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Bleach Chapter 452 – Erosion/Implosion

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I’m not gonna’ lie, I was actually pretty pleased with this chapter. It explained some, and left a good set up for next week. Well then, lets cut the chit chat and get right into it.

Since last chapter, Ichigo and Ginjo have been training for days. Yukio even makes Orihime her own room to accommodate her through the experience. It appears she healed his eyes right after he gained his reiatsu sensing abilities back.

His new Fullbring outfit is totally different than anything else we have seen so far. It is almost hollow-like, with white pads covering a full black suit. He even has white marks covering part of his face, similar to an Arrancar. His new sword uses his shinigami badge as the base of the hilt. Its shape is similar to the shikai version of Zangetsu, but…


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