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The Black Flames 2 – Blood Red

A week had passed since the “revolution” the blood of the battles had washed away, the fires had died and Konoha had begun to rebuild, the Feudal Lords had seemed to not care of the inner politics, they had just wanted the power of their military intact. Fugaku, the new Hokage, was proud of his peoples accomplishment, though he knew the battle was not completely won, he couldn’t rest now. Looking down at his paper, he knew the success of his plan would rely on this next meeting. With that he heard his door open, a tall man walked in face hidden beneath cloth, only his one eye exposed, his hair was white and eye’s black. His whole appearance would be best described as gray, no color and his eyes seemed empty. “Kakashi Hatake, I have heard a lot about you.” Fugaku stood from his seat greeting the man named Kakashi, but Kakashi gave no response, he just slowly walked to the desk and stood by the chair across from Fugaku. “Please have a seat” Fugaku said as he gesturing towards the chair whilst sitting himself.

“Thank you” the man named Kakashi finally speaks, his words sound weary and tired. “I am sorry, I am late, I had a few things to take care of, I am sure you understand. There has been a lot to take in since returning a few days ago” he continues, words more weary yet still challenging. “Ah that is no trouble, we are not pressed for time anymore, I do believe you would have heard of the past while events from your fellow ninja, most of whom where unharmed during the struggle.” Fugaku was still polite, he knew the importance of this meeting he couldn’t risk it all falling apart now. Kakashi still sat unmoved but replied, “Yes but I think you brought me here for something more than just idol chit-chat.” His impatient tone seemed to frustrate Fugaku.

“Ah, straight to the point I see, you where always one for direct, should have guessed your style as a ninja would correspond with the way you live” Said Fugaku smiling. “But you are right, I need your help… Well to put it better the Village needs your help.”

“My Help? What would you need me for?”

“It’s the High Ranked Ninja and ANBU, I am still unsure, if we can trust them.”

“How do they know we can trust you” Kakashi interrupted. Fugaku was beginning to show his annoyance at Kakashi defiance. “Please Kakashi, let me explain, if I asked you to kill everyone you loved, all your comrades for the good of Konoha would you do it?” Fugaku waited as it seemed Kakashi mulled over the words he heard. “I read your file, Kakashi Hatake, son of the Legendary White Fang of Konoha. Reached Jonin level at a very young age, was placed in a squad with the future 4th Hokage, Rin and Obito Uchiha in that squad. Is this correct?” Fugaku was direct and precise. Kakashi waiting a second before replying. “So you know my history, yes that is all true.”

“Ah now you see, you remember young Obito Uchiha, I actually know his mother well, his father unfortunately died in the war, but would you say he was blood thirsty, power-hungry or even a threat to you or to Konoha?”

Kakashi again found it hard to talk, he felt conflicted. His covered eye began to feel like its burning. “No, Obito was a good kid, he was my friend and taught me a valuable lesson about team work and friendship.” Kakashi could feel where this was going, the new Hokage’s eyes even black now seemed to be piercing him, like he was being examined. Fugaku began again “So you may not agree with me but you cannot say, I am the same as Obito? Yet that is what the previous leaders said, they had believed if you are born a Uchiha you are evil, and deserved to die. If Obito was alive he would have been killed to.”

Kakashi was silent, unsure of what to say.

“Well I want to begin a new Konoha, where one isn’t judged by the Clan you are born from, the Hyuuga will no longer have a Branch and Main Household. People will be judged by their individual actions, we will ensure that we create a comradeship between everyone.” Fugaku could see Kakashi had begun to turn, these words where like water to thirsty man. He knew this would change the perception of one of Konoha’s most respected ninja and he knew this would be the turn of the struggle for the Uchiha. “I may believe the Uchiha are superior fighters but I believe that Teams such as yours would create a more powerful Konoha and that is what we want.”

Kakashi had come in that day wanting speak his mind and give up on being a ninja, he believed the Coup was in direct disrespect to his friends, but somewhere there even in the man he had once perceived as evil. He saw himself, “those who don’t protect their comrades are less than trash” he heard Obito’s words. He knew what the Hokage had asked but could he show what he knew now to the others?

The Mist covered the fields, Naruto felt the chill of the morning on his skin, the coat Itachi gave him had been too big so he opted for his Orange Jump Suite. “You’ll stick out like a sore thumb” Itachi had said to him, but for now he felt like he wanted to be noticed a bit. “We will train here.” Itachi finally stopped and looked around, the area was clear surrounded by tree’s in all directions. A log had been sitting in the middle of the area, Itachi began to make his way there. “Naruto, you need to learn to fight. Taijutsu” Naruto began to get excited at the prospect of becoming a ninja and had some basic training in the Academy but was never really good. Itachi looked around again and finally brought his fingers together. “Wait!! That’s ninjutsu!! How am I supposed to…” Naruto had seen the Chunin at the class preform basic ninjutsu and had been pretty powerful but in a puff of smoke Itachi seemed to split into 2. “This is a Clone of me, unlike the Clones taught to you in ninja school this one is not an illusion, he has about 0.01% of my power, I want you to go all out against him!” Itachi motioned to the new clone he created, before turning to sit down on the stump. “This is gonna be easy!! Dattebyo! You should have taken me on full strength this won’t even break a sweat!” With that the Itachi Clone vanished and in an instant stood before Naruto, kicking him in his chest. It felt like he had been hit by a truck and he could feel all the air in his lungs knock out of him. He tried to regain himself but it felt as though everything was going too fast, he clawed into the earth as trying to slow down, when he finally stopped he had been thrown a long way from the clone. His Hands where bleeding, many small cuts across his hands, it felt as though the bones in his hands where broken. The clone after a short hesitation went full-out to Naruto… but as he came closer another figure seemed to appear just as quickly, stepping in front of Naruto, he was a tall man but Naruto couldn’t see much else, only his large sword swinging through the clones body and destroying it in one shot but as fast as this man appeared Itachi had moved between Naruto and this new man.

