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Naruto CH 544 is out!

Here it is, the cool and new chapter! Its been out for a while actually, I’m surprised no ones uploaded it yet.


Enjoy! Oh and also enjoy this little funny comic that a friend of mine did.


damn, the comic was too big for the site.


129 Responses


  2. I sense a jinchurriki resurrection coming on. If the taileed beasts are released rather than destroyed, will they head back to their previous containers and breath new life into them? Theories everyone!
    Suna OUT!

  3. totally called Naruto solving Zetsu Problem (although I imagine everyone kinda figured it out). Also, I think that although Naruto’s hereitage is supposed to be a secret, the rock village has always been good at spying on the leaf. I’m not totally surprised that the Raikage knew.

    -pcgnome out

  4. when will sasuke come out.. the eye transplant is takin too much chapters… and edo summons got it in one nite… (well may be cos they were dead..hmm)… and i dont tink madara needs chakra rods to control them.. cos kabuto already is… the new paths is a bit weird

  5. Raikage knows who Naruto’s parents are because Naruto told him in chapter 541 that minato is he’s father, so he knows:

    and it’s logical that kushina is he’s mom they all knew who she is (hokages wife)

    lol, new yellow flash, nice chapter, naruto goes further after all, nice
    madara looks, well like a real bad guy lol, it will be interesting to see what’s he up to now…………..

  6. oooh. major plot twist i think. but cant kabuto unsummon them all?

    i see all 6 of them going tailed beast mode, but they should be able to be controlled with the sharingan.. dammit. imma have to wait for next chapter before i can see how this shit is going to go down.

  7. Ok so Madara is gona use the 6 Paths technique with a sharigan in the mix just to spice things up…. Im assuming that they all have to same eys coz Madara is like the main body controlling the rest but how the heck can he do that without the chakra rods??!! This is a good way to make use of the former Jinjuriki tho….i havent decided yet if this is sheer genius or pure overkill BUT WELL DONE KISHI NEVER SAW THIS PLOT TWIST COMING AT ALL!!!

  8. @ bringer

    Since when can a sharigan control people bro??!! coz i swear the sharigans genjutsu wouldnt work coz there all dead or maybe ive got it wrong lol

  9. Interesting chapter, was expecting Sakura to fix the Zetsu problem, guess not. I’m also waiting on Sasuke to eventually show up with his new eyes, and Madara is just getting stronger and stronger, so seeing how he could possibly fall is going to be interesting, though I’m guessing Kabuto will fuck him in the ass somehow.

  10. The primary reason I see for madara using the six paths technique on the jinchuuuriki is for complete domination on the battlefield. This techique allows him to have complete 360 degree vision(or at least half that).This one is probably the most important feature.Second, Because it basically passes along the users spiritual chakra, he can give them control over any of his abilities and use them all simultaneously.As I implied earlier because madara is only seen with one rinnegan eye Madara probably has control of half of full gambit of Pein’s techniques. (Someone check on the which eye controls what. I think madara explained it to konan Also check to see which mangekyo eye controls what. Zetsu explained that on his the Sasuke vs. itachi fight.) My point is, that madara intends to forcefully take control of the war by using the Six Paths technique, even if he does not think its his style.

  11. @tensa

    clarification. sharingan can control the kyubi, though i do wonder if it has the same efect on other tailed beasts.

  12. Naruto is one arrogant mofo. Now he’s calling himself and his dad saviors, even though the prophecy said Minato wasnt. Naruto is such a frikkin hypocrite. I’m beginning to seriously hate this manga.

  13. Since naruto isnt able to create shadow clones in kyuubi form, i wouldnt be surprised to see him teleporting all over the battlefield taking out the white zetsu substitutes like minato did in the third great ninja war against the hidden stone.


    lol not only is naruto feeling himself way too much, but this war is predictable as f**k.

  14. His egotism in this chapter was undeniably disgusting.

    There’s absolutely no reason for this hackneyed garbage. What’s so wrong with having a hero who doesn’t have a savior complex?

    Narutoism is real folks. He managed to make Zabuza, Haku, Tsunade, Gaara, Neji, Konan, Nagato, Raikage, Killerbee, and so many others into devoted followers. Even the most evil being in this manga the Kyuubi will be converted to Narutoism. Now bow down and pray to your savior. *sarcasm*

    Naruto lends aid to those who call for his aid. Remember Sakura going on her knees praying for Naruto to come? Not only did he stop the villain he also made him repent his deaths and brought back everyone who died.

    All hail Naruto for he is the world’s savior *heavy sarcasm*

  15. stop complaining about:
    not enough ppl are dying
    that the war is predictable
    Naruto + Minato are too cocky

    the only thing I´ve seen so far is that Kishi sometimes had some timing problems but the rest…..

    -I am sure there are major character dying in the future
    – who has predicted edo tenso, zetsu as guerilla, Zetsu army, madara new eyes, Raikage+Bee are not brothers…..
    Some chapters were predictable but Kishi pulled also some great twists…..not every chapter can be a surprise…..
    -Naruto, Minato & Co are acting as always and that in more than 500 chapters and now you complaining about that?

    this is my favorite manga and I think there are not many left…..so enjoy this or dont read it

  16. Dude people can have objective criticism if they like. Chill out.

  17. And that is my opinion…..why reading this manga when they seems to hate it and articulate it in every blog chapter

  18. I thought we are in fan blog…..critics ok….but would call this critics anymore

  19. But I wouldnt call this critics anymore

  20. the yellowflash 2.0….HELL YEAH!!!!!

  21. now only to combine sage mode + itachis gift + kyuubi mode = GOD MODE!!! BOOOOM

  22. I love Naruto. I also love Harry Potter. To me, the two series have reached a little of an agreement ever since we saw Naruto’s birth. The plot of this chapter exemplifies that connection. Naruto Uzumaki and Harry Potter both idolize their parents, despite having almost no contact with them. Besides that, madara pretty much owns the part of Voldemort. (Jiraiya is Sirius Black, and Kakashi is Remus Lupin). Anyway, it’s fun to draw connections while reading different things. It is kind of the cool side of criticism. Which story from a traditional novel reminds you the most of a story found in Naruto, or any other manga for that matter?

  23. What if Itachis gift is like unlocking the Byakugan!!!!


    Byakugan,Sage mode,Kyubi mode, hackz

  24. Don’t like this “me and my dad are so awesome! We’re the saviors! We’re Jesus!”

    Good thing Madara is keeping this shit in line with all this cliche bad righting bullshit.

  25. this manga just took a turn in the insane direction, i can understand the sharingans, cause we saw all of the spares when he was trying to take danzous eye, but where in the hell did he get all of those rinnegans, those are suppose to be super ultra rare. this makes no damned sense, i would see why u guys are creaming ur pants with possibilities. but me, this is just ridiculous, first spamming sharingan, and no nagato’s eyes, i mean damn. what next, madara having a byakugan in his forehead. this is getting kinda lame.

  26. Naruto’s just bigheaded- he’ll soon shut up when the real fight happens!! Madara saved this chapter, dude is a beast but since they are kabuto’s summons doesnt that mean that he can make the edo jinchuuriki’s go against madara’s will an even turn on him if he wants??!! Snake boy junior still has his cards to play….

  27. @ just passing
    The reason all 6 of them have the eyes is because they are a reflection of madaras eyes.

    When nagato controlled the 6 paths it was just 2 rinnegan, madara is rocking the mix match so his “summons” have the same mixture of dojutsu.

    Just to upset kizu —— Yellow Flash wins =D

  28. yellow flash 2.0= still cant get over it !!! WOOOHOOO

  29. God, I guessing people can find anything to bitch about. I mean come on, every since the beginning of the show people have been underestimating Naruto and one by one he has proved them wrong just like he told Neji. I’m not saying they are suddenly following him but they believe he can overcome obstacles based on the fact that he has done it his entire life.

    Also it seems like faith based on the fact that his father was believed to be a savior but now is seen as the person who paved the way for his son. I agree that it is a cliche and it can be boring and stupid at times but I just wish we get pass all this talking and remembering and get down to the business. I happen to like the way the story is going even though certain characters are getting on my nerves, like Tsunade.

    Also when it comes to Madara’s new six paths, I thinks its cool, I’m interesting in seeing their abilities with the Sharingan, Rinnegan and Jinchuuriki powers.

