rather the next chapter be filled with dialogue between the two before they engage in combat. Will Itachi reveal what power he gave Naruto? Probably not, I think that will be triggered once Naruto finally sees Sasuke’s sharingan. So what will happen? Your guess is as good as mine.

For you Kisu


77 Responses

  1. Gaara is a crier now. That’s really sad, sigh.

  2. Oh and FIRST.

    ~The Infamous One (#2 Best Shannaro Rapper)

  3. y do i get the feeling kishi doesnt see pain/nagato as an important character? he’s just a filler character isn’t he??? *cries like bitch* pain is the motherfucking coolest character in all of naruto n this the motherfuckin thanks he gets???? 😦

  4. I think that this will be an interesting encounter. I do not think it would be easy for Naruto and Bee to beat Nagato and Itachi. Must I remind you that a weak version of amaterasu from a newbie use Sasuke took down Bee instantly? He is practically useless against Itachi, not to mention Itachi wouldn’t be fooled by a bunshin jutsu. As far as Nagato goes, I don’t think it will be easy for naruto. Remember, he only fought Nagato’s six bodies before the gravity power had returned. If he had it from the get go it is almost certain he would have lost (he even lost when the Kyuubi was raging when it ONLY the god realm, he was just save deus ex machina style). While I know he has had a power (big) bump I think that all six of the paths together (which is what defeated Jiraiya) plus an additional and equally skilled Itachi that isn’t holding back (after he takes down Bee in 2 seconds with an Amaterasu) will be very difficult for him. Don’t forget, the Sharingan can also control the Kyuubi, so he may not be able to fully use Kyuubi mode against Itachi.

    Other than that I would not that there is a 60% chance of Naruto going all righteous and “I have to be the one to defeat these two) and making Bee sit out, which would mean that Itachi doesn’t even have to waste an Amaterasu. Afterall, that does seem to be his thing these days. Taking on rediculously powerful ninja alone with blind confidence that is.

    I’m sure some people won’t like this post, but oh well…..

    -pcgnome out

  5. @pcgnome bee got careless against sasuke, bee pwned him but kishi loves sasuke too much to let him lose and made bee a huge ameterasu target. kishi doesn’t love itachi that much so bee will have a good chance now.

  6. I think I’m gonna go watch the Care Bears now followed by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! because they’re far more manly than this lovefest.

    Nah but seriously, way too much happiness in this war bros. If this is the war that scarred Itachi he must’ve been a huge pussy.

    Lol SSj. It seems our rivalry continues.

  7. @pcgnome
    Naruto don´t use the fox any more, he´s seald he just use he´s chakra that is on an nother “level” than the fox… So itachi can´t use the Kyuubi like that. just look when Naruto was born and maddara used the kyuubi, he waited until the fox was freed from kushina, so they can´t use him when he´s seeled, I think

  8. just look here http://www.citymanga.com/naruto/chapter-505/07/
    The fox ain´t there, So Itachi probably cant use his sharingan to contorol the kyuubi

  9. rinnegan = every elemental nature and ability to use any elemental attack. can we see that? rinnegan isnt only revered for its six paths technique.

  10. About the 3 treasures that itachi had; the sword which was used on orochimaru, the mirror he used during his fight with sasuke, & a pendant (necklace). Well I feel that itachi may have given Naruto that necklace. The picture of it resembles what is around naruto’s neck while in kyubbi mode. Not to mention it’s the same that was around the sage too. It’s easy to miss but they are the same. What do you think?

  11. @ madara uchiha…
    I feel your pain… Kishi could have went so many ways with the Rinnegan. He gave it so much potential yet relegated it to a zombie… Really??? This meeting between these four better be epic are I’m really going to question where this author’s head at… JMO…
    @ fastninja
    My thoughts exactly… I was a fan of this manga when the focus was on chakra types and tactics, and chakra level… The victor had to be able to manipulate, and counter both level of this concept. Yet it’s now all about supe uuber saiyan powers. Which have been saved for the tailed beasts hosts.

