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Shannaro Shippuden Ch.1 The great return

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High everybody. It’s Suna No Ken here once again with a fanfiction. Wow, it’s been over a year since I quit my old Insanity Tournament Fanfic and switched to writting some better stuff on other websites, but I could never forget about Shannaro and all the awesome buddies I made here. A long time ago I got permission from White Shinobi to do a Shippuden version of his Shanaro fanfic. I wrote over forty chapters of it in my notebooks but never got around to publishing them, until now. Ladies (whatever few we have left) and gentleman I am proud to present The first chapter of Shannaro Shippuden!

It has been seventeen years sinec the village was cast into the ultimate petrification jutsu. Unable to move forward in time, the villagers unkowingly waited until the day when they might be broken free of the retched, cursed, jutsu and allow them to live once more. Their only hope was for Bob’s return. Bob, the current Genkage, had seen the path Shannaro was heading down and had taken measures into his own hands to ensure the survival of the village. With the threat of annhilation looming and ninja ranks dropping heavily, the Genkage cast a jutsu from the villages scroll of forbidden techniques, transforming every ninja that volunteered for it back into tiny babies. With just enough time to reverse summon them all to Shannaro’s secret safe haven Bob and the ninja babies were able to escape the same fate as the village. With over five hundred ninja babies to take care of, Bob wasted no time, planning ways to train, people who’s help he could enlist, and how to raise these childen to take back their home from the ones that caused it’s petrification. Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.

In a final ploy to establish some form of peace, the Genkage halted the fifth and last great ninja war from the two opposing sides of Naruto’s village and allies, and Sasuke’s conquered village’s. The three Kage were in a stalemate of power, Naruto and Sasuke on par with Bob weaker but strong enough to gravely injure the two should a fight occur, allowing the third to finish the other off. However, after the final attack from Kurogyouten the village and bob were severly weakened. Sasuke attacked at the chance to gain the advantage over Naruto, while Naruto rushed to the village to try and ensure Sasuke didnt destroy the already fragile status quo. When their two forces met those of Shannaro all hell broke loose, and at one point Naruto and Sasuke broke away from the battle and cornered Bob. After a short battle, Bob managed to outsmart the two and get away just as Naruto and Sasuke, in their state of fury, started the petrification jutsu. After three hours, the jutsu was finished and the two believed they had won, until a note was found in both of their battle tents. Bob had survived and was training a new force. The status quo was still in effect, and so a shaky peace reigns in the land. Today however was the daawn of a new day.

Out side the Hokages battle chambers:

Naruto raised his head up from the scroll he was reading as several shouts from outside his battle tent were suddenly silenced. Sighing, he leaned back in his chair and waited for a few moments before his tent flap was pushed aside and a man he prayed he’d never see again walked inside.

“So, the Genkages back.” Naruto said nonchalantly. He looked Bob up and down then furrowed his brows. “I remember you being taller.”

Bob nearly tripped at the statement but recovered and took the seat infront of Naruto’s desk, rubbing his eye’s. “Yeah, well to keep up with a whole new generation of ninja, especially as toddlers, I had to make some tough decisions. Turning myself  twelve was a surprisingly easy one. I havent been 29 in 50 years.”

Naruto nodded in understanding. What he wouldnt do to be young again. “So I take it you’re here to stay is that correct?” At Bob’s nod Naruto let out a sigh of relief. “About time man. I knew Sasuke had a good spy network too, but I honestly didnt think he’d be here on the day of your return too. It’s putting me on edge. However once you unveil your new force of ninja Sasuke will back down. After that we could have that Kage Summit and establish a proper treaty.”

Bob grinned and leaned back in his chair happily. “All those years wont be wasted then. Heh, I never thought you’d be the senior shinobi Naruto. How old are you now?”

“Forty nine.” He said curtly. “Age really does take its toll on you, you know? An assasin nearly caught me in my sleep last year, and I cant heal like I used to now that now that my son’s have the Fox, or as I like to call them the Kit Triplets.” Naruto and Bob laughed for a good minute before Naruto pounded his chest proudly. “I’m still my same old powerful self though.”

