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Revenge of the YellowFlash Part 2 Chapter 7

After successfully escaping Madara’s grasp, Madara wastes no time sending in reinforcements. Once Madara alerted Akatsuki, Pein sent Kakuzu to recapture him but Naruto doesn’t plan on going quietly.

Naruto: (Bringing down his Kyuubi Chakra) Tell me, why are you after the tailed beasts?

Kakuzu: So you are aware of our organization and that you aren’t the only jinchuuriki.

Naruto: I met another jinchuuriki along time ago and know enough about the Akatsuki.

Kakuzu: Then you should be running scared by now.

Naruto: You really don’t know who you’re up against. I never give up, believe it!

Kakuzu: You brats today show little respect for your elders. I’m going to teach you a lesson your father should have done a long time ago.

Naruto: Don’t worry, after I’m done with you I’ll be paying him a visit myself.

Two of Kakuzu’s thread creatures fly into the air at Naruto with one shooting fire balls and the other air bullets. Naruto dodges by jumping away in mutliple directions avoiding every attack. Naruto jumps into the air and summons a large demon wind shuriken which he encases in wind chakra and throws it at Kakuzu.

Kakuzu: You expect to defeat me with that? Go back to the academy!

Naruto: (Forming hand signs) Ninja Art: Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu!

A large barrage of super sized shuriken slams down on top of Kakuzu. Kakuzu jumps in the air to dodge the shuriken as they slam into the ground. While Kakuzu is in the air his lightning puppet comes to his aid and he lands on it’s back. As Naruto runs toward their position with a Rasengan already formed in his hand, the lightning puppet tries desperately to blast him with it’s thunderbolts. Naruto’s speed is futile when the puppet pinpoints his position and hits him with a powerful blasts of lightning. Naruto screams in agony and struggles to maintain his composure as he slides back a few feet on the ground.

Naruto: (Thinking) What a powerful attack!

Kakuzu: (Thinking) My lightning should have paralyzed him completely but, somehow he is still able to move. He must be using his wind chakra to counter act my lightning.

Naruto: (Thinking) Somethings not right! Before,when I hit him with my Giant Rasengan it should have been enough to slow him down completely. What’s his secret?

As Naruto dashes towards Kakuzu, he thrusts toward Naruto on top of his lightning puppet. Trying to hit him with another blasts of lightning, Naruto bites his thumb and forms hands signs summoning a giant toad (with armor and a medal patch on it’s right eye) right before they get in his range. The toad opens it’s mouth and extends it’s tongue catching the puppet in mid-air and swallowing it whole. Kakuzu manages to jump off before he gets devoured like his puppet.

Kakuzu: What the hell is that thing!?

Naruto: That’s Baka! He devours his victims but doesn’t kill them, well, at least not at first. Instead he holds them in his mouth and slowly sucks every ounce of their chakra. I’m guessing that thing is not having a good time in there right about now.

Out of no where, suddenly Kakuzu falls to his knees clinching his chest. The exact spot the lightning creature formed from starts to bleed heavily and Naruto’s toad spits out a pool of black liquid.

Kakuzu: It absorbed all it’s chakra until nothing was left.

Naruto: So that’s it. Those things that came out of you are somehow connected to you and if I destroy them you die. Somehow you can force those things to die in your place like some sort of substituion.

Kakuzu: Not quite! These things are hearts that I’ve collected from previous ninja I’ve fought.

Naruto: You implanted other ninjas hearts inside you body!? How sick!

Kakuzu: You would be surprised how valuable a shinobi’s heart is. With it I am invincible. Along with acquiring the ninja’s elemental chakra….

Naruto: (Thinking) That’s why he is able to manipulate so many different elements.

Kakuzu: ……I can use their hearts to die in my place, if need be, making me immortal.

Naruto: I’ve heard enough. You’re not invincible! You’re just a monster!You hunt down my kind out of your own selfish greed. I’m going to destroy all those hearts and then I’m going to kill you!

Kakuzu: Big words for a little brat.

Naruto: You Akatsuki ninja don’t deserve to live. I’m going to end the Akatsuki …. starting with you!

