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Naruto Chapter 544 – Yellow Flash Jr.

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Yes, chapter 544 is here and it is awesome!!  Two things happened in this chapter that made it feel like we’re finally moving to something more significant in this war.  One is seeing Naruto finally achieving the feat we’ve been hoping for since first seeing Minato using it in Kakashi Gaiden: obtaining the moniker of the yellow flash by moving nearly instantly from one spot to another.  The other is seeing the badass new arsenal that Madara is bringing to the war on day 2: the new six bodies of Pain using the bodies of the former Jinchuuriki and topping it off by giving each one a Rinnegan and a Mangekyou Sharingan.  Unless Naruto and KB get to the frontlines pronto, there’s certainly going to be a massacre of the Alliance forces.

It looks like Naruto was finally able to convince the Raikage that he is strong enough to face the forces of Madara and take part in saving the world.  I was kinda surprised Tsunade and Raikage were able to piece everything together so fast with Naruto’s simplistic explanations of what happened to him during the fight with Kyuubi in his subconscious.  If I was the Raikage, I’d be pretty skeptical about the talk of saviors and child of destiny established by the dead Hokage of an opposing nation, particularly when the stakes are so high.  But I guess it does get the story moving along faster, allowing us to move forward towards the epic battles to come.

Even so, the Raikage wasn’t about to let Naruto pass with just words alone.  Even though Naruto is fast, to the Raikage he’s still inferior to his father because while Minato was faster than Raikage in every instance, Naruto has yet to beaten Raikage.  A man like the Raikage respects action, not words, and he needs Naruto to prove to him he is at least on the Fourth Hokage’s level before he even considers letting the boy pass.  Raikag’s last charge at Naruto was definitely intended to kill, if Naruto couldn’t dodge his attack at full power than he has no chance against Madara, so the Raikage might as well kill Naruto before he gets captured playing hero.  Naruto dodging that punch was pretty epic, and it will be the first of many yellow flashes he’ll perform from here on out to take out Madara’s forces.  And now I also see why Minato said those clichéd phrases about responsibility and not failing in the flashback, it’s to make Naruto’s lines more memorable.

Naruto seems very confident that he’ll be able to turn this war around, but he’s still rushing into this without a real plan.  He’s going into this second day of the war pretty much at half charge because he has expanded a lot of his chakra racing to the frontlines and fighting the Raikage.  He’s not like Sasuke, who can pull a Susanoo out of his ass even when he’s half dead, so there’s a real good chance he’ll putter out mid-battle, especially if he’s going to face the Jinchuuriki Pains that Madara has brought out.  Naruto states he won’t screw up, but he’s kind of setting himself up for one – and then having to have his friends save him because he over-committed, perhaps even sacrificing their lives for his.

Speaking of the new Jinchuuriki Pains, I do have a few questions about how they work:

–          Are the Sharingans and Rinnegans in their eyes the real deal or do the Pain bodies somehow take on the eyes of their controller?  I ask this because I can’t see how Madara got so many more Rinnegans to transplant so fast.

–          Were these bodies resurrected by Kabuto or Madara?  I can’t see Madara letting Kabuto have partial control over his prized Jinchuuriki collection, so I’m betting these are 100% his creations.

–          Do the Jinchuuriki still retain the same magnitude of power of their living counterparts?  They Bijuu have been extracted from them, but like Gaara, they may still possess remnant powers of their former selves. It’s just that they can’t transform into a tailed beast or use Bijuu specific powers like a chakra cannon.


That’s it for this week, guys and gals. Let’s hope Naruto gets to the camps and get the Zetsu clone problem resolves fast so we can move to the good stuff soon.



99 Responses

  1. First!! lol

  2. 2nd.

    ~The Infamous One

  3. I was wondering the same thing Bob, because I don’t think it was ever “officially” stated that just because you had the rinnegan any of the bodies are going to have it as well. Then again a lot of things are never really “officially stated” in this manga, smh.

  4. Actually Bob, these jinchurriki were resurrected by Kabuto. If you go back and look at when Kabuto first summoned the dead bodies, You’d see that the Jinchurriki were apart of that mass summoning. However, since the path of pain only needs a dead body to function then Madara no longer needs any help from Kabuto when it comes to controlling the jinchurriki, their all his now. And dangit all but i wanted to publish my new fanfic today. I guess I’ll just wait til tomorrow.
    Suna OUT!

  5. @ Bob
    I think the fact that the fact that all of the jinchuuriki have the same eye pattern as madara show the mark of the rinnegan the power of this jutsu, or something like that.
    It’s possible that Madara could have used Edo Tensei himself. It would explain why he went on a killing spree at the end of Day 1. He could have used those bodies.
    It could also be possible that the jinchuuriki can still use their signature styles. To tell the truth, I do not understand why madara used the Six Paths techniques on them at all. When Pein used this technique he basically lent each body some of his own power. Maybe the situation will be different like the difference between using the dead vs. the undead On one hand, I hope that madara lets the jinchuuriki fight with their own power. In this way, Madara could save some energy for bigger fights. On the other hand, I kind of want Madara to act like Pein. That way, we can see the true extent of his power as well as the capabilities of the new sharingan- rinnegan hybrid ( especially since Sasuke might be sporting a similar look when he finally reappears)!

