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Shannaro Shippuden Ch.2 Battle for the scroll!

Alright, it’s time for the second chapter of Shannaro Shippuden! I was going to post this on Saturday but thought I’d get no traffic for it so I’m trying out Mondays. Now! Time for three teen ninja’s to beat each other into a bloody pulp!

First Chapter

Last Time:

The three ninja nodded at the order and turned to leave, but Bob spoke up once again. “Oh, and by the way, this isn’t a team excercise. This is a free for all. You must race your teammates for the scroll, even fighting them off if you have to. Who ever makes it back here with the scroll will be allowed to keep it as a reward. Now on your ready… get set…GO!”

As soon as the words were out of Bobs dust cloud with holes in the shape of his three students appeared. Bob laughed and wished his students good luck. They were going to need it.

Ikamazu, Suna, and NTG (Nine Tailed Girl), all raced forward, each hoping to be the first to get to the tree line. That is, until Suna suddenly snapped his fingers and slid to a stop, hand signs flowing. Ikamazu and NTG noticed too late and were barely making their own handsigns when Suna finished and slammed his palms on the ground.

“Sand Style: Quicksand Prison!” Suna shouted, transforming the ground beneath his teammates into quicksand. Ikamazu and NTG cried out in panic as they felt themselves plummet into the gooey substance until only their chest was above the sand. Suna laughed at his teammates before sticking out his tounge at them. “Sorry you guys, but I’m taking you out now before you can do anything to stop me. I’ll let you out after I win this little challenge and claim my prize. Later!” Suna then turned from his team and dashed into the forest beyond.

“I really hate him!” Ikamazu snarled before struggling against the quicksand some more. He tried to force his way out but his body was really stuck to the sand. “Dammit all to- gah!” Ikamazu flinched in pain as a bright light accompanied by a certain amount of heat appeared directly to his left. Turning his head, he saw NTG covered in what appeared to be an aura of pure chakra in the shape of a fox. Grinning, the girl focused and two chakra palms shot out from her head and latched onto the ground outside of the quicksand. With one great heave, the arms pushed up and shot NTG up and out of the quicksand prison.

NTG landed gracefully on the soft ground just outside the area of quicksand and deactivated the chakra cloak. She pumped her fist in the air at escaping then ran straight to the forest infront of her. “Take that Suna! Your sand wasnt enough to hold Natsumi the Nine Tailed Girl! Just wait ’til I catch up to you!” NTG roared as she entered the forest, leaving Ikamazu as the only one left.

Ikamazu looked around slowly, making sure no one was around, before he closed his eyes and focused. Suddenly, what appeared to be an aura of chakra surrounded him as well before it all flowed down straight into his feet and exited in a rush, propelling him out of the quicksand. Shaking his head a little mid flight, Ikamazu poured out a little more chakra out of his feet, turning him in the right direction before he landed and bee lined for the forest, thus beginning the real battle.

Bob smiled and grunted in satisfaction upon seeing Ikamazu escape the prison on his own. The boy was cautious with displaying his powers, but he was sure that Ikamazu would lose that paranoia once his score with Suna was settled, what ever that may be. Plopping down onto his back he stared up at the sky and waited for a moment before the sound of battle could be heared. “Ahh, music to my ears.”


Suna was confidently jumping to his destination when he heard a crashing sound behind him. Turning his head he almost shrieked as he saw a gigantic chakra claw break through every tree between it and him. With no way to dodge mid-jump, Suna manipulated the sand from his gourd to create a mid-sized barrier in front of him. The chakra claw impacted the barrier with enough force to scatter the sand much to Suna surprise, and the claw grabbed Suna in an iron grip before pulling him to it’s source.

Suna’s eye’s widened when he realized what had happened. “NTG! How did you get out of my quicksand?” Suna shouted to the girl as she came into view. NTG simply rolled her eyes before bringing Suna up close so she could look at him face to face.

