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Fairy Tail chapter 242 – End of age?

read it here

First of all i want to say that i agree with SSJ, Mashima puts too much screen time in the lightning so big chance Laxus is near. This chapter we can put into 2 parts. 1 is juvia chasing meredy with zeref and the other is Natsu and co going to kick some ass (or the opposite).

let’s start discussing team natsu first. I think it was a good idea to let fried stay behind for the inscriptions but i think bixlow should be at least on the offensive team. well i understand Mashima he wants the original team come back together + wendy and 2 kitties. However Gray and Erza are injured, Wendy lacks magic power from healing the others and lilly is afraid of lightning. this makes them half as powerfull as they could be. But like Lisanna said when Natsu is close to those he trusts he becomes more powerful so they might just be there for Natsu to power up.

Now to the other part of the chapter. Juvia is still following meredy. Zancrow the fire god slayer takes Zeref from Meredy and blasts her and Juvia away. This is actually saved them since Zeref wakes up again and instantly kills Zancrow. But before he dies Zancrow explains just what kind of sadist Ultear was. Ultear has destroyed Meredy’s village and will restore it with her arc of time if she helps her. However it seems Meredy didn’t know about that. Zeref questions himself why he came to this age, he’s no one’s enemy and no one’s ally however if the ages change he might awaken agian. My guess this age is over after this battle and zeref awakens in the end kicking the asses of all the fairy tail members. Mest the council member or whatever he was called noticed the name of the spell Zeref used to kill Zancrow. He seems familiar with the name i wonder what connection he has to it.


9 Responses

  1. I think he simply notices it as zeref’s signature spell, it’s more about mest seeing zeref than the spell itself. Wasn’t Laxus shown a little while ago and wouldn’t that make another reason for him to return. Do you think guildarts will take markov’s place?

  2. @Mart: First, wassup man, long time. How’ya doing?
    Second: Mest being a council member, I’m sure he known alot about Zeref, so I agree with you there. Gildartz, though powerful, he’s constantly on the go. I only see him being Fairy Tail’s Master if he sticks around.

  3. I would also like to add: HA! I told you so! I knew Bixslow and Fried would be in Defense team. My predictions were right! In your faces. lol.

  4. mirajane for master lol she’s always around the only thing is that she became weaker after she quit being a mage. so i think it’ll probably be either laxus or gildarts.

    @ zep gildarts wasn’t constantly on the go he was just doing one mission for like 2 years.

  5. I still think Gildartz wouldn’t be it, though. I agree with you it should be Mirajane, but with all this lightning foreshadowig Laxus might be the one. I’m still curious to se what Fairy Glitter can do, since Cana was didn’t actually do it.

  6. Wait why would lazus be the headmaster, is he not band from fairy tale. Mirajane is too young, so I doubt if she will be the one. Gildartz is the person for the job, but I don’t think that the old man is out of it, he might be old but not done for.

  7. Guildartz is IMO the current strongest in the guild, Mirijane is a second (but would lose to Laxus and IMO doesn’t seem as cool) I can’t see Fairy Tale accepting Laxus as guild leader while he is exiled so it might be one of the other two temporarily while Laxus is given a redemption arc. Also, I think if canna gets S-rank then it will be revealed that he really only took the job because he wasn’t suited to be a father and thought the guild would do a better job thus he wasn’t around. This also sets him up to step aside should Laxus re-enter the guild or for anyone else for that matter

  8. Gildarts doesn’t look like the leading type of person, Mirajane however does. what S rank do we have left? Erza! but doesn’t seem likely that she’ll be the new leader cause it will cut in her battle time and the Erza fanboys will be angry. I think it would be fair that if/when Laxus is accepted back that he will lose his S rank status. And i think Makarov will not handle over his position yet i do think Laxus will be the new head why? take a look at this

  9. I think it should be obvious that it is going to be little lightning boy. Its just that I think he will lead the attack and then finish it off with the help of his friends while taking a big injury to protect someone (like Gajeel did for Levy in order to make it obvious that he was a part of the guild). That will be how he redeems himself; coming to the rescue of his friends at the last minute. Just a guess though.

    -pcgnome out

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