  6. @Bob

    I agree that the new 6 paths of Pain look to be Kabuto’s bodies, because of the cracked faces (same look as other Edo Tensei), but that doesn’t make any sense. Tobi should have all of the bodies of the prev. hosts, so he should be able to convert them the same way Nagato did. Nagato’s bodies did not have the cracked facial features however.

    It would make a lot of sense to use the old host bodies though, Nagato’s choices seemed to be about some weird psychological trip about Jiraiya’s life and these bodies would all be held dear by each village that they came from, kindof similar to Kabuto’s use of Edo Tensei.

  7. @ Bob the answer to your last question might depend on the answer to your second-to-last. If it’s the rinnegan’s work then it’s doubtful they have knowlege of any special abilities of theirs. If it’s edo tensi at work, then they should be able to.

  8. doh, I forgot about that Kabuto summoned the former Jinchuurikis as well when he showed off his Edo Tensei to Madara before. But I still can’t see Madara doing like a co-jutsu with Kabuto to make these bodies into the paths of Pain. Even if there was a slight chance Kabuto could gain control of the bodies, Madara would not go along with it.

  9. I think Madara will let them use their own styles an maybe just let them use his teleportation jutsu otherwise there’s not much point in him using them seeing as he could probably do all the 6 path techniques himself. Kishi will probably use this section to show off some jinjuuriki individual fighting styles/background after all he completely left them out of the manga until now so they are virtual undeveloped- same with the swordmen!

  10. @Bob to answer 1 of yur questions, the rinnegan the paths now have are a reflection of madara’s. Remember, none of nagato’s paths had the rinnegan eyes b4 they were used as paths. I believe it’s the rinnegan’s special ability to reflect the user’s eyes onto the paths to allow for full 360 degree vision. Also as stated in the manga, the rinnegan is so ultra rare that it is believd to be a freak mutation so no way madara just happens to know about 3 other sets that no 1 else knew about.

    In other note, hellzz yeah! Very excited about yellow flash jr. can’t wait to see him wipe the floor with these bad guys and be the SAVIOR HE IS DESTINED TO BE!

    I think the new paths are Kabuto’s summons which is why madara aint too happy about using them. He can always jst end the jutsu if Kabuto tries to take over

  11. i think, madara instantly copied the technique of kabuto when he demonstrated it to him some past chapters ago, then applying the ability of one pain body to ressurect other body, and lastly using the sharingan to link them for him to control them simultaneously…yet this seems to be a theory somehow

  12. i believe the six pain Jinchuuriki bodies are not what have been resurrected by Kabuto but madara had the original/real bodies of the Jinchuuriki at the time when he extracted the Jinchuuriki from them and it seem he kept the Jinchuuriki bodies in good condition as he did with Sharingans eye he already had in his hideout.

  13. come to think of it, with all this talk about madaras six paths of pain versus kabutos summons, we havent see kabuto in almost as long as sasuke.

  14. tbh this looks like an oversight by kkishi:
    1. whats is the point of using six paths on the undead edo tensei bodies, who can actually fight on their own accord.
    2. if they are to be controlled by madara and use their own jutsu, why not simplify your (madara’s) life and use puppetry.
    3. What made six paths cool was the whole fact that it was nagato’s own jutsu channeled into dead bodies animated through chakra rods. how is this different to edo tensei perhaps aside from giving madara a live stream of the battle?
    I think the eyes are a projection of those of the user, a result of the technique i.e. I am seeing through your eyes

  15. i i want to see itachi and nagato make a move. they seem like there devising a plan to free themselves from kabuto’s will. if that i happens i hope they go after kabuto or tobi.

    i would like to see a rinnegan vs rinnegan battle or itachi actually fight seriously against someone.

  16. if im not mistaken this is only the 2nd thing that naruto has inheritted off his family! 1st being the Rasengan and 2nd inheritting the speed! different type of speed yeah but speed none the less!

  17. in terms of combat skills i mean!

  18. good analysis bob, i always appreciate how you put a good perspective and different view onto the chapters. definately provides a lot more information to consider. i enjoy the reviews as much as the chapters.

  19. @ NSSK

    If those jinjuuriki bodies are the originals that madara kept after extracting the biju how did kabuto get a sample of their DNA to edo them? if thats the case then wouldnt there be 2 sets of those jinjuuriki walking around? (madara’s original bodies and kabuto’s edo’ed ones)

    @ fast

    Im wondering what itachi an nagato are planing too, im pretty sure both of them are strong enough to break free of kabuto’s hold. A rinnegan vs rinnegan battle would be sick but seeing as pain doesnt have the chakra rods in him to even use the 6 paths tech fully can nagato fight in his condition?? Itachi fighting seriously to kill would be amazing but the question is who would he fight? He wont fight his bro again and madara having a rinn/sharingan combo might be too much for an MS user! (Itachi’s still in my top 3 of all naruto guys tho lol) Itachi vs Snake boy junior would be cool but Snake boy junior would simply undo the jutsu before Itachi could kill him! Maybe they might take on the edo summons?!