Slightly growling NTG spoke up. “It wasnt easy thats for sure, but dammit if it wasnt messy. I mean come on Suna, you just ruined my clothes here!” NTG shouted in Suna’s ear dazing the boy a bit and leaving him wondering wether or not he’d go deaf. “I dont have anything against you,” NTG continued, “but this is a contest. So no hard feelings for what I’m about to do okay?” Suna blinked then widened his eyes as a sadistic smirk crossed NTG’s lips and the chakra claw extended out again before dipping slightly. “Happy trails!” NTG yelled out laughing before she flung Suna into the air in the opposite direction.

Suna flew over the tree tops and scowled at his predicament. He was going to crash soon. He did not want to crash. He could easily save himself, but he wanted to win the competition on his own, and the only way to not crash meant getting help, something he didnt want to do. On the other hand, if he didnt do something he’d be out of the competition. “Why is their never a good solution?” Suna wondered aloud as he went through several hand signs and slammed his palms down onto his knees. “Summoning jutsu!”

Suddenly a large cloud of smoke surrounded Suna and a mightly shriek was heard. Less than a second later a rather large hawk, easily three times the size of a man, flew straight out of the cloud, Suna ridding on it’s back. With a simple tap of his foot, the hawk dove down closer to the tree line and flapped it’s mighty wings.

“C ‘mon Takarou, we got a lot of ground to recover. NTG threw me pretty far.” Suna told his hawk, the bird only crying out a challenge to the others in response. Suna grinned as the air blew in his face and the ground below flowed past him. There was no feeling like flying.

“Secret art! Chakra Disruption Pulse!” A voice shouted from below. A moment later, Suna and his hawk were hit with a gentle wave of chakra before Takarou poofed out of existance and Suna plummeted back down to the trees. Suna, fell back into the forest and quickly latched onto a tree branch, regaining his bearings and turning to find the source of the attack when he was suddenly struck on the side by a flying ball of chakra. Suna spun in the air and hit a tree hard cracking the bark from the impact. Groggily, Suna looked up just in time to see Ikamazu smirk in Suna’s direction and take off deeper into the forest. Suna scowled as he realized he had lost the lead to both his teammates now. He stayed like that for a while before he vocalized his feelings on the situation.

“Karma sucks.” Suna said before pushing himself off of the tree and taking off in the same direction as Ikamazu. Hopefully he could still catch up.


NTG was actually enjoying her self. It wasnt often that she got to run around in a giant forest, and the feeling was rather refreshing for her. Cloaked in her fox like chakra aura and running at top speed, she felt rather free. At least she did until Ikamazu decided to rain on her parade by suddenly appearing next to her.

“Hey NTG” Ikamazu commented with a smile as he continued to run next to her. “Don’t worry I’m not going to attack. I was just wondering if you wanted to have a little fun.” Ikamazu asked, turning to NTG with a curious look in his eyes.

Immediately NTG made a show of gagging and looked at Ikamazu increduously. “I cannot believe you’re trying to hit on me in the middle of a competion. I dont want to have any fun with you perv!” NTG finished in a huff and controlled her chakra tail to slap Ikamazu in the face for even considering something like that.

Ikamazu nearly tripped in shock and pain before regaining his balance and blushing heavily at what NTG was accusing him of doing. “No! I didnt mean it like that! I was just going to ask if you wanted to bet on which of us would make it to the scroll first! Jeeze!” Ikamazu defended, causing NTG to blush in emberassment this time.

“Ah, sorry about that then.” She said, looking away momentarily. It was then that Suna landed on the other side of her and nodded at her a bit peeved.

“That was a bit much dont you think?” He asked NTG who only stiffled a giggle at the boys expression. She rolled her eyes and turned forward again. “And by the way, I wouldnt mind taking that bet Ikamazu.” Suna said to his male teammate.

Ikamazu only narrowed his eyes but smiled at the challenge. “Alright then.” Ikamazu said, turning to the boy slightly. “Last one to the scroll buys dinner for the other two.”

Suna and NTG cheered at the proposal before Ikamazu focused and an aura of chakra surrounded his body. It slowly concentrated into his legs and he suddenly shot forward, gaining more and more ground over Suna and NTG. “See you two later!” He cried out as he accelerated a bit more.

