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Fairy Tail 240 – Red Ice

First of all thanks to Zep for doing a great job on the review last week.

read it here

This was an awesome chapter that made us see the the true powers of Ultear.

Meredy is told to escape the island with Zeref while Ultear will take care of gray. The funny parts of this chapter were kinda useless but i can live with it. Juvia wakes up when Gray just calls out to her Gray tells her to follow meredy and like the loyal dog she is she does as she’s been told. However because of her injured leg she can’t walk but it seems she can crawl at amazing speed.

Ultear shows off her abilities by evaporating Grays ice magic and clearly gains the upper hand in this battle. Ultear tells Gray she learned this magic to kill her mother i don’t know what made her to such a crazy bitch but i guess we’ll find out the next chapter.

Ultear tells Gray that she has always hated her mother Gray gets angry and replies that ur has always been thinking about her. Ultear shows that she’s quite formidable in hand to hand fighting too as she easily knocks Gray back. Gray tells her that he will take her down with ur’s magic. With that he cuts himself. Ultear gets too confident but can’t evaporate the ice because of the blood. Gray deals a heavy blow to her and it looks like a finishing move. If i remember correctly this was the attack Gray used to beat the crap out of Leon

Fairy Tail 240 Page 16

 However Ultear is no pushover and is forced to throw away her pride to use Ice magic wich has been a discussion wether she would be able to use it or not. 

Fairy Tail 240 Page 19


5 Responses

  1. I was actually surprised that Grey used his blood to use it against her. I was more surprised that Ultear actually knows Ice Make. Good chapter overall.

  2. Awesome Chapter, great review.
    Totally hyped to see Ultear use ice-magic, since she’s just as, if not more, powerful than Ur

  3. WS you should make a FaIry Tail blog-site. That’ll be awesome!

  4. Zep i’m not tthe type of person that can make a blog site succesfull and doing it on shannaro is good enough for me it’s not like i want to make money with it. Also i don’t think bob will mind if we publish some Fairytail stuff on here like fanfics or theory posts 😛

  5. by all means, I encourage it. And it gives readers an opportunity to pick up on other awesome manga and break away from Naruto-tunnel vision.

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