  12. @sirius

    EXACTLY. its not even about ninjas anymore. you can only win a battle if you have space time jutsu, powerful kekkai genkai, super speed or strength, bijuu powers or special eyes.

    i remember back when i first started reading and watching naruto, when team 7 first encountered zabuza, i cant even tell you the level of excitement i felt to see to high level jonin, kakashi and zabuza fight to the death. and thats another thing, i remember when being a jonin or a chunin meant something. how long has it been since anyone has even seen the words jonin or chunin in the manga. i miss the old naruto. its safe to say most of us myself included became accustomed to see who has the craziest or most powerful techniques and now even thats going out the window. now its starting to become who has the most powerful chakra or who has the highest chakra levels. now that im actually thinking about it typing this, this manga really has become waaaaay less exciting and has taken a path for the worst. seriously think about this one, if i was introduced to A (raikage) in part one i would have labeled him immortal and the most powerful ninja in the world. all ninja hierarchy and tradition is completely gone. this really has become a mini dbz where only before you attack you do hand seals. that is if youre not so strong and super powerful to where you dont use them and in that case why even call yourself a ninja?

  13. I kind of wish it were more like OP in that each character has a unique fighting style that can’t really be replicated. Though I have to admit to OP fans that Haki like Chakra creates an “I’m more powerfull because I say so” cop-out which is what Naruto seems to have become. My fav. Battles are all the ones that don’t really have massive jutsu but many skilled small scale jutsu used in tactical manners such as Naruto vs. Neji, Sasuke vs. Deidara or ANY of Itachi’s battles. The ONLY worthwhile “slugfest” was Naruto vs. Sasuke because both had access to fan-favorite-no-jutsu. Sasuke vs. Bee was good because while it used a chakra-cop-out, Bee still tactically beat Sasuke in a surprising way. Naruto flatening shinobi with Kyubbi mode seems realistic in terms of strength but is about as dramatic as watching someone purposefully step on an ant. I don’t care what characters get super saiyan like abilities so long as they have to pit those abilities against other saiyan and “chakra” or “willpower” isn’t the determining factor.

  14. Well you weren’t introduced to the Raikage in the naruto series. Instead you met people like the Hokage and Oorchimaru. Every fight since then has been tactical.
    These are no longer ninja using basic techniques. Those who have lived long are the ones with the largest amount of chakra and best techniques. Every ninja jutsu who fights is sound and efficient. They still discuss Chakra types and ways to counter. They still show the six elemental chakra types but there are also other techniques that they have developed.
    I can’t think of one fight that Kishi has made sloppy and not believable. If you can then please tell me and explain.

  15. Sasuke vs. the kage summit, Naruto vs. Zetsu & edo tensei zombies, Kyubbi vs. Nagato among others all because they were power rampages with little tactical value and more emphesis on power clashes or end results.

  16. i agree with mart. there was absolutely nothing at all tactical about sasuke fighting at the kage summit. if it wasnt for zetsu and tobi he would have been killed because as mart said that was a power rampage.

  17. @ Jman = I said that in the Out post about the necklace. the necklace was use in shintoism to guide the way through the cave. so if Itachi gave the celestial form to Naruto that is why he can persuade sasuke to come back from the dark!

  18. @MattMaru
    Well I never read your Out post. It’s not like only 1 person thinks that way. If anything, it’s nice to see someone else thinking the same. No one really talks about it. if I agree with what someone says then I’ll give the credit but if not then I either missed it or never read it. But I would have to agree with you. It makes a lot of sense… The proof is there.

  19. Ok this is my contribution to what happened in this Chapter!

    1) I did like that Gaara has some closure now which is what he deserved! Gaara is still a bad ass! In the heat of battle emotions are going to run high so crying tears of joy and relief is all good and still carrying the battle on! Sneaky sealing tags in the sand was a really good move by him!

    2) The Kages look like there going to be Trouble! i wonder how the Clam is going to become a powerful to for the Genjutsu that the Mizukage is said to great at with his exceptional Yin Skills.

    3) Gaara looked like at the end of the reminiscing that his Sand was turning into Shukaku claw like arms! hmmm interesting….

    4) Oonoki looks like hes going into another gear no with his Rock Bunshins! I know he can do Dust release which is pretty seriously strong move but i doubt his most powerful attack in his closet!