NTG gasped slightly in shock before she leaped forward and extended her body. She impacted on the ground hand first and simply continued to run forward on all fours, picking up some incredible speed and soon she was passing Ikamazu. The boy chuckled a bit at the girl and started to enjoy the run before he felt a large disturbance of chakra directly behind NTG and himself. The two turned as one before seeing Suna surrounded in a glowing aura of chakra, his hair standing on end and his eye’s having turned from a light brown to a deep purple. Suna opened his mouth and only one word came out.

“Nogan.” He said softly before his body seemed to disappear and a large gust of wind blew right past them. NTG and Ikamazu only stared forward at where the blur that had been Suna had disappeared to, the sound of falling tree’s growing more and more distant. NTG couldnt believe what she had seen and her mouth hanged open while Ikamazu growled and stomped his foot into the ground, teeth grit in anger.

“Damn him. He’s gotten even faster.” He said. NTG blinked and turned to Ikamazu, confusion etched on her face.

“How did he do that?” She asked, slightly apprehensive about the answer she would recieve.

Ikamazu scowled and clenched his fist before answering NTG. “Suna No Ken has what is called the Nogan. It’s a special doujutsu that is a mutation of our old gofuuungan. As far as I know he is the only one who possesses that particular doujutsu. It doesnt enhance his sight at all like the sharingan or Byakugan, but acts more like the Rinnengan as it gives the user special enhancements.”

“Enhancements?” NTG asked.

“Yeah. When Suna uses his Nogan his chakra skyrockets and his speed and strength increase dramatically. He can also use his hilt of ten blades in that form since he doesnt have to risk running out of chakra after using them. It’s an almost perfect ability for a swordsman like him to have.”

NTG gulped and turned back to the path of destruction Suna had left before something Ikamazu said clicked in her brain. “Wait a minute, you said almost. An almost perfect ability. Is there something wrong with it?”

At the question Ikamazu smiled and a strange look entered his eyes. “Yeah, theres a huge problem. You see, it times out. Suna is almost all powerful for five minutes after he activates the damn thing, but as soon as he times out he drops like a rock and is completely useless. He only uses his Nogan as a means of last resort, which is exactly what I wanted our race to become, now I’ll be able to fight him when he has less than five minutes in that form, just enough for me to stall him and take the scroll. Speaking of which, can I ask a favor?” Ikamazu asked turning to NTG, his right eyebrow raised in question.

NTG shook her head and sighed before turning to Ikamazu. She could probably hold Suna off if she used that but the way Ikamazu described Suna made her wary. She would need to see Suna’s Nogan in action first before she could accurately take him on, and she just didnt have that luxury. Still though, Ikamazu seemed to know a lot about Suna’s ability. He could probably stand a chance.

“What kind of a favor?” She finally asked.


Suna was speeding back to the starting point of the competition with a smile on his face. He had just gotten the giant scroll from the chest with about twenty minutes to spare. He had the scroll secured on his back now and quickly did some math. With his sonic speed sword Silfarion boosting his already impressive Nogan speed to the fifth degree, it had only taken him forty seconds to traverse the last ten miles from his starting point to the chest. That meant that when he reached the point where he left Ikamazu and NTG about a minute and twenty seconds would have elapsed leaving him three minutes fourty seconds left in his Nogan state. With fourty more miles to go at fourty seconds everyt ten mile he’d reach Bob with a whole minute to spare. Kami bless his super swords, with out them he knew he would never make it in time.

Just as Suna was about to reach where he left Ikamazu and NTG however, something crazy small and fast entered his line of sight. Reacting on instinct Suna ducked down below the flying object only to have Ikamazu suddenly appear in front of him, leg reared back and the arc of it lined directly with Suna’s chin. Only one thought went through Suna’s mind. ‘Cra-‘

Ikamazu swung his leg full force and smiled as he felt the impact with Suna’s chin sending the boy flying off through the air. Ikamazu tracked Suna’s flight path and in a stream of light, went up a tree and leaped over Suna, fists cocked back and waiting. “Pay back time! Secret art! Thousand Exploding Fists!” As Suna reached Ikamazun in the air, Ikamazu unleashed a furious barrage of chakra covered punches on Suna’s body. In the span of a few seconds Ikamazu bombarded Suna with exactly 999 punches with the thousanth punch sending Suna plummeting back down to the forest’s surface. Ikamazu landed on the forest floor softly and heard Suna’s grunts of pain as he stood back up from the onslaught, some sand armor that Suna had put on before hand crumbling down in front of him. Ikamazu made a soft ‘tch’-ing sound and pointed at Suna. Suna’s body instantly began to glow as all of the chakra Ikamazu used in the attack became visable on Suna, the chakra sticking to his form ominously.