“Oh, I believe it.” Bob said enthusiastically. “I mean to defeat Madara, while the fox was sealed inside the Jubi. Even with Sasuke’s help, you two should have died in that battle, no one could believe it when you two won.”

“Yeah, like thats not the understatement of the century. But we have to get down to business. I’ve upheld my end of the bargain you wrote out for me. You can have it at the Kage Summit. For now though I want my information. How are your ‘new’ ninja? Any side effects from that jutsu?”

“Their stronger thats for sure. Their bodies, it seems like they remembered all of their old training and caught on extremely quickly. Not only that but my age jutsu did something…more.”

Naruto narrowed his eyes not liking the sound of that. “What exactly do you mean, more?”

Bob sighed and lowered his head. “Well some of them…mutated. For instance, of those who the jutsu was used on, aboslutely none of them possess the Gofuuungan. Instead it seems that it’s been wiped out of them. Not only that but in a few rare cases some of them seemed to have had their Gofuuungan rewired into the Byakugan and Sharingan, and some into completely different Gan’s.”

Naruto thought this over for a second. If Konoha’s most powerful Kekkei Genkai were found outside of Konoha then that would mean a serious loss of face as no longer being the sole possessor of the eyes. On the other hand, this could benefit the Hyuga clan greatly by showing proof that the Byakugan is out in the world, making the caged bird seal irrelevent. Naruto smiled and asked Bob to continue.

“Well thats almost everything except for a few cases of my ninja developing strange powers. I have a girl who uses her chakra like a cloak of armor in the shape of a fox, much the same way you used to. There’s a boy who can absorb chakra, pure chakra, from anything and manipulate it to his will. Oh, and he wasnt born this way, but one of my ninja ended up stealing some power from Gaara when he accidently stumbled on our safe haven and went beserk. He can manipulate sand to his will, which is ironic considering his name.”

Naruto chuckled lightly and clapped his hands together. “Wow, you Shannaro ninja may be few in number but you are powerful as hell. I am seriously impressed. And dont worry about the second part of the deal, you’ve just solved some of  the biggest pains in my ass. You’ll get HIM, even if he is a high risk shinobi. The second Genkage will be ready for pick up in ten days. Make sure you’re there.”

Bob nodded in all seriousness and rose to leave, but froze when he felt Naruto’s vast killing intent focused on him. “Oh, and Bob,” Naruto said, “I’ve stuck my neck out for you to get the land of sun to accept you as their new ninja village to get you closer to the other five villages. Dont make me regret that.”

Bob simply gulped, nodded, and exited the tent. He may have been as strong as Naruto now that he was in his prime and Naruto was out of his, but the man had a presence like no one else. Except maybe Sasuke of course. Speaking of which he should probably start moving again.

Outside the Mizukages battle chambers:

Sasuke was getting the cricks out of his neck when he felt Bobs presence. Turning to face the man, Sasuke raised a single eyebrow waiting to hear what Bob had to say.

“Sasuke, we need to talk.” Bob said sternly.

“Obviously.” Was Sasuke’s usual one word reply. Sasuke looked Bob over, and frowned slightly. Something was…off about him, besides being younger ofcourse. Oh, that’s it. “I remember you being taller.”

Bob groaned and ran his hands through his hair. “So I’ve heard. Listen Sasuke, I’m back, and in three hours time my ninja will arrive. If you choose to attack us I will show you no mercy, and neither would Naruto. I’m just about as strong as you two now, maybe a little stronger since I’m younger so here’s what I propose. You accept the terms of peace of at the Kage Summit in two months time and give up this ploy of yours. Please Sasuke, you’re a hero, dont make me destroy you.”

