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It’s Out! Naruto Chapter 542!

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71 Responses

  1. Minato ftw!!

  2. Minato is the strongest.

    He already bested raikage and kyubi/madara combo

  3. Cool chapter, but clichéd as fuck. I was waiting for the previous Jinchuriki to say “all he needs is love” but at least Kishi had enough decency not to make it so blatant.

    It’s now confirmed that A is indeed the fastest Shinobi alive (teleportation is not speed)

  4. Can someone explain what is so special about the kunai? I know what they do but is Minato the only that can use them?

  5. completely forgot about Bee for a second. At 10 years old he was killing that many ninjas huh? What is it with these Cloud Ninjas and being so badass?

    @viking, nothing is special about the kunai. The seals on the kunai are what’s important. They summon minato to anywhere the Kunai is. Since it’s a technique, anyone can theoretically learn and master it.

  6. @kisuzachi
    If Raikage is the fastet how is Minato abel to react to his speed?? beacuse when you are faster the a another person then you are abel to se him in time before it´s to late… And why does even the Raikage says that Minato is faster.? The Manga it self says the Minato is fastest when the Raikage is saying it. Beacuse the GOD of Naruto world Kishi wrpte that Minato is faster, Do you know more than Kishi about Naruto

  7. @Dean kisu did say alive. Now if he includes minato in that that’s a little off base given That we have seen minato teleport than right after run not teleport into raikages back And if not for bee he would have been on serious trouble. But like I said he said alive so I would assume he means living shinobi

  8. And you can se Minatos Speed when he takes Naruto at his births withou any Kunai

  9. Wow! Killer Bee saved A, Minato had that kunai ready for the kill. No doubt foreshadowing the Raikage’s death, rushing in to face someone like the Fourth’s reputation, first Kage to die, A, that’s if he doesn’t change his battle style. Minato was indeed faster, and I’m not referring to his teleportation technique.

  10. As the weeks go by, Killer Bee is becoming more epic by the second. That lil ninja is pretty badass. I think that it would be in better interest to Naruto to have a full-on battle training spar with Bee, who is a “perfect jinchuriki”….rather than rushing into the war when he does not know of his own weaknesses. The greatest advantage being that a jinchuriki vs jinchuriki fight would help Naruto get the kyubi more on his side than now…maybe to the point that the ninetails and Naruto form an alliance….. Because Im sure the ninetails would hate to get beat up by a lesser eight-tailed beast…lol

  11. So is it a technique that he created and mastered himself? I’m to lazy to read back and find out myself.

  12. And also if Minato is so fast why use the kunai at all in short distances?

  13. Minato looked faster when he faced A. A was just about to land a clean hit on Minato when he activated his teleportation technique. I mean, can’t minato use it anytime after he lets go of his kunai?
    @steel sage
    Naruto and Bee were going to have a sparring match., it needed to happen before they left the trainning area. It would cause nothing but trouble now.

  14. @viking its great even at close range cause its borderline instantaneous. even someone fast as hell would love to be able to go from in front of someone to behind them almost instantly. Minato teleported and was than flew onto raikages back before raikage could even withdraw his hand back and if minato had used a rasengan at that range a la madara ouch.

  15. alive or dead, minato is just the man… told u raikage had no fightin intelligence, MINATO uses kunai’s and seals, thats his tech… raikage used lightenin and frequency change… thats his own tech, it doesnt matter what u use… high speed movement is teleportation, madara uses sharingan… thats his tech.. we dont still care… in the end, its has been proven over and over again that minato is the fastest… well now that minato is dead, i leave the title of fastest ninja to raikage, naruto and madara… altho raikage seems to be leading

  16. to bad for the guy that took the double lariat tho…..