  30. My thoughts. There has been a lot of discussion about naruto learning kyibi mode too soon after sage mode. Maybe sage mode is the means by which he will be able to balance kyubi mode using shadow clones.

  31. I think that Naruto needs to learn sealing techniques. That is what his clan is known for so he should have a natural affinity to do it. I don’t know where or who he would learn it from but as an Uzamaki it should be imperative that he learn.

  32. @ Kaldun

    Naruto’s skill development is all over the place!!! It would be nice for him to learn some of his family seals but who is he gona learn them from unless some uzumaki survivors come out of the wood work during this war! And also i doubt he’ll have the time either – he’s gonna have his hands full against sasuke and then he’s gotta fight madara (or maybe it’ll be sasuke and naruto v madara who knows lol)

  33. i personally liked the chapter and Naruto hasnt changed he is still trying to prove himself and be there for all his team mates as he doesnt want to sit there in the background whilst they all get wiped out! great twist at the end too 😀

  34. @kisu
    youre becoming a hater, if you dont like, go out…the author write it because he knew this is the best way to show the personalities of the characters…try to write, and what will you feel if somebody will comment same as yours… if naruto thinks who he is, its his mentality…as long as he can prove it, nothing is wrong with it…and the way i look at your comments…you are not criticizing…its more of mocking…get it

  35. Naruto is really pushing his determination and he believes in himself even more now its really good to see! i liked Raikages way of testing Naruto as he put his all into it! to make a believer out of Raikage seems quite difficult seeing as he is a meat head with not much reasoning in him! GO NARUTO!!! 😀

    The Hardest one to convert or one of them will be Kyubi seeing as he is melevelance reincarnate!

  36. I personally prefer a flawed hero! the likes of Batman or Venom with some dark sides to them! Naruto is a different case though, he could of went dark like sasuke but chose not too! in some ways i think it would of been good if kyubi pushed narutos boundaries allot more and he went rogue for a bit! but Kish chose to keep his character more pure and savior-esq! no complaints its his creation not mine! everyone at some point down the line we are dont like parts of the Manga its a fact of life! sometimes we cant relate to it or dont like certains routes but on the whole it is a great Manga that keeps me interested every week and i always look forward to the next installment!

  37. was it only in the anime that narutos eyes had the mixture of kyubi and sage? that episode showed that naruto had the possibility of mixing two types of chakra together. naruto is only believing the faith that was bestowed onto him. His parents believed in him and he has always had the ability to talk people around. its kinda endearing. i personally am glad that naruto is the answer to the white zetsu and not sakura, yes! also to do the ftg wouldn’t that mean that naruto also knows how to do some seals. to move place to place? he did say that he was taught by his father. goodness knows what training he had with kushina and minato. nice to see he had learnt some new tricks though.

  38. @? u know i agree with you, you ever heard of the term sympathetic resonance? its basically something that makes external bodies resonates or vibrates at the same frequency! Naruto seems to have a knack for getting people on his wave length! naruto seems to do that to people!

  39. @? it hink he doesnt need the seals mate, his type motion is not spacetime it sjust like warp speed i guess! so he isnt doing reverse summoning hes just travelling at extreme speed like Raikage is!

  40. i totally saw this comin. i just doub that would happen because why would he need to make them? he is not handicap like nagato i just thought i was going to be wrong. looks like i was right after all

  41. Is it just me, or is Bee’s rhymes getting better?

  42. I noticed that too Darth, lol.

  43. The chakra rods nagato used was to enhance his control over the paths. With madara controlling the jinchurriki is like a puppeteer controling a puppet. When pain does it with his chakra rods however, it’s like he’s the puppeteer AND the puppets at the same time(if that makes sense). For example, every jutsu’s the paths performed, nagato can do himself and vice versa. That won’t be the case with madara here. Creating those paths are the abilites of the rinnigan itself, not those rods.

    Besides, heroes that don’t have a hero complex are small time and/or aren’t heroes to begin with.

  44. creating and controlling i mean

  45. however, since he is naturally a sharingan user, probably one of the reasons madara installed the sharigan inside them is to try and make up for the gap that nagato uses the chakra rods for on his paths for.

  46. like using sharigan techniques and ablities that madara could himself

  47. I understand Kisu´s complains, but at the same time, this manga has always been like this, Naruto , you cannot expect otherwise….

  48. Something hit me just now. If everything that’s been said in the manga about the rinnigan, those chakra rods, and that machine that nagato was hooked on is true, then why nagato only allows the paths to perform specific types of technques and jutsus? Only three things make since:

    1. Even the rinnigan has its limitations(poor reason but still could be true)
    2.Nagato wasn’t strong enough to allow the paths to peform all the jutsus he knows.
    3. I am completely wrong about machine and chakra rods(considering I reasearched, it’s unlikely)

  49. I thought Naruto couldn’t make shadow clones in this form, or was that only a limit on Sage Mode?
    I’m interested in seeing what techniques the new six paths have, to find out if nagato’s abilities were specific to him, finally something to be interested about… don’t mess this up kishi.

  50. i think pein is super cool and all but i dont see why madara would even wanna use that jutsu, pp; already know the technique and once u know the secret its really not that hard to defeat

  51. Great chapter here. Loved it. Kishi should just finish this off with a 100 page chapter battle royale. And i mean EPIC Battles.

    But, I will say that Naruto is converting more and more followers to this “Savior” thing. But, its not that bad of a plot seeing as how the name of the Manga IS Naruto. If we wanted to see a story about some average nin that really didn’t do much his whole like but win a few battles, we’d read “Nefi – The legend continues!”

    But, i’m not disappointed and i REALLY can’t wait to see what happens 10 chapters from now, i almost want to stop reading for a few months and come back and just read them all at once.

  52. Hater? That word gets used so much it’s lost all value. But yes, I am beginning to hate this manga with a passion. When I started reading Naruto I did it because this little kid was fighting against all odds to be respected, he spat in destiny’s face and this series was fun. Then Kishimoto tried getting philosophical in Part 2 and butchered Naruto’s character. EVERYTHING he’s done can now be chalked up to destiny. It helped his character when we thought he was a nobody, but now we know his father was the bloody Fourth Hokage and his mother was a descendant of the darn Sage of Six Paths and even had special chakra. Now the kid is calling himself a frikking savior. If I didn’t care about this manga at all I’d just be loling at all of this, but I state my opinion on it because everything this manga was is going to hell for Kishi’s cruddy, pretentious and cheesy “writing”.

    Naruto has fully shed his part 1 independence and “fuck the world i’ll beat em all anyway” perspective, and has become a tool to spread the ‘word’ of his own greatness apparently. He’s spitting on everything he said in part 1. It’s that simple. He’s now calling himself a savior. WTH? I said a few weeks ago that this kid was arrogant, and that one remark of his proves it.

    He’s also advocating a lie. Minato was never a chosen one. The prophecy says its Nagato and Naruto so whatever. My main gripe is Naruto isn’t supposed to be a freaking Messiah, he’s just a kid that wanted to be great. When did this turn into such a preachy, and pretentious story? The symbolism isn’t even subtle anymore, it’s just s blatant. Just look at these:


    This is basically saying Minato and Kushina are deities and their son is a savior born to protect mankind. That is what that symbolism means. It is stupid! Guys like Iruka and Kakashi have been there for Naruto for years, yet he spends less than 30 minutes with his real parents and suddenly their the beacons in his life? Naruto’s arrogant smile just makes me want to punch him. Look at his egotism. Anyone who doesn’t agree with Naruto is instantly the devil and must die, or as fans put it “Their old way of thinking needs to go so they have to die” blah blah blah.

    When Pain called himself god it stemmed from his confidence in his power, but Naruto’s comes mostly from prophecy and belief. It has more merit than Pain’s belief that he is a god. In fact, in the end Pain said “Perhaps this is all the work of the real God”. He knows he wasn’t a god, but he put on that mask. Naruto BELIEVES himself to be a savior and so does Tsunade. Its just too pretentious. I remember back when I used to cheer for Naruto, but now I just want him to die with his gay love interest.