    5) The Meet up with Itachi and Nagato is going to be an interesting one! I think Kabuto will not stand for anything and he will not allow these Edo tensei Zombies Free will! he is going to put them on attack mode once he realises that Naruto and Killer bee are there! If Kabuto was to capture naruto and killer bee this would be the perfect bargaining Chips! but some how i doubt that they will be caught!

    6) Nagato directly has never been in a fight with Naruto, only attacked Naruto with the six paths of pain jutsu!

    7) Im thinking Itachi will unlock the power he bestowed upon him! or tell him what he gave to him! my thought is the celestial form of the Yasakani jewel that is the light that brought susanoo out the cave! maybe a metaphor for bringing people back from darkness or something i dont know!

  20. hey Jman i wasnt have a go mate 🙂 just saying.

  21. Great review – you covered a good deal of this chapter and I like some of your views, found some parts to be funny and interesting

    As for those that doesn’t like the change from basic to advanced (power-up). Naruto and his peers are no longer kids, still trying to learn the basic of becoming a ninja. All of them have grown since part 1 – yes we are not seeing all the characters surface or hold a good decent amount of time in the manga but I’m sure in anime they will get more coverage and we will get a better coverage on the war.

    This war is completely different than all previous wars in the past, for the simple reason that they are fighting zetus clone army, edo zombies. They only enemies that are actually living are black/white zetus, madara, and Kabuto. Immortal army verse Ninjas. Yes the alliance are taking death blows but they are fighting together not killing each other. It’s different taking the life of a human then zombies and clones.

    I personally feel that Kishi is doing a good job with this WAR. Most of you are saying that Edos are not serving purpose but in reality. It’s really to show the growth in how history has changed or to make a better closure in someone lives for the better. Put yourself in Gaara shoes, wouldn’t you want to know the woman you were told that you took her life, actually loved you and still protects you. Why would you still want to walk around in that darkness, yes he came a long way and he deserve his happiness. The battlefield isn’t the place to cry but how can you hold something like that back. The life he was living was a lie, now he knows the truth – how WILL to fight is a lot stronger and powerful.

    As for next week chapter, I would live to see Talk-No-Justu ~~~ it seems like we will get some more intel on Madara. Naruto and Bee might even learn how to take him down. Who knows, we will see!

  22. I dont think growth necessarily has to be in terms of power boosts to god techniques… theres growth spiritually, tactically, and emotionally…

  23. @MattMaru
    Sry, didn’t think I came off that way. It’s nice when people agree rather than disagree. Anyways I like your thoughts.
    It hasn’t been confirmed but it’s said the sage of 6 paths had that necklace (which could have been the jewel), and Naruto has the exact same thing in kyuubi mode. Since the Sage had all the treasures & Itachi found 3… It only makes sense that the jewel is what he gave Naruto. I will actually be disappointed if we’re wrong because why else would they look so alike. Even the Sage had “horns” of some sort coming from his head, as does Naruto while in Kyuubi mode. It just looks like Naruto is turning into a “form” of the Sage without the Rinnegan.

  24. How can people say that the Kage fights vs. Sasuke was not tactical. You saw the teamwork Raikage’s crew had and the use of their elemental techniques. How quickly you forget the use of gengitsu to blind and a quick physical technique. How about when the Mizukage trapped Sasuke in a room to use her boiling technique?

    As far as Sasuke goes every fight until the one with the Kages has been pure technical. What changed?? Sasuke was angry and what happens when someone gets that angry? They lose control (sound familiar) and their attacks do become less tactical and more about power. But that’s the point. His rage fueled his power.

    Naruto vs.zetsu clones. How dare you even bring that up as a fight. Madara even stated that Zetsu was no match for him BEFORE naruto gained control of the Kyuubi chakra. We all know that was going to be a joke. As far as Naruto vs. that ONE edo tensi zombie. Dude got the drop on him. That’s one fight. That kyuubi vs Nagato was only one section. Naruto’s tatical use of the rasengen/shadowclones/transformation technique was absolutely perfect. What about the smokescreen/rasengen/transformation technique he used to get pain.

    By the way I’m not attacking any one person views. Just stating my own. While many of our favorite characters are using some extreme techniques we just have to remember that they are the strongest ninjas. Think of it like a car. How much more faster is a ferrari than a camero? We all know how sweet cameros are but a ferrari is on a WHOLE diff level.

