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Bleach Chapter 454 – Two People Under the Moonlight

Read the Chapter

Sorry for the late release guys, I’ve had a hectic week to say the least. This review is going to be brief, but that’s okay, most of the chapter was just a lead in for the action to come.

The first two pages of this chapter are of Isshin and Urahara. The only notable thing I could say about it is 1.) they appear to be done with whatever they were working on, and are heading somewhere, and 2.) Isshin seems to be carrying some sort of reiatsu composed sword. Hopefully it is a gift for Ichigo, and maybe, just maybe, it is the dormant Zangetsu…

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Naruto Chapter 545 – Just as Planned!

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Chapter 545 is here and it’s one sweet read. It’s been a long wait, but we’re getting the first taste of the new Naruto showing off what he can do and pwning ass while doing it. On top of that, he’s showing off powers we’ve never seen before from out of nowhere. Is Kishi giving Naruto the “Sasuke” treatment we’ve been complaining about for so long?
– Naruto’s heading to the front to help out with the Zetsu clone problem, but too bad Madara has to pull his “just as planned” card here – essentially declaring any progress our hero will make from the alliance side in the next few chapters is futile and playing right into his hand.
– The odd thing is, Shikaku and the Raikage’s assistant both clearly know very well this could be a trap, yet they’re willing to throw caution to the wind because it just so happens Naruto’s new powers are perfect for solving the Zetsu infiltration problem.
– Then again, I didn’t realize just how devastating the clones have been on the alliance army. Even the tent where Shizune is researching Zetsu is strewn with dead shinobis – notice they’re not Zetsu clones since they haven’t reverted to his form after death so the clones must have made many attempts at breaking in to the encampment.
– Wow, I didn’t realize the ninja world has the technology to do DNA sequencing; it’s just a pretty odd juxtaposition because they’re still fighting with daggers and swords, yet have such advanced medical technology.
– And by what Tsunade said, it seems Madara has a good understanding of secret of genes as wells since he has made himself as immortal as the rest of his army. If Orochimaru was still around, he’d be begging Madara to share with him his secrets.
– The good news is, since his opponents are technically dead anyways, Naruto has no need to hold back in killing them off and we get to see the extent of his new powers.
– Naruto is really getting good at using those chakra arms of his, even allowing him to form Rasengans with them. The Rasengan Riot was a sweet move and is a pretty good demonstration of how articulate Naruto has become in controlling his new powers.
– The giant frog summon was pretty neat too, especially after Naruto did a little misdirection by using the mini-rasengan first. Naruto has used giant toads before in battle like his famous fight versus Pain, but I had always thought the toads were recruited by Ma and Pa toad. Here, Naruto clearly proves he’s the one doing the summoning. Does this mean Naruto is becoming more familiar with seals? I would hope so because after gaining the yellow flash from his dad, it would be nice if some of Kushina’s sealing abilities would rub off on Naruto as well.
– I’m not sure about this mass shadow clone move Naruto does at the end. Yes, it will allow him to help out on all battlefields at once, but it’s a tremendous chakra drain to maintain. And despite how dangerous the Zetsu clones are, Naruto should be more focused on Madara who’s coming to town with possibly six of the world’s strongest shinobi at his command – not to mention he still has Sasuke as his trump card. Also, we haven’t really established just how much time Naruto has in his new form, so far he’s been recklessly using it on flashy moves, I just hope he doesn’t sputter out before the main event.

Modern Shinobi: Revelations

This is my new fanfic. Here’s the set up: This story takes place in the modern day Naruzepverse where everything Kishimoto has written up until now still happened. Also elements of my other stories are referenced, though not many since I still want this to have it’s own life.
Since this story takes place in modern times, as the title suggest, I need to establish a history. And since the manga is still going, and we don’t know the outcome as of yet, in this universe Naruto defeated Sasuke, and the two joined forces to defeat Tobi (I still refuse to call him Madara) and end the Great Ninja War. Whether this is to happen in the actual manga, or not, is irrelevant for the purpose of this fanfic.
I hope those reading this fanfic understands why such changes had to be made. Also to make things flow faster, I’m going to do a {Trivia} section, in which I’m going to add tidbits on certain things (historic facts, name translations, minor explanations, etc.) instead of dragging the story with boring explanations. Thank you, and enjoy.


Chapter 1: Revelations

Timeline: 200 years after the last Great Ninja War.

Location: Wakaba* City. (*New Leaves)

 It was a regular friday afternoon in the City of New Leaves. Children were just getting out of school, getting ready to enjoy the weekend. Except for 17 year old Kaze Uzumaki, who stayed after school for detention. His offense, the usual, a fight at school with whoever happened to tick him off that day. With so many detentions, it’s a surprise he hasn’t been suspended from his school, Wakaba High.

