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Bleach Chapter 453 – Mute Your Breathe Friendship

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This chapter is essentially a giant mind f*ck on Tsukishima’s part. He finally puts his real plan into motion. The only question is, how far does this really go?

Picking up where last chapter left off, Ichigo arrives from his training only to find Tusikishima waiting in his living room. To top it all off, Karin and Yuzu act like they have known Tsukishima for years, as one of the family. Ichigo doesn’t know how to react, until his secondary group of friends (Keigo, Tatsuki, and Mizuiro) show up and treat Tsukishima the same way. What really sets Ichigo over the edge is when Tsukishima calls Orihime only to reveal she is under his little spell as well. Livid, Ichigo knocks Tsukishima down, but this is just what Tsukishima wants…


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Naruto CH 544 is out!

Here it is, the cool and new chapter! Its been out for a while actually, I’m surprised no ones uploaded it yet.


Enjoy! Oh and also enjoy this little funny comic that a friend of mine did.


damn, the comic was too big for the site.

One Piece Chapter 629- A battle among Friends

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The fight between Luffy and Jinbe is such a tease, it leaves us with the thought of who is winning or how the fight is going. Brook finally redeems himself in my book, his new found ability is astounding; it also shows that he is not as useless as I thought him to be. Robin proves my theory that she can clone herself.  After two months of flashbacks this chapter brings us back as to why One Piece is such an awesome manga/anime. Now lets get on with this weeks discussion.

Luffy Vs Jinbe

luffy and Jinbe have gone through a war together and their bonds have been strengthened by the tragic death of Ace. There’s a saying that the strongest bonds between friendship can be built in battle that you will know the true nature of the person i.e if the person is a brave warrior or a coward who runs away from battle. Well Luffy and Jinbe are no cowards and the fact that they know each other and still not back down from fighting each other shows the respect for each other. The reason they are fighting is that they disagree on how to approach the current situation. Luffy wants to go and teach Hordy a lesson that you don’t mess with his crew. Jinbe on the other hand explains that even if Luffy saves the island, it would make Luffy the evil human who beat up on Hordy who is resisting the oppression of humans.

Jinbe also explains to us how the essences of Fishman karate is the complete control over the surrounding water. This ability reminds me of the water benders from Avatar: The last Air bender. On the other hand Luffy shows his skills too. Luffy shows that he has complete control of his second gear, that he is able to active it on specific parts of his body; whether is is his hand or leg. At first luffy had to pump the blood in his body to activate Second Gear and it had a huge strain on his body and he can only keep it activated for a short period of time. But now he shows that he has over come that obstacle. But we don’t get the to see the conclusion, well at least not yet.

Hordy and his Crew

Hordy in my opinion has a bigger goal in his mind, I thought to myself as  to why he is leaving Ryuugu palace with little protection. Now there can be two reasons as to why; One is that he wants to kill Luffy or two he has a bigger goal to achieve other than taking Ryuugu palace over. Also, now we know that there are 4 fishman officers, the big players of the New Fishman pirates, so far its Hordy, Hyozo, Daruma and the forth has not being confirmed yet. But Daruma show how he has very strong jaws as to he was able to bite through walls and dig in to the ground. So far Daruma shows the same cruelty as Hordy towards their subordinates.

Brook and Robins Ability

Well this was a shocker for me; Brook actually showing off some awesome abilities he developed during his two years training. It seems that he can take out his soul from his body and have the ghost like form where he can go through anything and I am guessing he has the powers of a ghost. That he can not be harmed but he can not harm anyone. But it was funny how he said what do you think I did with this power, and I can only imagine one thing. Though I wonder what else he could do, it would be cool if he is able to posses object or possible dead bodies. Robin shows her new ability that she can clone herself completely. But does that mean that she can make copies of herself and be able to fight with the clones or are they more of an illusion. I am betting that she can make a complete copy of herself and what ever happens to that clone happens to her, just like how she can manipulate her arms but if her arms are harmed that damage goes back to the original Robin. So far only Robin and Brook have shown an extent of their abilities, I can only imagine what the rest of the SH can do.

Side Notes:

  • Poor Sanji always falling for Robin and getting hurt.
  • I have to take back at what I said about Brook last week.
  • So far Luffy and Jinbe are even, but for how long.
  • Ussop jealous of Brook that was Hilarious.