“Blast!” Ikamazu shouted and Suna’s body exploded in a flash of light. Smoke from the chakra bombs covered the whole area and engulfed the two shinobi in a sea of white. Ikamazu covered his eyes with his goggles and focused his chakra into them. Immediately he was able to see the chakra signatures of everything around him, inculding Suna. Ikamazu grit his teeth as he realised that Suna wasnt down for the count yet. He was still pouring out insane amounts of chakra, and even though he wasnt moving at the moment he could tell that it wasnt because he was too injured to go on, but because the boy was thinking.

“How?” Suna’s voice suddenly asked. “How can you keep up with me and damage me this badly? Kami knows I’m not invincible, but only six people I know have ever got me like this. And i know for a fact that you were’nt this strong before. So how?” Suna waited for a few moments, and just when he thought Ikamazu wasn’t going to answer he was pleasently surprised.

“I cant use jutsu. I’m not entirely sure why, but whenever I try to use a jutsu it doesnt work. Instead, I can absorb and manipulate pure chakra how ever I want. For me, it really is the fact that the more chakra I have the stronger I am. So I asked NTG for a favor. She-I mean wow-she has some absolutely crazy reserves. Apparently that’s her mutation. It’s why she could make a cloak of chakra similar to a Jinchurikki’s. I digress, NTG allowed me to absorb almost all of her chakra, leaving her only enough to summon one of her foxes so that she could get back to Bob. After absorbing her chakra I absorbed five of my chakra infused scrolls to increase my power. I currently have enough chakra flowing through my system to perform ten A-rank Ninjutsu and still be able to kick your ass.”

Suna blinked in amzement before forcing himself up. He wasted enough time already. He was nearing his two minute mark, and if he didnt hurry, he wouldnt make it to Bob before he timed out. Ikamazu tensed as the cloud of smoke dispersed and he saw Suna, standing up with his sword extended by his side. Ikamazu started to attack but Suna whipped his sword forward and unleashed a hellish amount of chakra.

“Silfarion Speed Technique! Sonic Winds!” Suna shouted. He slashed his sword through the air and straight to his side before he seemed to disappear before Ikamazu. Ikamazu blinked in surprise and turned his head to see Suna’s chakra signature getting further and further away. He started to move but was suddenly sliced by razor sharp gusts of wind trying to fill the vacuum that Suna left behind, right before he was blown backwards by a sonic boom.

 It took little time for Ikamazu to recover, and only a bit longer to get over the fact that Suna had used a technique to temporarily reach the speed of sound. Growling in anger at being shown up again, Ikamzu focused all the chakra that he had absorbed and forced it to surround his whole body. In a moment a huge wave of chakra surged forth form him as he was then covered in almost living flames of color and chakra, his body feeling more powerful instanly. All the chakra he had stored was being used all at once and surrounding him.

“Chakra Outburst!” Ikamazu cried before cracking his neck. “Lets see if your Nogan’s better than this Suna!” Ikamazu started to speed off after Suna, pumping chakra into his legs to make him go faster. Soon, he started to pour chakra out of his back to propel him even faster and it was a minute later that he finally caught up to Suna, as they reached the twenty mile mark. Grinning at having the element of surprise, Ikamazu thrust both arms forward and forced a large stream of pure bright chakra out towards Suna. “Secret art! Chakra Light Wave!”

Suna could only register some one shouting behind him before he was hit by a massive beam of pure energy. He cried out in pain as he felt his body burn and muscles feel as if they were on fire. He dropped like a fly and started to roll forward on the forest floor, eventually skidding to a stop. Not a second later he felt Ikamazu by his side before he reached down and tore the scroll off of Suna’s back, securing on his own instead.