Sasuke glared down at Bob, killing intent radiating off of him strong enough to kill even hardened shinobi should they be unfortunate enough to be put under its effect. However, Bob was a Genkage. Finally Sasuke’s face contorted into a snarl and he turned away from Bob. “No I will not give up on my plan, and you will not talk down to me. You should consider yourself lucky that Genjutsu does not work on you otherwise my Tsukoyumi would have crippled you where you stand.”

Bob inhaled deeply and thought over Sasuke’s words. “Fine then Sasuke, but at least agree to the Kage Summit. Please, this endless fighting is ridiculous.”

Sasuke rounded on Bob, Sharingan spinning wildly. “And if I don’t? Hmm? I could destroy your pathetic village by myself, but then I wouldnt get what i want now would I? Dilemmas, dilemmas.”

Bob sighed and grit his teeth in frustration. He knew Sasuke would act like this. “Sasuke, if you agree to the Kage summit…I’ll give you one of our Sharingan users.”

Sasuke paused in his thoughts and looked over to Bob. He read his whole expression and found not one lie in his sentence. “You have Sharingan users? How?”

“Their not from your clan if that’s what you’re thinking. Our Gofuuungan mutated, and some of the ninja developed Byakugan and Sharingan, along with a few new Gan’s as well. But still…Sharingan.” Bob offered, hoping Sasuke would accept.

Sasuke sat down for a moment before inhaling deeply and looking at Bob. “I have more than enough Sharingan…too much actually. If their not from my clan, you can keep them, I dont care about those eye’s anymore. Regardless of that however, I’ll come to your Summit, so long as yo still hand him over to me. I want the second Genkage.”

Bob nodded, smiling slightly. “Ofcourse. It was out deal after all, and he’s a disgrace to the village anyways. Now get to work on negating the jutsu around my village, I want my ninja to have a proper home to go to.”

Sasuke merely rose and headed out the tent with Bob. Outside Sasuke chuckled lightly. “Heh, there hasnt been a Kage summit since I launched an attack on them. Good times, good times.”

XXXXXXXXXX This is a line break to get to a new scene. I might change it up every now and again.

Finally after seventeen long years, the village was lively again. The people wept with joy, as the strange phenomenon of agelessness passed and they could move along in time once again. Then the ninja returned and people cheered as a sea of teenagers were leaping in the sky, on the rooftops, experienceing the home they once knew for what felt like the first time. And then, in the distance, the Genkage spoke.

“People of Shannaro!” Bob shouted in joy, only to be drowned out by the masses, cheering as loudly as they could. “It is so good to see you all again after so long. We ninja have returned to protect this village, but our job hasnt started just yet. There is still one more thing we have to do first. Even now, my ninja are preparing a jutsu that will be able to transport the village to the land of Sun in the Great Ninja Nation. There we will be known through out the lands and finally achieve our founders dream. The ability to change the world from the inside out and create a power for the good and innocent.”

The crowd ate up every thing Bob said with cheers, appluase and cries. “Shannaro! Shannaro! Hoorah, hoorah! Shannaro!”

“Now Shannaroites, I have been gone a long time and been the Genkage for forty years, though I admit I do not look it. I have grown tired, and so I feel it is time I chose my succesor. I chose long ago, and he is one of the ninja who I left behind to gaurd Shannaro should you be released from the Jutsu before my arrival. He is my loyal friend and comrade, J-sama!”

The village went up in shouts and cries as J-sama joined Bob at the top of the Genkage tower. “J-Sama! J-sama! Hooray for the fifth Genkage!”

J-sama bowed and beamed happily as he shook Bobs hand and addressed the crowd. “People, thank you for your support!  I promise that as Genkage we will become a village of everyones envy, and a shield for all those who need us. Now, lets go to our new home!”

As J-sama finishes his short speech, a bright, white glow envelops the whole village before the village disappeared in a giant puff of smoke. The village traveled through time and space and arrived at their new home, leaving the old land of Shannaro and it’s cursed memories far behind. Still though, memories had a way of catching up to the ones that try to leave them behind. Missing Shannaro by just an hour, two black clad figures stand in what used to be the center of the village.

