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Naruto Chapter 547 – Father’s Scorn, Mother’s Love

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

A really early release this week, so good job to mangastream on getting that chapter out really quickly for all of us eager fans. I wasn’t expecting as heartwarming of a chapter this week as I had hoped the intensity of the battle would be turned up a notch after the initial skirmish between the former and current kages last chapter. But kudos to Kishi for finally committing some time to revisit Gaara’s back story and give him the closure he needed.

There was plenty of action, but I’m still waiting on the big kage brawl where all the kages will be showing off their powers. I mean, when the likes of Mu, the former Tsuchikage, states that “numbers mean nothing to him” despite the huge assembly of allied shinobi before him, that’s nothing to scoff at. And as the kages have said, they’re still on auto mode, so they’re just reacting to the attacks being made on them and not really committing to any offensives yet. But I think that will about to change very soon because there’s no way Kabuto is letting some of his best assets just go into a full blown battle without repressing their personalities and juicing up their chakra like he did with Zabuza and the swordsmen. What would be a shame though is losing the hilarious quips and comments from the former Mizukage and his witty jabs at everyone on his team. I especially loved his comment about people with no eyebrows are overflowing with charisma – referring to Gaara. It’s always funny when Kishi almost breaks the fourth wall and takes jabs at his own characters, lol.

Gaara and his father were center-stage this chapter. Their face to face encounter again shows that the mass Edo Tensei technique used in this arc isn’t just a gimmick to have the new generation fight the old, but also as a way for some characters to bring closure to events of their past. We saw this with the return of Asuma, but I thought that reunion wasn’t all that necessary. However, finding out more about Gaara’s past and his mother is something I think many of us have been waiting a long time for. I liked how Kishi took Gaara’s father’s gold dust ability to another level by having it have a significant influence on how he views life and those around him. Gaara’s father essenitally placed a value on everything, and those things which he deemed useless were valueless and hence not worthy of his attention or love. Unfortunately for Gaara, his father judged his value based on his ability to control the Shukaku, and used cruel tests to gauge him – even turning Gaara’s most trusted friend against him and torturing him with the lie that his mother did not love him. Part of it was because he blamed Gaara for the loss of his wife, whom he obviously loved dearly, instead of viewing him as the last reminders of her. He was an ideal candidate for douchebag dad of the year, and it was a miracle that Gaara turned out the way he is today despite what he had to endure. The funniest moment I thought was Gaara’s father’s surprise when he found out Gaara had… *gasp*… friends. What Gaara’s father said at the end may have redeemed him somewhat in Gaara’s eyes, but fluffy words don’t make up for the years of sadistic mind games he played on a young Gaara.

I expect next chapter to be more focused on the face-off between Onoki and his former sensei, Mu. Onoki is quite an interesting character with a lot of history, and I think this fight would be a good time to at least give a quick peak at his past and/or his interactions with Mu. Based on the comments from Onoki and those of the conversations between the former kages themselves, my impression is that Mu is the most powerful among them. If this is the case, Ononki will need to devote his full attention to Mu, leaving Gaara and the army to take care of the other three. So far Gaara is doing a superb job at it, even showing us this chapter that he has abilities have developed to the point where he can surpass his father – even though the gold dust is a very good counter to his own sand-based abilities. Still, neither the Mizukage nor the Raikage have made any made any moves yet so the jury’s still out on how this battle will turn out.

Other things I’ve noticed:
– from the sounds of it, the Sand village was actually using Gaara’s father’s gold dust ability to offset their declining economy, but it only slowed down their decline and could not stop it. One man could only do so much and maybe gold isn’t as valued in the Naruverse compared to its value in real life.
– This chapter also debunks previous theories that Temari and Kankuro were born from a different mother than Gaara. In the flashback, Chiyo clearly tells Gaara’s father that Gaara is his third child with Karura but the first one that’s compatible to be a host of Shukaku.
– It was pretty amazing to find out that Gaara’s impenetrable sand denfense abilities are not due to Shukaku, but were inherited from his mother. The sand moulding into the shape of his mother was pretty touching; I’m glad Gaara is getting a similar treatment to Naruto and gets to discover that the powers which he thought he was born cursed with were actually given to him out of a parent’s love and wish to protect him.


