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One Piece Chapter 631- The Rebound

Link to One Piece Chapter

Coming from last weeks chapter, this weeks chapter is a huge development in the Fishman Island arc. Last week was mainly to reinburst us with the introductions of the NFP and we are left of with the transformation Hordy undergoes. Though this weeks chapter gives us the answer to what was happening to Hordy and leaves us with the confusing question of what happened between Luffy and Jinbe. But I will go in depth later on about that.

The Neptune Army VS The New Fishman Pirates

Well so much for a royal army as to they were no match for a bunch of sea monsters. But it appears that the Neptune Army are only strong if their leaders are leading them. If the the three Princes were present and leading the Neptune army, then there would of been a different out come for the army. The Neptune army are only strong if their leaders are their with them, and it only makes sense as to an army always needs a leaders. That is why in a war killing the leader can bring down the whole army. But at the same time the NFP leader Hordy has undergone a transformation.

The New Hordy

Well this is shocker for me because I never expected Hordy to transformation to be this badazz looking. He has now become extremely muscler in size, his hair has become white and he no longer sports that newsboy cap. When Hordy was first introduced I had high hopes for him as a character, but when he was easily defeated by Zoro, I lost that hope. After seen his new form my hopes for Hordy as an antagonist has rising again. Also, the power he performed was tremendously different than the power he has shown before. Hordy was able to generate some water from his arm to project it at an exhilarating speed. It not only wounded the Neptune soldier but it traveled some distances. You can also see the shocked look on King Neptune which foreshadows hordy’s improvement in strength. From this I can say that Hordy has mastered Fishman Karate to an extent. But if you go back and look back in the Arlong Arc on how Arlong was sitting down in his throne and his crew with him doing the work. It is very similar to the current scenario of Hordy sitting down on his proclaimed throne and his crew with him.

The Three Neptune Brothers

So Hordy’s party had three unwanted guests, the three princes. Fukaboshi, Ryuuboshi, and Manboshi smash their way into Gyoncorde Plaza and take out the sea monsters. Now the whole Neptune army could not even leave a scratch on the sea monsters but the the three princes were easily able to defeat the sea monsters. They also demonstrate that they are powerful with a weapon, as to each Prince has own weapon; Fukaboshi with a trident, Ryuuboshi seems to use two swords, while Manboshi seems to be using a short wide sword. From this I can say that they are a formidable fighters and can easily defeat the NFP if the NFP were not using the energy steroids.

What happened between Luffy and Jinbe?

This question has been bugging me ever since Jinbe stood in Luffy’s way. We never got to see the conclusion of the fight between Jinbe and Luffy. Many of us thought that Luffy will over come Jinbe and some thought the fight would be stopped. I think that the fight was stopped and an agreement was made. That agreement is more likely that Luffy would go to save Zoro, Ussop, and Brook while Jinbe goes to save the king. The thing that threw me off is that Shirahoshi is with Jinbe and last time I checked Luffy left the protection of Shirahoshi to Sanji, so Sanji might be with Jinbe and Shirahoshi. Overall this chapter picks up the pace of the story up a bit and we are up for some epic chapters to come.

Side notes:

  • The only fishman we have not seen use a energy steroid was Hyozo and this chapter he uses one. And it seems that he might be a three swords style like Zoro.
  • The kraken seems to sided with the NFP.
  • The title page was very interesting, makes me wonder who that man is that his back is turned to us.
  • And Dekken will most like try to destroy Fishman Island. As to he said “break apart, EVERYTHING.”


10 Responses

  1. Interesting chapter, good analysis too Jdogg.
    I really want to see some more action, this build up is nice, but there’s way too many speeches about “peace” and “love” and “pathetic humans.”
    Still, better than the other mangas…

  2. @Darknight, I think the action we have been all anticipating will come shortly. It is just a matter of time and we will see some epic One Piece fights, the one I am most interested in seeing is how Chopper has changed so far. But I think this how peace and love thing is driving so much in this arc because Oda wants to show how desperate Fishman Island is need of change.

  3. awesome analysis ^_^!
    nice to finally see some action cause the last couple of chapters were kinda boring. hordy’s transformation looks nice and i am interested to see the new powers he has now.
    what i’m really interested to see is luffy and the rest of the crew in action, especially luffy:D! i’m dying to see what moves he has developed over the years. with rayleigh training him he’s bound to get some awesome ones.

  4. I think the King’s intense look when they talk of how Hody’s appearance has changed has to do with his own history of using the steroids (white hair/beard and muscular physique)… There will probably be consequences later that the King knows of but is still too ashamed to speak of…

  5. @Tawuya, Interesting you mention that but I think the Kings hair is white due to him being old. Also, if the consequences were severer than the king would have those consequences. It is an interesting theory, it would spice up the story.

  6. like Jdogg i think the kings hair is white due to old age. i also think that the reason Hody’s hair is white is that the sterioids have aged his body but without the side effects of weak bones because the overgrown musscles support them.

  7. Neptune didn’t use Energy Steroids. He isn’t muscular enough and his hair isn’t white, it’s orange:

    That color page comes from the cover of the Fishman Island volume and shows us his color scheme. 🙂

  8. @White shinobi, Wow you must be really good with anatomy to be able to notice that.

  9. nope i kinda suck at it lol i just made it up by relating a few things together what those things were i’ve already forgotten but i’m sure i’ll remember them eventually

  10. @White shinobi, Lol either way great observation.

    @dragon, great find of the King’s hair.

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