“Damn, we’re too f**king late. I told you we wouldnt make it s**thead!”

“Shut up Hidan! And be a bit more grateful, after all the time i spent searching for you, you dare speak to me like that? Are you even listening Hidan?”

“Listen it’s your fault we missed them. I may be the only original member of the Akatsuki left, but that doesnt mean I can do everything! When I decided to partner up with you I thought it was so we could serve my lord Jashin, not free political prisoners! You lied top me Sinclaire.”

Sinclaire snarled and turned stalking away from the immortal man. “You fool, the second Genkage is the key to what we both want. His powers, when his seal is released, transcends the power of anyone else alive! Jinchurriki cower at his feet! He is the human embodiment of ferocity and destruction, and I intend to use him to his fullest potential. Not even Naruto and Sasuke can defeat him when his seal is off.”

Hidan grumbled and followed Sinclaire as the headed in the direction fo Konoha, the next most likely place they could get the Genkage. “But if he’s so powerful, hows a weak s**t like you going to control him?”

Sinclaire laughed and raised a single finger, wagging it around. “Because I know his secret, and I have information that he needs. He won’t try to harm me until he feels I am useless to him, but by that time I’ll have what I wanted and he wont be able to touch me. I have it all planned.”

“If you say so” Hidan grumbled, getting ready for the long trip ahead.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ This is what I mean by mixing it up.

Two days after Bob’s return, J-sama was christened the new Genkage. After the ceremony J-sama went to see his new office and speak with Bob.

“You know, it was a real shock when you announced me as your replacement. I never though of myself as then leader type…still I;ve gotta ask, why dont you want to be Genkage anymore, and I mean the real reason, none of that I’m tired crap.”

Bob smirked and looked outside his-no Jay’s-window. The Genkage tower had the best view of the village. “Jay, you’re a great friend, and to be honest, if I didn’t know you’d accept the job I wouldve stayed Genkage, but with you here I can rest easy knowing you’ll protect the village. You see, I’ve had my eyes on three very interesting ninja that I didn’t pay too much attention to before.” Jay looked at Bob shocked. Could it be…?

 “Their old memories of their life before are still gone, and all the new ninja are seventeen, too old to have a personal sensei, but they dont have any real experience. We were going to put them all in team squads anyway, so I guess you want to…”

Bob smiled at his friend and nodded happily. “Yes I want to take a squad under my wing personally to give them the proper schooling they deserve rather than a rushed and wide spread training. I left behind just enough ninja to become proper sensei to these kids, and now that you’re Genkage i can take your spot at training a squad.”

J-sama groaned and sratched his head thinking. “You conniving…you just wanted me to be Genkage so you couldn have fun training some twerps instead of doing paperwork!”

Bob merely grinned and chuckled at Jay’s expression. The new Genkage growled in mock anger before joining in the laughter. “Alright, I guess it cant be helped.” J-sama said before movin to his desk. “Which three twerps do you want Bob?” Bob came forward to the desk and put down three files. Jay looked them over and whistled lowly when he finished. “Well…you might actually have fun.”

Did you know this is a line break? Cause it is.

Three days after the meeting with Bob and J-sama a notice was given to all of the young ninja that had returned to the village. It was time for team placements. The teenagers were all rowdy and excited to finally become, in their minds, real shinobi. Finally after three hours of confusion, teens running around everywhere, and the occasional explosion, there was only three people left waiting for their team leader. Finally one of the boys cracked and yelled into the air.

“What the hell man! It’s been way too long! Where’s out team leader huh?” The boy with a sword and small gourd on his hip shouted to his teammates.

The girl only rolled her eyes before stretching out and walking to the boy. “Who cares really? So what if he’s late, that just means we can be lazy for a little while longer, I for one, am dead tired after this mornings little circus.”

“Whatever. I just want to go on a mission soon and prove my stuff. I’ve been itching for a fight all day.” The third member of their team said. The girl just looked at the boy as if he were crazy while the boy with the sword smiled evily, unsheathing his sword.