  20. About the jinchuuriki not possessing their bijuu anymore, I find it highly likely that they can still transform. My reasoning is that Kinkaku and Ginkaku could transform into smaller forms of the Kyuubi, but they aren’t jinchuuriki (like Sora and his psuedo-jinchuuriki forms). So, Madara could have put a small amount of each bijuu’s chakra into the resurrected jinchuuriki, allowing them to transform again. But, I could be entirely wrong, and that’s probably why Tobi (I really don’t think it’s Madara either, but let’s not get into that) gave them the Sharingan and Rinnegan.

    Also, who else is curious as to how Tobi implanted each jinchuuriki with his eyes? The Sharingan I can see, due to the fact that he has a laboratory full of them; but the Rinnegan I can’t, seeing as the only set of Rinnegan eyes that Tobi (most likely) possesses are Nagato’s, who, unless I -REALLY- suck at math, only has two eyes, not six.

  21. @bob

    I think Madara was just being stupid by using Kabuto’s edo’s I think Kabuto will take control of them at a certain moment to screw Madara over

  22. Does anyone here think that Madara and Kabuto made a trade? Kabuto allowed Madara to resummon the Jinchuuriki only if Madara provided DNA samples of Jiraiya and Shisui? Just a theory.

  23. @anonymous the jinchurukies hav the the rinnegan bcuz it is being reflected from madara’s. Seriously i thot it was quite OBVIOUS that this was the case, I don’t see why you all are soo baffled by it. Just TRY and remeber, Yahiko did not posses a rinnegan when he was alive. It was not till he was being used as a path that got the eyes, same for rest of nagato’s paths.
    At this point it should be obvious that reflecting the eyes of the user onto the paths is just a BASIC ability of the rinnegan which is why kishi hasn’t even bothered to explain it!

  24. the real question here is: What happened to the other rinnegan eye?? But we don’t know the answer to that.

    The reason why I believe the new paths are indeed edo summons (whether they are Kabuto’s or madara’s is unclear) is that in order to animate the dead jinchurukies (as many of u r suggestion madara saved the dead bodies) you will need the chakra rods. But since I bet madara does want them in his back, he opted for already living (or undead) ninjas which eliminates the necessity of the rod since they can jst use their own chakra

  25. @nasri_8 Like you, I don’t know, but I’m guessing Madara implanted the other rinnegan in Sasuke, so they could be twins or something. Both Sasuke and Naruto recieve power way before they are ready to handle it, but to me, it becomes more obvious with Sasuke.Either that, or ,he pulled a Tien and actually has the eye in his forehead.
    Also, I like your theory about the Edo summons and the Paths tech. Maybe Madara set this up to power up the sharingan’s izanagi with the Rinnegan to recreate the tailed beast effect somehow without actually messing with the Statue of The Outer Path and ruining his plan to resurrect the Ten-Tails. My theories are complicated, but Madara is good for pulling any sort of tricks.

  26. as for the other rinnegan eye in tobi’s possession, i have a theory that next time we see sasuke, he might have it along with an ems eye.

    i think that because as the story goes on, naruto and sasuke are both constantly in a power struggle. in part 1 sasuke was taught chidori and naruto rasegan, sasuke had his curse mark and naruto had his one-tailed kyuubi cloak mode and it goes on and on. for every new technique or show of power we see from either of them, one of them always gets a new technique or ability to one up the other in terms of strength. right now at this point in time, imo naruto is 100% hack power wise. he can even move like minato now, and not mention he has sage mode, kyuubi mode, tailed beast rasengan, and he’s miraculously very smart and analytical in battle. it only makes sense that sasuke one ups naruto and all his hack abilities with some hack abilities of his own. also what else is tobi going to do with the spare rinnegan eye? might as well give it to sasuke so he can fight the oh so inevitable destined fight against naruto.

  27. Since the Jinchuuriki obviously don’t show the Third Eye, Madara could also just be carrying the other rinnegan eye underneath his robes, saving it for a last ditch effort to power up, or, possibly, for an emergency implant after he uses Izanagi. He’s probably going to need both eyes to control the Ten-Tails anyway, just like the Sage.

  28. Using Internet discussion boards, is weird, isn’t it? I enter posts thinking I am entering a thoughtful conversation, but after I submit them, I find hat someone else has already said what I was going to say. Trippy, man! I guess I shouldn’t write such long posts.

  29. @naruto tutor

    lol yeaa me neither i put so much thought into my posts and take my time just to see that some one beat me to my topic lol. ill just co-sign yours.

  30. @Naruto tutor

    I agree with u man, i think madara’s still got the other rinnegan eye and is saving it to either control the 10 tails or for an emergency situation! I hope he hasnt put it in his forehead that would be too much (an besides we already saw Aizen sport the ugly 3 eye look in bleach after ichigo got his tensa/hollow powers)
    I highly doubt sasuke has the other rinnegan coz then he’d be equal in power to madara which i dont think mr biju collector would want lol Sasuke and his EMS and the secret 4th Final Sharingan power is as far as his Doujutsu is gonna go tbh, i wonder what it could be…..maybe a space/time jutsu?

  31. @Tensa
    I agree madara is an ego maniac who would never accept a tie even for first place, but once he got involved with Sasuke, the result is practically a given: Sasuke and Madara are rocking the same eyes. Everyone who trains Naruto or Sasuke ends up offering each of them the keys to kingdom in terms of jutsu. Madara is no different. His only mistake is thinking that Sasuke has his back or that he can be bought off with tricks; sonner or later, Sasuke always turns on his teachers. Watch, Madara really is Sasuke’s Killer Bee (puns are irresistably fun)!

