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Naruto Chapter 544 – Yellow Flash Jr.

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Yes, chapter 544 is here and it is awesome!!  Two things happened in this chapter that made it feel like we’re finally moving to something more significant in this war.  One is seeing Naruto finally achieving the feat we’ve been hoping for since first seeing Minato using it in Kakashi Gaiden: obtaining the moniker of the yellow flash by moving nearly instantly from one spot to another.  The other is seeing the badass new arsenal that Madara is bringing to the war on day 2: the new six bodies of Pain using the bodies of the former Jinchuuriki and topping it off by giving each one a Rinnegan and a Mangekyou Sharingan.  Unless Naruto and KB get to the frontlines pronto, there’s certainly going to be a massacre of the Alliance forces.

It looks like Naruto was finally able to convince the Raikage that he is strong enough to face the forces of Madara and take part in saving the world.  I was kinda surprised Tsunade and Raikage were able to piece everything together so fast with Naruto’s simplistic explanations of what happened to him during the fight with Kyuubi in his subconscious.  If I was the Raikage, I’d be pretty skeptical about the talk of saviors and child of destiny established by the dead Hokage of an opposing nation, particularly when the stakes are so high.  But I guess it does get the story moving along faster, allowing us to move forward towards the epic battles to come.

Even so, the Raikage wasn’t about to let Naruto pass with just words alone.  Even though Naruto is fast, to the Raikage he’s still inferior to his father because while Minato was faster than Raikage in every instance, Naruto has yet to beaten Raikage.  A man like the Raikage respects action, not words, and he needs Naruto to prove to him he is at least on the Fourth Hokage’s level before he even considers letting the boy pass.  Raikag’s last charge at Naruto was definitely intended to kill, if Naruto couldn’t dodge his attack at full power than he has no chance against Madara, so the Raikage might as well kill Naruto before he gets captured playing hero.  Naruto dodging that punch was pretty epic, and it will be the first of many yellow flashes he’ll perform from here on out to take out Madara’s forces.  And now I also see why Minato said those clichéd phrases about responsibility and not failing in the flashback, it’s to make Naruto’s lines more memorable.

Naruto seems very confident that he’ll be able to turn this war around, but he’s still rushing into this without a real plan.  He’s going into this second day of the war pretty much at half charge because he has expanded a lot of his chakra racing to the frontlines and fighting the Raikage.  He’s not like Sasuke, who can pull a Susanoo out of his ass even when he’s half dead, so there’s a real good chance he’ll putter out mid-battle, especially if he’s going to face the Jinchuuriki Pains that Madara has brought out.  Naruto states he won’t screw up, but he’s kind of setting himself up for one – and then having to have his friends save him because he over-committed, perhaps even sacrificing their lives for his.

Speaking of the new Jinchuuriki Pains, I do have a few questions about how they work:

–          Are the Sharingans and Rinnegans in their eyes the real deal or do the Pain bodies somehow take on the eyes of their controller?  I ask this because I can’t see how Madara got so many more Rinnegans to transplant so fast.

–          Were these bodies resurrected by Kabuto or Madara?  I can’t see Madara letting Kabuto have partial control over his prized Jinchuuriki collection, so I’m betting these are 100% his creations.

–          Do the Jinchuuriki still retain the same magnitude of power of their living counterparts?  They Bijuu have been extracted from them, but like Gaara, they may still possess remnant powers of their former selves. It’s just that they can’t transform into a tailed beast or use Bijuu specific powers like a chakra cannon.


That’s it for this week, guys and gals. Let’s hope Naruto gets to the camps and get the Zetsu clone problem resolves fast so we can move to the good stuff soon.