    Naruto could’ve easily said something like, “I just want this war to end, I don’t care what people call me”, but instead he’s buying into all this prophetic garbage and is calling himself a fucking Messiah. Not even Jesus called himself a savior, people did. If I didn’t want to see Naruto’s answer to Pain’s question so bad I would’ve quit from the chapter where he hyperventilated thinking about his Butt Buddy, Sasuke.

  53. I dont really understand the problem with naruto wanting or saying he wants to be a savior… a savior is not a deity or higher being but simply someone who rescues or helps out people like a country or village…… pein called himself a god and until he meet naruto he believed he WAS a god and i think thats a little more egotistical than naruto being a savior.

  54. @ kisu LOL
    yeah, for now that is how things stand, very annoying, i agree….
    but again i say that kishimoto is going to make some twist on the story and put naruto on ground cuz he is flying to high…
    its great to see he got new powers but as you stated he is becoming to arrogant and that savior thing is annoying, but let’s wait and see….

  55. and by the way it good to see he finally got some self confidence, but no more saviors LOL

  56. Part 1 Naruto: “I don’t believe in destiny! You follow your own path, you do what YOU want! BELIEVE IT!!”

    Part 2 Naruto: “I believe in my destiny! I’ll follow my pre-determined path, I do what MINATO wants! BELIEVE I- oh wait I don’t even say that anymore..”

  57. I used to like Naruto because he was a human. Now he’s a semi god that wields the ultimate truth and everyone must submit to his view.

    @Token, it’s the arrogance and pretentiousness that comes with a statement like that that angers me. I’ve watched lots of anime and read a few manga and no protagonist has ever declared himself/herself to be a savior. They say they want to save people, not be a frikking Messiah.

  58. What’s up with people saying that the Sharingan and/or Rinnegan were transplanted? PLEASE, NO.

    The 6 Paths Technique extends from the users abilities. Madara’s 6 Paths only posses the Sharingan and Rinnegan because Madara himself possess those two dojutsu, not because they are transplanted into the paths in any way, shape, or form.

    The only thing that bothers me is who has control over the 6 Paths? Kabuto obviously summoned them and has his controls over them, but Madara is using the 6 Paths Technique on them. And how restrictive can Madara be on the 6th paths if they are Edo Tensei Zombies instead of actual dead bodies? I foresee the personalities of the 6th Paths coming out and eventually being released via emotional upheaval, especially after meeting Naruto. They are jinchuriki (sp?) after all, no matter their loyalties.

    I just really wish Kishimoto devoted a lot more time to the development of the tailed beasts and their characters instead of just killing them off and showing a select few.

  59. Naruto Part 1 was more enjoyable to watch- it was fun an everyone got a chance to shine…. Part 2 got very deep plot wise an has Naruto thinking his shit dont stink!! Naruto needs to pipe down with this savior talk an dude aint even had 1 sunday dinner with both his parents yet he’s walking around preaching like he’s a pastor. Madara saved this chapter and the villians (Madara, Akatsuki (shout out to Itachi, Kisame and Hidan) Snake boy junior and Angry Uchiha) are saving the whole of part 2.

  60. Seriously Tensa. Naruto even said “Saviors don’t make mistakes, so I won’t.” That just hurts to read man, it hurts.

  61. Kisu, Madara will soon crush Naruto’s saviour bullshit an rip the kyubi out of him then i’ll chuckle my arse off!! Lets be real here Naruto aint up to par to face a Villian like Madara and win fair and square, Sasuke’s already gonna try an burn his face off. He needs a good beat down to bring him down a peg an back to the Naruto that we all liked. And bring back the “Believe ittttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!” catchphrase!!!

  62. @ Kisu

    First of all, please if possible don’t swear, we also have under-aged visitors and words like mother-f***er are not good. Then, please do a little patience and wait for some more chapters and I’m sure things will get more interesting. The rest of this chapter was good and the rest of the war may be great, don’t focus only in the negative part. 🙂

    I agree with you many times, I know that Naruto may be arrogant, but after all he is just a kid. Psychologically speaking, Kishi has portrayed a nice adolescent portrait: the one who wants and tries to change everything, even if that appears (and maybe is) impossible and the others tell him to stop. Aren’t all youngsters like this? Let alone his impulsive character, it’s only natural for him to run straight to the fight, he has always been like this.

    After all, if your friends were killed or tortured for your sake, would you just sit down and accept it? You would do the same and run to the battle, we all would do this. Yes, I don’t like the “savior declarations” and yes, he is actually a soldier and he has to obey the Chief. But he is just himself: it’s just another way to say “Believe it!” and we would all be surprised if he quietly obeyed Raikage.

    Even if Raikage could now stop him, he would soon find another way to escape the surveillance and run to save his friends. After all, as things are developing now, he does seem the best match to all these terrible zombies (although he indeed sounds arrogant about his responsibilities). The only thing we can do is to wait and see if he can prove his words and only then complain about the plot. 🙂

  63. @kisu

    Stop your effing whining, it’s getting rather boring EACH week!

    don’t like the manga? go read Archie Comics!

  64. @KisuIsgod, I know you think of me as a deity, no need to put it in your name. If you’re going to use my name I recommend you be more witty. As for what you said, Archie is rather boring. He needs to hook up with Veronica already!

    This is forthelulz

    @Woi, I may have gotten a little passionate in my disdain. I apologize. I’ll go through and edit out those words

    EDIT: Okay, I just took them out.

  65. I agree…express your good and bad opinions based on facts not childish whiny thoughts! Too funny how everyones ideas are so much better than Kishi’s. Stop reading Naruto and go draw/write your own manga.

    Savior he is…Naruto has the power for good as Madara has for evil. Hopefully other Konoha ninja step up as well….developing powers that can help defeat Yamato and Madara!

  66. @kisu
    Didn’t Light from Death Note have a messiah complex and preached himself to be a saviour or god of some sort. Anyway this is how Naruto has to be, he has to portray that idealism that all teens and young adults show before they grow older and more cynical and become more realist in their views, don’t worry he will grow up when he see’s he has to do what has to be done and that is deal with Sasuke. All characters in the manga probably went through that idealist phase before getting smacked into reality, nothing wrong with letting the teens down gently.

  67. anywho is it just me or has naruto officially surpassed his dad? from the looks of it minato had to use the flying thunder god to escape the raikage but naruto could do it without seals and used pure movement so is it accurate to say naruto has perfected the ftg (if thats what he used) as he can do it with no seals

  68. @john: one of the main themes of deathnote was about the effect of having the power of life and dead on Light’s psyche. Naruto was about an underdog, who didnt have the coolest powers, wasn’t the strongest, wasn’t the most intelligent, but he always came through on sheer determination-like Luffy. now he it arises that he was born to do it: elite heritage and elite powers. sadly, aside from being fast enough to dodge raikage, he hasn’t proved he is capable of defeating madara and ending the war. it is a constant annoyance that everyone is overestimating his abilities based solely on 3 dead people’s ego namely Minato, jiraiya and kushina.

  69. omg lol people need to chill out. at this current lvl no he cant win but we all know he will get to that lvl eventually. people act like the manga is almost over already and the final battle is around the corner. how about we all just sit back, read the chapters every week and enjoy instead of disecting everything before it even happens. I mean honestly who is ready for the main villain roughly halfway into the series? no one is ready right now to beat madara and nor should they be. naruto is getting stronger and thats all that matters and now that it looks like he has surpassed raikage in speed theres a fighting chance for naruto to expand it even further and maybe just maybe add new jutsus (sigh i wish he was like sasuke pre susanno in that he used various jutsus but that is not narutos style) so how about everyone jjust stop COMPLAINING,enjoy it while it happens instead of dissecting everything under a microscope and get back to discussing topics about the current chapters and such as opposed to what we dont like about the plot as we see it and maybe what things r in store.

  70. @ Kisu

    I understand your anger, don’t worry. (I can only imagine your complaining when Sasuke will appear again! XD) But then, it’s just the plot, we can’t do anything to change it and almost everything happens for a reason that we will learn later.

    I don’t like some things of the story too, but overall the story is good and it is getting even better now.These chapters were a small break before the second round of battles: things are gonna be interesting. 🙂

  71. @Kisu, believe me, the mods changed my username and it wasn’t Kisulsgod, maybe you should ask the mods what it was they edited.