  32. @tensa

    i hope its not a space/time technique. i want to see something amazing and new that we’ve never seen before. he’s going to need something to counter naruto’s new techniques and abilities and a space/time jutsu would be ineffective or make very little difference or no difference at all since he’ll be facing minato jr.

  33. Methinks that Tobi needs his sharingan in order to perform his teleportation jutsu. Like you guys said, he probably has the other rinnegan and the sharingan (maybe what the 3rd eye in the mask is for) aleady implanted. Highly unlikely that he’d give a rarity (as far as we know) such as the rinnegan to Mr Revenge At All Costs…

  34. @ fastninjaa and @uchigatana
    Well, then, Madara probably just gave Sasuke a new pair of Sharingan and kept the good stuff for himself.

  35. Fleese I would love to see madara bring out jiraiya some way I’d would prolly have the same effect on naruto as it would be sasuke seeing itachi being used, I normally wouldn’t be for jiraiya coming back but I miss the old perve , can anyone tell me why hasn’t kabuto brought back the 3rd hokage can’t you get dan from bones id love to see what the old man is really capable of

  36. u guys have to understand this. the sasuke vs. danzou fight was basically showing us that eyes don’t actually have to be implanted in your eye sockets to function. at least thats what i got from that fight. so madara has that other rinnegan on him. and i also think that after every major fight, madara comes to zetsu and ask “did u record the fight?” at first i thought that the recordings served the purpose of amping madara up, but now i see the strategy that he used the white zetsus for. they copied the whole alliance’s chakra and moves, and replay them in front of madara’s sharingan recipients hence cancelling out any possibilities of surprise attacks by the alliance. cause even with the 6 hosts sporting one sharingan, i know the “reflection” statement is thrown out there, and thats understandable. but that’s still only 3 sharingans, sasukes’ 2 and madara’s 1. where the hell are the other ones going too? and why was zetsu recording everything. those are the things thats going to make this war interesting. yeah the biju host, but if its on the same principle of peins tech, then it isn’t undefeatable. kishi likes to throw big things out there to get us to look that way, and then comes out of nowhere and gets us where we don’t expect it.

  37. @just passing, i feel u on that. i too had the strange feeling that the biju’s having the eyes is kind of a distraction. the zetsu infiltrators post no threat now, since naruto is a super sensor ninja, and now the second “flash”, he can sense them all and take them out very quickly. so the zetsu problem is fixed, i do fear that now some major characters are going to start dying, madara isn’t as easygoing as kabuto. take danzous bodyguards for example. and now madara and his amped up team are going to the battlefield to finish things. and all of those sharingans that madara has in storage are going to start showing up in critical moments..and then on top of that, sasuke is going to go completely berserk.

  38. I agree in that the recordings and there purpose have to come to play eventually. Sasuke won’t have the rinnegan, he is all about the Uchiha and is going to stick with his clans abilities. His EMS will be stronger then anyone else before him and he’ll have some other personal tricks up his sleeve but no other type of eyes. I like the 6 tails pein technique, but it all depends on how they will be used and what exactly they can do. Too many classic bad guys and former great ninja have looked like fodder after these edo summons for my taste already.

  39. i think the “real war” is about to start up. look at this, so madara his team of the six paths. so he’s about to take to the field, and he isn’t as easygoing as kabuto, so i suspect a lot of major characters are going to start to die off, and real soon. madara doesn’t think twice about killing, take dazous’ bodyguards. the zetsu surprise attack served its purpose all ready. now that naruto is taking to the field with the flash technique, the zetsu’s are done. but they served to by madara some time so he could get his real fighting force ready, and i might sound weird, but i don’t think the biju host are his main force, i think that lies in all those sharingans he has in storage. and the players that receive those eyes are now getting prepared to go out, but in the meantime they are watching every single major battle that has taken place, and replaying them for the ninja’s that are getting those sharingans. kabuto has a hand left, maybe two. but after seeing the summoning tech madara can bring back the shinobi that he wants to bring back. or what was the reason for learning it. and itachi and pein are gonna be the ones to even the war up in the favor of the alliance. cause i don’t care what actions kabuto takes, i think his goal is to bring oroochimaru back.

  40. man haven’t posted in awhile, but I’m glad to see the story move forward. I was thinking we were going to have a good two more chapters on the whole Naruto – Raikage conversation, but nope. That’s a good think, now we get to see some action. Come on Kishi!! Renew my faith on the Naruto series!!

  41. @Minatofan, I think eventually we will see Jiraiya, because remember when Kabuto and Madara were talking about edo tensei.


    I think Madara & Kabuto made a trade, so Madara could resummon the former Jinchuuriki and Kabuto can get Jiraiya’s and Shisui’s DNA he wanted. Because no matter what Madara had to ask Kabuto if he could resummon the former jinchuuriki to further his plans. I hope the former jinchuuriki don’t get killed quick, I wanna see them put up fight or even kill off some characters (Choji, Tenten, Tsunade). I wanna know what Shisui is capable of because he was considered one of the most talented member of the Uchiha clan.