50 Responses

  1. excellent analysis bob especially the conclusion …. surely this must put an end to the Kazekage is a dumbass revolution on the website πŸ˜›

    and looks like Kabuto will take it up a Notch since…
    1. Alliance have upped a notch since the entry of Bee and Naruto
    2. Madara has upped with his sharingan-rinnegan 6 paths of former jinchuurkis
    3. its Kabuto who’s lazing with lame edo’s now he will turn up the volume !!!!!!!!

    peace out

  2. As I said the gold dust wouldn’t have much economic value.

  3. That asuma fight did have some use to it, it made choji grow some balls, something that’s been nearly impossible to do beforehand. But of course, that in of itself was unneccesary seen as it should’ve happened a long time ago. If it was anyone else, choji would’ve been ninja fodder.

  4. I know you hear this often, but this was one of your best posts, Bob! πŸ™‚ And this chapter was really nice and balanced: it had conversation, flashbacks, action, funny and moving moments, everything!

  5. I didn’t like this chapter all too much, hopefully the Kages get better treatment in the next chapter.

  6. Great chapter and great review Bob. Gaara’s dad is cool. I want to see Gaara develope gold dust like his dad, because his sand seems inferior to gold and iron from the 2 previous Kazekage. The Mizukage was hilarious. I hope Kabuto does turn it up a notch because I don’t wanna see the former Kages die so easily like the other edo summons, the 2 two twins from the cloud village recieved more spotlight and we never even heard of them. Kishi has been on a roll so far, I hope this continues. A+


  7. As always Bob, nice job. I won’t say its your best because I recall some excellent theory posts by you in the past, but certainly a nice summary and analysis.

    There is one thing that I think a lot of people are missing. I’m not convinced the from kazekage has changed his mind. I doubt he is lying about the flashback, but I think that this in itself is made to test if Gaara can keep his concentration even though his mother is mentioned. Note that I think it was foreshadowed by the flashback to Yashamaru mentioning his mother as the ultimate test. If Gaara can keep it together now then maybe his father will admit he has been surpassed.

    Just thought…..

    -pcgnome out

  8. Good point pc. Gaara’s father does seem to do something douchie like that.

  9. Ok so i cant confirm this from my phone but i was under the impression that garaa had the shukaku sealed into him before he was born, while still in his mothers womb. This chapter makes it sound like he was born first. As they had to check too see if he was compatible.

    Also did the sand kage seriously try to get garaa to go on a rampage inside the village? That sounds to dumb to be true. No wonder the sand village economy was in decline.

  10. @PC: nice theory that is made all the more credible by the fact that Gaara’s dad didnt start disappearing after what should have redeemed him.
    @Bob: The issue of the sand being his mother protecting Jim has always been known just not fully understood.
    Kabuto needs to do is stop spreading the summons so thin. withdraw chiyo and them lot, as well as the seven swordsmen, then focus all energy on the kages. taking out 2kages will give
    him a strategic and psychological advantages.
    Personally, I cant wait to see a young
    version of the tsuchikage.appearing after what should have redeemed him.
    @Bob: The issue of the sand being his mother protecting Jim has always been known just not fully understood.
    Kabuto needs to do is stop spreading the summons so thin. withdraw chiyo and them lot, as well as the seven swordsmen, then focus all energy on the kages. taking out 2kages will give
    him a strategic and psychological advantages.
    Personally, I cant wait to see a young
    version of the tsuchikage.

  11. @Bob excellent review

  12. so i guess the shukaku is just pure chakra enhancement..?

  13. Its funny how all the former kage’s are still in-care about there villeage, where at one point that bandages kage instruct onoki to take advantage to those weaken villieage…. and another thing it seems that on naruverse every parents leaves something to there child before they die or something about giving up there life for the sake of there children and on sasuke’s side its hes elder brother who gives him a special power….. And one more thing Theres only 2 or 3 characters in Naruverse that it interest me the most firs one is Gara second Naruto and third Orochimaru the rest are just side bets lol……

  14. got teary eye on this chapter

  15. Garra’s Fathers technique, Gold dust, as Bob said, represents his character traits of placing a value on all things, through some means, with Gara it was, once again as Bob said, testing to determine whether or not he could control Shikaku.

    The KazeKage before him had Iron sand, and i do believe was regarded to be the strongest Kazekage they ever had. Mentions of the 3rd (?) Kazekage synonymous with strength. He had the Iron sand, Iron a material known for its strength and durability.

    see a pattern?
    So Garra, Sand, what does sand represent as far as Character traits? A dry attitude? A constant presence despite removal? ( sand gets EVERYWHERE! :p ) Any ideas anyone?