“Dont bother getting up.” Ikamazu said to Suna’s struggling form. “You only have a minute left in that form, and we’re way to far out for you to reach Bob in time in your state. But dont worry, I’ll make sure to hand this scroll over to him and collect the prize.” Ikamazu laughed. He began to walk away from Suna but suddenly froze as he saw a flash of yellow light behind him. Turning, he saw Suna struggling up to his feet with a new sword forming in his hand. “Unlock the first blade, the light in the darkness. Shine, Sunlight Heart!” The sword in Suna’s hand finally finished changing shape into the form of a long sword. Suna pointed it at Ikamazu and poured out his chakra. “MAX POWER! Sunlight Crusher!”

Suna’s sword exploded in a bright yellow light before it engulfed his body and propelled forward straight at Ikamazu. Ikamazu tried to block the attack but Suna’s sword stabbed through his defense and pierced through Ikamazu’s left side. Ikamazu yelled in pain and felt the wound with his hands, reassuring himself that using nearly all his chakra for the chakra armor he made at the last second had indeed protected him from the worst of the attack.

Ikamazu spun towards where Suna had landed only to see the teen with his Sunlight Heart swung in and arc behind his back, a glare in his eyes that promised pain, and an outpour of chakra to signal a very painful attack.

Suna growled as he swung his sword. “MAX POWER! Sunlight Slasher!” Suna swung Sunlight Heart across his body and an arc of fire exploded forth from the bladed, striking Ikamazu right across the chst leaving a burning gash on his body. Ikamazu struggled to stay up after the attack, trying to still look threatening, but only having enough strength for a soft glare. Suna huffed in exhaustion and slowly dropped to a knee, the effects of his Nogan fading away with only half a minute left. Slowly he looked up at Ikamazu who was trying to move towards him, triumph filling his eyes.

“Ha…I guess…I win Suna. You’re gonna time out soon, and when you do, you’ll drop like a brick of lead. And theres no way you can stop it!” Ikamazu laughed. He suddenly lurched forward and rested his hands on his knees, coughing a bit from the pain. He blinked wearily, then inhaled sharply as he noticed Suna grip his blade with both hands, a soft light coming from it.

“I dont know why you have it out for me Ikamazu. I’ve never even met you until today. But after what I just went through, I am not just going to lie down and let you win. I have a few seconds left, and thats all I need.” Suna focused and breathed deeply, before his sword started to change again. “Unlock the fourth sword, the ruler of time. Reverse, Ocarina Dagger!” A high whistling sound suddenly surrounded the two shinobi as Suna’s Ocarina Dagger came into being. Suna stared at the blade for a moment before he placed the hilt to his lips and began to play the Song of Time. Ikamazu was captivated by the music but grimaced as a sudden burst of pain brought him out of his daze. Slowly he shuffled to Suna in an attempt to stop him. Suna began to glow a soft white as the song he was playing started to reverse the damage that was being done on his body.

“No.” Ikamazu cried out desperately. “No, it’s not fair. You cant be better than me again. You cant do what I cant again. I wont be worthless again!” Ikamazu shouted before he forced his chakra to send him straight at Suna, hitting the Ocarina dagger away and stopping Suna from completeing his song. Suna gasped in pain as Ikamazu’s weight landed on him before the boy rolled off, leaving the two teens simply staring up at the tree tops from the forest floor. The two panted out in exhaustion, Suna feeling the relief of his Song of Time leaving him as his Nogan power started to slip away again. He only added an extra minute thanks to his song of time, and with his injuries he wasnt going to be getting up anytime soon. So he might as well get some of his questions answered.

“What do you mean?” Suna asked suddenly. He turned his head to Ikamazu and saw his teammate struggle to speak. “What do you mean not again? When have I ever made you feel worthless? I’ve never even met you before.” Suna watched as Ikamazu breathed heavily and finally, after a few seconds he found his voice.

“I couldnt help.” Ikamazu started. “I was powerless, unable to do anything, but then you showed up, and saved the day. It wasnt fair.” Ikamazu sighed out. Suna simply stared at Ikamazu in confusion before he shouted at the boy asking what he was talking about. “The Shukaku attack!” Ikamazu shouted back at Suna. “Three years ago, back when Gaara the Kazekage was put back under the influence of the Shukaku! He had left his village fearing that he may accidently go on a rampage and instead of going beserk there he found our training grounds and went beserk on us instead remember?”