  42. I don’t think Sasuke has the other eye for the simple reason of his ego. He was even hesitant about taking Itachi’s eyes so I see no reason for to accept something he feels he does not need and that would eliminate the pureness of his Uchia blood. Sasuke would rather stay 100% Uchia if he could help it, so no rinnegan.

    I hated Sasuke until recently in the anime, I sorta get him now and actually like his twisted logics 🙂

  43. you guys are forgetting one critical detail. sasuke may be an ego maniac and have way too much pride in his uchiha heritage, but hes also a power freak. thats the reason he wanted itachi’s eyes in the first place. not because he felt it was right due to anything having to do with itachi or the uchiha clan, but because he wanted more power. especially when it comes to naruto, sasuke wont accept the fact that naruto is stronger than him and imo he would do anything he could to be stronger than naruto. it is kind of a long shot that the next time we see sasuke or at anytime in the manga he’ll have the other rinnegan, but then again it is plausible.

  44. @minatofan

    all four of the previous hokages cant be summoned through edo tensei because all of them either used or had the dead demon consuming seal used on them and now theyre all sealed inside shinigami.

  45. i feel thsty Madara will only give sasuke the other rinnengan when he feels he has total control over him otherwise Sasuke could easily over power Madara! Madara needs the rinnengan to keep above everyone in the power strugge! Sasuke will have incredible power with the EMS! i wonder what its going to look like hey! i can See kabuto and sasuke fighting at some point as kabuto still wants sasukes body doesnt he!

    It will be nice to know how the knew six paths of pain works yes! i would of thought it would be the same but i would also suspect that the chakra rods are only needs for lon distance and as Madara will probably staying either relatively close or fighting with them then it should matter to much!!

  46. Guys …..Sasuke to accept the other rinnengan eye he should first has the 1st hokage power as madara did

  47. @NSSK that can easily be arranged.

  48. dammit, is there ever gonna show the fight against the 1st hokage and madara/kyuubi? I wanna see what beat the hokage was and what abilities madara used in the past.

  49. umm only reason y sasuke accepted itachi’s eyes was because he knew he was going blind. but at this point, he knoes he eternal vision and sees no reason to mess with his pure blood by adding a rinnegan, which at this point t he feels he does not need. I’m not gona argue that he won’t accept it no matter what cuz all it’ll take is a good beating from naruto and him realising the ems is not strong enough. But as it stand atm he ais as strong as an uchia can get.

    I had completely forgotten that ems gives the user one additional ability, can’t wait to see wat it is!

  50. I don’t want to see Sasuke, but I do wanna see his EMS considering his and Itachi’s MS have different color schemes.

  51. “- Were these bodies resurrected by Kabuto or Madara? I can’t see Madara letting Kabuto have partial control over his prized Jinchuuriki collection, so I’m betting these are 100% his creations.”

    They were originally created by Kabuto Yakushi.

    Since Madara has seen Kabuto preform Edo Tensei with his Rinnegan AND his Sharingan (both of which can copy / preform any technique they see, and in the Rinnegans case they learn it instantaneously), he probably can preform Edo Tensei himself / control the zombies as if it were his own. Madara wouldn’t set himself up to fail, especially with the prized Jinchuuriki that now have Rinnegan and Sharingans (that may or may not be Mangekyous) on the line. I doubt Kabuto gave his consent to this either, Madara doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would go up to Kabuto and be like “oh hai Kabuto-kun… I’m borrowing your zombies mkay thx bai.”

    “- Do the Jinchuuriki still retain the same magnitude of power of their living counterparts? They Bijuu have been extracted from them, but like Gaara, they may still possess remnant powers of their former selves. It’s just that they can’t transform into a tailed beast or use Bijuu specific powers like a chakra cannon.”

    I do believe that is the case, Bob-sama. Madara doesn’t seem to be straining himself to use these new Paths… Nagato had to put a lot of strain / chakra into retaining his Paths, he had to constantly emit his own chakra via those chakra rods (the Paths couldn’t live without Nagato’s aid, they were regular people with regular chakra, they needed Nagato’s abnormal chakra’s strength to stay up and running). Madara might be using the Jinchuuriki’s powerful, large supply of chakra, to keep them up and running (which would explain the lack of chakra rods on each body). If the Jinchuuriki are tapping into there own chakra, then they will retain their jutsus and such (i.e. so Roshi will retain his Lava technique he got from his Bijuu, similar to how Gaara kept his Suna techniques despite the source of said power being from his own Bijuu).

  52. @Darth

    Im sure we’ll get the 1st Hokage vs Madara Uchiha flashback soon enough! Thats tooo important a battle for kishi not to show. History says that the 1st Hokage won however when Madara was facing off against Pain’s main bitch (konan) he said he let the 1st hokage win so he could get close enough to steal some DNA an thus be able to access Izanagi aka thee 2nd greatest an forbidden genjutsu (World-wide Infinite Tsukyomi being the 1st lol)… for what reason though??! He must have used it on someone after fighting the 1st……..??!!! Theories anyone???

  53. i think the paths take the yes of the user i doubt madara had other rinnegans just laying around. plus the zombies regenerate i doubt madara could trasnplant eyes. like nagato had his paths and zombie with rinnegans i think what ever eyes the user have the paths will cause they all the see the same thing.