  17. am sure A will be surpriced that he was gettin hit from above, from someone who just dogded his attack, he himself admitted to naruto that only the fourth is faster than him…. “WE fought many times , thr was never a man that could supass him” another translation says “one i thot could never be supassed” …. this are words from A himself…

    and am sure yondaime got all his idea from killerbee… the whole making his son powerful…

  18. Minato was showing off with his ninjustsu.I suppose to be fair Minato could just used pure chakra to evade A, but without body flicker he probably couldn’t pull his awesome offensive combos. Sakura tried the old chakra swift feet move back in part 1; Minato could easily pull something like that. Both A and Minato were using tech to accomplish such high speeds. Why should minato be singled out for using ninjutsu? A transformed most of his chakra into lightning to improve his reflexes and enhance his reaction time. Tsunade did the same thing to try and distort kabuto’s coordination. Tsunade also uses her chakra to speed up her recovery time and to enhance her own physical strength. I’m just saying that just because minato used tech to augment his abilities does not necessarily diminish the awesomeness of his accomplishments in any physical area.All ninja do that, like token said. 🙂

  19. This manga should’ve been called “Killerbee and the Awesome Cloud Ninjas”. But that series would be to badass

    Teleportation is moving from one place to another through the bending of space, which isn’t really moving at all. Speed is the amount of time it takes to cover a certain distance. It’s clear this chapter than Raikage’s speed surpasses Minato’s, but Minato would create the illusion of being faster because of his teleportation. As I said before, saying Minato is faster is like saying Madara is faster than everyone else.

    @Naruto Tutor, I’m not singling out Minato. I’m just pointing out the difference between his and A’s techniques. When it comes to raw speed it’s clear A is better, but in a race Minato would likely win since he could simply teleport to the finish line.

  20. Sorry guys, but I’ll defend anyone that beats up Sasuke or shuts Naruto up. A did both.

  21. since they are both using jutsu to argument their speed( in minato’s case, teleporting) in terms of raw speed, its still anyone’s guess who’s faster in that regards.

  22. Of course I still believe even in that regards, minato is the faster one. After all minatos reflexes are nearly instanteous, and even C said his speed is compareable to A’s lighting induced armor speed, and that’s without the jutsu. Really no matter how you look at it, A’s right, when it comes to speed, minato has him beat either way.

  23. I haven’t read the entire post, so I think someone touched upon this, but if Minato was able to react to A then his reflexes are probably faster than A. If you cross of both jutsu that augment their speed, lightning armor and FTG, then I think you could very realistically say that Minato is faster than A. Perhaps there’s flaws in this logic but I think it sounds ok.

    On another note, Killer Bee is seriously the coolest character still around (Jiraiya RIP).

  24. @Firefist and Darth, if Minato was faster then he could’ve dodged A’s punch, bu he clearly couldnt. He barely got out of the way before A took his head off

    @Firefist, FTG isn’t actual speed. That’s what I’ve been trying to say all this time. He’s just teleporting and teleportation always beats raw speed.

  25. @ kisu 1. What does minato barely getting out the way from A’s jutsu induced moves have to do with either one of their raw speeds?
    2. And like I said(and what C said) minato’s reflexes and speed is compareable to A with his jutsu, I didn’t say faster, and i didn’t say anything about minato’s teleportation either.

  26. Kisu – Minato dodge A attack clearly by SPEED because if he didn’t he would have token a clean blow. But instead he response and response again without A couldn’t even realize what happen. If it was for Bee, A would have been sent to the afterlife.

  27. after all, raikage clearly stated that minato was faster than him, making minato the fastest ninja at that time. And if it was just because of his teleportation techinique, then, like you said, saying minato’s faster is like saying madara is faster than everyone else.

  28. Naruto really needs to be taught the FTG technique… i’m sure kakashi by some stretch knows it considering how he can and did copy one of minato’s techniques(rasengan).

  29. hi folks first time commenting here but long time reader
    i dont know if logics applies here but if it is then if minato using teleportation then his first image of him after he teleports would be the same as before he teleport coz he didnt even move he just teleported but when you see him after he moves you see him crouching on that tree and not standing same as before he teleport so i think he’s moving at ultra high speed and not teleporting

  30. Well all I can say is that minato just keeps getting cooler And cooler IMO. When we first heard about him he was just the fourth hokage. Than thru various convos its implied he may be the strongest hokage the leaf ever had. Than we find out about his ftg tech,his deadly techs which caused nations to issue flee on sight orders, than we find out he faced off against madara and the nine tails and put up a hell Of a fight and now were it not for bee A wouldn’t even be here to stop naruto from doing what he wants. Gotta admit He may have barely escaped the punch but he did and was cm from killing the raikage before he had a chance to withdraw His hand and finally A comments that the fourth singlehandedly stopped the cloud from getting the nine tails (kisu likes to say Is the most badass village And which I agree with ) . Man minato was indeed a legend to villages aside from konoha it appears. Seems minato is still gonna influence ppl even after his death given what he said prior to departing.