    Is Kisumy@ss witty enough for you? lol

    Everyone has a right to their opinion I always say, but if you’re so annoyed, frustrated, exasperated or disgusted with Naruto, why don’t you just stop reading it, and let other people enjoy it without your weekly whining which is becoming really redundant.

  72. yellowflash 2.0…..BOOM!!!!

  73. @Mexican_Jitsu, being a mangaka doesn’t interest me at all. Just as your fans would criticize you if you become a musician, I choose to criticize the work Kishi puts out there. Or are you saying we should open our mouths wide and consume whatever crap anyone feeds us?

    @KisuIsgod, well duh I know someone changed it because I’m that someone. I’m the only mod that comments here regularly. I simply chose to diffuse a volatile situation with humor instead of making it worse.

    Anyway, your argument is stupid. How can I know if the manga sucks if I don’t watch/read it? How can I not like it if I don’t watch/read. I hate this “argument” people seem to overuse. What if 3 chapters after I quit the series it suddenly gets good? We’re all here because for one reason or another, we like the Naruto series. I’m willing to read this manga in it’s entirety, and you better believe that when a chapter is shitty I will complain about it. If I didn’t like this manga I wouldn’t write more than a sentence each week about it. Just look at my Bleach and One Piece comments. I don’t care about those two as much as I do Naruto so I barely give them my time.

    If you are tired of my “bitching”, then debate me and tell me where I’m wrong. It’s that simple. Here at Shannaro we talk to each other and exchange points, if you can’t do that then don’t flame anyone or don’t comment. I’m just glad you targeted me instead of another user.

  74. @John, Light was a serial killer. Him thinking of himself as a savior showed his arrogance, just like Naruto is doing. Saviors don’t call themselves that. People call them saviors after they, well, saved them. This is not a becoming trait in a protagonist. Whatevers, I said everything I needed to say on this matter. You can just read through my comments.

    @Token, I take this manga VERY seriously because that’s what Kishi wanted when he decided to become a philosopher instead of a mangaka. This manga used to be fun but he decided to get serious in chapter 436 so I started looking at it like I would a novel in my literature class.

    @Woi Ai Ni, to tell the truth, I don’t care about battles that may come. The only reason I’m reading this manga is to see Naruto’s answer to Pain’s question. I was seriously going to stop reading this manga then one of my friends told me the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist showed up and I picked it back up. Within the first 10 pages of this chapter I got pissed off enough stop reading. I skimmed the dialog and facepalmed at Kishi’s symbolism. He’s one corny dude.

  75. @kisu

    I hate to agree with you, but real heroes would always say “I wouldn’t consider myself a hero, I was just doing what anyone else would do” or something like that. Naruto has shown arrogance here, but I wonder if this isn’t Kishi just rushing the manga. It has felt very rushed since the war started:

    Remember back when the Sasuke vs. Itachi fight took forever?
    Remember when we all groaned over the layers involved, wondering why oh why was Kishi spending so much time on it?

    That’s just one example, but I would prefer Kishi’s glacial pace now to what he’s got going.

    I’m not saying that I don’t like the manga, but I feel like there’s nothing to digest anymore, nothing really to speculate about (except for a few age-old gnawing questions). I still enjoy it (unlike you Kisu), but the story feels different now compared even to 100 chapters ago. I don’t know if it’s the war or what, but I just feel like Kishi is trying to hard to wrap things up.

    The only way (and it still might not feel right) for this to be OK is for Naruto and the alliance to pay for his arrogance. You could say it would be like Luke losing his hand to Darth Vader.

  76. Here’s an old Kishimoto interview for anyone interested.

  77. @ Kisu

    I think that Naruto basically gave an answer to Pain: he will follow what Jiraiya followed. That means bring peace with a peaceful way, not war, to “break the cycle of hatred”.

    Yes, sometimes the story gets too symbolical, but again, remember that Kishi takes orders from his editors too. They want a story appropriate for ages a little younger than us, so he has to incorporate some good lessons. (Japanese always want to hear a lesson and a moral after a story, it’s part of their culture.) Many things that we don’t like, maybe Kishi doesn’t like too; but the story continues to be interesting all these years, no matter what.

  78. You see this is why my favirote character is Sasuke, he get’s the job done, doesn’t talk much, isn’t hesitant to fight anyone, his goal is very reasonable (wanting to destroy Konoha). What’s Naruto goal?? To become Hokage and bring peace, Naruto = Obama, he promise peace, but peace will never come. While Sasuke has provided us with the best fights in Shippuden, Naruto had to cheat against one of the coolest villains I have seen in awhile (Pain).

    I give this weeks chapter a C. If we had seen Naruto, Tsunade, and Bee vs the Raikage I would of gave it a A, but the Raikage allows Naruto to go through because he dodged a fist to the face, give me a break. This doesn’t indicate that Naruto is some how stronger or changed since he trained with Bee. His 2 suns is his dead parents, when 2 suns where mentioned I thought Naruto had some new powers or something. I clicked to the next page and Naruto get’s excited to say his mom and dad is his 2 suns….. Anyways the big story is Madara using the former Jinchuuriki as 6 paths. A few things came to mind when I seen this. Will each one have their own power like God path, Animal path, Human Path etc and who will embody those roles? Did Madara reseal the tail beast into the former Jinchuuriki? I wasn’t really shocked or did I scream Epic, becasue we hardly got to know anything about the former Jinchuuriki’s, atleast we knew of the seven swordsmen as the greatest swordsmen of their generation. The former Jinchuuriki were all killed by the Akatsuki who don’t even exist anymore, just because they have the Rinnegan and Sharigan makes them a threat now? This could be a really good challenge or a fight that won’t even last long.

    @Naruto tutor, I agree you can compare Naruto and Harry Potter in that sense

  79. Kisu, maybe you should read the manga again, then think, analyze and conceptualize…using harse words to show your feelings is not good in a healthy conversation…when naruto declared he is the savior his teacher told him, it doesnt mean he is god or can not make any mistakes…this for me only means, with him in the battlefield can saves more life…being a savior, you must to save your friends, family and comrades from a disgrace, harm or even death…declaration of being a savior is not an act of arrogance..we saw lately how naruto evolve from who he was 2 years ago…nobody criticize pein when he declare he is god. If pein is god and naruto defeated him, is it arrogant to say naruto was savior at that point…correct me if im wrong, even idiots can conclude, naruto can greatly change the phase of war…more or less reducing casualties, and minimizing enemies advantage

  80. @ Kisu Open wide agghhhhhh :-O

  81. @fleece Johnson: I sadly have to agree with you, Sasuke is the better character. his singular goal and his battle prowess make him cool again. looking back on shippuuden with the eyes of someone annoyed by the titular character, we begin to see that sasuke is actually the one who uses bonds (madara and team hawk) to win battles, none of which are easy but he is growing through battle… I would take Emo over glorified self-indulgent narcissist anyday.
    with regard to the new paths, that was the highlight but it got me wondering:
    1. without chakra rods, how is madara channeling his chakra into them
    2. as edo smmons, what has madara done to ensure that kabuto doesn’t cancel/reverse the summon?
    I don’t think they have their bijuu in them, because six paths are, as with Pein, the users chakra channeled into dead bodies, mind you these are undead bodies so it should ne completely different,
    1. for instance destroying the body shouldn’t work because of edo, they will need to be sealed.
    2. even if madara dies, they should still abide by the laws of being an edo summon.

  82. @F johnson, you are entitled for your own accord, my favorite character is minato, so whats then? the idea of promising peace is saying there will be total peace…the idea of free will, separates the idea of peace and hatred…and we are individual person and think of what is right for ourselves…and the idea of right or wrong is plain relative…what is good for you maybe bad for me or the other way around…if obama stated such, believe him…agree with him…if all Americans do the same, america will be in real peace..
    Regarding the idea of best fights in naruto shippuden, hell, its obviously not the fights of sasuke…that fight with deidara? I nearly quit watching naruto because of that

  83. AND WHERE THE HELL YOU GET THE idea that naruto cheated in his fight with pain, i read it in manga and watch it in anime… and i cant remember he cheated…when we say cheat, you maybe fighting him secretly, then killing your opponent without a fair fight…did naruto do it? while sasuke fighting his opponent with his overkill powers all of the sudden perfected without any practice or even an experience using them…try to go reading back his fight with the raikage and danzo…
    1. sasuke change the form of amaterasu, and even seen him more adept of using it than itachi
    2. sasuke summon susano without even using first the tsukoyumi and amaterasu…
    3. even at minimal chakra at the last fight with danzo he sustained susanno…even itachi stated that susanno drains the chakra of the user…sasuke prevailed a victor on that fight

  84. @Madzikage, thank you, finally someone agrees. Shippuden has left so many questions unanswered it’s not even funny. Maybe Kabuto allowed Madara to resummon the former Jinchuuriki under his control. Kabuto does have Itachi, Nagato and whoever was in the coffin that made Madara freak out as a trump card, so giving away the former Jinchuuriki shouldn’t hurt his strategy in this war.

