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The Black Flames 4 – Drunk with Power

Her heart was racing, and a deep sorrow that she had kept locked away deep in her heart began to resurface as she saw the young boy standing before her, behind the wall of water. He looked just like Yahiko and she could feel her hands want to reach out towards him. To see her friend and the love of her life again but as her hands were about to touch the dome the water parted. The boy standing before her now seen clearly was not her beloved Yahiko but still his innocent eyes and wide smile made her feel as though she knew him.

Naruto saw this woman before him, her eyes fixed on him. She was beautiful but her piercings made her seem scary, “Naruto, this is Konan, she will be taking you to her Village so you can rest.” Itachi broke the silence after Konan’s outburst. “Oh, okay” Naruto replied throwing his hands behind his head, completely trusting in Itachi. “So when do we leave?” Naruto asked looking at the woman in-front of him, “Immediately. We can’t afford delay, Itachi and Kisame will meet up with us in a few days.” Konan finally spoke again, her voice cool and calm. “So you’re not coming too?” Naruto asked, looking at Itachi and Kisame, “Nope, we got work to do!” Kisame replied with a swift turn and began moving back from where they came. Itachi soon followed. “Come. The village is this way” Konan began to move of in the opposite direction, “What is the Village called?” Naruto asked as he moved, trying to follow, double stepping to try to keep up with his new caretaker. “Amegakure, the Village Hidden in the Rain.” Konan replied, not turning back. “WHAT! No way am I going there, I hate rain! It’s so sad and depressing and wet.” Naruto exclaimed.
“What do you mean depressing!?” Konan turned to face the young boy and an expression that Naruto could only describe as ‘You gonna die soon’. She did not wait for an answer, only moving forward a bit more as she could tell the boy was stunned frozen in fear. She could feel a light laugh begin to build in her chest as she saw the frightened young boy’s expression,.She looked up to the sky seeing the dark clouds in the distance, remembering how Yahiko would make her laugh.

“I hate waiting!” the mechanical voice began in the dark musky cave. “Do you even know the difference Sasori? I mean you’re always in the dark” the slivering sound of Orochimaru’s voice again echoed through the cave followed by a load grunt. “Lets go outside shall we, it’s awfully dark and damp in here” Orochimaru continued as he made his way to the light at the entrance, “You are brave Orochimaru, Pain specifically told us to wait here.” Sasori started again, “Ag here, there, anywhere, he said we should stay in place ’till Itachi and Kisame got back but he didn’t say what place, besides what’s the difference, waiting would be a lot easier outside.” Sasori could see Orochimaru’s point and with another grunt he began to move towards the entrance of the cave, his joints squeaking as he did. The sun was beginning to set outside and there was no longer the bright glare of daylight. The colors began to go to amber as the day’s end came about. “Besides, Sasori, I am not the only one who would be hiding something from our leader, did you not withhold information today?” Orochimaru’s words were friendly but with the worst intentions. “I did not withhold any information, we already have a beast to be extracted no point in me giving the information, that the new host is to be killed” Sasori’s hoarse voice seemed to spit out the last few words, his hatred could easily be heard. “Yes, I also heard that the 4th Kazekage’s son was the host and his wife was the sacrifice,” Orochimaru continued sounding almost uninterested in the matter all together. “I wonder what sort of torture he must be enduring now!” the last bit not really a question but said with a lot more interest.


The gates of Konoha, the proud symbol of the Leaf barely still visible under the dust. “Excuse me miss, but we need to see your identification.” came a voice from the guards waiting at the gate, but he quickly stopped as the lady turned to face him. She staggered slowly towards the center of the village, people stopped in place to watch her walk past. As she approached the Hokage Mansion she finally stopped nearr the front, swaying as she tried to maintain her balance. “Fuuu-gaku ge-e-t out heere now!” She slurded extending her index finger at the Hokage’s office. “Riiight here and Right now! Lets go!” she continued taking a sip out of the gourd around her neck. As she dropped her head and the gourd empty on the ground, a man wearing the Hokage outfit stood before her, his eyes fixed on her making sure that he followed her every move.