Suddenly Kakuzu senses an attack behind him. He turns around and sees Naruto behind his earth monster with a wind encased kunai and stabs it through it’s torso. He then slices it into dozens of pieces.

Kakuzu: This whole time…i’ve been talking to a clone…. while he snuck up behind me.

The smiling clone in front of him disperses. Kakuzu is once again hit with an excruciating pain on his chest as another one of his hearts is destroyed.

Naruto: Two down.

Kakuzu recovers and screams in anger as he forces his body to mutate. His sewed up skin starts to rip apart as his fire and wind monsters merge with his body.

Naruto: So you had something else up your sleeve.

Kakuzu: I’m going to rip you apart!

Out of no where, some of Kakuzu’s tentacles erupts from ground wrapping around Naruto. As Naruto desperately tries to escape, Kakuzu’s fire and wind elements combine their power.

Kakuzu: You can’t escape! I’m going to dispose of you here and now! Wind/Fire element: Oblivion!

As Kakuzu unleashes his attack the entire area before him his obliterated. When the smoke clears, Naruto is completely covered in Kyuubi chakra completely unharmed by the blast.

Naruto: I guess it just wasn’t enough.

Kakuzu: That damn Kyuubi chakra absorbed my attack protecting him from the blast!

Suddenly a ball of sand appears in between them and expands pushing them a few feet apart. As they both recover, Gaara appears above them floating on sand.

Gaara: May I cut in?

Naruto: Gaara of the Desert!

Kakuzu: Another Jinchuuriki, eh?

Naruto: What are you doing here?

Gaara: I was on my way home and saw a familiar face and decided to drop by.

Naruto and Gaara stare each other down.

Kakuzu: Well this is interesting. I think I’ll capture you both!

Kakuzu shoots his threadlike tentacles at both Naruto and Gaara. Before they can connect, Gaara forms a giant sand hand from beneath Kakuzu stopping his movements. While in Kyuubi mode,  Naruto forms a red chakra Rasengan and dashes forwards slamming it into Kakuzu destroying all of his hearts and blasting a large hole through his chest.


As the debris settles Naruto and Gaara stand face-toface with one another.

Naruto: I didn’t need your help you know? I could have taken him down alone.

Gaara: It didn’t look that way from where I was standing.

Naruto: Why did you help me?

Gaara: I owed you a favor. Because of you I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

Naruto: And why is that?

Gaara: All those years ago when my village attacked the Leaf you and I fought. It was then when I realized that if I continued down a path of hatred I would be lost in the darkness forever. You helped me realized my true destiny.

Naruto: You should forget those words I spoke. I was trapped in an illusion of lies. I see clearly now.

Gaara: Maybe now you are in the illusion.

Naruto: I seriously doubt that.

Gaara: Maybe this is why faith bought us together after all these years. I will lead you back into the light just like you did for me.

Naruto: I have more important things to take care of.

Gaara: Like what?

Naruto: As of now it’s to find the remaining Jinchuuriki.

Gaara: For what reason?

Naruto: ….You are also among the surviving Jinchuuriki, will you join me?

Gaara: I’m going to have to decline.

Naruto: Why is that?

Gaara: Akatsuki has attacked my village, my people need me. As Kazekage I swore to protect them.

Naruto: Kazekage, huh?……. Don’t waste the trip. The Sand has already come under Akatsuki’s control.

Gaara: And you know this why?

Naruto: I have been under the teachings of the leader of the Akatsuki, Madara Uchiha. Right before I escaped, I was informed he has successfully conquered the Sand Village.

Gaara: It doesn’t matter, I still have to try. As the Kazekage I have a duty to my people.

Naruto: You are just one man. Right now, hundreds of Roots shinobi still loyal to Akatsuki is marching through your village. Madara, with all members of the Akatsuki and Bijuu at his disposal is also keeping a close eye on the village. You won’t make it through the gates.

Gaara: You’re right. I figured as much since the Leaf was able to take back the Mist. Madara must have doubled his security forces.

Naruto: Exactly.

Gaara: What do I have to gain by joining you on your search?

Naruto: Once we’ve gathered all the remaining Jinchuuriki, we’ll help you take back your village. We shouldn’t have any problem with the combined power of the Bijuu.