  54. also i doubt kabuto has control, of the jins remember madara forced kabuto to tell him the secretes of the jutsu.

  55. @Tense Gizzla

    I’m assuming Madara Uchiha wanted Izanagi because of the mass amounts of Sharingans he was planning to get from when he decided to massacre the Uchiha. It would just be convenient. Since it’s such a powerful genjutsu (that warps reality), it may be required to accomplish the Infinite Tsukuyomi too.

    Although Madara didn’t desperately want the Senju’s DNA just because he wanted to use Izanagi, he also needed it to make the mass amounts of Zetsu clones (and maybe even create Zetsu himself).

    The Senju’s DNA may also be connected to how he is immortal in some way. Carrying on, he wants to become the Jinchuuriki of the Juubi, the Senju’s life force may be needed to control the being because it brings him a step closer to being a replica of the Sage of the Six Paths (Hashirama’s Mokuton WAS said to be able to tame the Bijuu, greater control over the Bijuu will make it easier to tame the Juubi itself).

  56. All of this talk about Madara and the Six Paths of Pein could be held off for a couple more months. Kishi needs to focus on resolving the 5 or 6 other battles that he suspended. For example, what happened to the other Swordsmen of the Mist? How awesome is a Dust vs. Dust style battle between two Tsuchikage? Is black zetsu just a smack-talking DVR, or can he actually throw down? These questions and others have to be answered first before we get closer to Naruto’s drama.

  57. A possible scenario is that Madara will recreate the Uchiha clan with all his sharingans (possibly in random bodies or he has Uchiha clan members DNA and will use edo tensei). I think that would be fitting with Sasuke leading the army.

  58. @chidori, I wanted Kabuto to do that, but if Madara does it that would be even greater, that would definitely tic Sasuke off to fight Madara.

  59. @fleece

    exactly. sooner or later sasuke should (or at least i hope he does) realize that tobi is just using him and whether or not he is or isnt the real madara, he still took part in the massacre of his entire family and clan. the konoha council may have ordered the assassination of the uchiha clan, but tobi took part in the killing, so imo sasuke is eventually going to go after tobi.

  60. I want to think Sasuke is not an idiot and realizes that Madara is someone who did plenty of harm to the Uchiha. Sasuke no matter how evil he has seemed or what group he joins to gain power always seems to have a plan in the past, but the way the author is making it I have to believe Sasuke won’t change sides on Madara until confronting NAruto in a big battle.

    @ Fleece
    Not sure if Madara raising an Uchiha army would piss off Sasuke, dead is dead and in his eyes might be fitting that he leads them toward redemption. A conversation with his dad as an edo summon and what he thinks about this path from the original plans he came up with of leaving the leaf would be interesting.

  61. @Broken

    Ah, so getting the 1st hokages cells were key to his future plans…that makes sense. Damn he must have really done his research to be detailed lol

    @Chidori and Fleece
    What would be the point in bringing back the Uchiha clan?? yes it would make sense as to why he has all of them sharingans in a safe usable condition but i dont see why that would happen in the story unless Kishi brought back the Uzumaki’s too and created a Uchiha vs Uzumaki clan super battle….


    I have no doubt that sooner or later Sasuke will turn on Madara! Its gona be like with Orochimaru – he’ll use that person to further his power and once he’s got all he can – he’ll turn on them – only difference is this time Madara is probably fully aware of this and will try an sync him with Gedo Mazo before he can strike! U gotta remember Sasuke doesnt trust ANYONE.

    @Naruto tutor
    Yeah i know wat u mean – all of this Madara/Sasuke/Juubi stuff is months away (probably around xmas time if kishi does everything right) Kage battle royale and Kakashi vs Fish squad are the 2 major battles of this war that we need to see…Oh and Black Zetsu is an OG, no doubt he can swing in a fight – he’s clearly the aggressive one and white zetsu’s the sneeky one! Maybe there twins?!?!?!?! lol

  62. @tensa & fast, Sasuke turned on his team, Kakashi who trained him and taught him chidori, his village, Orochimaru, and team Taka, Lol. I just realised he has turned his back on a whole lot of people, also @ tensa it would make sense because it would be like the revenge of the Uchiha clan against the village that tried to control them and keep them in check. Kishi could have Kabuto summon the Uzumaki clan, and Madara could have the Uchiha clan, but that would just be a cluster seeing as how Naruto is now on the battlefield, and Kabuto has Itachi and Nagato (best of both worlds from each clan)

    @Chidori, I really like your idea and I hope it happens, now that I think about it, Madara had enough time to teach Sasuke Edo tensei, and he could of told Sasuke to lead the clan to destroy Konoha while it’s left unprotected as the war is going on. Idk your idea is to good for Kishi

  63. I know it’s pretty obvious about the whole rinnegan and sharingan being reflected onto the user, but here is a theory that just may be plausible. Because Nagato and Itachi are summonings, what would happen if Madara could take Nagato’s or even Itachi’s eyes now, because both of them still have their ocular powers. In theory he would have another set of each. Even if they got killed and came back because of the jutsu they would have another set of eyes with the same abilities. As long as the jutsu is being established you could make an infinite number of copies of eyes. The only way i say an end being put to it is if the jutsu is fully released so that they could not come back again or if they are sealed off. Just a thought, but it more than a plausible way of Madara being able to get multiple sets of the same eye.

