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Fairy Tail Chapter 239 – Ultears ‘True’ Colors.

First let me say, I apologize for the late post (White Shinobi must be rolling on his grave. lol.) but I had some things to take care of. Any-who, here’s the latest Fairy Tail Chapter —> click me


This chapter was pretty good, even if there was no action in it. It starts of exactly were it left of last week, with Ultear having a discussion with Gray. Gray gives his answer, and tells Ultear that he’ll use Ice Shell on Hades to defeat him. However Gray clarifies that he’s not doing it for her, or even his teacher Ur.

The scene then changes to Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Happy and Charle meetting up with the rest of the Fairy Tails at camp, with the exception of Erza, who is probably still collapsed of tiredness and lack of magic. Wendy offers herself in assisting the wounded Faries (<— Don’t mean that in a bad way). But since she has used to much of her magic she is stopped Charle, who adds to Lisanna’s comment of them being to many.

Fried and Blixlow review the situation, and Panterlily comes up with a plan to divide into two teams. Lucy adds that one team should be an offensive team, while the other should be a defensive one. The members of each team is left undetermined. I personally think that’s a good idea. My curiosity is raging to know who ends up in what team. My prediction is: ATTACK TEAM = Natsu, Lucy, Pantherlily. DEFENSE TEAM = Fried, Bixlow, Lisanna. What do you guys think? (answer in the comments)

We are then guided back to Ultear, where she is meets up with Meredy. Meredy acknowledges that the man in Ultears arms is Zeref. Ultears tells Meredy that their plan has changed. In which Meredy replies her concern for not finding Gray yet. Her concerns are answered by Ultears stating that he is no longer an enemy.  We then see a flashback of Ultear telling Gray that Hades killed her father and that Ur infiltrated the guild for revenge and learned Iced Shell since no other magic seemed to be able to defeat Hades, and that despite being Ur’s daughter, she was unable to learn the spell. Ultear also told Gray that she intents to leave the island and seal Zeref so that Hades can’t find him. This however is all bulls#!t and I’m pretty sure Gray knows this. I’ll explain later.

This is were we ‘find out’ that Ultear is really using Gray. But, come on, how many of you really thought she was good? I know I didn’t. Any-hoo, when Ultear is done with the name calling, she goes all PMS (Psychogirl Manga Stare) on us and reveals to Meredy her plan to keep Zeref to herself and to use Gray to kill two birds with one stone, only in this case the two birds are Mages, and the stone is Ice Shell.

After she’s done with her little Psycho state, Ultear starts talking about Hades’ “eye”, and how they should leave before his “eye” finds them. That is when she stumbles upon the unconscious Juvia (spanish for rain, for those who didn’t know). Ultear goes on to try and kill her, something Meredy protests about. Ultear shows no reason to care, and swings her sword towards her throat, which is blocked by Gray’s ice in the last second.

Gray reveals that he didn’t believe Ultear from the start. And honestly why would he? Ultear is not at all anything like her mother, besides looks. She can’t even use Ice magic to begin with, so her chances of using Ice Shell are zero. Sure Gray doesn’t know whether she can or not, but he does know Ur only had two disciples, and Ultear wasn’t one of them. Besides the story Ultear told made no sense, and I’m pretty sure Ur would of told Gray and Leon about Dark Guilds if she were apart of one. Anyways, I digress, Gray tells Ultear that he swore not to use Ice Shell, remembering Natsu’s words from back when they were at Galuna Island. He then goes on to say that no matter what will Ur has, he has his own: To walk a path where he can live with his comrades.

Ultear then goes to bust herself up by saying how she’s going to mess him up in the cruelest way, and toot her own horn about being the head of the Seven Kindred of Purgatory. The chapter ends with Ultear giving her “Your no match for me…” speech, then being quickly silenced by Gray with a dose of Shutthehellup on the rocks.

Next Chapter: Gray vs Ultear. Who you think will win? And how?


I would like to add that I liked how Juvia smiled at being held by Gray. I thought she was unconscious. lol.


6 Responses

  1. Dude! Can’t believe this site picked up fairytale. I really have been gone for a while. Sweet!

    I do not think that Gray will beat Ultear. The problem is her time arc which was displayed in the beginning of this arc by repairing the ship damaged by Makarov. She took from being in pieces to being perfect again in a matter of seconds and based on how the story has progressed I do not think that it has a limit of how long the effect will last. That said it would imply that Gray would have to kill/knock her out in one blow or a quick succession of blows to have any chance to beat her.

    There is another problem with this theory. I am assuming that she only has one type of magic. Time arc may be very strong, but it would seem as though it is really a support magic. If I were the leader of a powerful set of mages I would have two magics in order to give myself the ability to attack and defend (like the girl fron Raijinshu whos name I can’t remember). For all we know she is actually a strong ice mage like her mother, but only uses it when forced into an unavoidable battle – something she would normally be able to avoid because she commands the other 6 and has them fight for her (reference to her manipulating streak).

    The one thing that I can see happening to her (which would result in gray winning) is that she could have an end like Asuma. Just like when he overused his tree magic he became one, she might overuse time arc and turn to dust or something like that. Dunno.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see what happens in the next 2-3 chapters. I’m expecting that our favorit lightning dragon is going to show up in order to defeat Hades since Makarov no longer can. We have to figure he knows where the island is since he is both a (former) S-Rank mage and was also being prepped to become the master of the guild. It would be a fitting way to regain the trust of the members and take over the guild. The only thing that sucks is that Makarov would probably end up dying in the encounter, which I would hat to see happen becuase he is a neat character. It would fit though since the S-Rank exam is all about the new generation taking over (according to guildarts and the other examiners).

    – pcgnome out

  2. yeah, that would be nice to see luxus help makarov to defeat hades,,,

    he is great mage:d

  3. first of all my thanks for zep taking over this week even tough he was a bit late 😛

    I’ll have to disagree a bit with the attack/defence team attack natsu + lucy + fried + bixlow defence team Lilly + Lisanna + Wendy

    @pc gnome
    the raijinshu lady is called evergreen and i’ll have to agree with you in the ultear fight but i think gildarts will play a role in defeating hades as well.

    I’m really hoping to see gajeel wake up, eat some metal and come to the rescue and quadruple dragon hades with natsu, wendy and laxus. but i guess there’s no way of that happening lol.

  4. My prediction is that Laxus will end up helping out Fairy Tail, unfortunately Makarov will perish tho.

    I still think Fried should be in the Defense Team. He has his Seals. He can barricade the camp. Just saying.

  5. I new it from the beginning that Ur was lying, I mean it was kind off obvious. Just like Zepwolfx said her story was strange and I don’t know how Laxus would come to help Fairy tale, wasn’t he banished or dismembered? In my opinion Natsu will defeat Hades with the help of Zeref or who ever that guy is.

  6. Fairy Tail is out! Where’s your summary post WS?

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