It was Kaze’s hot blooded temper, along with his wild orange hair, and ‘whisker-like’ scars on his cheek that earned him the nickname ‘Hinote no Kitsune’ (Fox of blaze) among the student body. His constant anger outburst. caused most of the students not to like him, and constantly try to avoid him. However, not all the students of Wakaba High School hate him. Some, few as they are, embrace him for who he is. “Yo, Firefox! Where you going?” asked Unarimaru Inuzuka, or Unari as his friends call him. “Where you think? His usual after school pit stop.” answered Komuri Nara, another of Kaze’s friends. “Oh. Alright, see’ya after detention!” stated Unari as Kaze made his way inside the classroom.

“Who was it today, Kaze-san?” expressed his homeroom teacher. “That smug Uchiha kid, Umino-sensei.” “What am I going to do with you?” Tarumu smiled after giving out a purposed sigh.  Kaze was fortunate to have Tarumu Umino as his homeroom teacher; he was as his name states, relaxed, loose, and a bit of a slacker. “Well, you know what to do.” calmly stated Tarumu, as he motioned Kaze to his seat.”pshst” is all that came out of Kaze’s mouth.

Though he gave the appearance of hating detention, Kaze has grown to get used to it. He’s been there so many times that Tarumu lets him do whatever he wants, as long as he keeps to himself. Kaze mostly uses detention to read some of his books. Though he may not look like it, Kaze is pretty fond of reading, and is a pretty smart kid. Today he was reading one of his all time favorites: “The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi.” This book has been a part of his family for ages. It has been passed down from one Uzumaki to the next for generations. One thing that always confused him however, was the fact that there was no author to attribute the piece to. No mention of who wrote this book could be found anywhere within it’s pages. It always made him wonder why, but he enjoyed the book nonetheless.

After a few hours Tarumu broke the silence. “You’re free to go Kaze.” Kaze placed his leaf into the book to kark his place. ” ‘Bout time. Same time tomorrow, Sensei?” joked Kaze. “Hope not. I think I spend more time with you that my family.” They both laghed. ‘Try to stay out of trouble, would’ya. Unlike you, some of us don’t like staying after school.” chuckled the teacher. “Will do, Umino-sensei.” smiled Kaze.

Outside his friends were waiting patiently for Kaze to meet with them. “Took you long enough. Now it looks like we’re going to have to walk in the rain. Man, my ponytail is going to get messed up.” Kumori expressed his discomfort, while staring at the clouds. He was the same age as Kaze, a bit taller though. “Yeah, and Kiba is going to get all wet!” added Unarimaru, a year younger than his companions. “You know, I don’t remember asking you two to wait for me.” replied Kaze. After a silent pause, the three friends burst into laughter. It was silenced by Kaze showing concern as he began walking.  “Where’s Hatsuhi?” “She was picked up by her brother a while ago. Said she had to go to some Hyuga Family thing.” came an answer from Kumori, as he and Unari followed. “Psh. Hyuga. Always think they’re better than everyone. I mean Hatsuhi is cool, but I don’t know about the rest of them though.” added Unari. “At least they aren’t like the Uchiha, right?” Another laugh session ensued.


After walking for a good couple of blocks, the three friends noticed something peculiar. “Is it just me, or has the guy behind us been following us for some time now?” “Your senses are accurate as always Unari.” agreed Kaze. “He started back at the convenience store, three blocks ago.” perceived Kumori, the smart one of the group. “I don’t like it. And neither does Kiba. Calm down, boy” said Unarimaru, as he attended to his equally worried pet. Kumori quickly devised a plan. “Listen up, he’s just one man. He can’t be following all of us. That’s be to stupid, we outnumber him. So this is what we’re going to do.  Unari, you take Kiba and make a right on the next street. I’ll go left, Kaze will head straight. Whoever he continues to follow, the other two will back him up. Watch your backs, just in case.”

As they approached said street, the plan took to action. Unari went right with Kiba, while Kumori went left, leaving Kaze by himself. Kaze appeared to be who the lone man was after. Kumori and Unari waited a couple of second before they headed back towards Kaze’s direction. However, something didn’t fit. Kaze had banished, along with the mystery man. “DUDE! Where’s Kaze!?” growled Unari. “I don’t know! This makes no sense! I purposely chose this intersection to separate because all three ways don’t have much communing, and have a long stretch. We should be able to see them.” “Dude, we’re the only one’s here!” expressed Unari. “I CAN see that!” emphasized Kumori, as he thought to himself “What the hell happened?” 