    @rj, I nearly quit watching Naruto when he supposedly defeated my 2nd favirote character Pain. What other fights in Shippuden in your opinion were better then any of the Sasuke fights that we have seen? Before you answer I know for a fact you won’t mention any one on one fights. If your favirote character is a dead guy who became Hokage because of his wife then okay that’s your opinion, but if you ask me I don’t think Minato can defeat Itachi, Pain, and of course Madara/Tobi (who he clearly lost too). World peace is a illusion, because you have smart people, then you have stupid people who outnumber smart people in a very large margin. I believe world peace will eventually come but not in our life time. Their will alway’s be a bad guy lurking in the shadows waiting to cause mischief, it’s nature.

  85. “AND WHERE THE HELL YOU GET THE idea that naruto cheated in his fight with pain”

    Well I won’t say cheat, but Pain had him beat. A frog and Hinata saved Naruto, therfore I will NEVER view Naruto superior to any villian after Pain.

    “while sasuke fighting his opponent with his overkill powers all of the sudden perfected without any practice or even an experience using them”

    I guess you missed the part where he trained with Orochimaru for 3 years, there’s no telling what he learned during those 3 years. Naruto was trained during those 3 years and for what, to train again? I’m sorry but Naruto will always come 2nd to Sasuke. Kabuto could kill Naruto if you ask me

  86. Sasuke is as terrible as Post-Pain Arc Naruto character-wise. They’re a match made in bad literature Heaven.

    @rj, my problem is I analyze too much, so me analyzing more would kill what little I get out of this story. And there’s only one series in existence I can read/watch more than once without being bored out of mind and it’s DBZ.

  87. @kisu: I have to disagree with you on ur opinion of sasuke in relation yo naruto. as Fleece rightly pointed out, sasuke spent 3yrs training and came back a beast, he learns through battle like Ichigo from Bleach. when u look back at his battles you see he wins through assistance and battle acumen. he is an annoying singular character, but he is a lot better than naruto or Minato in my opinion. sasuke is blood, sweat and tears, he also thinks he”s the shit like naruto, but when u have his battle record why not, as opposed to naruto who always battles when his opponents have used up chakra fighting and typically he has not fought any high level opponents with marginal assistance.
    The clumpsy underdog has been sidelined for a glorified demi-God whose abilities can match up to the way he runs his mouth. but I agree with u, I am also an avid fan of the series and it is because of that that I unashamedly air my views

  88. wow a lot of comments since my last one!!! @mattmaru, symphathetic resonance is a scientific/musical term, i have heard of it. and it seems to fit naruto well, getting other brainwaves/soundlengths on the same level as his. used in a technical form, maybe eventually naruto could use genjutsu too, i mean if you read the others comments, naruto already has the power to brainwash people into being his followers! lol. for those that couldn’t see in the first episodes that naruto was minatos son, you must have been blind. it was so obvious i pointed that out ages ago. same spiky hair, blue eyes, little references made in anime/manga, it was all predictable, especially in the first series when you learnt about minato and the nine-tails connection. for me, i was waiting for the final revealing just to ensure my theory was right. others have said naruto is going through an adolescent phase, of course he is, after all he is only what.. 17? hormones raging, testostimone raging, he is acting like a defiant, self righteous teenager who believes he is in the right. i dont see a problem with it anymore, now that i understand he is going through a learning/growing up phrase in life.

  89. i mean testosterone… also it is a phase that naruto is going through, so for those that don’t agree with how naruto is acting at the moment, have faith that it is only a phase and he will grow out of it.

  90. @madzkage Well, its common knowledge that the rinnigan has the ability to create and control the six paths as though its your own, however is that the reason why they have rinnegans as well? Or did nagato used the chakra rods for that, as well as allowing the paths to perform the same justsus he can and vice versa.

    I could write an essay on this but I’ll summarize the answer: It’s too early to tell how or even if madara is channeling his chakra into them without chakra rods. A sure way to find out is to see them fight. If they are able to perform every jutsus he can(teleportation an all) then that’s proof he’s channeling his chakra with the help of something.

  91. What if the paths did have the power to perform all the justsu’s madara can at any time though, something nagato either wouldn’t or most likely was unable to do? It’s possible, with the help of the sharigan with the rinnigan as well as the fact that madara’s chakra is stronger.

  92. Since now that the jinchuruki are all paths now they would be able to perform the justsus that nagato used them for. However, now that the sharigan is in them most likely they’ll now be able to perform alot more jutsus then that, which is why i believe the reason madara implanted those in them.

  93. Also, the paths have been countered before hand by exploited their weaknesses through their justsus, now that they have the sharigan, they would have more justsus under their belt to perform overall making it more difficult to expolit those drawbacks, as well as making it extremely difficult to be influenced by genjutsu. Simply put, it’s gonna take serious teamwork and power to stop these guys, there’s no way in hell any ninja in the alliance who can defeat them by themselves.

  94. so im wondering what personal traits the new 6 paths will have! will they have what the others have or just the origional traits they had whilst alive or maybe a mixture? does it mean also that because madara is linked to them he has there Kekkei Genkai! i would of thought having the rinnengan that he would have the power to create any jutsu anyways to be honest! maybe he is limited by the factor that he only has one eye?

  95. Fodder: So Naruto, what’s your economic model for the future? Do you have any plans on revolutionizing fishery, livestock, and agriculture?

    Naruto: What? I’m here to bring peace to the world!

    Fodder: Well, your whole plan of peace could leave a lot of people unemployed, and besides as I’m sure you know, economic strife is the cause of many conflicts in the world!

    Naruto: ….

    Fodder: So, which models will you propose to mitigate povery, starvation, and employment? Keeping the populace happy and healthy, and preventing a horrible and violent uprise by the impoverished?

    Naruto: I-I-I…I’m the savior! Just believe in me.

    Fodder: That’s fine and dandy but none of that puts food on my table! So, what are your economic credentials? Which professor did you study under?


  96. @ Darth Uchicha

    “The 6 Paths Technique extends from the users abilities. Madara’s 6 Paths only posses the Sharingan and Rinnegan because Madara himself possess those two dojutsu, not because they are transplanted into the paths in any way, shape, or form.

    The only thing that bothers me is who has control over the 6 Paths? Kabuto obviously summoned them and has his controls over them, but Madara is using the 6 Paths Technique on them. And how restrictive can Madara be on the 6th paths if they are Edo Tensei Zombies instead of actual dead bodies? I foresee the personalities of the 6th Paths coming out and eventually being released via emotional upheaval, especially after meeting Naruto. They are jinchuriki (sp?) after all, no matter their loyalties.

    I just really wish Kishimoto devoted a lot more time to the development of the tailed beasts and their characters instead of just killing them off and showing a select few.”

    It makes perfect sense for the jinchuriki(sp?) to have the Sharingan and Rinnegan.

    And if Naruto is powerful enough to change the most hardened villain like Pein I really don’t see how it is impossible for him to change the world, or Sasuke. And Sasuke will get wrecked by Naruto, its not even a challenge anymore. Sasuke became shit soon after he beat Itachi, and even needed Karin’s help to beat Danzo.

  97. You know, i just realized the reason why i first left Shannaro, the insane arguments. I’ve just spent thwenty four minutes reading through each and every comment and i must say that, though there are many valid and invalid points (Kisu had both so people stop bitching about his whining, and Kisu, it wouldnt hurt to just lay low for a while) everyone is taking things way too personally. We’re all Narutards here! I dont know about you all but that means something to me! I came back to Shannaro because I still felt like it was the only place on the net and in real life where i could chat, make random theories, and just all around enjoy the manga! I hated this chapter too, but you dont see me having a pissing contest with someone to prove my opinions right! We all just need to step back a moment, maybe read the chapter again or go back to some chapters that we thought were really good, and get back to that time when we were all having fun with the manga. We shouldnt be arguing over the internet like this, we’re Shannaroites for crying out loud. We’re friends, so act like it, and i know friends argue all the time, but enough is enough! At least dont scasre the newbies away! Just…think about what i wrote okay?
    Suna out.

