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Naruto Chapter 546 is OUT!

Protip: Click the image.


68 Responses

  1. first :: epic

  2. second…………like anyone cares

  3. Can all the real doubters please sit down!

  4. Wow…just…wow. The chapter wasnt that hot this week, but I cannot wait for Gaara to start kicking some major ass!
    Suna OUT!

  5. 1. Serisouly, when that dude said dodge, my mind went immediately to piccolo in DBZ abridged.

    2.that magentic ability is only cool if he can do that with anybody and anything, directly or otherwise, other than that its nuttin special.

    3.Considering the edo tensi should know who summoned them from the dead, the fact that one of them belives it is orochimaru, regardless if they’ve even met him or kabuto, bothers me.

    4. I’m confused about the timeline of this upcoming fight between the kages. I’m assuming the second day is already here, but they caught wind of each other yesterday, what have both groups have been doing the entire time?

  6. “4. I’m confused about the timeline of this upcoming fight between the kages. I’m assuming the second day is already here, but they caught wind of each other yesterday, what have both groups have been doing the entire time?”


  7. @DarthUchiha

    We don’t know how fast the pursuit was, and it is possible that Kabuto held them back a bit, as per Tobi’s orders. One weird thing about that though, Gaara’s division seems to be unaffected by the White Zetsu infestation.

    Lastly, pretty funny comment by the 2nd Mizukage on page 17 (ok it’s 16 if you take out Mangastream’s filler page).

  8. It’s probably nothing, I was just looking for something to fill in the gap

  9. @DarthUchiha: I think one of the Kages explained it; they were walking for all that time. http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/46677395/8

  10. It seems like gaara still has most of the one tails jutsu. So does that mean that the edo jinchurrikis still have their powers or is gaara a special case?

  11. Interesting thing to note: Gaara’s dad went all raccoon eyes before he used his Golddust Technique. I thought only the Shukaku Jichurikki could use those eyes? WTF?

  12. @ lost

    No, I think it is pretty well known you get to keep the powers, maybe not as strong, but they are there residually. Just check out the Gin/Kin bros. they never had a tailed beast but kept the residual powers from eating the flesh (which still puzzles me considering they are made of chakra, plot hole people, lol). So if you have any kind of prolonged contact from the beasts I think you get some powers.

  13. @lost: What UTI said, that and Gaara is special. He’s awesome! lol.

  14. @Zep

    I noticed the same thing about Gaara’s dad. The first thing I thought was maybe he was a former host. It would make sense for him and Gaara to have this big heart warming we were both hosts moment. Then the Kodak moment is followed by his dad being release from the jutsu that Kabuto is hosting.

  15. I’m calling first on that theory as well, lol.

  16. @UTI: What theory? And how did they extract the Shukaku? Wouldn’t Gaara’s dad die?

  17. That and the Byakugan going into Madara’s third tomoe slot. Something else I noticed is that it’s pretty obvious that Uchiha and Senju/Uzumaki are related the Uchiha have tomoes in their eyes signifying the eye power and the Senju/Uzumaki have it on there bodies signifiying the Sages body power. Just check out Nagato when he had the 6 Paths necklace on those are just tomoes, and now they are on Naruto’s body during his 9tails cloak form.

  18. @Zep

    The theory that Gaara’s dad was a host and that they will have a heart warming moment about them both being hosts and then the seal being released from Gaara’s dad, and I’m sure there must be some cases where the beast can escape without the person dying.

  19. @UTI: What?! I brought it up! I say we share the theory. You could keep the dad and son bonding stuff. lol.

  20. That’s the part I was claiming dibs on, lol.

  21. We’re on the same page now, lol.

  22. Sweet. My theory = Gaara’s dad was past jinshurriki.
    UTI’s theory = Dad/Son bonding stuff. lol.

  23. Don’t forget about the Kodak moment that leads to his father being released, lol.

  24. im thinking i wanna be some trader who just stumble son this battlefield when its all over. gold dust? for real? youd be rich.

  25. I think that may be the lamest jutsu ever. No wonder he became hokage, he bought his way in, smh. Because from the looks of it, it couldn’t have been much skill, lol.

  26. Here’s a thought: The Fifth Kazekage (Gaara) can use sand. The Forth = Gold Dust. Third = Iron Sand. What were the Second and First capable of? On your mark. Set. Start your Ideas!

