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One Piece chapter 628: No More Talk!

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The end of this chapter left me at the edge of my seat. To be left off at the climatic time of announcing Luffy vs Jinbe is not fair to us readers. However, this weeks chapter says that the time for talk is over and that the time for action is upon us. The up coming chapters we will see more of the SH in action. Okay now lets get to this weeks discussion.

The Straw Hat Pirates

If you have not noticed but the color picture we got in this weeks chapter with all the SH crew in it, kind of gives us a glimpse at the level up of the SH crew. You can see that Sanji has flames and I am guessing its because of his legs and how fast he has gotten. Chopper looks more like a kid who has over sizes horns and pop eye looking forearms. Nami seems to upgraded her weather staff. Zoro seems muscler, upgraded his swords and his bandana is black instead of green. I kind of like his bandana green, but the black one looks badazz too. I have no idea what is happening with Brook. But Robin seems to be able to clone herself completely now. Franky seems to have a huge gun now and Ussop with his black Kabuto and his new pop greens. Last but not least Luffy seems to have perfected his second gear. Now this is just my assumption from the picture , I have no sold evidence that the crew got these level ups, I am just making my guess from observation.

Hordy and his Plan

Hordy is not the strategic type, more of the forceful villain. For one when he said that he will kill ever one who signed the papers, and he said it himself that the majority of Fishman Island signed those papers. Now I am not a genius, but when you kill off the majority that means your left with the minority the smaller group. Now Hordy could of gone in a more strategic route to making his dream come true but he is a guy filled with hate that he is not thinking straight. Though one thing did catch my attention as to how he allied himself with Dekken to take care of Princess Shirahoshi, so that nothing can stand in his way and capturing King Neptune as hostage to keep her away is a good strategy but overall his plan has many flaws.  He also holds Zoro, Ussop, and Brook as hostages to lure in Luffy. Now if this battle was on land there is no way that Zoro would be able to be captured, the only reason he was captured because of the water. Hordy now gives our heroes three hours before killing the king and drowning Zoro, Ussop, and Brook; which, I think is more than enough time for Luffy to kickazz.

Luffy Vs Jinbe

Jinbe finally reveals to us why he does not want Luffy to fight Hordy. Jinbe does this because he thinks that if the people of Fishman Island see a human defeating Hordy it might make things more complicated. But I think it is a perfect opportunity for Luffy to show the Fishman Island residents that not all humans are bad because so far Hordy made himself look like the bad guy and if a human saves the day it will show that humans can be trusted. But Jinbe wants to take care of the problem, Luffy on the other hand wont forgive some one who just harmed his comrades. I am with both Luffy and Jinbe on this one, Jinbe is right this is Fishman race issue and should be dealt within themselves, but on the other hand we know that harming Luffy’s crew will get your azz kick by Luffy. Hopefully next chapter we will see Luffy in action against a friend of his and in my opinion a high candidate to be the next crew mate, but that’s just my wishful thinking. I know I did not touch on Robins part in this chapter but this “Joy Boy” is the first we hear of in One Piece, so I am just going to wait and see what happens, but if you have theories of what that is, please share it with me.

Side Notes:

  • Luffy passes looking after Princess Shirahoshi to Sanji.
  • Each time Brook is shown he becomes more useless. He is funny but clowns to much around, the only way he can redeem himself is if he has some awesome fighting abilities.
  • From this chapter I am a 100% confident that Hordy killed Queen Otohime. He killed the supposed “human assassin”, made people step on her picture and now is trying to kill her husband.

9 Responses

  1. I didn’t read this chapter so I can’t read your summary this week. I’m planning on reading two chapters at once next week.

  2. @kisuzachi I thought about doing the same thing, but I could not wait and this weeks chapter did not disappoint, but next week chapter should be badazz.

  3. i’m with you jdogg that hordy could ‘ve been the one that killed otohime. simply coz he silenced the human off.

    on another note, i think jinbe wwll join forces with luffy. brooks is not funny anymore, more llike annoying.

    zorro has got like a devil’s mask at his back. did he master some devilish technique? Chopper finally tames the ‘human-side’ … maybe… coz he’s two years older now…

    i think shirahoshi at some point WILL call out the sea kings maybe to save the mef-folks.

  4. @shykss
    or maybe to kick hody’s ass

  5. zoros moves hav always had a glow symbol or animal in the bk ground before he does a atack…….the fact tht zoro now has flames and robin can clone herself complete is of serious interest…i cannot w8 to see just how strong they have all gotten

  6. this is my first one piece comment, brought about my recent love for one piece, I really didnt know it was this good, I am still pre-township i.e. chapter 570, but in the next two weeks I will be able to comment with the rest of you.

  7. @shykss The thing about Zoro and the SH crew, the crew all reveal new techniques every time they fight some one. So your idea of Zoro and Chopper achieving new techniques is likely right,

    @Madzikage I am happy to know that your enjoying the world of One Piece and for me personally the more you read or watch One Piece the more your going to like it. Keep enjoying the rest of One Piece.

  8. sanji lol*

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