  98. yeah okay Suna. I just wanted to generate debate but seems like people prefer arguing instead 😛

  99. @kisu ur 2 funny man ur post r 2 funny….and i agreee with you 100% imean am i the only one that miss the good old days when naruto just wanted to be flipping HOKAGE!! why does he feel the need to save the world and why does he hav so much believe the guys a hack and and a drop out!! good sasuke failed as a bully 😦

    lets look over this right
    ONE PIECE: luffy wants to be pirate king….willing to do anything to protect his friends (crave power)
    BLEACH: ichigo just wants to protect his friends( also kinda crave power)
    FAIRY TALE: natsu wants to find his dragon dad…also crave power
    HITMAN REBORN : the silly boy just wants to have friends and protect them

    Naruto; wants to save a insane person, protect his friends, make new ones be the greatest hokage and SAVE THE WORLD ALL BY HIS SELF talk about glory hunter….naruto really will be god soon

    now this is how i think this manga can be saved….if the world is alot bigger thn everyone thought and ther is alot more badass people out ther….cause lets face sasuke, madara and kabuto is the only people tht is stronger thn naruto if thy even r :/

  100. sasuke failed* as a bully

  101. bad thing loool

  102. “And Sasuke will get wrecked by Naruto, its not even a challenge anymore. Sasuke became shit soon after he beat Itachi, and even needed Karin’s help to beat Danzo.”

    Who Sasuke? The same Sasuke who speared Naruto’s life not once but twice. I have more faith in Kabuto defeating Sasuke then Naruto. Naruto will change Sasuke way of thinking but will never defeat him in a one on one confrontation, so what if Kirin helped a little. Naruto needed a whole entire village to fight Pain, and he needed help to fight Kakazu, so know your role. I’m not gonna diss Naruto too much, let’s see what he learned during his training with Killer Bee.

  103. @ kisu and everyone
    well, debate on how naruto evaded that fist (well maybe boring but i bet everyone want’s to know) or how madara (or kabuto) is controlling those summons and what will be he’s next move…..
    enough about naruto and saviors – as someone already said – naruto is teenager- PUBERTY – kishi knows what he is doing (i hope so :O)

    as sunanoken said – debate and analyze chapters, give us some theory’s so we can debate on them…..

    kisu give us something beside whining LOL, (just kidding 😉

  104. Say what you want about Sasuke. He’s at least got an action plan, which is more than Naruto has. Naruto truly lacks visionary goals. I think that a lot of us would support his ideas, if he would actual describe for us what he wants to do. The only time Naruto uses pretty graphic language is whenever he gets around Sasuke. When he says things, like, “I will break every bone in your body!” You could actually see him doing that.They are a perfect match.

  105. @?????? “the six paths extends from the users techniques”.

    If that was true, then why did nagato only allowed his paths to only perform specific techniques?

  106. @ I would say that, certainly, the eyes of the Sage of Six Paths extend from the user’s in this technique. Every thing that Pein ever summoned had the mark of the Rinnegan on it. We can only guess, though, that the move allows the bodies to use the same techniques as the user because, in theory, Nagato could use all of them by himself. Nagato may have had no choice but to give each body a specific technique because of the constraints of the overall jutsu. We really do not have a lot of info as to how the “Six Paths of Pein” actually works. Also, since madara thinks he is the perfect combination of the powers of Senju and Uchiha he might have better control over the Rinnegan and, therefore, be able to do more with this jutsu than Nagato could.

  107. @naruto tutor
    You made excellent points there. Frankly when compared to the sharingan, even though the rinnegan supposed to be the most powerful of the dojutsus we know next to shit about it. Probably another reason kishi’s introducing the rinnegan and the paths again, this time under madara’s control; to understand more about it and to see it being used by someone stronger and would have more control.

  108. Thanks , @DarthUchiha.

  109. @F johnson, do you think sasuke’s training with orochimaru involve the use of susanno and amaterasu?hello…are you really reading the manga? even bob commented that sasuke out of the blue perfecting the techniques without even a practice or some experience with it…but it was how the author wrote it…regarding naruto’s recent improvements, well its clearly seen how he got his powers, how about sasuke? all of the sudden, he becomes one of the most powerful…quite annoying!!! and on the idea that minato cant defeat these guys you mention, well, excuse me, are you out of your mind…he was known one of the most powerful KAGE, i say it “KAGE”. even raikage appreciates his abilities…pain, itachi and kabuto, and madara, for me even these guys will team up, still they will come short to minato, ending up losers. In battle, what really matters are speed, strength and intelligence, if you have these three, chances are slim for you to loss…madara even praise minato for such ability, and accept he was inforior in terms of tactics and wit…I suggest accept the fact regarding this manga, that will make you even a better person

  110. “@F johnson, do you think sasuke’s training with orochimaru involve the use of susanno and amaterasu?”

    No, because Sasuke recieved his MS after defeating Itachi. I know the things Sasuke learned from training with Orochimaru. Are you really reading the manga?? Tell me what Naruto learned in his 3 long years with master Jiraiya.

    “even bob commented that sasuke out of the blue perfecting the techniques without even a practice or some experience with it”

    If I’m not mistaken, when Sasuke 1st attempted Susanoo his version was incomplete, it took him time to perfect it. He was not able to control Amaterasu either, that took time as well. Nobody said Sasuke was the most powerful, even Sasuke himself knew his limits. Character wise he’s alot better then Naruto, and he’s much cooler.

    “pain, itachi and kabuto, and madara, for me even these guys will team up, still they will come short to minato, ending up losers.”

    Homie, are you out of your mind??? Minato got killed by Madara, If Pain killed Jiraiya, what do you think Minato can do to Pain? How in the world would Minato handle or for this matter seal Kabuto’s edo tensei summons all at once by himself?? Kabuto himself isn’t a pushover, he has Oro’s powers + he’s a medical nin. We know for a fact that Itachi is stronger then the 3 legendary Sannin, and he’s stronger then Kakashi. I’m not saying Itachi can destroy Minato, but he can definitely take him to the limit

    Madara praised Minato…… So what! Pain praised Jiraiya after he defeated him, a win is a win, and both Jiraiya and Minato are losers.

  111. Sorry i couldn’t help this. Fleece. I read the same manga you do and Madara did not have Minato what so ever. From what i seen Madara had a plan, Minato went in unprepared and still won then went on to finish taking on the fox. As for Pein, Pein even said after he killed Jiraiya if he had known his secret earlier the 6 would not have had a chance. Go back and read. And as you just said a win is a win and Madara got his A** kicked. So as you said a wins and win. Minato did not actually die in battle. he died protecting his child. Now I’m not a Minato fan just pointing out the facts. Win is a win and no one won in that one. Now Pein praised Jiraiya and he lost but you can’t deny that the best villain in Naruto as of now said what he said for a reason. And itachi was not stronger than the Jiraiya remember when Itachi went after Naruto in part 1 even he said they (THEY) wouldn’t win. So what fact is that he was stronger? the battle he had with Sasuke? That doesn’t mean anything.

