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It’s out

Mangareader.com or where ever you read it…


19 Responses

  1. AsAAa a retired author I put a lot of effort into posting this… Anyway, obviously the people complianing can STF up. I forgot to call a flashback but pretty much called everything else.

    Gaara’s dad had a flashback so he is as good as dead. However I think the raikage and Mizukage will escape to have their own fights.

  2. http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/75426197/1

    i don’t agree … this just shows how gaara and his father were back in the day …

    Kishi trying to save the day with the Gold Trade Comment … seems like the Sand Village was surviving only because of the Gold that the kazekage was digging ….

  3. What don’t you agree with?

  4. i misread your post and then forgot to remove that statement

    i thought you said Gaara is as good as dead .. My Bad ..walmart …

    ohh and Thanks for the notice

  5. c’mon mart, you can put more effort into that announce 😛
    Nice to have you back on the blog again btw

  6. Think of it as motivation to write your post pronto bob. And meh, I thought that mangareader.com would be a link but it’s mangareader.net … Anyway I went to school today only to realize it doesn’t start for a week, I’m back only until then…

  7. Nice chapter, for a second i thought Gaara’s pops was gonna die right there in this chapter! i was practically shouting at the screen “NOT YET, NOT ******* YET ITS TOO SOON!!!!” Lol Im liking Gaara’s big sand man hug jutsu (not as cool as sand in ur eye jutsu but wont complain about that lol) Couldnt the raikage just use some lightning jutsu to counter all that sand tho??
    Also I kinda want kabuto to get serious an make em into mindless reckless kage killers… the whole “im gonna tell u my weak points an how to kill me” makes it less enjoyable

  8. so if the Gaara’s mother protect him all the time why she didn’t protect him when they extract the one tail from him

  9. I hope not every Kage gets a bunch of flash backs or else it will be slow going since it seems like the end is near. And what’s with the sand Ninja steeling the tailed beast powers starting with the 3rd (iron something). And then Gaara’s father stole the gold power from the one tail and Gaara got the sand. Really the one tail probably didn’t have anything left to offer after that.

  10. Shukaku is like the bijju giving tree

  11. @Tensa

    That was his mother’s form who was holding the Kages not a “big sand man hug” lol. That’s why his dad said, your mother is still protecting you.

  12. @everyone

    I just want to know how they keep “stealing” these powers. The only way I can see is if they were hosts to tailed beasts and took chakra parts like Naruto did the 9tails. But that still is kind of fishy because they would have inherited all the powers at once, and not one by one. Alas, sounds like another plot-hole no jutsu.

  13. uumm, I re-read the chapter, and where does it state that the gold, and iron were taken from the Shukaku? It looks like Gaara’s dad developed that jutsu himself.

  14. That’s what I thought Zep, I just figured I must have read a different translation, or missed something, lol.

  15. @UTI: Right! I think people are adding something there that should be there. lol.

    I’m also confused about the ‘mother loves you’ revelation, wasn’t it already determmined that Gaara’s mother was in the sand already. I could be wrong, but I remember someone saying something like that before.

    and it turned out Gaara’s counter to his dad’s Gold was conversation-no-jutsu. lol. That gave him enough time to rise his sand from the gold.

  16. @Zep I agree, the talk-no-jutsu has proven to be the only jutsu with no counter, but deal devastating effects to all that it ensnares. It’s a more effective genjutsu(yes it is a genjutsu because it hypnotizes people through sound, for those wondering why I said that, not you Zep I know you are a vet of the site and new why stated this already, lol) than Tsukuyomi :-).

  17. Chiyo said Iron Sand control came from the Third Kazekage studying a past Shukaku Jinchuriki. However, no such thing was said about Gold Sand manipulation.

  18. This was a cool chapter. I just wish kabuto will turn theses edo summons into killing machines. The whole phsycological advantage kabuto thought he would gain seems to favor the alliance. the edo mizukage is hilarious.

  19. @a lost: I agree with u, what kabuto needs to do is stop spreading the summons so thin. withdraw chiyo and them lot, as well as the seven swordsmen, then focus all energy on the kages. taking out 2kages will give him a strategic and psychological advantages.
    personally, I cant wait to see a young version of the tsuchikage.

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