  31. Killer Bee is clearly the most badass alive in the show as of now, with Kakashi in a close second of course. Why are we so focused on A when Killer Bee is a much more likeable character and just as strong in terms of the damage they can do.

    Who cares about technicalities like that teleportation isn’t technically speed. I’d like to see any other shinobi teleport like Minato (stay out of this Madara)

    What I really got out of this chapter was Minato about to kill A before he was saved which leaves no doubt in my mind nor should it leave one in any one elses, that Yondaime>Raikage 😀

  32. @albati, that’s something Kishimoto clearly doesn’t understand/care about. He teleported in this instance, hence him appearing where the Kunai was and that’s the reason we got a close-up of the seal.

    @Naruto101, if someone throws a tomato at me and I’m able to dodge, it doesn’t mean I was moving faster than the tomato was traveling. A was moving faster than Minato could without teleporting, but Minato was able to react in time to summon himself to the Kunai’s destination.

    @Darth, last chapter Raikage said “Now that Minato is dead I am the fastest Shinobi alive..”, that coupled with what Shi said while Raikage was pounding Sasuke “Raikage-sama’s speed is comparable to the Yellowflash’s” makes it obvious their speed (teleporting and raw speed) were fairly equal.

    If you and I lived to be 500 years old at the exact same moment, then you pass away, I could then say “Now that Darth is dead, I am the oldest man alive”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you were older than me.

    Pfft, maybe I’m reading into this too much and should just take it at face value…. or maybe you guys aren’t paying enough attention.

    Sorry J, Raikage is more badass imo. Nothing like a huge wrestler powered by lightning bodyslamming and punching gay ninjas (Naruto and Sasuke) while screaming at the top of his voice. If only Raikage gets voiced by Samuel L. Jackson in the English dub. That would be a match made in badass heaven.

    What is more badass than this page?

  33. Minato is like the best shinobi ever, why do he have to be dead? He could have easily killed the Raikage if Bee wasn’t their to save him and I believe he could probably have kicked Bee’s ass too. (Even though Bee is one of my favorite characters)

    It doesn’t matter what anyone says about him, obviously Kishi recognizes how great he was and still is and I believe the same. Minato was the fastest and the strongest ninja in the ninja world.

    @ Kisu, If learning and mastering the FTG technique is so easy and practically anybody can learn it, why haven’t anyone done it by now?

    I heard before that Minato wasn’t even the strongest dead shinobi, I can’t believe this based on the fact that Minato could have killed the Raikage within seconds of their fight and the Third couldn’t even beat Orochimaru. Minato still Clearly stands at the top of the ninja world as the strongest.

    The only person I can say might be a match for him is Madara and not even him, seeing that he was able to analyze his entire technique and kick his ass sending him running away within minutes of the fight. No one has been able to beat him, case closed. You are talking about someone who could defeat an entire army, you would have to bring tail beasts to defeat him and even them based on his FTG, I’m not sure you can do that.

  34. “@ Kisu, If learning and mastering the FTG technique is so easy and practically anybody can learn it, why haven’t anyone done it by now? ”

    Any technique can be mastered as long as it isn’t some kind of blood-line limit or Jinchuriki power. And where exactly did I say it was “easy”? I said:

    “Since it’s a technique, anyone can theoretically learn and master it.”

    Dude, I don’t mean any harm by this, but do you have a hard on for Minato or something lol? The statements you made just now are so fanboyish. At least when I talk about Pain I don’t say “lol Pain can beat all the Biju and everyone at once lol”. 😛

  35. I am not going to get into the debate about who is faster and that technically teleportation is not speed, that to me is completely stupid to even bring up. I don’t give a damn about that, it only matters what happens when they go head-to-head. Minato clearly would have still won and the Raikage’s speed didn’t mean a thing, so that debate is completely baseless.

    This is just a certain someone not wanting to admit that Minato is the best because it make his precious Nagato look like shit which he really is. Just playing I like Nagato but Minato is still better.