  25. ^^^ well said

  26. Agree well said @William

  27. “Naruto’s tatical use of the rasengen/shadowclones/transformation technique “: you mean the same jutsu Naruto used against Zabuza in the first arc?

    “Madara even stated”: where? he stated Zetsu wasn’t a fighter but nothing more

    “what happens when someone gets that angry?”: I would understand that If sasuke lost the battle because he made some stupid rage-fuled mistake but because he is kishi’s fav. He won.

    “I’m not attacking any one person views”: then respond to someone besides me.

  28. all saskue does is amaterasu and susanno. not very tactical. however the battle of the 6 tails vs pain has to be a non tactical battle. do u really expect the 6 tails to use tactics to win?

  29. Tactics doesn’t apply to battles of monsters. you have to agree to the fact that some people are born stronger than others. you can’t compare normal jounins with chakra monsters. Most people have trained much harder than others and hard work do payoff.

  30. Well yeah J man you could be right. he has the body and energy of the sage, the Yang side of it anyways. Kyubi mode has amplified his blood line.

  31. @walmart…. I’m pritty sure naruto didn’t kno rasengan agaisnt zabuza….. I gotta agree wit william on dis one, naruto showed a lot of skill, and tactics agaisnt pain, I mean this guy had 3 sets of eyes, and still couldn’t see naruto in the sky wit a rasengan. The look of shock on pains face tells all…

    Good chapter review. The whole garra closure was a lil mushy for me but I’m glad it happend, now kishi will hopefully move foward wit dis epic battle of the kages. As for itachi n nagato. I doubt they can put up a good fight, seeing as how nagato can barelly walk, unless he can summon a wheelchair lol I hope this encounter is more talk then anything else. I got a feeling dat we will see the first glimpse of kabuto’s betreyal.

  32. “rasengan agaisnt zabuza”: raplace the words rasenshuriken with shadow shuriken and it’s the same thing, which WAS clever the first time but against pain isn’t as interesting. I don’t see a tactical difference between a regular shuriken and a rasenshuriken as both are deadly if they connect. As for Pain not seeing Naruto, this too is recycled, it’s the same tactic he used against Negi and just as much of a cop-out.

    “you can’t compare normal jounins with chakra monsters”: that’s exactly my point, what makes “chakra monsters” so strong? Not that this is my only problem, another is comparing chakra monsters against eachother, it feels more arbitrary than Ichigo v. Aizen in bleach.

    “do u really expect the 6 tails to use tactics to win?”: no, but my point is that it is a battle without tactics, AND if not the 6-tails, what about Pein using tactics? All of his thoughts and actions essentially just said “More power”

    “Most people have trained much harder than others and hard work do payoff.”: Not really. Comparatively, Naruto worked much less to get where he is than people he has absolutely crushed in this war. Sasuke has barely worked for any of his power-ups and Madara just implants body parts or chakra beasts to increase his power ( essentially making him a more effective Orochimaru.

  33. U cnt compare a shadow shuriken to a rasenganshuriken. Are u kidding me? That’s like compairing a throwing nife, with a rocket launcher… if a shuriken hits ur arms, ull be fine, if a rasenganshuriken goes off 6feet away from u, ur still dead. Naruto was so clever dat wen he tackled pain he covered his eyes so he wouldn’t see naruto coming from above. So from ur point of view anyone who doesn’t see there opponent coming is also recycled?? Cuz I dnt recall naruto popn out of the ground against pein so how is that the same as the neji fight?? My point is everyone re uses there tactics, jutsu, etc. Long as they find a way to win wut does it matter??

  34. “compairing a throwing nife, with a rocket launcher”: That WOULD be true IF there wasn’t the exploding seal capability of kunai that gives the same 6ft. killing radius. Then, again it just becomes an abitrary power scale.

    Anyway my whole point is that these edo tensei battles seem fairly pointless because I don’t see a single enemy besides Madara and Sasuke that can give Naruto a run for his money. Not even kage level ninja can scare him. I like the underdog fights not Naruto being invincible and I would rather see him with something besides a newer/stronger Rasengan. I feel Kishimoto needs to have Naruto learn more jutsu not chakra control/increases because then fights would be closer and less arbitrary slufgfests that the title character is 100% guarenteed to win by virtue of him being the title character.

