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45 Responses

  1. Ok….. Killer Bee confirms that he’s just as badass as ever but it was soooooo predictable that his Lariat would win. I was kinda hoping that Bee, Naturo an Tsunade would take on Raikage but no joy there! This A an Bee part of the story doesnt really leave me on the edge of my seat but its better than a whole flashback chapter! Now raikage will let them pass an save the day!! lol

  2. Predictable chapter was predictable.

    Tsunade made me bang my head against my desk so hard I can still feel it. She’s just as weak and pathetic as ever. She isn’t fit to lead anything.

  3. i agree with kisu. everything that happens now can be easily predicted chapters in advance. at this point, in a scene where naruto is involved and faces a problem, its safe to say we all know the outcome.

  4. @kisu

    I have to agree with you here about Tsunade, she could have stood her ground until Bee tossed the Raikage down. The extended fight with the Raikage & Killer Bee was a surprise (as in I wasn’t expecting to see any more fighting there), although I admit there wasn’t a whole lot extra we got from it, we had seen Minato’s “seal on the body” trick twice before now (with that Iwagakure ninja and Kushina). I just wonder why it ended the way it did, so open ended.

  5. Lol Tsunade’s disappointing tbh she lets naruto do wat the hell he wants and i swear she hasnt had a fight since kabuto an orochimaru in part 1??!! Damn this is way to predictable, i dont like it!! Kishi’s messing up the war!!! Let me go an have a read of Bleach- maybe that can stir up a decent plot twist!

  6. @tensa Gizzla Good luck with that one, the plot is even slower than naruto right now, let alone having a decent plot twist.

  7. minato proving once again that he’s a smart and beastly ninja. Should’ve at least assume he could place those seals anywhere, and he can do it nearly instantly.

  8. Tsunade is a shitty kage. Poor Raikage no one listens to him.

  9. First Raikage verbally owns Naruto when the latter was kneeling while almost breaking into tears, and now he calls Tsunade out for being a mindless, irrational Naruto fangirl.

    I love this man, he’s the voice of reason.

  10. I give this chapter a D, Naruto looks weak to me after this chapter getting bullied around by the Raikage. i wanna see the fight with the Zetsu clones. if Zestu made a clone out of Kakashi the good guys are in trouble. Naruto + Killer Bee + Tsunade = BORING. Sasuke + Madara + Kabuto + Pain = cool & exciting

  11. I don’t understand Tsunade at all. After watching Naruto get manhandled by A she should’ve said something like:

    “You know, Naruto, I wasn’t sure at first, but… Neither of us can end this war by ourselves, so if you can’t even get past Raikage while he’s using only one arm, not even the dominant one mind you, you’d better get the fuck back and train some more.”

  12. #fleace

    you do know Zetsu’s clones have none of the powers of the person they are copying if it mimicked Kakashi it would just be a zetsu that looked like Kakashi

  13. I was actually hoping tsunade would at least try to put up a fight against naruto before her eventual standing down. I’ve been wanting to see her fighting as a sanin ninja against a tough opponent for quite sometime now. Seriously, when’s the last time we actually seen her fight? Iruka gets more screen battle time than tsunade!

  14. @Envy, yeah I think you’re right. Neji’s Zetsu clone didn’t activate the byakugan, so a Zestu clone of Kakashi can’t activate MS I suppose

  15. Hey Motherfuckers don’t trip… this chapter was too hip!

  16. I’d say this chapter was as hip as wu-bang clan’s rhyme just now

  17. this chapter needs a little more clarity, if you dare to see, just bare with me, even though naruto is one of the rarest breed, he isnt prepared to bleed, its not fair to me, when a friend or foe, will let you roam, and fend alone, a catcher will catch, and a pitcher will tend to throw, unless hes grown, this chapter took my chakra away like a zetsu clone

  18. a pretty blah chapter. i knew b was going to fight a to protect naruto. so pretty much b is telling a that because they have both been filled with love that they are stronger than they appear or act, so therefore unstoppable. well we know naruto isn’t going to die but it is rather predictable. although that being said i want to see naruto kick butt, but i want to see him mature first, i want it to be believable, as though he has worked for it, earned it, not given to him on a platter like sasuke has had. hopefully the war will give (kishi) naruto an opportunity to redeem and prove himself.

  19. @all the rapping…

    I want in too, lol.

