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The Black Flames 3 – Enter the Lions

Naruto’s heart began to race as he heard Kisame’s words echo in his mind, “the Nine Tail Fox.” He could see it clearly again, the spiteful angry look of the parents of Konoha, the people who seemed to spit at him. The people who made him feel so lonely. Their stares seemed colder now, ‘am I a monster’ Naruto thought to himself. His hands falling to his stomach, he could feel the burning in his heart. “Get away from him son” he heard them saying, the words that had made him so alone. The darkness in his room his only comfort, his tears felt like ice on his face as they began to rain down. ‘Who where they to judge’ Naruto could no longer see clearly, the tears had made his vision blurry but he hadn’t realized his vision was going black. “Let me help you” Naruto heard a deep dark voices calling to him, “Let me take away your loneliness.” It was so dark now. “Who are you!” Naruto screamed as tried to move the darkness became like water, his body frozen falling deeper and deeper. “I am you, I am who they thought you where, the monster… but if you let me, I will show them what a real monster is!” A dim light began to appear in front of Naruto, though he couldn’t quite see what was in front of him. “Release me…. Take my Power” the images of Naruto’s Childhood surrounded him again, the smiles of the other children s faces, the scorn and disgust in the face of the parents. “I will make them acknowledge your existence” the voice grew louder but then he saw it, the Red Clouded Cloak, given to him by Itachi. The way Itachi saved him from the Ninja. The promise he made to himself, he would prove he wasn’t a monster. The air began to flow again Naruto slowly began to see again, the clearing was getting darker but he saw the man named Kisame standing over him, his strange sword shaking in his hand. “That was close!” Kisame sighed out, “Luckily Salamanda was hungry, if we let that Chakra continue to get out we may have had some trouble” with that Kisame placed his sword firmly on his back.

Itachi stood by watching as Naruto fell to his knee’s his Chakra drained by Kisame’s sword, but before the sword had taken the Chakra Itachi could feel it beginning to suppress. ‘Could it be’ he thought to himself but quickly threw it out his mind, “We need to move on, we need to meet with the rest of ‘Them'” Itachi said his voice hard and cold. “But, but. What happened to me?” Naruto began his voice broken and unsure, “what does this mean!?” He finally shouted out. Itachi keeled beside Naruto, taking his middle and index finger he slight taped Naruto on the Forehead, “Sorry, but I will explain later okay” Naruto was over whelmed but could see a new almost kindness in Itachi’s serious face. He felt at ease knowing that this would be a promise Itachi would keep.

“Kisame, could you carry Naruto?” Itachi asked as he finally stood up, “Fine” Kisame replied leaning over to pick Naruto up, but before he could reach him Naruto forced his way to his feet. “Don’t worry bout me, I can walk myself, Believe it” Naruto shouted as he struggled up. “Impressive that you can even stand, but I need you to go with Kisame for now. We have a long way to travel.” with that Kisame swept Naruto’s legs from under him.
Itachi could smell the musk of wet earth, the ground was damp beneath their feet. The cave was dark, with two hands standing out of the ground. On each finger stood a dark figure, “Welcome, Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame.” a voice resonated through the cave, the tone was dead and emotionless. “Please take your places” the voice continued. Itachi landed safely in one movement onto the pillar, “at your feet you will see rings. These are part of your uniform as a member of Akatsuki.” Itachi could now see the outline of the man they called Pain, he had met him once before his cold presence seemed to fill the room.

Itachi tried to see the other members, but the room was poorly lit and all he could see was the dim outlines of the other members, there was one other pillar empty, “Ahhhh Itachi Uchiha. How is the Leaf Village?” came a sinister voice, its snake-like tone echoed through the cave. “Orochimaru. I think you know the recent developments.” Itachi replied coldly looking around him to see where Orochimaru was standing, “Ah yes, I could see the flames burning in the distance. Was quite poetic actually. Only regret is that I wasn’t the one that burnt it down… Well not this time hehehehe” Orochimaru, Itachi remember serving in a mission under him. He was cold and sadistic but he was a powerful shinobi. “Let us come to order” Pain’s began, his voice demanded obidence even from the most powerful shinobi. “I see your partner hasn’t made it Kakazu?” Pain continued, “kukukuku, He was weak. Not worthy of being in Akatsuki, I couldn’t really help myself” a Tall man across the room spoke out, his voice deep and course. “I believe there is a upricing of Jashinists in the Hot Springs area” Pain interupted, his tone unchanged by Kakazu’s arrogance. “but I thought the Jashinist where murdered years ago?” an almost mechanical voice interupted, he was a short man looked old and hunched over, he stood next to Orochimaru. “Apparently there is still a few left Sasori, he will be your target Kakazu, test whether they are the true ‘immortals'” Pain ordered, “Is there a reward, or bounty on these Jashinist heads?” the man named Kakazu asked not skipping a beat. “There leader is wanted by their Village but there is one they call Hidan, he must not be handed in, I want you to take him as your new partner.” Itachi was shoked at the lack of emotion in their leaders voice, he seemed, dead.