  35. True, but the rasenshuriken inflicts damage at a cellular lvl, so its still much worse then an exploding tag seal…

    But I do agree with everything else u just said. He just seems to make diffrent rasengans and just spams them on the battlefield. Kinda like eating ur fav dish everyday, sooner or later ur gna get sick of it. I would much grather see naruto learn some wind style jutsu. Its rare, not many ppl use it, and it seems pointless that they brought up his wind nature chakra, wen we nvr see himm use it. Its frustrating actually cuz I think it would be cool if naruto would just use sage mode and learn sum sage wind style jutsu, and if he ever needed more power he could always go kyubi mode, dat would be fun to read n see in the anime.

  36. Past this point of discussing it is rather argumentative, however just to play the devil’s advocate: Is attacking “on a cellular level” REALLY that much stronger? Third degree burns, the type caused by explosions are still as deadly as being cut. Dead is dead regardless.

  37. once again i agree with mart. i’d like to see naruto expand his jutsu arsenal, maybe some sealing techniques. i doubt we’ll ever see an elemental technique from naruto that doesnt have the word “rasen” in it. i understand they’re growing up and basic ninja techniques arent what they use anymore, but from the beginning of each fight we see sasuke or naruto in, they’re both instantly looking to over power their opponent. (and im referring to naruto after the pain invasion arc)

    Also some people are born stronger than others, or rather they’re born with the potential to become much stronger than others. the uchiha clan was a perfect example. naruto was born with power or rather was given his power directly after birth and sasuke, being an uchiha, was born with the potential. they both received their power, naruto from minato sealing half kyuubi’s chakra inside him and sasuke from his clan’s bloodline. they both work and train to control and upgrade their power and their techniques rather than work to become stronger. rock lee is the pinnacle of working hard to become stronger. like william said a ferrari will burn a camero in a race. ferrari’s need no work done on them, they’re made to be super fast, but camero’s, with enough work done on them they can be faster than a ferrari.

  38. Actually it is. If u survived an explosion 6ft away (anythings possible in a shonen) lol u would probably be disfigured in some way. Besides looking hideous u can still be a ninja and perform jutsu. With the rasenshuriken u would actually loose the ability to chanel chakra. Which is why the 5th forbide naruto to use that jutsu…

  39. “loose the ability to chanel chakra.”: would you? Both have the same blast radius (roughly) and if you get hit by the full on attack of each directly you are pretty much dead. But if you get hit indirectly say just outside the blast radius: the explosion will burn you while the wind element will cut but while both will hurt like a bitch, as seen by Naruto’s adverse effects, which didn’t immediately destroy his chakra network (compleatly) if you aren’t hit by it directly it isn’t nearly as effective.

  40. u guys are missing what the mizukage said and are just focusing on the clam. he states, “u guys are about to find out what ur fears are” so the clam might open and release some form of gas, or something will come out that induces the genjutsus. don’t judge it just because its a clam, the man was the mizukage for crying out loud………

  41. I think the clam is just a deffence mechanism, the Mizukage will hide inside while he uses his genjutsu

  42. @ Walmart, From what i think the uchihas are superior than any other clan in Konoha so i don’t think that the power up sasuke got is not fair. it is completely plausible as far the story goes. They were born with a considerable amount of chakra and they have a doujutsu that has many variations. you could say the world is not fair but thats how it is in real world and naruto world

  43. Maybe the clam is a genjutsu summon? in the sense its shape and form responds to the masters will?
    Or how about the pearl it holds magnifies genjutsu, like what Madara is planning to do with the moon?

    What ever it is used for had to be water based originally seeing as it is the mizukage. So its function is probably one of the characteristics of the animal itself. Perhaps even Specific to the animal/creature.

    and yes! @ Just passing,
    The man was Mizukage so what if its a clam? we have seen Octo-Bulls, and Frogs fighting, and Snakes essentially in everything thank you Orochimaru for that. So why is a Clam so unplausible?

  44. wasn’t there an anime episode in naruto with genjutsu users and the main bad guy had a clam or something similar. it was an episode where naruto had to use a pepper ball to break people out of genjutsus and saved jaraiya. maybe i have that wrong…

  45. @walmart1 and others:

    A few points about the strength of jutsu:

    Zetsu stated that it doesn’t matter if a ninja tool is more powerful than another as in with regular sharingan vs. mangekyou:


    But it requires a greater amount of skill with that particular tool. This would mean that Naruto would need a great amount of skill for his FRS to be effective.