    The Ressurected raikage giving off a compliment towards Garra here, labeling him a good Shinobi, Could the raikage possibly have already accurately sized up Garra? We all know that ability to size up an oppenent is only shown in strong ( not physically, generally) Ninja. For some reason i get a feeling he is Different From A and Bee, less about Raw full power and more a tactician dealing with deadly amounts of strength.

    I think the emotional warfare forefront is failing Kabuto fast. It’s just giving Garra the will to fight, he wont back down, he wont give up, not as long as he knows the power he wields was the gift of his loving mother and not a demonic presence which consumed so much of his life.
    Not just that, It gave Kakashi the motivation to seal away Haku and Zabuza, he knew that it was their desire to be sealed away and that they did not relish the chance at zombified life of sorts….


    As far as my own predictions go, i believe there will be a flash back between the two, Tsuichkages ( spelling :S ) explaining their story briefly one should hope. Further developing them as characters, also setting up the arena for the all out kage brawl. Unfortunatly i feel once the brawl starts it will be halted everyknow and then to Develop the characters of the Mizukage and the Raikage. Although that is circumstantial on them still being present, and not having been, moved to a different battle field for whatever reasons.

    I think Naruto held the spotlight for a little while so it shall be shared around a bit over the next few chapters, depending on what eventuates out of what ( whether battles end quickly ect).

    I think it shall be a couple more chapters before Madara and his six paths reach the main battlefield.

    Weew! thats a rap :p
    and I’ll gladly place monetary bets against my own predictions because lets face it, NO-ONE can geuss what will happen next.

  16. As to Gaara being compatible with the Ichibi, Chiyo states that the host should be able to resonate with the bijuu:


    This explains why she thought the previous siblings would not work. Still looking for evidence about when the Shukaku was sealed into Gaara, will post if I find it.

  17. Ok, found it! That wasn’t so hard. It’s the story told by Gaara, and considering what his father wanted him to believe, we can all assume that detail is not true.


    Gaara was meant to believe that his becoming the Shukaku killed his mother:


    But as we learn now, that wasn’t true. It is likely the Yondaime Kazekage blamed Gaara for Karura’s death and associated that with the difficulties of Gaara as a jinchurriki. So he just lumped the two together.

  18. Great good by bob as usual. This was an interesting chapter. Its good to finally see the truth about gaaras past. I hope to see mu and old man dust background. Also I really wanna know more about the mizukages background.

  19. i am interested to see mizukage fighting style

  20. @Bob

    Great review ~ just one thing I notice you missed out on. The reason why the Raikage and MizuKage were not about to showcase any justu is because Gaara captured them in his “Karura Holding” pg.14 ~ Gaara has became one bad@ss to demobilize three kages on his own and if old man Onoki is the only to stop Mu then we are up to a big showdown on next chapter

  21. Gaara is a beast in battle, always thought this! Mizukage is a joker, makes me laugh almost as much as Guy sensei!

  22. only 21 responses on bobs review of an epic chapter? i hate when it gets so dead around here like this.

  23. @fastninja: it is because nothing new happened and btwn one piece, bleach and naruto, Naruto although epic showed the poorest form.
    what I am interested in is the tsuchikage’s statement that his technique is uber hax, I really want to see dust release used on a defenseless ninja(s) just to qualify its sickness

  24. @ madzikage

    wouldnt mind just seeing more than one dust element jutsu…

  25. @Dry

    I believe the huge cube the Tsuchikage used to try and crush Sasuke was a Dust element jutsu, it had the same kind of shape. Also, the levitation jutsu is a dust jutsu.


    It’s kindof sad, but truthfully not a whole lot happened… quite frankly a lot in this arc is not too surprising.

  26. I really like this chapter since it develop up Gaara storyline more something we haven’t seen this arc. From the color picture that we see of Mu and Onoki, it seems like Onoki is on a run from his former teacher justu. I am waiting to see the animated verison of the war, I think we will get better coverage and more battle scenes. It will take away from the war if the three kages, Gaara captured are sealed away before Darui divison join forces. I would love to see what kind of justu user the Mizukage is and what make him such a bad@ss to take out Mu. The Raikage is giving me something different than what I saw in Hidden in the Clouds so far, he seems very rational.

  27. i doubt any of the edo tensei kages, or any of the other edo tensei summons, will have their soul set free by words. like we all predict, kabuto just might step it up and completely bind all of the summons. which brings into question how will the alliance stop muu? imo, hes the most efficient sensory ninja we’ve seen thus far, he can amke himself virtually invisible chakra and all, he has 3 chakra natures, he has dust release and the dust release gives him the ability to fly. i WILL quit naruto and start reading other manga if this battle turns out to be an upset.