Suna started glaring at Ikamazu, annoyed that the guy still wasnt making any sense at all. “I remember. I was the one who weakened him remember?” Suna shot at Ikamazu only to widen his eyes in realization.

“Yeah, that’s right, you weakened him. After our training grounds had been evacuated I went back and tried to stop him. I tried everything I could think of. None of my chakra attacks were working on him, and I couldnt absorb all his chakra away because of the sand blocking me from ever reaching his body. I fought my absolute hardest and none of the others who stayed behind to fight were doing any better than I was. Our only hope was that Bob-sensei would make it back in time and protect what we called home. ” Ikamazu began seething in anger as he relived that fateful day.

“But then you came. You sped right past me on your way to the giant sand monster, one of your swords in hand. After a minute of being unable to land a definite strike you activated your Nogan and called out your sword of sealing. You actually stole some of Shukaku’s power. After that you were easily able to reach Gaara and wake him up. You used no jutsu like me, but you still prevailed where I couldnt. You made me realize how pathetic I really was!” Ikamazu shouted at Suna, his chakra circling around him like crazy in his turmoil and frustration. Suna could only grimace as he slowly began to feel the last of his power going away. Without another moments thought, Suna quickly summoned up a large hawk that could cary the two of them.

Ikamazu blinked in confusion, turning to Suna before he saw the teen snort and point at him. “The hawk will listen to whatever you ask of it, remember that. You Ikamazu Oturan, are one big giant ass. I cant believe you freaking beat me.” Suna laughed out before he fell uncounscious, the last remnants of his Nogan now gone. Ikamazu stared at Suna’s motionless body for a long while, contemplating his teammates words. He sighed before he looked at the hawk still waiting for orders. It was a good twenty miles before they could get out of the forest, and in his state it would take a long time to get out by himself. Then there was Suna who couldnt even moive right now, he would be left alone in the forest. He could leave Suna here and just take the hawk to the goal. The hawk was big enough for two people to ride on… 


Natsumi was figiting and biting her nail in anxiousness. After she had summoned a horse sized fox to take her out of the forest not a minute later she had heard the sound of some intense battling going on behind her. A little while later right before she was going to exit the tree line she saw a huge beam of chakra shoot out over the tree tops from far behind her. Once she was out of the forest though and met back up with Bob the sounds of battle had died out. It was well over the five minute time limit that Ikamazu had said Suna had for his power, so she knew he wasnt going to be the one to claim the prize, but there still wasnt any sign of Ikamazu or of Suna, and that really worried her.

“Relax Natsumi, they’ll be here soon, and I’m sure they’ll be in one piece…two at most, but probabaly only barely two pieces…I mean like maybe a sliced off arm or leg or something around those lines, not like a severed head or something…sigh, I suck at this dont I?” Bob finally said seeing how much more frantic Natsumi was getting. Bob’s mouth curved up just a bit at how Natsumi was acting though. He didnt think the self proclaimed Nine Tailed Girl would get so attached to her new teammates so quickly. At least he thought that’s what it was, maybe she was just a very worrisome person. She wasn’t like that in her past life, but hey, something could have changed her peronality.

“Wait, I think I see something!” Natsumi shouted and pointed just above the tree line. Bob squinted then broke into a grin as he saw Ikamazu on top of a large hawk, battered and beaten but still up, and Suna, uncounscious in the hawks talons. He guessed that whatever bad blood there had been between the two was gone, if not completely accepted yet. The hawk closed in on the two remaining memebers of team Bob and gently set Suna down on the grass infront of them before shaking Ikamazu off causing him to fall flat on his face, the scroll still secured across his back. With a dignified nod the hawk dispersed back to it’s home in a puff of smoke.

Bob looked down at the two injured teens im amusement. Suna was the more heavily injured on, but Bob knew that he would be back in top fighting form after a day of rest. Ikamazu only had a few shallow cuts all along his body from what he recognized as one of Suna’s speed attacks, and a large line across his torso of burnt flesh, still Ikamazu seemed incredibly exhausted and barely counscious.