    Now to say that FRS causes THE SAME damage or could be as harmful as a shuriken, that’s not quite true. A shuriken can be stopped with a blade or with someone’s back (ok Mizuki’s skill was not very high, but you get the idea):


    whereas a blade of wind could only be stopped by a wall of fire or another, more powerful blade of wind.

    You claim that it is the same trick as in the Zabuza fight… that’s kindof true. I was actually surprised to see Naruto use the shadow technique on a ninjutsu (although this makes sense, once you create something with ninjutsu, it is a real object just like a shuriken).

    So, yes the risk of death is still there with either FRS or shuriken, but FRS has a greater potential to be deadly and in fact FRS can take out multiple opponents as Naruto almost does here:


    Perhaps if Naruto had more skill at this moment he would have taken out more than one body of Pain. I don’t care how much skill any ninja has, they can’t take out multiple people at once with one shuriken.

  46. I think it would be very easy to take out multiple people with a kunai: step 1: wrap Kunai in explosive seals. Step 2: throw kunai inbetween enemies. Step 3: detonate.

    “A shuriken can be stopped”: I think a kunai with an explosive tag wouldn’t be stopped by someone’s back. I will however not that explosions are much less lethal in the Naruverse because anyone can use explosive seals and kishi wants to make things like the rasensshuriken usefull. Just look at Oro. He got hit in the face with a fireball and basically Laughed it off.

    Other than that your to far over the place trying to prove the rasenshuriken COULD kill more than one person or something. To which I say ANYTHING is possible.

  47. @Walmart since you were the person to respond to my question of unbelievable battles i decided to focus my retort on your response. That’s all. You make good arguments that’s why I decided to respond to yours.

  48. Someone brought up that the clam could release some sort of gas as a illusion? I was thinking..what if the gas was like the scarecrow in The Dark Knight? The poison brings out your deepest fear/hallucinations and then the MIzukage uses his gengitsu to heighten its effect?

    Just food for thought.

  49. @CThunder86

    Any sense can be used to induce genjutsu, and we actually haven’t seen a smell-based genjutsu yet, so that would be very interesting.


    To address your comparison of Dust element to an exposive tag, I would say that it is already clear from this last chapter that the destructive power of the dust element is a lot higher than an explosive tag. You can’t say that the dust element is nothing special because an explosive tag still kills someone, I think you have to be more clever about using the explosive tag to get the same result.

    A case for that is Deidara vs. Gaara: Deidara was able to take out Gaara with a very small, albeit close-up, explosion (not an explosive tag, but one of those would have the same result as his clay). This required skilled use of Deidara’s jutsu though. Oonoki is capable of obliterating an entire island, you would likely need the same number of explosive tags that Konan prepared to do something like that.

    We have also seen ninjas survive explosive tag blasts, Nagato had them all over his legs and he survived, and also Sakura used some to blow away Sasori’s poison and she came out relatively unharmed. Kakuzu survived some too, but I don’t think that comparisson is fair because he used the Earth element to harden his hand. So far from what everyone has said is that nothing is able to counter the Dust element other than more Dust element.

    This is kindof why I feel that Oonoki is going to die here, and someone else will have to figure out how to fight the 2nd Tsuchikage.

    Lastly, I agree with you about the power issue. It really does feel like Kishimoto is wrapping things up because the regular Konoha ninjas can’t keep up with Naruto & Sasuke.

  50. “To address your comparison of Dust element”: when did I mention the dust element? Anyway, That effect just needs more explosive power than a normal exploding seal but it would still be much easier to have a bunch (say a stack of one hundred) than learn dust element. I’m not saying Kishimoto hasn’t worked hard to make certain jutsu seem all powerful while belittling others, I’m saying that it’s unneccesary.

    “everyone has said is that nothing is able to counter the Dust element other than more Dust element.”: I don’t think that’s really true nor directly stated. For instance the second mizukage who doesn’t have Dust element was able to kill Muu.