Gaara: (Thinking of the other Kage) Then I have no choice.

Naruto: Then let’s begin our search.

In an abandon city, inside a large building, Itachi stands before an exhausted Sasuke. Sasuke is on his hands and knees gasping for air with bruises and cuts all over his body.

Sasuke: (Sweat dripping from his face) That was intense.

Itachi: Your Sharingan has grown strong. You are almost ready.

Sasuke: I’ll help you take down Madara and the Akatsuki but after that we have unfinished business. You may not have wanted to annihilate Uchiha but you still had a choice. You were to much of a coward to stand up for your clan, your family. I won’t follow in your foot steps. When all of this is over we will fight and one of us will die!

Itachi: ( Eyes closed) I always figured if you knew the truth it wouldn’t satisfy the hatred that has formed inside your heart over the years. I agree with you, you take that hatred and throw it at me and I’ll take it. The best think I can do for you now is to be the one to deliver you from an eternal life of darkness.

Sasuke: (Sarcastically) Why brother you almost sound noble.

Itachi: (Turning around and walking away) Get some rest! Tomorrow we begin our hunt for Akatsuki.

Back at the Kage Hideout, the four Kage sit at their round table.

Minato: Our plans have changed! Right now we still have no idea where the remaining Jinchuuriki are. It’s time we go after Akatsuki. Our new goal is locate the Akatsuki hideouts and wipe them off the map!

Raikage: That’s what I’m talking about!

Mizukage: Are you sure that’s wise? We’ll risk exposure of our whereabouts.

Tsuchikage: The whole point of lying low was to gather all we could about Akatsuki and the missing Jinchuuriki. Also to come up with a plan of engagement. We have bijuu in our possession and we know more about Akatsuki then we’ve ever have. Now is the time to strike!

Minato: We’ll have to infiltrate their organization to get our hands on the bijuu. The bijuu is our first priority!

Raikage: What about your son?

Minato: If anyone touches a hair on his head, I’ll kill you! Now let’s move!


10 Responses

  1. next time put a link to the previous chapters in, it’s been a while since the last chapter so i had to look back a bit. it’s a cool battle scene but gaara interupting was not needed i tihnk it would be better if naruto met gaara after the battle

  2. Great chapter cant wait for the next one ~ keep up the good work.

  3. I like your story. I was lost for a minute, but only cause I haven’t read it in a while, so I was forgetting the plot. lol. I’m with WS, you should place links of teh other chapters. An all bijuu team sound interesting, it reminds me of … oops, almost spoiled something there. lol. Great job man, keep dishing them out, and I’ll keep reading them.

  4. Great chapter yellow. I was missing your fanfic’s awesomeness. 🙂

    The battle was fast-paced and written very well, but I didn’t like how it ended. I hate it when a fight is won unfairly, even if it’s the good guys, but that’s just me.

    I don’t want to be a jerk, but there’s one line that I find kinda funny: “Minato: If anyone touches a hair on his head, I’ll kill you! Now let’s move!” Lol.
    So if the Tsuchikage hurts Naruto, Minato will kill the Raikage and not the Tsuchikage? 😛 It should be “[…] I’ll kill them!”
    Unless that was intentional, then I apologize.

  5. @dragon

    i think you misinterperted. Yhe refrence to hair was that of narutos not the kages. If that were thr cade the line would be “if anyone touches your hair ill kill them”. Analysis later on my phone.

  6. Any links to the previouS I would like to read this fic but I haven’t read the previous 6 O_O

  7. @pein: good luck with that one. I’ve been telling yellowflash to that for a long time, and I think he did, once. lol.

  8. @pein & zep – just click an author’s name on the list on the right to read their previous works. or click here for yellowflash’s.

  9. @bringer

    I know the hair reference was that of Naruto , not the Raikage in fact I said “So if the Tsuchikage hurts Naruto (his hair), Minato will kill the Raikage and not the Tsuchikage?” What I mean was because of the way it was written it sounded like Minato would have blamed Raikage if Naruto would have been hurt, even if Raikage hadn’t done that.

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments, I will paste the links to the previous chapters up soon. Sorry for the late post!

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