Ikamazu grimaced in pain as he struggled to stand up. Finally suceeding he started to move over towards Bob before a weary Natsumi stalked over to him and gave him a tremendous slap across the face. Ikamazu crashed against the floor and stared up at Natsumi in shock. “NTG, what the hell was that for?!” He shouted at the girl.

Natsumi only narrowed her eyes and began to growl, pointing a finger at Ikamazu. “Dont you take that tone with ME Ikamazu Oturan! I was worried sick about what you two were doing in that forest! I could hear all that destruction, the explosions! And I saw that beam of chakra you ass! What were you thinking! I dont care how much you wanted to get back at Suna or even why, but you dont go and try to freaking off your own teammates!”

Ikamazu blinked up at the girl in surprise over her rant, and even Bob was watching the whole thing with a raised eyebrow. Depending on what Ikamazu did next he may have to consider reaaranging the team.

Ikamazu had swallowed after hearing what NTG had to say and only one thing popped into his head. She was right. He had taken the challenge between the three of them personally and had tried his damn best to just hurt Suna, not beat him, hurt him. He let his judgement get so clouded…what could he do now? “Your right” He said, surprising everyone, including himself. “I shouldnt…I shouldnt have taken things as far as I did. Hell, if it werent for his Nogan I know I wouldve killed him. And…I’m sorry, about everything I did today, not only to him,but you too for making you worry so much. I’m sorry.”

Natsumi could only gape at the honesty in Ikamazu’s words before she got emberassed and shouted that he better be sorry. Bob nodded in pride that Ikamazu had tooken a step in the right direction. That reminded him…”Ikamazu!” Bob called, alerting the teenaged boy. “I see that you’re in possession of the scroll. That means that you’ve won this little challenge and can keep that as your reward.”

It was Ikamazu’s turn to look like a fish as he gaped at Bob over what his sensei had just announced. “Wait…you mean I still get to keep this? Even after…even after all that?” Ikamazu asked a bit warily.

Bob smiled and nodded at Ikamazu. “Yes. Despite how you may have acted in the forest, what you just showed me erases all of that. You are beginning to make better choices and thats what growing up is about. And besides, above Suna and Natsumi here, I wanted you to get this scroll.”

Ikamazu blinked in confusion while NTG turned to her sensei. “Why is that?!” She asked angrily.

Bob only chuckled before explaining Ikamazu’s inability to use jutsu. “You see, thats why this scroll is perfect for someone who cant use jutsu like you Ikamazu. This scroll was the battle scroll of all the previous Genkage’s though they didnt always have a need for it. Possessing the scroll doesnt mean that you’ll be Genkage, only that you’ve gained their approval. J-sama, our new Genkage, decided that he didn’t want to use the scroll at all, so after putting in the customary three original jutsu minimum, he decided that one of you could have it until the next Genkage is appointed. I wanted you to have it because of what the scroll is performed to do. In it arent instructions to how to perform jutsu’s like other hidden villages battle scrolls, this scroll has the actual jutsu sealed in them with an infinite number of uses for each one as long as the seal is still in place.”

Natsumi and Ikamazu stared at the scroll for a long while before Ikamazu secured it back onto his back and adjusted the strap so it fit cofortably for him. Standing up, this time with NTG’s help, he bowed to Bob. “Thank you Bob sensei. I wont let you down.” At Bob’s laughter Ikamazu just shrugged before taking off one of his sandals and opening a secret compartment in it. He pulled out a tiny scroll and unfurled it before absorbing the chakra that was sealed in it. Feeling a tiny bit more refreshed with a tenth of his reserves back, he shuffled over to Suna before he pumped his chakra into Suna, effectively waking him up and giving him enough chakra in his reserves to move around again, all be it very stiffly.

