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One Piece Chapter 630- SIde Effects

Well not the most exciting chapter we have read so far, but it was a chapter that cannot be avoided. It is better to have a chapter totally dedicated to the crew of NFP (abbreviation for New Fishman Pirates). Basically we learn the goods and bad of the NFP crew, and the center of attraction is the transformation Hordy is undergoing. This chapter is sort of Oda’s way of sending the message to kids that drugs are bad and have severer side effects.

The Energy Steroid Pills

In the resent chapters we have been introduced to the NFP of who each member is and what their weaknesses and strengths. To me it seems that the only strength the NFP have is the Energy steroid pills. The thing that we know about this drug is that it strengthens the person ten fold every time it is taking. But take too much and it can be a life threatening situation. Hordy shows that taking to much can put a tremendous stress and damage to the body as to Hordy was showing how much in pain he was. Also it the pills show how much of a difference of a fighter a person is when it is used as to how Dosun was easily beaten by Prince Fukaboshi, but when Dosun consumed the drug his strength seemed to go up a dramatic level. My theory on the pills is that they work in a similar way as Choppers rumble ball. That taking one can power up the user but taking more than one can have better power up but the strain on the body is too huge.

New Fishman Pirates

There is one thing that I learned from One Piece is that never judge a book by its cover, what I mean is that do not come to the conclusion that the NFP are a no match for the SH crew. So far my favorite out of the NFP is Hyozo the drunken assassin. In my opinion he is the only one I see out of the NFP giving the SH a hard time and his style is flamboyant with his sluggish but deadly style. Dosun also shows that he has a sort of split personality when he talks it reflects how strong he is. Ikaros was the funniest, on how he hates fire because he does not want to be dried up. Zeo is the strangest because he proclaims he is a noble which is ironic because is it not that he is fighting against people who are nobles. The way I see it is that this chapter was made to re-introduce the NFP and I think it is better than to have to learn about them in the up coming chapters.

The Fishman Arc

The Fishman Island arc has been very unpredictable; which brings me to the thought that the NFP are not the only villains in this arc. I can see that after the SH take care of the current situation, a new enemy will come to face the SH crew. This new enemy can be of two possibilities. One is that the Marines have fallowed the SH to Fishman Island and will try to arrest them. Two it is a new set of enemy that we have never being introduced to. But I see possibility one being the more likely scenario. But to get back on the current chapter and its conclusion which I think that Hordy is undergoing a major transformation that will give him a major power up, but that he can only keep that power if he consumes more pills. Overall it was not the greatest chapter, but it was a chapter that was needed.

Enjoy the artistic style of One Piece.

Naruto Rap Battle Conclusion

Profess = 17.54%

Tensa Grizzla = 3.51%

Fleece Johnson = 1.75%

Kisuzachi = 29.82%

Uchiha the Infamous = 28.07%

Envy = 1.75%

Suna no Ken = 15.79%

Naruruler = 1.75%


Kisu wins bishes,

He flows like the fishes,

Lyrics shiny like washed dishes

He’s got Raikage swag and is fly like witches!

Its out! Naruto, One Piece and Bleach chapters!

Link to Naruto chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/57765310/1

Link to One Piece chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/90017316/1

Link to Bleach chapter: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/45461370/1