  112. @The evil Ryu, answer this one simple question. Did Minato die? You wouldn’t say Radditz beat Goku even though he had the advantage over him? Oh yeah about the secret thing, Kisu already won that debate and he explained it perfectly, no one in the chunin exams knew their opponents secrets, so stop making excuses for Jiraiya. Minato the Hokage was unprepard? The best KAGE in history came unprepard? A shinobi who can’t stay alert is a dead shinobi. Madara is still alive so it doesn’t matter if he got his a** kicked or not, he had more intelligence then Minato, and that’s why Minato is dead. Rather he died protecting his child, the village, or forest animals he still died because of Madara leading the 9 tails into Konoha. We all seen Orochimaru get bullied by Itachi in one second, so if Jiraiya a guy who tried to retrieve Orochimaru failed multiple times, what makes you think he can overpower Itachi. They both share the same stats (35.5)Jiraiya’s best bet is sage mode

  113. @Fleece
    Since you werer talking about Goku this is the perfect time to celebrate what I love about DBZ. First, who says Goku beat Raditz. I rebemember that Piccolo offed both of them simultaneously with the Special Beam Cannon. In fact, Goku never killed any of the major baddies of DBZ. Vegeta, Frieza Cell– all of them either lived to fight another day or were killed by a supporting character. Even when facing kid buu, he effectively destroyed him, but Goku made sure that buu was, like, reborn as a kid from a developing country. Plus, he let majin buu crash with Hercule for a while.
    Goku is a trip! He saved everyone when he was alive and, virtially, while he was dead . It was strange to see that only things that might take him out for sure were an incureable virus and his wife Chi Chi. One more thing, Goku might have killed his opponents, but he surely did his best. In particular, he messed Frieza up bad. He was like an uncaged beast. All I can say is Don’t mess with the Saiyans because they are insane.” Ah, DBZ. It is as thrilling as it is funny, and that is why I love it!

  114. Viruses are, by definition, incureable, but I stand by my excitement for Goku.

  115. @Naruto Tutor, you’re right. Now that I think about it Goku rarely killed any of his opponents. Goku and Frieza were fighting forever, and when it was over I thought Frieza was dead. To me Trunks appearing for the 1st was one of the coolest debuts in anime history, because everyone knew who he was before he debuted. His fight with King Cole and Frieza was more epic then any I’ve seen. DBZ has so many epic moments in it’s series it put other anime shows to shame. From Goku turning super saiyan 1, to Vegeta training in space to become super saiyan 1, the Bardock movie, future Trunks movie, the androids debut in DBZ with cool creepy music, Vegeta killing the Ginyu force without mercy. Man they don’t make cartoons like use to anymore

  116. @Fleece

    If you wanna make Naruto as real as it gets as the way the arguments are. Then here it goes. Did Madara kill Minato? just answer, did he or did he not by his own hands? You keep talking as if he did. But I’ll answer it. That is a big no. Sorry to bust your bubble young one but Minato basically offed himself and yes to save the people and things he loved.

    Madara more intelligent? Perhaps since if he is the Real Madara (which i am beginning to believe) then you can say that but that also goes with at less 70 to 100 years of experience more than Minato, so more intelligent yes. Did he kill Minato? No. And If we wanna say stuff like that. People wanna give the fight between Naruto and Pein to Pein. However who is dead and how is alive? And also the one dead was the more intelligent one too. and the one dead offed himself saving people lives. But yet and still the winner was Naruto. Makes sense? yes and no. I can do this with every battle in Naruto but yet and still who won and who lost is the question. You tried to go around it by trying to saying Madara killed Minato using the Fox and he clearly did not. Minato walked away from their fight the victory before finishing his dealings with the Fox.

    I do not care of you argument about who is die when it comes to Madara and Minato. Minato did not die fight Madara he died by his own and the Fox hand no matter if the fox was lead there. Madara clearly left the battlefield after getting his A** handed to him. The Fox did the rest on his own as the genjutsu was broking by the victorious Minato.

    As for the plan and unprepared thing. No matter if something is planned, and goes right, it usually goes the winner. Being unprepared hurts a lot and can kill easy. Madara knew a lot a Minato and Minato knew next to nothing about Madara at the time. One was prepared one was not. And who came out on top of that battle.

    Stay alert stay alive. That is not a ninja way that is a real way of life period. walking driving playing sports. The most alert person can die easy. I’m military i know. That saying does not effect being unprepared. You can be alert and still unprepared and it can go either way. Also plans can go just right but one wrong move or underestimating you opponent (Which clearly Madara did) can cost you your life.

    As for this secret thing i am only stating what was said. I do not care what Kisu said. Sorry Kisu (I’m one of the few that actucally like his hateful comments) but he is not the writer of this story and the writer said and so made it fact that Jiraiya was stronger.. at less at that time… I will say we don’t know if Itachi got stronger as the three years past but you also can say the for Jiraiya.

    As from what i can see Orochimaru was weak against genjutsu. However Jiraiya was not. Not saying he could break a Sharingan genjutsu but he sure knew how to protect himself. Oro seemingly never did. And that was Itachi’s primary form of attack. Then of course the M.S if that fail. But I wont get into who or how the other would win cause i could come up with so much on both as the winner but we will never know. So keep you speculations I going of the fact of what was written in the manga.

  117. @evil ryu, thanks for your support, F johnson are out of facts, he focused on his beliefs that minato is an inferior character than those he mentioned…

  118. @The Evil Ryu, it’s funny you didn’t answer my question 1st, because your ego is so big you know I’m telling the truth. Did Madara kill Minato with his own bear hands? No, but his ACTIONS led to Minato & Kushina’s death. You can’t say Minato won because he is dead and Tobi/Madara is still living. It’s funny you call me young but you’re telling me you burst my bublles, lol. Fleece Johnson has never lost a debate and I never will as long as I live because I know the fatcs

    In a one on one fight, sure Minato could “probably” beat Tobi/Madara without any distractions, but as we seen in the fight he had with Konan, Tobi/Madara doesn’t die easily. The fight between Pain and Naruto is way different the Minato vs Madara. Naruto didn’t beat Pain, Pain sacrificed himself because he was persuaded by Naruto’s shallow words, but because of DISTRACTIONS and words, Naruto was victorious. Minato on the other hand like Pain had to deal with DISTRACTIONS, therefore rather you like it or not Madara was victorious, I bet Madara didn’t have any plans on fighting Minato, but the fight happened, and because Madara UNLEASED the 9 tails Fox which MINATO had to defend for his entire village, led to Minato’s death, so in other words you can’t say Minato didn’t die because of Madara. Nobody is going around anything but you. Why even mention Pain vs Naruto, when all this time Iv’e been using Jiraiya vs Pain as a example in this weak agrument.

    “I do not care of you argument about who is die when it comes to Madara and Minato. Minato did not die fight Madara he died by his own and the Fox hand no matter if the fox was lead there. Madara clearly left the battlefield after getting his A** handed to him. The Fox did the rest on his own as the genjutsu was broking by the victorious Minato.”


    Minato landed the most blows and still ended up dying. Why didn’t Minato make sure Madara was dead? A shonobi who unleashes the most powerful tailed beast unto your village surely has to die right?Becuase of Madara alot of people in Konoha died right. I thought people who take the lives of innocent people get executed? I don’t know if you took notice which you’re probably bad at anyways, but alot of things that’s going on now are because of Madara. To bad the 1st Hokage and Minato didn’t kill Madara. Do you see what happens when you allow people to live??????

    The 1st Hokage didn’t kill Kakazu – Kakazu was still alive killing people and making money.

    Hanzo speared Oro, Tsunade, and Jiraiya- Orochimaru killed alot of people, experimented on innocent people and kept many in prison, killed the 3rd Hokage, and persuaded Sasuke for more power.

    Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Oro speared Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko’s life- Nagato formed Akatsuki which led to alot of people dying, the gathering of the tail beast, and Jiraiya’s death

    Itachi speared Sasuke’s life- Sasuke gained enough power which led to Itachi’s death.

    Sasuke speared Naruto’s life twice- This is why the manga continues

    Naruto speared Kabuto’s life- Kabuto kidnapped Yamato, enhanced the power of the Zetsu, and summoned a fleet of powerful shonobi from the dead

    Do you now know why killing a threat is important. If a robber doesn’t get caught most likely he’s going to attempt robbery again!!! If I get beat up betta believe I coming for revenge. Minato allowed one of the biggest threats in the history of Konoha to pick daisies and team up Deidara all for his son and village (things that can replaced in Naruto’s world), and don’t tell me it can’t be replaced because it can.

    “Stay alert stay alive. That is not a ninja way that is a real way of life period.”

    Wow, that’s something new I learned today……. -_-

    You’re right on one thing, someone alert can slip up if they make one mistake. Mistakes are inevitable, we’re only human.

    “the writer said and so made it fact that Jiraiya was stronger.. at less at that time… I will say we don’t know if Itachi got stronger as the three years past but you also can say the for Jiraiya.”

