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Bleach Chapter 455 – End of the Bond 1

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This week in Naruto the main protagonist clears a battlefield and an epic battle of Kages takes off. This week in One Piece three princes battle giant beasts and the villain undergoes a drastic transformation. This week in Bleach Ichigo runs up stairs and chops Tsukishima’s arm off – that’s about it… It is somewhat frustrating reading chapters week to week and experiencing how slow the plot progresses in Bleach in comparison to most other mangas. Tite spends a lot of page space on minor details, sometimes just a simple gesture can take up a page and a half. With these methods it is no wonder we’ve been lacking consistent plot progression, but let me say this: later, come back and read an entire arc of Bleach, perhaps this arc, and you will be grateful for all that attention to detail and time spent making it. With that said, let the review begin:

Like I said, not too much happened this chapter, but what did happen was rather interesting…


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