  64. And also I’ll say it again, I think Madara is going to put a Byakugan in the third tomoe slot on his mask. If not it may be holding the other Rinnegan eye.

  65. I got one question. How in the world did no one notice all those eyes missing from all the corpses of the dead Uchiha, when they came to examine the scene?

  66. I really don’t see why some of you think Madara is controlling the Jinchuuriki. I forget what chapter, but Kabuto clearly summoned them. And you can’t really undo Edo-Tensei without emotional upheval or the user Reversing the technique, and Kishi wouldn’t leave out such an important confrontation.

    And Saucegay getting the Rinnegan? One thing at a time. We haven’t even seen his EMS yet.

  67. Just for a little side what if….

    Wouldn’t it be kinda interesting if Naruto obtained the Rinnegan and battled Sasuke with the EMS. What if he created his mass shadow clones and each had the Rinnegan. He would never have a problem getting his different paths, lol.

  68. Bob you forgot Naruto’s wits. when he was facing God realm Pain after the Chibaku Tensei and re-sealing of Kyubi, he managed to pull a Shikamaru-like strategy in the span of seconds, which just shows how his mind kinda works. I have faith in him. Just wait n see

  69. I bet Madara is using Kabuto’s edo’s and they are going to bite him in the ass at a good point in the story for them to do it screwing Madara over

    Honestly Madara is not the best schemer in the series he is good but he overlooks a lot of things and his plan’s tend to backfire alot but he still gets somthing out of them by pure luck

  70. Doesn’t anyone else besides me wanna see dust vs dust? lol 😀

  71. I really want Kabuto to be the final antagonist. He’s been waiting in line since Part 1.

  72. yeah Kisu he was in the manga before Orochimaru was

  73. Snake boy junior has been around for ages but i doubt very much he’ll be the final boss. Either Madara, Sasuke or Kakashi will take him out or even Yamato if he makes it out alive! I got the feeling Wood boy junior was strong was weird he got caught so easily!

  74. I’m with Kisu, I said soon as Kabuto revealed all those summons the first time that he became a major power player to become the final villan. Really since he gave them that book about the Akatsuki he has been shaping up to be a beast. Then again something tells me he also may be tooling his body up to release Orochimaru and let him take over his body, so that he can get Sasuke. Because he still has not lost focus on the main objective of Orochimaru. It would be pointless for him to be doing all this if he didn’t have a plan on releasing Orochimaru. I just had a thought what if the final coffin that had Madara scared was Orochimaru’s original body. That would be crazy, because we all know that the only person that consistently threw wrinkles into Madara’s plan was Orochimaru even after he had been sealed. I still stay Orochimaru overal could be the beastest person in Naruto. Just because of three reasons:

    1. He is pound for pound is the most intelligent ninja we have seen.
    2. He has the power, and fighting skills of a top Kage.
    3. He knows a truck load of jutsu, and history on each village.

    Overall he is the complete package. sure there are others that are stronger than him, but no one puts together all the skills needed to be great like him in such a complete form. You see the beast he has influenced Kabuto to become.

  75. @uchiha
    1. I don’t know about orochimaru being the beastest person, but the dude definetly have skills. I didn’t like how he was played out in the series, he was pretty much shoved aside so akatsuki can roll in. I mean the dude took on 4 tailed naruto and was trading blow for blow, and he couldn’t even make a fucking hand sign! And those regenerative abilites of his and a shitload of forbidden jutsus under his belt, the man had serious potential. The way its been displayed, even though he pretty much admitted that itachi was stronger than him, they never actually fought did they? orochimaru tried to take his body, itachi used his sharingan to held him off, that was the end of it.

    2. That being said I sincerely hope that kabuto has some ulterior scheme that doesn’t involve ororchimaru being ressurected; to me kabuto has aleady proven to be better simply for having his regenerative abilites as well as his medical skills as a ninja. First that puppet master, than orochimaru, now madara? He has to be tired of being under someone else’s command and is planning on being the big boss.

  76. @UchihaTheInfamous
    Kabuto can´t summon Orochimaru beacuse he´s soul is seald away in Susanos sword…

  77. forgot to add, sasuke and itachi have won conflicts at times simply because they were sharingan users, how would yall know that orochimaru wasn’t held back by them from taking over thier bodies for that same reason?

  78. From what we’ve seen so far the sharingan allows the user to have some degree of control over thier opponents, as seen when madara controlled the tailed beast, sasuke was seen suppressing the kyubbi, and all the good sharingan users so far seems to be naturally efficent at genjutsu. What if it, again to some degree, allows the user not to be easily controlled as well?

  79. @denny

    That’s true, but Itachi technically isn’t alive anymore, so I think the seal may be broken, just like how Orochimaru was sealed inside of Sasuke. Once Sasuke became to weak, Orochimaru was able to escape because he could no longer supress him. It’s not like Susano’o is a univeral summoning that anyone can summon if they make an agreement. Each Uchiha has to power to unlock their own version of it. It’s another one of those grey areas. Hopefully we’ll find out soon :-).