    Where’s the proof that Kishi showed that Jiraiya was stronger???????? Where’s the proof that Jiraiya was even stronger then Orochimaru. We can only judge their strenghts from what we have seen, and tbh Jiraiya hasn’t showed me enough, neither has Pain.

    I’m not speculating, I’m just giving my honest opinion, so be honest with yourself, and think before you speak.

    @rj, Fleec Johnson out of facts? Lol, if you actually think Minato can defeat Kabuto all by himself with no help you’re crazy. Each generation get’s better then the one before it. If that doesn’t occur then you know something has gone really bad. Also needing someone else support when you have a keyboard right in front of you is sad. You’ll better within time defending yourself.


  119. Sorry I don’t have time for a long post and you can say you never lost a argument. I’m not here to win or lose an argument young one. I do not have an ego. That would be you . Yes you are speculating. I am not going 300 to 400 chapters back to tell you what Itachi said himself about not being able Jiriaya being stronger. But it was the the arc when Itachi and Kisame went looking for Naruto. During part one. After he beat the hell out of Sasuke. That is when. So there is the fact. I do think before i speak young man or woman. If the character you’re saying is stronger says it him or herself, then what you say is pure speculation. And that Minato I said what i had to say on that and you did not win a damn thing.
    Fleece let me tell you this you can say actions is what got someone killed got it and that i agree with but you can put all those actions other people did still wont change that fact that is their one on one fight Madara got beat. Yes Minato is dead. Jiriaya is dead. But then if you wanna go by actions the Tsunade won cause Jiriaya is dead cause she sent him in… yeah that was stupid i know…. lmao. We can throw twist and turns say I got facts but I will not change you opinion and you want change mine. But if you wanna keep going i will tell you this. This will be one argument you may lose.

  120. Hold up, let me get this straight: Naruto didn’t beat pain, he sacfriciced himself and was influenced by naruto’s words, and madara beat minato, cause minato sacfriced himself to stop the kyuubi and save his village. So what is said is since minato’s dead and madara’s not, madara’s the clear winner, and yet nagato’s dead, and naruto’s not, But naruto didn’t win?

    Does anyone else think that what’s been said makes no sense?

  121. sorry johnson but the moment i read that second paragraph was the moment I disregard whatever you said afterwards……….

  122. “I am not going 300 to 400 chapters back to tell you what Itachi said himself about not being able Jiriaya being stronger”

    Do you know who you’re talking about? Itachi the same guy who betrayed his clan, you’re going to believe him? He could of said it to discourage Kisame from fighting Jiraiya. Itachi loved Konoha more than his own clan, and killing Jiraiya would have been a big lost for Konoha. I’m basically judging Jiraiya on his failed attemps to capture Orochimaru, and he had Sage mode, so what was Jiraiya’s excuse. Was Jiraiya really looking for Orochimaru or was that a excuse to leave his village, write books, and f#*k women

    “Jiriaya is dead. But then if you wanna go by actions the Tsunade won cause Jiriaya is dead cause she sent him in… yeah that was stupid i know…. lmao”

    Was Tsunade Jiraiya’s enemy? Nope, you’re thinking to hard…

    @DarthUchiha, Naruto didn’t beat Nagato, nor did Madara beat Minato, but their actions led to their enemies death which makes them victorious at the end of the day. Sorry for making it confusing. You can disregard everything I said after my second paragraph, but that still doesn’t change the fact I’m telling the truth




    yes indeed; and i guess i’ll have to look elsewhere for it cause I won’t find any in those words, just opinions backed up by murky assumptions.

  124. You can make your own assumptions, no opinions here. My sense is not common but atleast I have sense, not common meaning rare, it’s hard to find that ****. If my words are not the truth you’re looking for you can continue to do what you do best and cheerlead, I won’t pay attention

    FLEECE N***A

  125. Fleece

    You take stuff so serious don’t young man and you have not shown any proof of your truth. You can twist your words so people can understand. But truth has not been shown to me.

    “Do you know who you’re talking about? Itachi the same guy who betrayed his clan, you’re going to believe him? He could of said it to discourage Kisame from fighting Jiraiya. Itachi loved Konoha more than his own clan, and killing Jiraiya would have been a big lost for Konoha. I’m basically judging Jiraiya on his failed attemps to capture Orochimaru, and he had Sage mode, so what was Jiraiya’s excuse. Was Jiraiya really looking for Orochimaru or was that a excuse to leave his village, write books, and f#*k women.”

    That there is assuming, opinion, speculation. Where is the fact in that other than Itachi loved Konoha and he killed his clan?

    I will recant something I said and it will also show you re wrong also. I went back last night and checked on that saying and you right it was not said by itachi that he was stronger however before the search begin when they were tracking Naruto and Jiriaya that when he said something along the lines of if we fought we most likely be both killed. So that stat thing you showed was apparently true.

    “They both share the same stats (35.5)Jiraiya’s best bet is sage mode” (Don’t know if you actually meant Itachi or Oro, I am assuming its Itachi)

    But it still does not show Itachi is stronger than Jiraya either. It shows that we both are wrong. That they are equal. You don’t believe that then here is my proof Chapter 144 or Episode 83 (Part 1) So is that proof enough is that facts enough. You the one keep going on about the truth, well here it is. We were both wrong so now its time for you to stop putting that truth mess up and be truthful to yourself.

    Now to comment on Jiriaya chasing Oro. I think it was his women chasing and book writing thing you mentioned. And I’m not thinking to hard. Got enough hard thinking trying to stay alive myself out here in this desert anyway that was a joke about Tsunade thats why i LMAO at the end.

    One last thing I see where we keep butting heads is I’m going off one on one fights you going off the actions that lead to peoples deaths by the hands of the enemy.


  126. Well, this seems rather interesting.

  127. “You take stuff so serious don’t young man and you have not shown any proof of your truth.”

    Young man??? I’m old school like peanut butter on a mouse trap! And I wasn’t taking it serious until you tried to diss my statements. Konan was whoopin Tobi/Madara ass, she did more damage then Minato did to Madara and she still died. I’m not trying to degrade Minato, all I’m saying is, whose alive and who isn’t?

    “I will recant something I said and it will also show you re wrong also. I went back last night and checked on that saying and you right it was not said by itachi that he was stronger however before the search begin when they were tracking Naruto and Jiriaya that when he said something along the lines of if we fought we most likely be both killed.”

    And again we’re talking about Itachi, a guy that was never commited to one side. A guy that gave Naruto power, when he himself and Kisame were the original team to capture the 9 tails (before Pain). You can say me saying what about Itachi said was assuming, opinion, speculation etc, but it makes alot of sense considering the person we’re talking about. The same person who killed Shisui, and when confronted by the Uchiha policemen he denied it like a sussy. So in other words don’t believe in anything Itachi talks about unless it makes sense to you.

    “We were both wrong so now its time for you to stop putting that truth mess up and be truthful to yourself.”

    I am being truthful with myself, Itachi made Orochimaru his little b***h in less then 1 second, and this is the man Jiraiya has been trying to capture for years??? Something isn’t adding up. We all haven’t seen Itachi at his full power seeing as how he wasn’t trying to kill Sasuke, but we seen Jiraiya at his full power and he died 😦

    “Got enough hard thinking trying to stay alive myself out here in this desert”

    You’re fighting in the war?? I’m speechless if this is true, and if it is true, I hope you make it out alive cuz The real terrorist is sleeping in peace with his wife and kids at the White house, built by slaves btw. Everyone in America is slave and doesn’t even know it. Our own government has done more damage to us then some goat herder riding a camal who eat’s lamb meat and wears a dress to sleep. NOW THAT’S THE TRUTH

    “One last thing I see where we keep butting heads is I’m going off one on one fights you going off the actions that lead to peoples deaths by the hands of the enemy.”

    I agree.


  128. Ok then back to being cool then but yeah I’m in Afghan. Gotta keep myself and my guys alive out here but I will not lie a lot of what you say does have meret I just was going off (or I thought until I decided to go back and recheck instead of going off memory) what I thought was said by Itachi. And that last saying bout the government? TRUE TRUE. Well I’m out for now. Thanks for the nice argument. I miss that. It’s been a long time since I got into it on Shannaro. And to Kisu, Yes it was very interesting. Got get on more often again. Later

  129. loool! that is an awesome idea! 😉

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