    This chapter was blah blah blah/
    The Hachibi Clotheslining A was ughhh……/
    Tsunade once again didn’t touch a fly/
    And once again Naruto got man handled like a small fry/
    Maybe next chapter will be better/
    Cause I’m tired of talking about all these letters/
    I already now my “A, B, C’s”/
    Maybe the next chapter won’t be about The Letters ‘A’ & ‘B’/

    ~Quote The Infamous One

    Debut album “Life of a Lightning Ninja” hits stores August 1st. Go cop the album at your nearest retailer.

    Cameos by Hatake, Kakashi, “The Faceless Assasain”(1st on track listing)
    Killer Bee “How many arms do I need to squeeze you girl” (Track 15)
    Uchiha Itachi “Look into my eyes an tell me what you see” (Track 3)

    And finally Everyone’s favorite….Jiraiya “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” (Closing Track)

    And the Infamous One is out this piece.

    Deuces til the next episode

  20. Good for Tsunade,defending Naruto like she always does! She’s such a reliable character (or a very predictable one, depending on your interpretation)!

  21. lmao @UchihaTheInfamous
    that just made my day

  22. @clue

    Glad I could be of some assistance, lol.

  23. My rapping is much better punks.

    This chapter was whack,
    Tsunade with her sentimental bullcrap.
    She don’t know jack,
    So why the fuck she don’t hold the Jinchuriki back?
    She acting like she righteous, what what?
    The Raikage’s gonna tap that ass after, smack smack.

    A opened the whoopass can
    And tried to reprimand,
    But yo, Bee was grand,
    Defying his bro’s command
    Dude took a stand,
    Knocked A back with a hand,
    Straight into the sand,
    So hard he shattered the land.

    Naruto was being a bitch. No rhymes for him.

  24. @kisu

    lol @ no rhymes for Naruto

  25. 1. tsunade is placing her hopes on someone who got owned so easily by A… ridiculous.
    2. All this attention got me thinking Bee is gonna die
    3. both Bee is on par with minato reaction-time wise and A is faster in terms of raw speed. reference: ‘s way to counter FTG and Bee’s nonchalant reaction (knife in hand) to Minato being on his back.

  26. I don’t understand why she was chosen to be Hokage, when she woke up from her coma, they should have just put her in charge of the Medical Corp and let Kakashi be Hokage, this is just pathetic. I have to say I agree with Kisu, if Naruto can’t even get past the Raikage what can he do that no one else is doing already on the battle filed. He is just going to cause more problems and make a bigger mess. Naruto may be strong but he lacks something you can’t learn and that’s experience on the battle field.

    Also I don’t understand why everyone says A is faster than Minato, Kishi has just shown him using the FTG but we haven’t seen him run or they haven’t ran a race, lol so why are people saying this? Also, these are manga pages, so we haven’t seen everything, let’s wait till the anime to draw our conclusions please!

  27. I support Tsunade’s decision to let Naruto through. Why would she listen to a man who would try to kill one of their strongest ninja. When the war is over its back to politics. Raikage lost all credibility, when he got his punkass laid out by B. Naruto did not get owned, he just kept trying to pass the Raikage, he wasn’t really attacking if not he would have used his chakra arms for help, you are not owned if you are not really trying to fight back. All I know is Tsunade is right in her support for Naruto and the Raikage got laid out. Oh and Infamous’s rap was classic. πŸ™‚ Kisu, you need to improve on your vocals;)

  28. Oh, Profess takes this man. I think I’m a far second though. Then again, my ego’s astronomical πŸ˜›

  29. madara v Raikage: honestly, he seems best fit for the job. madara’s jutsu works because his sharingan can ‘see’ everything… A is faster than a sharingan’s perception ability- he dodged ameratasu-all he’d need to do is counter attack madara to win… thoughts?