  80. I don’t think Susanoo is a summon. I think it is a combination of genjutsu and ninjutsu (which is why it requires the 2 MS eyes). The jutsu can change form based on a direct control by the Uchiha using it and it requires that the Uchiha maintains focus. You could say it is almost like the Sage Six Paths creation jutsu, except that it isn’t a permanent creation. We saw Sasuke gradually master the technique (ok maybe not gradually but definitely in increments) but this would be akin to him being better at using the Grand Fireball.

    Now as to whether Oro is freed or not, we don’t even know where he was sealed. The gourd could be an extention of something from Itachi, I would think if anything his eyes, which would mean Sasuke has access to that same dimension (if it is the eyes). The gourd could also represent the sealing in another dimension altogether and once that is complete, it is irreversible (just like DDCS).

  81. Orochimaru was sealed in the sword fo Totsuka. Apprently a sword Orochi was looking for: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Totsuka_Sword. So apparently the sword is something that can be either summoned or materialized in some way. So I would think the quickest way to get the sword back would be to have Itachi summon it, or Kabuto finds out how to summon it himself, and then finding some way to either break the sword or release it’s seal. Just a thought, but like I said it still is a lot of grey area surrounding it.

  82. If Orochimaru returned I’d be well happy! Lol Original Snake boy was straight up bad ass, I love how he dominated part 1 and as a Villain he was much more entertaining than Pain imo. Pain was all tense an serious, Orochimaru’s smile even made me smile every now an then lol Isn’t Kabuto’s objective to learn the SOSP’s secrets??? I swear he said that around the time that he caught yamato….

  83. I don´t want Kabuto to be the final villian.. Beacuse I want ( and think ) that kakashi will be the one who takes him out. Baeacuse Kakashi is going to teach him how grown ups play, and he´s prety pist off at the one who summoned Ice girl and Zabusa, so he´s the one whos going to take out Kabuto

  84. @ UchihaTheInfamous–
    Orochimaru’s spirit/soul escaped the sealing sword (Totsuka sword) a small white snake escaped during the process of sealing, which theoretically means orochimaru’s body that was sealed away, was an empty vessel. Yes, the snake was killed by stray strands of ameratsu, but it does mean that Orochimaru’s soul/spirit escaped sealing. For more evidence, just look at how his DNA is taking over Kabuto, wouldnt that be an orochimaru thing to do, take over the body of his servent from beyond the grave.

    Interesting theory about Susunoo not being a summon, and i suppose in a sense you could be quite right. Susunoo is a manifestation of chakra ( ninjutsu) that takes on various interchangable forms (Genjutsu, in a sense). And seeing as we know about izinagi (spelling?) and its ability to, at the cost of one sharingan eye, make genjutsu real. Perhaps Susunoo is like the point where genjutsu and reality meet through ninjutsu and chakra. Just a thought :p

    — In general–
    I seem to recall the only method of fighting an Uchiha being to run away, or fight 2 on 1 ( 1 being the uchiha). Seeing as they can so easily trap you using genjutsu, which is quite hard to break free from (i suppose) with itachi back one must wonder who his opponent will be, as it can only be someone resistent to his genjutsu, so another sharingan user, or jinchuriki ( maybe KB?) or multiple people.
    Aside from Itachi there is now another 6! sharingans, complimented by the rinnegan eye, the limitations of which we have yet to see, so 6 people who can hold their own against one path each, and another who can do that and deliver chakra to multiple people at the same time…. UNLIKLEY! I think however to see naruto beat another 6 people by himself the way he did Pein/Nagato would be like watching a re-run. So my money is on KB or Kakashi, or a couple of strong support characters from within the series like the previously mentioned KB or Kakashi.

  85. @Dry

    Don’t forget about Might Guy, he’s pretty good against Sharingan users, well according to him he is from always competing with Kakashi.

  86. naruto chapter 545 is out on narutobase.net

  87. OH crap

    Naruto is on a new level…Frikkin 10 rasengans at once. Beautiful

  88. I do like the new rasengan where he sucks people into it, that’s kinda cool. I don’t like the turning things into trees deal, that’s pretty corny even if they are made from plants.

  89. only the zetsus turn into trees a normal person would just die. naruto could probably use that absorbing rasengan to regain health

  90. @clue

    I know, but it still seems a little cheesy, lol.

  91. Now what was cool was when the whole tree shot out of the side of Danzo, lol.

  92. Mini-Rasen Shuriken?.. God that was AWESOME!!!

  93. Does that mean madara will turn into tree if he hit by naruto since he had first hokage DNA/cells

  94. From what we have been shown this is what is supposed to happen, but because of what manga this is, that won’t happen when he actually does fight Madara. You know plot holes magically jump into certain situations. Madara probably will say his famous quote of “Such low level jutsu/tactics/effects won’t work on me.” Because Tobi is a good boy.

  95. @Naruto Tutor

    I really hope those other fights are expanded when they are released in the anime.

  96. lol that would be funny


    great chapter showing us that naruto can make kagebunshin in this form!!!!!!



  99. Wow, you guys need to chill a little bit. A lot of the authors have real jobs, etc. and aren’t off for the summer you know. We used to wait until Bob made his post to start commenting, anyway.

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