  27. 2nd = Bronze particles
    1st = Brass pellets

  28. @ UTI if your calling the gold dust lame you call gaara’s sand jutsu and 3rd kazekage’s iron sand lame too they are kinda like the same thing only with gold dust instead of (iron)sand

    @ zep 2nd kazekage = wind and first = water?

  29. The sixth Kazekage will be able to use platinum, notice all the odd numbered ones aren’t as good if you follow my trend, lol.

  30. @UchihaTheInfamous

    Eating the 9-tails flesh but it being made from chakra is not a plot hole:

    Ninjas use chakra to make real world things all the time. The wood that Yamato makes works the same as normal wood, you can build with it, burn it, etc. Likewise, water, fire, etc. behaves as the natural element would. So any flesh made from chakra behaves as any other flesh you would create. Thus, you could in principle eat it. No plot hole.

  31. Rip makes a good point. I never thought about it that way.

  32. @ripcord

    That is true, well said.

  33. dont mess with rip. hes a specialist in narutology.

    i want to see what the 2nd mizukage is capable of. he killed muu, that means hes a beast. and i want to see what the third raikage can do. he has large chakra reserves like A, he most likely uses nintaijutsu like A, but its also said that hes proficient with standard lightning release ninjutsu and he can use black lightning.

    this was the fight ive been waiting for =)


    Lol sorry guys got abit excited, finally kishi is starting to show the good shit! lol Gold dust vs Sand is cool and Dust vs Dust looks like its gonna cause a massive problem. Was good to see snake boy junior again

    1st Kazekage used Black Pepper Jutsu
    2nd Kazekage used Cookie Crumbs Jutsu

    About the byakugan in the 3rd eye of Madara’s mask theory- its abit late for kishi to explain that one, considering the effort he put into the sharingan an rinnegan backstories, for him to properly explain the connection between all 3 eyes and give the byakugan some serious spotlight time it could take a while……. then again this is kishi- he could probably do it in 3 chapters at the rate he’s going!

  35. You know how in the old days when Gaara and Naruto went into tailed beast mode their eyes would transform to match theur respective bijuu?I was just thinking that since the eyes of the juubi are a combination of the rinnegan and the sharingan that maybe the Rikudo Sage’s Rinnegan was a lingering side effect of being the Ten-Tails Jinchuuriki. Maybe the ten-tails’s chakra gives its host the ability to remain in Tailed Beast Mode permanently. It follows that Madara would want to use its chakra to extend the effects of Tsukuyomi indefinitely.

    And another thing, if Sasuke does not have the rinnegan now, he might soon have a chance. I’m thinking that if Sasuke gets a hold of the Rinnegan, he’d probably use it as an excuse to never to reproduce. Since the rinnegan have the power to make desire a reality, Sasuke could use it to create a whole new generation of Uchiha. or a hybrid race of ninja, something like what madara is doing now. If the Legend of the two Brothers is true, then an event like this could happen. Like I said, Sasuke could have “heirs” without ever bothering to do it the old-fashioned way( which makes sense considering his track record with women.) Whenever he is not talking revenge, Sasuke’s crying over the family he lost, wishing that he could take it all back. If the series goes on after this arc, then the promise of the rinnegan may just prove too tempting for Sasuke.

  36. @Naruto Tutor
    Tbh Sasuke could just bang sakura or ino and start the Uchiha’s again lol but everyone’s love track record is rubbish in this series not just sasukes!! There should be loads of couples in this show by now e.g. Madara and Mei, Tsunade and Raikage, Kakashi and Anko….
    Lol on a serious note though dont really see sasuke getting the Rinnegan. Both him and naruto have reached their peak with Naruto gaining 9 tailed chakra mode and Sasuke gaining the EMS- the next time they fight it’ll be Uchiha Sage brother vs Senju-Uzumaki Sage brother. Just realised though Naruto’s got 2 get out of death free cards – kyuubi and itachi’s unknown power whereas Sasuke’s got none- Maybe his grandaddy Madara will help him or maybe the 4th final secret EMS power is a one time permanent Izanagi except u dont lose ur eye

  37. Isn’t it ironic how a Sand Shinobi had no idea of how the Magnet Release Kekkei Genkai worked? Also, didn’t Chiyo say only the Third Kazekage had Magnetism chakra? There’s a plot hole if you’re looking for one.

    My favorite lines this chapter were:

    “This isn’t just some two year timeskip”

    “Whoo-hoo, that’s a buttload of sand! Whose village do you think is behind that one?”