  30. Thanks John, Profess’ was pretty beast though, lol. Kisu, I don’t know we may have to have a rap battle for the second place spot. πŸ™‚

  31. U cant have a freestyle session without the Tensa!!!! A quick 16 bar for my dargs!! haha

    For the hero of the show Naruto’s looking weak
    Fuck around wit Raikage u’ll get your ass beat
    Sasuke held his own he burnt his ass wit the heat
    He burnt both the leader of the Cloud and a Jinjuriki
    Tsunade’s lookin sexy her cleavage is deep
    Jiraiya should have banged her before he ended in the sea
    Its a shame tho the 5th hokage’s still afraid to bleed
    But its the 4th ninja war we on the edge of our seats

    I wanna see a Tailed Beast Bomb and a Shinra Tensei
    I still think Kisame should have won against Guy Sensei
    Ten Ten’s still useless she couldnt keep a fly at bay
    Bring back Deidara and his exploding clay
    Matter of fact where’s the battle royal and kakashi vs the fish squad?
    Whats Madara up too? why does he still wanna play God?
    Its an all out war though so everyone’s firing shots
    Log on next week to find out the next part of the plot

  32. Raikage is a moron, I dnt see how anyone could agree wit his way of doing things… it took naruto forever to master the kyubbi to this level… killing naruto would only make madaras plans easier…I’m glad tsunade stepd in, tho it would have been nice to see herr n A go it!….. I hate how naruto doesn’t even try n attk A. Like he jus said he was going to kill u, atleast take a swing at the guy, ughh so frustrating!…

  33. @mad the problem is amatersu is not a overly fast attack from what we have seen. Against itachi sasuke ran around a little dodging it before he got hit by it. Also madara as of now with the rinnengan and sharingan would not simply vanish I’m sure he has some new jutsu up his sleeves. It seems like a good marchioness but railage wouldn’t be able to touch him ever if all madara did was teleport than suck him in he would evn have to touch raikage physically

  34. matchup not marchioness lol stupid phone and he would not have to touch raikage

  35. Pretty good Tensa, lol.

  36. “Sasuke held his own he burnt his ass wit the heat
    He burnt both the leader of the Cloud and a Jinjuriki
    Tsunade’s lookin sexy her cleavage is deep
    Jiraiya should have banged her before he ended in the sea”

    That was sweet!

  37. I just watched the fanimation kisu posted of sasuke vs kakashi and it was not what i expected, it was actually really good. The fighting in the fanimation is so much better than the fighting in the actual anime. These guys make the people who create the actual anime seem like such failures in life. If they were to create their own anime series for naruto i’d definitely watch theirs instead of the actual anime.

    Im so mad at how much better they are than the actual naruto anime guys. When theres a fight they actually show the fight instead of just flashbacks, and not only that, but the fighting is COOL. I would love to watch the naruto anime, but unfortunately it sucks now. I say we all ask the guys who made that fanimation to make the pain vs konoha fight. Hell, i’d even go as far as asking them to make their own version of naruto anime. =)

  38. Uhm….I surrender. That was great Tensa. For a black guy I’m too white πŸ˜›

    @Madzikage, I don’t think A would be able to beat Madara on his own. He lost his dominant arm and doesn’t have the benefit of teleportation. The fact that Minato could appear out of nowhere was what let him “beat” Madara.

    @Fastninja, that clip took over a year to make lol. But yeah, the fanimation is more entertaining than the actual fight in the anime. It sucks because the anime guys are being paid to do it, while fans did a better job just because they like the source material.

  39. did someone say battle? im down, pretty dope verses my fellow narutards

  40. i dont think its narutos way to fight back anymore, maybe thats his vision of peace…. defend, restrain, refrain, but dont kill unless absolutely necessary or don’t kill at all. i mean he is going to teach the nine tails how to love, feel compassion, etc…. if there is no more hate then the war is over.

  41. @Profess, Tensa,, Kisu, & Fleece

    Just let me know the time and place and we can have this rap battle royale.

    ~The Infamous One

    *Exits the page with thoughts of greatness that are coming his way.

  42. You guys should definitely do a rap battle, create your own persona and deliver accordingly, that’s why I preferred Uchiha’sThe Infamous’s rap, the delivery and the fact that it was clean, while carrying that persona he created was classic. it doesn’t have to be all “bitch this, bitch that, hoe this, hoe that” ect… It would be fun to see, then people could vote or something. Create your own rap identity and stuff.

  43. I like that idea John, I’m game if the rest are.

  44. How many of you guys think madara is from the Sarutobi clan? Madara and Asuma have similar hair color and styles.

  45. Madara is from yhe uchiha clan. Otherwise he wouldnt have had the sharingan.

    Sitting in boston with an ass load of people after the bruins rally is deplorable. The time its taking to get home is retarded. So many people i couldnt even see the rally go by. Never again.

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