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Fairy Tail Chapter 238 – Fairy’s on full power

read it here

i’ve got mixed feelings by this chapter, at one side i think it was cool to see gildarts own bluenote like that on the other side i wanted to see more about his powers. anyway lets just start from the beginning. Azuma overused his magic and is turning into a tree himself but as the respectable man he is he gives all magic power back to the mages and also gives Erza some information.  The reason why Ultear played gerard is to make the council look in the other way for a while, like we’ve already figured they want zeref to become closer to the original source of all magic. Erza asks him what they are planning with it but he isn’t able to answer that as he turns into a tree.

After their magic power has returned it’s time to counterattack. However both Rustyrose and Bluenote use their trump card. Rusty’s tower of dingir appears from the ground and spins like crazy, the air pressure makes it impossible to move for the fairy’s so bixlow uses his own trump card. By looking in Elfmans eyes he is able to take controll over him and smack Rusty down. Lisanna fires Fried at Rusty to finish the job.

Bluenote has created a black hole that almost sucks even Gildarts in. However Gildarts crushes the orb and prepares to send Bluenote flying.

Now only 2 enemies left, Ultear and Hades. Ultear’s plan is revealed for a bit, it seems she wants Gray to use iced shell on Hades so Gray dies and Ultear can do either 2 things defrost him with her time magic or take over grimoire heart.

I want to ask if any of you got time to do the review next week, i got some family thing to attend to and if someone could take over i would appreciate it.


8 Responses

  1. very interesting. I like the quick battle scenes but they were too quick. nonetheless, amazing chapter.

  2. @darkknight: To quick? They were fighting for a couple of chapters now. And before Azuma took their magic away, Fairy Tail was winning! They went as I expected to go, to be honest.

    I don’t mind doing the review next week WS. Since I’m not writing fanfics anymore, I have time to do so.

  3. Thanks man i’ll look forward to see what you make of it

  4. honestly, i was dissapointed by this arc,,,

    it’s supposed to be grimoire hearts is the strongest dark guild and yes, beaten “again” by our hero…

    i means, give FT some lost would be okay…

    *sorry for the error, i’m not native in english

  5. yeah i agree, i think this battle ended a bit too predicatble. I mean end of the day this was gildarts big show!!! he needed to not own him so quickly but perhaps get owned a bit and then just fuk him up royal!!! i really hope Natsu sorts something out asap, like he has the same old powers so hopefully he doesnt fall into the bleach issue where there is the same old move over and over again.

    Its obvious now that perhaps ultear is playing gray so he can either take out hades/die in the process. Ultear prob the shit character that is trying to take over everything but in the end is going to get owned by hades. He will prob reveal that he has known about her dodgy ways for ages and likes it but cant tolerate betrayal and then own her.

    Im still pretty curious about fairy glitter and how all of that is going to work?? anyways great article!!!

  6. @Zep
    Err i was talking about this chapter, we ended two battles at once (not Erza’s, the other two) and i wanted them to be prolonged. It would’ve been more interesting to see more of BlueNotes ability, not to mention it would’ve been wicked amazing to see Gildartz whip out some skillz.
    Other than that, yes the battle did last a few chapters

  7. @DK
    That’s understandable. As a reader I would of liked the same thing, but you must realize that Gildartz is, and has been, the strongest of FT. But I do understand where you’re coming from.

    The Edolas arc is my personal favorite.

  8. @ wong i’ll have to agree with you at first i tought this would be like the oracion seis arc in Rave Master where they got owned big time in order to get stronger and turn the tables.

    but i don’t think grimoire heart is the strongest dark guild we still got raven tail and Tartaros whos power we still don’t know

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