  36. I just hope that Naruto can learn FTG and combine his sage/kyuubi forms and we have god mode!!!!

  37. Been a while but one thing I will say. I agree and disagree with Kisu. We can use logic and all that but I’ll keep it simple. In order for A to even get that close to Minato speed he had to activate his lighting cloak. Minato when using his speed only pushes his chakra into his feet but yes A is fast as we seen when he grab Zetsu at the Gokage Summit but C even said A’s armor was comparable to Minato speed. I say both their reflexes are on par with one another a seen when A avoided the Black Flame and Sasuke’s Eyes. The thing since we like to use manga facts. A even said several times if I’m not mistaken (just to lazy now to back track the chapters) that Minato was faster. So I like you argument Kisu (one of the best Naruto analyzers out there) and it is very sound from what we seen but as you yourself said I think last week you use facts to create an argument. We use facts to create an argument too, So how can you really dispute the words of the man you defending when he himself was written saying what everyone is defending Minato is? Minato is faster. But one thing I will agree with. I went back and looked at the battle and right before Minato was on A back a kunai by itself was thrown at A back so Minato did use is Teleportation technique to get on A back not his normal speed So I can see the argument. So everyone that said Minato used his speed to get to A back is dead wrong. But to add to that Minato was fast enough to throw his kunai at a full speed A’s back letting it be know Minato was fast enough and strong enough to throw that kunai.

  38. @Kisu, I recognize the fact that any technique can be learned or mastered but, I don’t know ,you come off as if you are just trying to pass the guy off as a weakling or a nobody and I am just trying to state the obvious that it just isn’t the case. ( And believe me, there is nothing fanboyish about me, you just seem like a very lonely and negative person, do you need a friend or something? I could hook you up with my ole lady’s best-friend,lol) Don’t try and down play your love for Nagato, I bet people have to stop you from jacking off over the guys picture.

    But in all seriousness, I just like to defend my favorite characters just as much as anyone. And based on what I can see, Minato’s is still the strongest. Let’s just see how strong Naruto and Sasuke have become.

  39. @yellow, yeah dude. I jack off to Nagato so many times per day I can’t even keep track anymore. I mean, there’s just something about a half-dead guy living in a metal chair that just gets me all hot and bothered lol. And yes, I am a negative person, it took many years to develop this personality. And finally, I’m a womanizing asshole, so no, I don’t need any hookups as I have enough right now lol.

    In all seriousness though, I’m just tired of Minato. Show us something different, like Jiraiya doing something other than training brash, self-entitled messiahs. Have him be drinking buddies with the 3rd Raikage, or fight against the four-tails jinchuuriki in the Second Ninja war. Anything.

    He’s what Shikamaru has become, over-exposed. I’m HOPING we don’t get more Pain flashbacks because I don’t want to start hating him. lol a few years ago I loved Shikamaru and Minato, now, not so much.

    I get he’s your fav, but your statements about his power are ludicrous. It’s obvious he isn’t in the same league of power as Pain yet for some reason you keep comparing the two. Minato can make Iwagakure ninja run home, but Pain can destroy an entire army and fight the strongest Biju on his own and still have power left over.

  40. @Kisu
    “I get he’s your fav, but your statements about his power are ludicrous. It’s obvious he isn’t in the same league of power as Pain yet for some reason you keep comparing the two. Minato can make Iwagakure ninja run home, but Pain can destroy an entire army and fight the strongest Biju on his own and still have power left over.”

    Did you seriously just say that? Both of this men did just what you said. both have destroyed armies (this was side and done in Kakashi Gaiden story line from Minato side) and has fought the strongest Biju and still have power left. Both have fought someone strong before fighting that same Biju. both did those things. yes they ended in different ways and both die afterwards. Now YF2 and Kisu you can argue about who was better by their stats and battles but you will never know for sure. the closest you will get to a battle like that is on Ninja storms 2….. lol.

  41. “this was side and done in Kakashi Gaiden story line from Minato side”not side I meant said and done

  42. and Kisu… you’re one silly ass MFer…lol

  43. @Kisu, You have been boasting for chapters now, saying how bad-ass the Cloud ninja are and I believe that they are cool but in this chapter one of them wanted to run as soon as he saw his kunai. I understand why A and B didn’t run, A really did wanna run but he couldn’t because he is the Raikage and has to keep up appearances and B didn’t run because of the Hachibi. Pein isn’t even relevant anymore other than the fact that he is another edo tensei zombie and has the Rinnegan.

    In a way, now that you explained why you dislike Minato and Shikamaru, I do get tired of the flashbacks of the different characters who we don’t wanna see. Truthfully, I like KB and Raikage but I would like to see other parts of the war and other characters and maybe even some new ones like the Tsuchikages Double- bloodlimit or what ever they were talking about.