  51. Can we let the story be for what it is?

  52. the mizukage just might have another unknown ability. when he was sealed inside gaara’s sand, he was somehow able to make the sand around him break down so he can get free. i was thinking it could be like the jutsu we seen oonoki use at the kage summit to free himself from zetsu’s spore technique, but idk, just my thoughts. imo from what we’ve seen and have been told about mu, i think it’ll take more than genjutsu alone to kill him.

  53. I think Genjutsu is the perfect counter for muu because he has probably the strongest ninjutsu attack after Pein’s gravity ability. The best way to attack him would be mentally.

  54. @CThunder86, wow really, my name is on the post…just passing, and yes I said that there might be more to the clam than what u guys are seeing, the man was a mizukage for a reason. im not looking AT the clam, im seeing what it can do.

  55. Has it been confirmed yet if the edo zombies are the same in strength as they were alive

  56. @mart

    well i do agree with you there it seems like mu has no physical weaknesses, but im betting on mu intelligence here saying that i dont think genjutsu alone would have been enough for the mizukage to kill him. besides genjutsu is used to incapacitate your enemy rather than cause physical harm, so im pretty sure the mizukage has more tricks up his sleeve. maybe we’ll be introduced to a new kekkai genkai lol. i dont mind but im sure most of you guys do.

  57. So if Naruto doesnt have half the Nine Tails within him is he still a threat to Madara or Sasuke? Are any other shinobi besides Naruto a threat to those two? Is Naruto without the Nine Tails even a match for them?

  58. “Has it been confirmed”: nope, but it hasn’t been stated that they are weaker either. I think most of it comes down to their co-operation but are otherwise equal.

    “Naruto without the Nine Tails”: why are you questioning naruto’s strength without the 9-tails while he still has it? And I don’t think there is anyway to tell until Madara and Sasuke show their strength. I think the only other threats to them are Kabuto and by proxy Nagato and Itachi.

  59. i bet you 100 dollars that sasuke is going to show up next chapter

  60. Usually if Itachi is shown, it won’t be too long before Sasuske shows up. I give it at least one more chapter. I think Itachi is going to lead in by saying some big cliff hanging statement about Sasuke to Naruto, and the next panel will be Sasuke with his new eyes shown. That’s sounds more Kishi like right there :-).

  61. @Sirius Prime, minato sealed the yang chakra into naruto. the yang chakra deal mainly with vitality and physical energy. and the yin is more spiritual primarily genjustu. when minato sealed that half into naruto, he already decided that his son would have to relay on his body to achieve his goal. and he might have seen kushina in his son as soon as he was born, and was betting that he had her will to never give up.
    for those of u that want to debate about naruto getting his ninja way from his mother, look at the chap. when kushina was explaining to naruto how she was kidnapped, but she wouldn’t give up hope of being rescued, so she continuously left strains of her hair.
    another example came from the conversation between jiraiya and tsunade stating that naruto fights like his mother.
    so what minato basically did for naruto was decide for him that he would rely on ninjutsu and taijutsu. kinda a flip of the coin, cause if he would’ve seal the yang, then naruto would be like itachi and maybe would have had a kekkei genkai based on illusions.
    he knew that sealing the fox inside his son would require his son to have abonormal chakra levels. so he increased his already high levels from being inside of the foxes’ host and feeding off the foxes chakra already, and boosted them up, and left “howard stark” note for naruto to find and follow as he got older.

  62. @ Jus Passing
    Does this make Naruto a viable threat to Sasuke and Madara who also have nice taijutsu and ninjutsu skills???

  63. @clue I bet double that sasuke wont show up until the chapter after next……….

  64. to be more exact I bet double an UP-to-DATE sasuke won’t show up till the chapter after next. Most likely he’ll be drawen as he’ll be talked about this chapter.

  65. @sirius

    im going to be straight forward with you, naruto is a threat to any and every villain because hes naruto. doesnt matter if his opponent is stronger. hes the prophecy, the chosen one, the savior of the world etc.

    p.s. im not hating, just stating a fact. thats his role.