    I like the first for obvious reasons, and the second because it was so obvious which village’s ninja did that.

    The 2nd Mizukage’s also kind of an idiot.

    -he didn’t work out that he died

    -he was wondering which village could be behind making an attack with sand

    -still thought it was possible that only a short time could have passed despite being with the 4th Kazekage who said the his elders told him about the other Kages

    …that being said, I’m starting to like this guy!

  38. @kisu

    same here. he has a big mouth and he doesnt seem all that bright lol. but given the fact he killed muu, he must either have some insane jutsu in his arsenal or hes one of those, goofy when not fighting but badass when its comes to a fight, type of guys.

  39. @kisu pretty sure the mizukage was being sarcastic on the sand comment and i think he realised it had been more than 2 years but was just making an exageration because he didnt realise it had been just that long because he knew oonoki as a kid

  40. I liked this chapter becasue one this is the battle I’ve been waiting for and two It was nice to see Naruto take out the Edo Tensei zombie with ease.

    – Gaara’s dads ability is very cool. I like the Magnetism Bloodlimit because everyone in that clan don’t use their abilities the same. I guess the entire clan has been killed off. Still, the gold dust is very cool.

    – I still don’t really get the Tsuchikage’s abilities but what ever it is, it’s cool.

  41. I agree with you @YellowFlash2 – I like the fact that Naruto was able to take down one easily. Now that Kabuto realize Naruto is out in the opening, will he change his stragey or does he not know what happen? Something to think about

  42. I must concur with fastninjaa. I thought he was being sarcastic on both comments (thats just how I read it) which makes me happy. These seem like Kin/Gin in that we will probably only see them for a short time. Giving them some personality before killing them off (sealing them away) is kinda nice. Will wait for Bob’s analysis prior to saying any of my further theories.

    -pcgnome out

  43. I think the Eyes of Gaara and The 4th Kazakage are completely unrelated to the Shukakku (sp?). They seem to be a family trait, as when Gaara went full Shukakku mode the Shukakku didn’t have them.

  44. I have a question that has been bothering me for a while. If Kabuto is bringing back strong ninja, why hasn’t he brought Orochimaru back? You know he has the genetic material.

  45. @kaldun

    Oro is sealed away inside the sword of totskata. The same goes for most of the hokages being in the reaper death seal

  46. Oroochimaru’s soul is sealed within Itachi’s Susanoo. He did not die through normal means. I dunno if Kabuto can access Oroochimaru’s soul through Edo Tensei Itachi though.

  47. Just a thought, but back when the Oro invasion on Konoha happened it was explained that the Sand joined Oro out of Economic desperation, not enough money because no one hired them for missions, but here comes the Fourth Kazekage with his gold dust jutsu and they were still poor? Wow! Gold is worthless in the Narutoverse. By the way, it was a nice chapter, Gold Dust wasn’t bad at all, not bad at all.Going to be a fine match. Got my fix!

  48. @John
    Tha sand joined beacuse Oro killed the Kazekage and pretended to be him and orderd the as the Kazakage to go against the leaf…

  49. @Naruto Tutor
    I like your theory about sasuke and the Rinnegan but I thought that you got to have Senje body to be able to accommodate such powerful eyes

  50. @ everyone

    I posted this on a previous post, but I didn’t get any responses so I’ll post it again, lol.

    Someone made the argument that Madara couldn’t have replicated the Rinnegan, but I came up with a theory that could possibly allow this. Here it goes again:

    Since Itachi and Nagato were brought back with their eyes intact, what would happen if he took there eyes now. I think he would have another set. Then if he got Kabuto to release the Jutsu, and bring them back again, he would have a new set, and on-ward infinitely. The only hole I can see with this off hand is that maybe the eyes would disappear once the jutsu is released, but that doesn’t necessarily hold true if it was a new corpse that Kabuto uses, then the eyes would be fresh and not dried up off some old corpse. Oh, I just thought of maybe another one, the powers disappear from the eyes soon as the jutsu is released. But like I said this is a theory of how to get copies of eyes and in theory he could make as many copies as he wanted if he kept bringing Nagato back taking the eyes releasing the jutsu and doing it all again.

  51. @ the infamous: if the jutsu is released then the whole body goes back where it came from! the eyes cant stay in this world alone!

  52. @ the infamous: if the jutsu is released then the whole body goes back where it came from! the eyes cant stay in this world alone!