Slowly turning to face Itachi, the man who had stopped the clone seemed to be a monster, his pale blue skin and shark like features sent shivers down Naruto’s spine, he could barely breath, it seemed that the air had become thinner, an intense pressure pushed him and surrounded him. Itachi stood firm in front of Naruto making it difficult to see this new man completely. “Who are you?!” Itachi asked, raising his voice slightly, but the blue skinned man just smiled showing his sharp pointing teeth. Naruto finally realized the coat, this man had the same one on. “I am Kisame, the Beast of the Hidden Mist Village. I am your new Partner Itachi.” They stood for a moment watching each others movements, each breath anticipating an attack, “our mutual friend gave me the run down of this operation. It was because of him that I could get this sword” Kisame pointed to the sword wrapped in bandages around in his hand, “I know that he also helped you get those eyes” Kisame slowly sheathed his stranger sword. “How do we know we can trust you?” Itachi replied, wasting little time. “You don’t, I am like a Shark, Sharks start out as eggs, but incubate and hatch in the womb. Sometimes the number of pups is less than the number of eggs that were fertilized. Do you know why? Cannibalism. The pups start eating each other within the mother’s womb the moment they hatch. They start killing their siblings the moment they enter the world, viewing everything they see as nothing more than prey. As of today you and I are fellow members of Akatsuki. So be careful… of me”

With that Kisame turned to face the log, but he immediatly dropped to the ground. “What was that!!” Kisame screamed, as the he seemed to just drop out of pain. “That was my Tsukuyomi” Itachi replied calmly, “Do not threaten me or this boy, or I will make you suffer longer next time” Itachi continued. Kisame seemed stunned by this ability. Naruto could see the pain wrenched on Kisame’s face leave as a wry smile started to form on the shark man’s face. “You seem to be an interesting man…” Kisame said slightly tinged with anger, “I will have to keep my eye on you, but do not think that I will fall so easily next time… I still have some tricks in me.” with that Naruto could feel the air become even densere. “Enough!” Itachi shouted as he could see Naruto suffering under the pressure of Kisame’s Chakra. “Hahaha, and that was me just getting started” Kisame laughed as he began walking to the log in the middle of the clearing. “If you are gonna train this beast boy, I would teach him Chakra control first…”

“What does he mean, Beast Boy?” Naruto asked pulling on Itachi’s coat. “This is not the time, will let you know soon enough.” Itachi replied. Suddenly Kisame stopped and started to laugh uncontrollably, “You mean you haven’t told him?” Kisame was laughing so hard he could barely get the words through, “Well this should be interesting”

Kisame abruptly turned to face Naruto again, “Did you not ever wonder why you were hated? treated poorly? had no friends?” with that he was right infront of Naruto, “This is not the time Kisame” Itachi scowled. “Well can’t exactly stop now can we?” His sarcastic tone made Itachi feel like burning him to a crisp on the spot. “Naruto, You are a monster, like me, your body holds a tailed beast more powerful than any other monster.” Naruto felt his lips moving, mouthing softly “The Nine Tailed Fox”


End Chapter 2

Fairy Tail 240 – Red Ice

First of all thanks to Zep for doing a great job on the review last week.

read it here

This was an awesome chapter that made us see the the true powers of Ultear.

Meredy is told to escape the island with Zeref while Ultear will take care of gray. The funny parts of this chapter were kinda useless but i can live with it. Juvia wakes up when Gray just calls out to her Gray tells her to follow meredy and like the loyal dog she is she does as she’s been told. However because of her injured leg she can’t walk but it seems she can crawl at amazing speed.

Ultear shows off her abilities by evaporating Grays ice magic and clearly gains the upper hand in this battle. Ultear tells Gray she learned this magic to kill her mother i don’t know what made her to such a crazy bitch but i guess we’ll find out the next chapter.

Ultear tells Gray that she has always hated her mother Gray gets angry and replies that ur has always been thinking about her. Ultear shows that she’s quite formidable in hand to hand fighting too as she easily knocks Gray back. Gray tells her that he will take her down with ur’s magic. With that he cuts himself. Ultear gets too confident but can’t evaporate the ice because of the blood. Gray deals a heavy blow to her and it looks like a finishing move. If i remember correctly this was the attack Gray used to beat the crap out of Leon

Fairy Tail 240 Page 16

 However Ultear is no pushover and is forced to throw away her pride to use Ice magic wich has been a discussion wether she would be able to use it or not. 

Fairy Tail 240 Page 19