    And naruto is the only manga i read really. not because i dont like any other manga they all look cool, but i just dont think i could find the time. it took me quite a while to catch up in naruto because i never was into manga before late last year and bleach and one piece both have so many chapters to their stories, im just too lazy to read them =)

  28. @extra A: I feel you on what you’re saying. That’s the reason I started reading Fairy Tail, which shouldn’t take you that long to catch up on. It only mt a couple of weeks.

  29. @ ripcord
    You’re right, Dust release jutsu stands at 2. But still…
    They can’t introduce a new element, brag about how numbers dont matter to a master of this element, and then just continue using the same jutsu again and again. like seriously, all im asking for is a little variation, 4 jutsu minimum, all im asking. like… just enough to vary the battle a little no more, cube subatomic particle displacement leveler whatever its called jutsu vs itself…

  30. Well, it took until the Danzou fight to see what wind can really do, so who knows. The dust element seems to manipulate molecular structure. We shall see if it is developed much here, but I wonder if it will die with the 2 Tsuchikages.

  31. Why is it so slooooooooowwwwww!?!?!!?!?! And why are my comments not showing up in the lounge!?

  32. @fast gaara himself can counter mu quite well seeing as how it was gaaras sand that alerted them to the edo kages appearance. As we have seen thus far too the edo summons have for the most part been overrated so mu may turn out to not be that special (although IMO zabuza was more badass when he came back )

  33. @token
    Nah Zabuza looked less bad ass when he came back!! Kakashi looked more gangsta this time. Tbh all of the edo’s so far have been disappointing hanzo, ginkin bro’s, asuma, zabuza an haku etc…. BUT The Fish squad, Muu the Mummy, Joker Mizukage and Daddy Gold Dust could turn that allllllll around but its all on Kabuto- if he keeps pissing about everyone’s gona get defeated by the most annoying justu of all…..the feared Talk No Jutsu!!

    I know what u mean, i read naruto and bleach (obviously naruto came first) and bleach was a fucker to catch up too but sooooooo worth it. Ive started watching the anime to one piece- once i catch up in anime time then i’ll catch up to the manga. The hero of that show Luffy is toooo funny and he’s got bare heart possibly more than Naruto tbh

    Dont worry about the dust vs dust battle, kishi wouldnt bother introduce a new element like that without seriously showcasing its abilities. Muu and Mizukage are quickly becoming favourites in my book tho. Just to make things abit more fun tho for those that read the top 3 manga (Naruto, Bleach and One Piece) who are ur top 3 favourite chicks?????

  34. can sosano sustain naruto tailed best bump

  35. @Tensa: Haven’t read Bleach, or One Piece, yet. But from Naruto, and Fairy Tail, I’ll have to say: 1-Hinata, 2-Erza, 3-Temati.

  36. *Temari, I messed up. Sorry.

  37. @Tensa

    1. Hinata
    2. Nico Robin
    3. Rangiku Matsumoto

    If I had to include FT, Erza would go first and everyone else would slide down one spot.

  38. @ Dragon
    My list is the same as yours except I’d swap Hinata for Anko!!!

  39. @tensa

    1. yoruichi
    2. nico robin
    3. konan

    but that’s just me πŸ™‚

  40. wow I’m so indifferent to the series now it’s not even funny lol

  41. @ Kisu – TO BLEACH WE GO !!!! πŸ˜€

  42. my top 3 chicks

    1. Nami
    2. Yoruichi
    3. Kushina

    why doesn’t someone make a post about this? then we all can enjoy some more hinata/sakura bashing 😈

  43. @WS: Hinata is awesome, so shut your mouth. lol.

    @kISU & pein: I’m beginning to feel that way, but I still got Fairy Tail. lol.

  44. The new chapter sucks so bad. Hell, the entire War Arc sucks. I’m so glad I have Bleach.

  45. O ___ O

    Itachi Nagato vs Killer Bee and Naruto.

    YES πŸ™‚

  46. Love the end

  47. Honestly im not really a fan of the females of naruto, they can be a lot better than how they’ve been protrayed thus far.

  48. so it’s again this time – no one has posted it’s out for new chapters for naruto and so again (5 time in a row) we have to comment in old chapters post!!!!!!

  49. @??????
    the matchup is uninteresting in my opinion. Perhaps itachi would be a good warmup for sasuke.

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