After walking fo a bit Kaze started to get concerned. “Where are those two? And what happened to the guy that was following me? For that matter, where am I?” Kaze didn’t recognize anything surrounding him. The street he has traveled many a time looked nothing like it should. In matter of fact, it didn’t look like a street at all. Kaze was in the middle of a forest. “You seem lost.” a voice was heard. “Who’s there? Who said …” Kaze’s questions were interrupted “…that? Is that what you were going to ask? Funny how everyone asks the same thing. I bet ‘Where am I?’ was going to be the following one, am I right?”
“Well, smart-ass, since you brought it up. Where am …”
“You’re in the same location you were just a minute ago.”
“Stop messing with me! I’m not stupid! This looks nothing like …”
“Because I choose it to look this way. That’s why! Now shut up and listen. Your life could be in danger, but you could save it if you listen to me!”
“…” Kaze had no idea what was going on. But for one reason, or another, he decided to cooperate.
“You’re in something called a Genjutsu. An illusion. One I am in control of. I could make your brain splatter. Nail you to a cross for eternity. Send you to a never ending drown. Anything I wish, I could make happen. But, I’m not going to make any of that happen. Because, believe it or not, I’m here to help you.”

Now Kaze really didn’t know what was going on. Genjutsu? Is that even possible. That only existed in the stories he liked to read. It couldn’t be real. Something’s wasn’t right. Who is this guy. “How good are you at History, young Uzumaki?”
“How you know my name…”
“I’m not an expert, if that’s what you’re looking for. But know enough, i guess.” a safe answer. In reality it was one of Kaze’s favorite subjects.
“What do you know of your surname? Your heritage? Your ancestors?” continued the ominous voice.
“Uzumaki, umm, it means whirlpool. I think?” now Kaze was just playing with him.
” I’m not looking for a damn definition!! Don’t toy with me boy!!”
“Then, what do you want from me!”
“To release yourself from this Genjutsu.”
“What!? I don’t know how to do that!”
“Of coarse you don’t. All knowledge of Ninjutsu has been erased from your modern teachings. I’ll be surprised if you could even make a clone of yourself.”
Ninjutsu? Clone? More terms used in books Kaze read. What was this guy talking about?
“What if I told you that everything you read in those precious books of yours were true. All the abilities. All the wars. All the stories. True.”
“What?! Those are just stories. Nothing more. That stuff can’t be real. Stories, nothing more. That stuff doesn’t exist.”
“And yet, here you are. Stuck on one of those abilities, that ‘don’t exist.'”
“I can’t tell you everything, right now. But if you’re interested, and you should, meet me here.” The landscape changed from a forest setting to what looked like an old village with a mountain with faces carved on them at the end of it. “Do you know where and what this is?”
“Yes, of coarse. Who doesn’t? It’s ‘The Hidden Village’. It’s one of our country’s natural landmarks.”
“Meet me there. Tomorrow. ALONE!”


“But nobody’s allowed in there! Not ever tourist! And it’s heavily guarded by the military!” Suddenly Kaze found himself talking to himself. And not only that but, Kaze was back at the same location he was before he started hearing that strange man’s voice. “Dude, there he is!” exclaimed Unari as he and Kumori made their way towards their friend. “Where were you guys all this time?! I thought you were going to have my back?” exclaimed Kaze. “What you mean? We only lost you for a couple of seconds.” assured Kumori. “A couple of seconds? I had a whole conversation with that guy. It seemed like minutes passed by.” thought Kaze out loud. “That guy! Where that guy go?” asked Unari as he looked around. “Don’t know.” said Kaze. “When we came back to find you, you were alone. We don’t know where he went.” stated Kumori. “It’s as if he banished.” added Unari.



Kaze = Wind (for those who didn’t know already); Tarumu = to slacken, to loosen, to relax; Unari = groan, roar, howl, growl, bellow, sough; Kumori = cloudiness, cloudy weather, shadow; Hatsuhi = New Year’s Day sunrise

Ninjutsu is hasn’t been practiced – openly – in over 100 years. (This will be explained on later chapters)

Wakabi City was founded by Heiji Uzumaki: a descendant of both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. (Heiji = time of peace)

Kiba is a white husky with gray fur on his back and outlining his face. He has yellow eyes. He’s 1 year old.

Hatsuhi and Kaze openly like each other, but aren’t in a relationship.

Konoha is known in modern times as simply ‘The Hidden Village’. It’s like ‘The Forbidden City’ in China, only that it’s not a tourist attraction.