Fugaku knew this women was dangerous, one of the legendary Sannin, Tsunade, he had heard a lot of her exploits, esteemed medical ninja with chakra induced powerful taijutsu. “So you have come to fight me?” Fugaku motioned as he spoke removing his cloak and hat, “You’re drunk, this is neither the time nor the place.” Fugaku continued, he could see her eyes focus and unfocus as she stumbled left to right, she was drunk and even as a Sannin she would not be able to focus her energy correctly. “But I see, I have no choice, you pose a threat to the village and as Hokage it is my duty to defend it”

“Hahahah!” the woman named Tsunade began to laugh drunkenly as he spoke these words, “You defend this Village, yoou step and spit on eeeverything this villllage stands for!”
“We will see about that.” Fugaku replied.
“Yes we will!” and with that life returned to Tsunade’s eyes. Her composure was that of a normal woman, and in a flash she appeared before Fugaku. Her fist landing squarely on his chest, Fugaku could feel all the air in his lungs disappear as his body was being flung backwards into the hard wall behind him. “You should never lower your guard as Hokage, it’s a cursed position.”, Tsunade sneered as she began to walk slowly to Fugaku’s location.

Tsunade watched as the coward struggled to breath, she knew this would mean her being a traitor to this “new” Konoha but she could no longer stand aside. The two people she had loved the most gave their lives for Konoha and she wouldn’t let it become someone else’s tool for power. She began to move quickly now, seeing the red eyes of her opponent gaining life again, with all her might, this would be her last punch.

As she was about to hit, a man with white hair appeared before her taking the full brunt of the punch. She had not released all her chakra but she knew that this was enough to kill any ninja. Her eyes lost focus as the rage enveloped her, but she soon saw the face of the man who had stood between her and the Hokage, “Jiraiya, what have you done” she whispered so softly that only she could truly hear it. The man before her smirked as the blood began to pour out of his mouth. Suddenly collapsing, “No, No, why!” Tsunade began to yell as her hand went a soft glowing green, she placed her hands over the man before her but seemed afraid of him, she winced with every cough of blood.

Fugaku watched as his medical team arrived, healing his wounds the same way Tsunade attempted to heal Jiraiya’s. “Why? Jiraiya, why did you stop me?” Tsunade asked as she tried to heal this man, “I did it…” Jiraiya force the worst out, “to save you” with that he collapsed, while she continued to heal, mumbling to herself “not again!” over and over.

Fugaku had regained enough strength to stand up, his smirk now returned to his face. “Please, place a chakra limiter on Miss Tsunade, and take Jiraiya to the medical ward for treatment. With that 4 men surrounded Tsunade, all wearing the ANBU black ops uniform, placing a small tag on the back of her neck,her complexion changed almost immediately, she began to age at an alarming rate. “So you have now proven my point Tsunade, look at you, you have now shown Konoha what I truly wish to change.” Fugaku began to speak louder and louder as a crowd began to grow around him. “You are what Konoha was long ago, pretending to be beautiful, when in fact you are hideous under all of that!” with that Fukagu knew he made his point, turning more and more ninja to his side with this little display. Luckily the Toad Sage saved him at the last-minute, he knew this would be his next battle, gain the support of one of the Legendary Sanin and eliminating the other two.


7 Responses

  1. Wow! Nicely done man. I have to say this is my favorite chapter of this story, so far. Did not expect Jiraiya to show up, I almost thought it was a genjutsu from Fugaku. Interesting to say the least. Keep up the good job man.

  2. This was a nice chapter. this might be a good excuse why tsunade and jiraiya left the village now lets hope bob doesn’t fuck up again scedulling 😛

  3. Good. Chapter man. I like how your using past and current events in the manga to help your story along. I look forward to the next chapter.

  4. thanks for the comments suprised i got even three knowin that the manga came out the same day lol.

  5. Great chapter pein!

    I loved how Jiraiya jumped in front of Fugaku. I really didn’t expect him doing that.

    I also liked how Konan laughed at Naruto’s reaction to her glaring at him and how he reminds her of Yahiko. 🙂

  6. phew ….. i just did all4 chapters back to back …..

    i’d like to say this in one word …… awesomness

    pein0avenue .. i really love reading … and other than the actual manga . fanfics are the reason i come to this site day after day …

    i’d like to get a backdrop on this fugaku .. i’m not sure i recognise the character … make this story your own and avoid all possible similarities to the original story … this will give you more readers

    peace out

  7. @ devils – thanks for the comment and reading, i will do my best to keep the stories different but there will be a few similarities. Fugaku for example is Itachi and Sasuke father and leader of the Uchiha

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