“Itachi, Kisame, I have sent my partner Konan to your location, I would like you to hand over the Jinchuriki in your possession to her. She will bring him to me and I will watch over him till the extraction.”
“Sorry Pain, but I was promised to look after him” Itachi replied. “You will hand him over, I am sending you two to the Village Hidden in Stone to recruit a new member. Deidara. I will be sending with Orochimaru and Sasori to help you. The 9 Tails cannot fall into their possession, he will be safest with me for the time being, If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.” with that Pein turned his attention to Itachi, his eyes staring directly at him. Itachi had heard of the Rinnegan, but had never truly experienced the fear it instills with a single look. Itachi knew he couldn’t fight this now and would have to finish the mission as quickly as possible. “Your location isn’t too far from the borders of the Rain Village, from there I will be able to keep an eye on the Jinchuriki.” Pain continued, “Once you have completed the mission I will return him to your care, but if you are required to leave the Rain Village, he will not be able to travel with you.”
“but if the other villages hear of his location they will certainly send ninja to try capture him?” Itachi questioned, hoping to persuad Pain. “I have complete control of the area, if someone enters the Village Konan and the rest of Akatsuki have strict orders to move Naruto at such a time. Please Itachi, do not personal feelings get in the way of the missions at hand, we are working towards a greater goal.” With that the subject was ended, Itachi would not push his luck any further. The meeting was soon ended, Pain’s final words sent a chill down Itachi’s spin, “The Boy is nothing more then a Beast we need to gain our goals, anyone who thinks otherwise must speak to me personally”
Itachi’s eyes began to adjust to the light as he exited the cave. “Kukukuku” came a deep voice from behind him, the man named Kakazu slowly emerging, “You should know that there is no value in that child besides the money he can provide for us.” Kakazu said not even stopping as he disappeared into the thick forest going towards the Village Hidden in the Springs. “Don’t worry Itachi, I will make sure no one harms him till the time is right” came another voice softer and femine as the only female member of Akatsuki exited the cave, her long blue hair covering most of her soft porseline like face, her peircings shinning in the suns reflection. “I have told Orochimaru and Sasori to wait here while you escort me to the beast” her beautiful feature remain cold and lifeless. Itachi could see a deep sorrow in her unlike Pain who had a dead features she still seemed alive outside by dead inside. “This way we let him continue training not too far from here” Itachi motioned as he leaped to the trees above moving quickly to the destination. “You left the beast in the open ungaurded?” the woman named Konan asked as they moved through the trees but Itachi did not reply, he just kept moving forward.

The Trees broke again to show lavish sunlight raining down onto a small clearing, Konan had to stop as the sun glared. Once her eyes adjusted she could understand how Itachi was able to keep the boy safe. In the centre of the clearing was a large dome of water rippling around, she could see the shape of a child on the inside but the water made the figure unclear, inside was 3 large men Konan could tell these where clones. “See the water is like a giant bubble the inside has oxygen still but this water” Kisame said as he walked towards the dome placing his hands on the shimmering surface, “this water is infused with my Chakra there is no way through it, anyone that comes in contact will be trapped” Kisame continued his large shark like grin reflecting. “It seems I may have under estimated you two, please let the boy know we are here to take him” Konan said her tone now more impressed and less demanding. Itachi closed his eyes and Konan could see the figures point towards her, she could still see the boys figure but could not make out his exact features the water made his colouring seem all the same, the boy began to move towards the side of the dome that they where standing. As he came closer she could feel her heart race, this was one of the monsters Pain needed for their dream of peace, she knew how important her job was. Though she didn’t understand why her heart was racing, she could see the boy getting closer and finally as he reached the edge of the Dome her heart sank. “Yahiko!”


10 Responses

  1. wew, nice story…

    keep it up:d

  2. I’m liking this story more ans more. However, your grammar still needs some work. Though I could tell what you were trying to say, it was distracting to re-read some sentences. Overall good job. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  3. Thanks Zep sorry for the frustrations lol I try use the websites proof read and it helps with somethings but its difficult to get it right, What would be nice is if I could find a proof reader as a person to go over my writing after I have completed it but problem is not many people seem to read this fiction at the moment…. so I will try be more correct with grammar 🙂

  4. Great fanfic pein!

    I read all three chapters yesterday and I really like this story. Will you introduce some original characters or will you just use the Akatsuki members from the manga?

    Like zep said, the grammar isn’t perfect, but it’s not bad either. Could I be the person that proof reads your fic after you have completed it?
    I’m on summer break now and I’ve got lots of free time on my hands, so if you want you can send me an email with the draft of the next chapter.

  5. P0A as advice i will tell you what i do, i use microsoft word to write the post in and then copy it here, word got pretty good spellcheck

    I do read this fanfic but i just don’t comment on it cause i just don’t know what to say lol

  6. I am not a huge fan of fanfic but after reading your work. I must say you have changed my way of thought on fanfic. Keep up the great work. Great originality by the way.

  7. im liking where your story is going. id give ya some crap for grammar, but my own fanfic chapter is done and will be getting posted with not very good grammar. though MS word will be aquired soon.

    i like to see how you setup kisames water bubble. a nice bit of inginuity.

  8. @ Dragon – Thanks for the offer, It would be a great help but how would I get them to you @_@ is the problem…

    @ White – I will try that, I just find MS word annoying sometimes but if it will help it will be worth it

    @ everyone – shot for the comments and reading the fiction 🙂

  9. @pein: Well, after you’ve written it, maybe you can copy it on word and then send me an email with it? If you’re a moderator on here, you can try editing my comment and you’ll see my email.

  10. lol I am not a moderator here but I could try do it on WRA if you comment there @_@ ?

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