  66. @ Sirius Prime,,, hell yeah it makes him a threat. oh u want me to tell u how. lets see
    madara and sasuke both have great power and skills, but not enough chakra. they win by planning ahead in accordance with whats left of their chakra. madara went as far as to sacrifice his eye when facing konan. they would have to be able to move as fast as naruto to get him in either amateratsu or tsukyomi.
    naruto has proved in the past when he was a normal human/ninja/kyuubi that he doesn’t just go into a fight without some kind of stategy, like with the hidan/kakazu fight…thats when he learned WHAT and HOW to use his clones. i’ve never to this day have read naruto stating that he is running low on chakra. u can argue yes he did earlier in the series, but that was only because oro mess with his chakra flow.
    i mean, come on man what do u mean does he pose a threat.
    ok buddy, madara now has his 6 paths, and at first i thought that was the answer, until naruto showed that he could make mass clones in his (saiyan) mode. then that got me to thinking, at first i was upset that naruto jumped levels without exploring what he had, and twice i was silence.
    1. he had backup clones storing sage chakra when he fought pein
    2. and when he fought the zetsu, he unleashed hell on those plants, even purifying them with his energy, then he gotten a hella lot better at summoning. so that means he can summon and use sage most perfectly..
    3. oh, and he’s an epic sensor ninja, with lightning fast reflexes, and super strength.
    4. and believe it or not naruto analyzes his enemies via clones now, and it would be impossible to kill naruto with one blow because that is one of his attributes of having the fox in him. super healing http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Tailed_Beast_Skill.
    5. he won’t run out of energy dude, its gonna be damn near impossible.
    he has: 1. his chakra 2. sage chakra 3. tailed beast form
    so the real question sirius is, do those guys stand a chance against naruto.
    even with the eyes they would have to plan a way to take naruto out fast with what chakra they have assuming if they have the time to plan. now naruto is officially faster than his father.
    sorry to entertain that ridiculous question, but i had to, just wanted to make sure u are seeing the same things i am seeing, and aren’t just jumping on “the eyes” bandwagon

  67. ok darthuchiha your on!

  68. @ Jus Passing,
    The question i posed may have been poorly worded. What I’m asking and i posted this earlier, is the Fox the reason Naruto’s a threat to Madara and Sasuke and without it could he still be a threat? And I believed I asked who else is a threat and who isnt a jinchuuriki? My answer would be Raikage and that’s about it… The First Hokage may or may not have defeated Madara, I believe Pain was more powerful than those two, and Itachi based on plant dude making the assessment that its not the weapon that constitutes who is more powerful but it’s the skill of the weilder… I kno Naruto is a bad mofo…

  69. some well deserved spoilers, many of us will be pleased

  70. I really wanna comment on the spoilers but I wont.

  71. @ clue and Darth I stated this a little farther up in a comment. I even put on there how it would be reveiled for Sasuke to come in the chapter after next :-).

  72. @sirius, oh ok, now i know what u mean. and if i think clearly only two ppl could give those guys trouble. apart they still aren’t an actual threat, but if u give them a couple of solid shinobi these two guys are damn near unbeatable. the two men i am talking about are shikamaru and shikaku. the are total brains and if given just 1 min. they will work with the shinobi they have and come up with sure fire ways to win against anyone. and they already know sasukes habits, not his new strength, but if we honestly look at a shinobi, whether they powerup small of big, they are still the same character. so in essence they still use their jutsus, only on a bigger scale. but yeah, the nara men.

  73. @just passing and sirius

    I think if Orochimaru comes back he’ll own Sasuke and Madara. I’m going to keep saying it until someone listens; pound for pound taking in account intellect, strength, and jutsu, Orochimaru is the strongest shinobi that we’ve seen. Sure there are others stronger in each individual category, but no one that succeeds as well in them overall.

  74. Wow after reading the chapter I think the crow has been recording Nartuo’s life over time(his encounters with Sasuke) to see what Sasuke has become. It also looks like that bird had the Mangenkyo Sharingan as well which by chance could lead to Naruto getting the Sharingan then evolving it to the SOSP eyes. I see it all coming up pretty soon. If that happens I just want to be the first to say that I called it.

  75. @clue, ha ha you lost! Hopefully im right about sasuke showing up next chapter, just as i was right about everything else this chapter including the crow more or less. Nuttin unexpected.

  76. http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/30783368/1

    Naruto 549 – enjoy all

  77. Aww..I wanted to see some Talk-no-Jutsu, but some fighting is cool too.

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