Suna looked around and couldnt help the slight curve of his lip upon realizing that Ikamazu must have taken him with him to Bob and NTG. He hadnt doubted his plan for more than a second. He shakily got up and extended a hand to Ikamazu who shook it stiffly as well. “Thanks, I guess.: Suna said, getting only a shrug in response from Ikamazu. The guy may not like him yet, but he was sure they’d be friends eventually. NTG sighed at how the two were actring and decided to just break the ice by forcing them all into a group hug with Bob, much to all of the guys protests. Finally freeing himself, Bob clapped his hands together in excitement.

“Great!” Bob shouted, startling his new team a bit. “Now I know we’re doing things a bit backwards here, but now that the missions over lets get to know each other a bit better. I am your sensei, Bob. I was once the Fourth Genkage, but after having to spend seventeen years as Genkage taking care of all you reborn ninja I decided to give that up so I could get back out into the field again. I like movies, the occasional book…and someone who I never found after the Kurogyouten’s last attack. I dislike paper work and morning people. My hobbies include writing and being the evil dictator of all in my board game RPG’s. My dream is to find that someone I never found. Now you guys.”

The three teens only stared at their sensei before Natsumi puffed out her chest (much to the interest of Ikamazu and Suna) and started in a cheerful voice. “I’m Natsumi Kitsuya the Nine Tailed Girl! My idol is the great hero Naruto Uzumaki, the previous host of the Kyubi, and champion of the Shinobi, that’s why I’ve based my fighting style completely off of how he used to fight when he would use the Kyubi’s chakra! I like hanging out with my friends, reading the Gutsy Ninja manga that depicts Naruto’s story, and being in a one man band! I dislike polka music, cats, and people who make fun of my one man band. My dream is to discover what my past self wanted to do then do it!”

Bob nodded, grinning the whole while. He had denied all of the reborn shinobi any information about their past lives, claiming that they should try to find themselves literally. Next he turned to Suna. Shrugging ut having an air of contentness around him Suna began. “I am Suna No Ken. I am the awesome-est swordsman any of you will probably ever meet, and if I find someone you think is better I’ll just prove you wrong. I like making glass figures with my sand, running, and practical jokes. I dislike people stealing my snacks, waking up, and a certain man I have sworn vengeance on if I ever meet him again. My dream is to become the greatest swordsman who has ever lived and perfect my swordstyle.” Suna finished up and stepped back leaving only Ikamazu left.

“Alright then, I’m Ikamazu Oturan. Many people who dont know me would never guess this but I am an absolutely incredible break dancer…on DDR. I like playing games with my friends, swimming, and extra large servings of popcorn at the movies. I dislike the sensation of falling, when you cant find the droids your looking for, and pickles. My dream is to someday save the world!” Ikamazu finished proudly. After he realized what he said though, he put on a sheepish grin and rubbed his arm as his two teammates tried to hold in their laughter.

 Bob was very happy with each one of his students, never expecting to actually like the team, only that he would be the best to shape them. Now though…he had some definite high hopes.

Sighing in contentness, Bob adressed his three students. “Alright you guys, this was a really incredible first day. I am very proud of you all and as a treat lets go and get something to eat in the village, on me.” Bob started to walk towards the village before Ikamazu started to laugh hysterically. Everyone turned to stare at Ikamazu before he suddenly pointed to Suna.

“I’m sorry Bob-sensei, but inside the forest the three of us made a bet. The last one to where the scroll was had to treat the others to dinner. And since Suna was the only one to ever get to where the scroll was, he is technically also the last one to reach it. So, he has to buy us dinner.”

Suna started trying to sputter out a response but anything he tried to say was drowned out by his whole teams laughter. After a few minutes of nothing but laughter Suna shrugged and decided to go with it. After all, how much could four people eat?

That night Suna went home crying over the loss of all his money, Natsumi went home in high spirits with a good feeling about her team, Ikamazu went home with a new attitude and glad for it, and Bob went home planning what tortures to put his tired team through tomorrow. Say that five times fast.

Alright everybody, that’s the show! I hope everyone enjoyed it, and I’m going to try and post on Sundays and Mondays regularly instead of Saturday, when I get no traffic due to Bobs chapter report. Anyways like last time I’ll leave you with some awesome fanart. This time it’s fan art of NTG or Natsumi for those of you paying attention. It includes her ready for battle in her chakra fox cloak. Enjoy and comment please! 

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