  44. You know what, I’m tired of discussing the Minato vs Pein thing, I think I’ve said all I need to say, I’m done with it, everyone has a right to their opinion and It’s over. I will try not to discuss this topic ever again, even though we all know who’s the strongest but whatever, it’s done with.

  45. Oh god, the treacherous Minato wank has even spread to SHANNARO… Minato is making discussing Naruto so much worse with his Gary Stu persona -_-.

  46. Reading the “arguments” that have took place here, I must give my sympathy too Kisuzachi… Debating over Minato over his strength is just so ridiculous nowadays, his “feats” / “hype” are just so fucking half-assed by Kishimoto too the point where you can’t accurately place him in a place of power. His over-zealous fanbase, at times, can also exaggerate what we’ve seen from, him making it even more painful.

  47. raikage speed is comparable to the yondaime…

    firstname raikage… used to match a default(yondaime)

    means shi himself agrees yondaime is the fastest


    if u dont know, at some certain instances raikage himself teleports
    cos of the way he changes his lightening frequency, esp when he dodged amaterasu, the plm with him is he cant work it the way minato does, which makes me agree to the guys sayin minato has better reflexes…

    at that panel, minato didnt see raikage(may be just a flash of lightening) but he didnt see raikage until the punch was close to his face(high speed movement(teleportation is wat raikage does too))

    hence why minato threw several kunai(not one, not two, but alot) cos he knew what he was up against)

    compared to madara fight where u sed one kunai

  48. kisu

    and dont think pple are followin naruto or sasuke blindly, cos they are the good guys, i love so many characters in naruto manga, my fav character has always been jiraya and itachi and u can now add killerbee, and respect to minato,first hokage and madara

    lightening village is strong but it seems thats all they are about, techs, more techs and more power, they look like they lack proper analytic skills for war and just want power and show off(hence why they wanted neji family eyes and the nine tails)

    point: no one supports naruto cos the name of the manga is naruto, consider it as their opinion


  49. Wow!… whats with all the arguments on whose fastest, whose strongest? Not one mention on the former Jinchuriki of the Cloud Village, and what he said. No ones going to change someone else’s opinion, it hasn’t even been a day and the chapter is not even the focus, lol. On the former host, it interesting that he’s Bee’s cousin, and according to A that clan or family had prestige in the village so in a way Bee wasn’t that lonely. It’s funny that A and Bee are “kayfabe” brother’s like Undertaker and Kane, sticking with the wrestling theme in their duo. Decapitation techniques at their finest.

  50. Well that Chapter Rocked, Naruto is gaining more noble traits now like his Dad had. one of Minatos best traits is to quickly realise the mettle of friend or foe! That determines the course of his actions in most cases!

    Killer bee hard partial transformation down even at an early age how Kick ass is he!

    Can i just put my something towards the speed contest! there are two theories of teleportation! one being dematerialisation and other being worm hole! im going to go with worm hole as this is the most plausable! even if you make a worm hole, even if it a shortcut to a great distance! you still have to travel even if its a short distance! Minato is just cutting the distance out. Speed isnt measure by distance really its measure by reaction! that why when it comes down to a 100m sprint and two sprinters are equally matched its the reactions that the difference in the outcome! Not trying to take anything from Raikage he is an amazing Ninja!

  51. Byt he way can i just say it was well funny seeing Bee San dribbling while asleep ha ha! and A freaking out calling him a Jigga jack! LMAO

  52. k, here’s my opinion. Why was Minato even in this flashback? How does it impact what’s going on now? Kishimoto is so hell bent on making Minato f’ing Jesus that he gets put into every conceivable position, even when it doesn’t call for him, just like Shikamaru. Just because he’s Naruto’s father doesn’t mean he has to be almighty. Look at Bardock, he was Goku’s father and he only had a power level of 10,000 (compared to Frieza’s 120 million). But Minato, lol Minato’s perfect. Perfection = boring. Minato is a pretty god awful character. But there’s too much wank for him to admit that.

    Madara is a hax motherfucker, but he isn’t perfect, he got beat, and outsmarted. Which is totally okay, since it’s natural to lose every once in a while.