    I think the sage of the 6th paths jutsu instills the eyes of the user! i dont think there physically implanted in my opinion but i could be wrong! the fact he doesnt need chakra rods is because he already has control of them through the edo tensei jutsu!

  53. Naruto with his new speed is even more deadly with the regular Rasengan! a small piece of grass or hay can cause devestating effects to someone in its way if it is coming at you with enough velocity so imagine Naruto going at his new increible speed with a Rasengan! Well you sore the results this Chapter anyways lol! just owned that edo tensei Zombie lol!

  54. what i didnt get is where all the gold came from… he must of done some jutsu to bring it into the battle!

  55. @Matt I thought the body just dries up where it is, example is the body that they sealed on the battlefield in this chapter.

  56. @blu, you are wrong and John is right. The Sand joined Oro out of economic desperation, but ORo later killed the Kazekage and posed as him.

    @Uchiha, if he took out Nagato and Itachi’s eyes the eyes would disintegrate and reform in the Edo bodies, just like any other injury to the zombies.

    @Matt, he probably just extracted the gold dust from underground.

  57. @kisu

    That’s a good point, but my counter would be that I don’t think we have actually seen someone just take per say a whole item like a limb or a hand or eye cleanly. They have all been smashed or pummeled or something like that. I could be wrong, but I don’t remember seeing a clean shot like that where maybe an arm or leg or something disintegrated after being taken off cleanly.

  58. @ UTI
    Maybe I’m missing someone, but y didnt Kabuto use Itachi and Nagato and some unknown Byakugan user to do what Madara is trying to do? He would then along with having edo tensei have extreme ocular powers

  59. @Sirius

    Because that would have been too easy of a route to take, you know everyone in the Naruto world likes to do things the hard and drawn out way, lol.

  60. I think the 6paths jutsu gives the summons the rinengan, like with pain. I think madara simply implanted a sharingan on the other eyes afterwards.

    I enjoyed this chapter, I’m anxious to see garaa in action, its been a while. In part 1 I think I enjoyed garaas fights the most!! ;-P

  61. @da beast

    Gaara has had some of the best fights tbh Gaara vs Rock Lee and Gaara vs Deidara were top notch!!

    Random idea but if you had to pick ur favourite 3 fights in no particular order from the series so far what would they be????
    Mine would be:

    Sasuke vs Itachi
    Hidan and Kakuzu aka Zombie Squad vs Team 10 and Kakashi
    Kisame vs Killer Bee for sheer comical value (ENKAAAAAAAAAAAA!!)

  62. @Tensa

    Sasuke vs Itachi

    Sasuke vs Danzo

    Pain vs everyone

  63. @ Tensa

    Real big fan of Naruto vs Sasuke Round 1
    Loved Neji vs Kidomaru
    And Sasuke vs Danzo was cool too
    But Sasuke vs the Clay Bomb Dude was nice ( I ashamedly forget his name)
    And Gaara vs the same Clay Bomb making dude was cool

  64. Just three? Ah man, that’s hard. But these are mine:

    Neji Vs Kidomaru – Because a) Neji is my Favorite character and it looked like he could of died and b) it was such a great fight.

    Team 10 Vs Hidan and Kakuzu – Another great fight, it showcased just how intelligent Shikamaru is, and gave me the inspiration to right the fanfic, Shika-Ino-Cho: The Final Mission.

    Naruto Vs Sasuke – The animation studio/director/whatever was amazing in that fight, and alot of other fights. You know which one’s I’m talking about. The animation looked so much different when it went to certain fights. This one in particular was really well done.

  65. Least fav to fav:

    1. Sasuke vs. Deidara

    2. Taka (Sasuke, Suigetsu and Jugo) vs. Kumogakure (A, Darui and Shee)

    3. Naruto vs. Nagato

  66. Sasuke vs Naruto round 1
    Taka vs Kumogakure
    Gaara vs Kimmimaro

    All three where excellent fights with a lot of depth to it.

  67. zabuza & haku vs kakashi, sasuke & naruto (sakura did nothing)
    gaara vs naruto (especially the chin crawling towards the end)
    rock lee vs kimmimaru (hilarious)

  68. 1. Gaara vs Naruto

    2. Sasuke vs Itachi

    3. The whole Orochimaru vs Konoha(This extends from the fight with the 3rd Hokage until the Sanin fight. really that whole takeover arc was just about the best arc in my opinion).

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