“Well, if you’re itching for a fight why dont you take me on goggles boy. You’ve been eyeing me funny all day and I’m sick of it.”

The boy with goggles glared at his teammate and took a ready stance, a small smirk forming on his face. “You fight me and I gaurentee you’ll end up in the hospital.”

“I’d like to see you try!” The sword bo said, charching at the boy in goggles. Just then the girl began to glow and two giant paws made out of chakra extended out from her, attempting to grab the two boys.

“Enough! No fighting!” She shouted angrily at the two boys. The boy with the sword could only swear before he made a motion with his hand and jumped. Immediately his gourd exploded into sand and he gracefully landed on the floating platfor the sand made. The boy with goggles however simply raised his hand to the chakra claw and grunted before the chakra was sucked away into his body. Then he put his hand to the floor and released all the chakra, creating a large crater where he stood.

The three teammates eyed each other warily after their dislay of power, but were suddenly distracted by someones clapping.

“Impressive you three. I’ve been waiting to see how long it would take before you tried and fought each other. It only took an hour, that was pretty fast. Now we can properly begin.”

The three shinobi all felt their jaws drop as they looked at the man who had practically raised them. “Bob-sensei! You’re our team leader?!” The three shouted.

Bob grinned and wiped his nails on his shirt. “Why yes, yes I am. And I am very glad I decided to take you three on as my pupils. All three of you have proven to me that you are the best choice for my squad. Glad to have you aboard, I.O., N.T.G., Suna.”

As he recognized the name, Suna immediately turned to the other boy in surprise. “You mean he’s I.O.?! Ikamazu Oturan! The one who defeated that whole army of mercenaries with Anbu Quazzie when he was only eleven?!”

Ikamazu already knew Suna and instead keyed in on the other name Bob had said. “You mean she’s NTG? The Nine Tailed Girl?! The girl who can make her chakra mimic a Jinchurriki cloak and even defeated Naruto 3-tailed son?!”

Finally NTG recovered from shock and pointed at Suna. “You mean that’s Suna?! Suna No Ken? The one who stole some of the Shukaku’s powers with his legendary hilt of Ten Blades?!”

Bob only rolled his eyes and smiled at his students. “Yes, yes, you’re all very famous within your own right. I was personally surprised when I found out you three had never even met eachother before, ofcourse it was a rather large hiding place. Either way you three have all proven yourselves magnificently and shown that you can be wothy leaders, albeit a bit reckless. We will need you three in the future, so it’s my job to teach you how to be better, make smarter decisions, and survive out there. Am I clear?”

The three students looked at each other before smiling simultaneously and mock salutiong Bob. “Roger!”

“No my name is Bob.” Bob said with a slight groan. Shaking it off Bob pointed out to the vast forest surrounding them. “This forest thrives out here in the land of Sun, it’s almst as large as Konoha’s forest, infact i couldve been if not for those mountains in the distance. I’m going to have you three do a little trial run for me. In that smallest mountain about fifty miles away, is a chest with a timer attached to it. In the chest is a scroll. I want you three to obtain the scroll before the timer runs out in a hour.”

The three ninja nodded at the order and turned to leave, but Bob spoke up once again. “Oh, and by the way, this isn’t a team excercise. This is a free for all. You must race your teammates for the scroll, even fighting them off if you have to. Who ever makes it back here with the scroll will be allowed to keep it as a reward. Now on your ready… get set…GO!”

As soon as the words were out of Bobs dust cloud with holes in the shape of his tree students appeared. Bob laughed and wished his students good luck. They were going to need it.

And thats the end of the first chapter! I hope you all enjoyed it! Please leave a comment, I’m begging you, i want to know if this story is gonna have followers. Oh, and i have some art of everyone who is going to appear in this story. This chapters character art is of Ikamazu Oturan! I.O. is no longer on Shannaro but if he were he’d love thi drawing! Until next time!

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