    But Minato…. is like better than jesus man. He is perfect. He never gets hit, always smiling (which is just fucking unreal) and he’s always on top of everyones game. Don’t you find that a little odd? I get it it’s a manga, but cmon bro it doesn’t hurt to make Minato lose once or twice, even if it is a mere exchange of kunais.

    Once again, just my opinion.

    Now let me say something that is factual. Minato wouldn’t have killed A even if B hadn’t interfered. Chidori couldn’t do a thing because of the Lightning Aura so a Kunai would do squat.

  53. I kno a simple kunai wouldnt but say minato proceeded to rasengan him right after. If not for bee A would have been in deep shit. now as for the whole chidori thing, chidori is a piercing attack and as such if the opponent is wearing armor of any kind such as lightning armor the attack would be severly weakened. now rasengan on the other hand is swirling chakra rotating at ridiculous speeds. even given armor of any kind a sufficiently powered rasengan could still push raikage deep into the ground; piercing force is alot weaker than swirling chakra would be giving the armor raikage posesses. just my opinion ; “The compacted nature and moving speed of the chakra allows the Rasengan to grind into whatever it comes in contact with to inflict major damage. This tends to launch the target backward after being hit or, if the target is lying on the ground or being launched to the ground, the destructive force is enough to form a crater” the difference is chidori is more piercing and rasengan uses pretty much pure force. So say im wearing suits or armor; if someone tries to stab me with a sword the damage will be dramatically reduced. However if the same said person rammed me with something such as a mini battling ram or something I would feel a good chunk of the dmg even with the armor on as the force would outset and reverberate even through my armor (although not as much than if i was unprotected) The armor may potect from a kill but will not protect from severe dmg

  54. “Shi said while Raikage was pounding Sasuke “Raikage-sama’s speed is comparable to the Yellowflash’s” makes it obvious their speed (teleporting and raw speed) were fairly equal”

    Funny how you mention before hand that raikage’s raw speed is greater than minato, now you’re saying thier fairly equal? Also, like i said, shi made no mention to minato’s teleporting at all.

    “If you and I lived to be 500 years old at the exact same moment, then you pass away, I could then say “Now that Darth is dead, I am the oldest man alive”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you were older than me”

    Unless there was someone,(who wasn’t mentioned) happened to be older than both you and me and was (keyword here) “alive” at the time, than that’s EXACTLY what that means. someone needs to choose their words carefully.

  55. ah forget it, this done an over with, an what’s worse, you made it easy for me.
    I rest my case.

  56. In other news, the spanish Dragon Ball Kai episodes were at long recalled, being Canadian Mexican I grew up watching the spanish dubs, they were great, but when I heard the “New, Improved” dubs for Kai, it was like someone had blown the head off of my childhood and then desecrated its body. Almost non of the original voice actors had been hired, and the new voices were to say the least subpar to the highest degree, I had to go see some original episodes of DBZ in order to avoid a complete freakout. To say the least its either originals or nothing for me, I really could have cared less if the original DBZ episodes had a lot of filler, bring them back, but remastered animation would be welcome, as long as the voices are original. Just my opinion.

  57. @Kisu

    It’s not something significant if Minato never lost in a battle. (And he sure doesn’t always smile, at least in this chapter he had a serious face.)There are some other characters too who never lost a battle, with first and foremost Itachi. (Yes, yes, without all these details with his illness and he didn’t want to kill his brother and blah blah). Itachi never lost a battle, does that make him annoyingly perfect? In a sense, neither Nagato ever lost a battle. He could easily kill Naruto when he had him pierced in the ground, instead of talking with him for a whole chapter about peace and war! What’s wrong if someone is portrayed super strong and only death can win them?

    In my humble opinion always, Minato is not an overexposed character. We don’t really know much about him and his background and family or his childhood and training with Jiraiya and his unknown teammates. Everything is based on some little memories.

    Kishi didn’t resurrect him with the other zombies. When we see other zombies, we learn a bit about their stories too. So, we can’t learn now Minato’s story. That’s why Kishi made this “trick” and put him in Raikage’s memories, so we learn a little bit about him. That’s how I see this whole thing, imo always.

  58. @John, you should check out FUNIMATION’S DBZKai. It has better voice-acting and better scripts than the original. Personally, I like the 19 episode battles with overly long power up sequences and whole episodes of people just beating up on each other with no plot progression whatsoever. I think Original>Kai as well 😛

    @Darth, lol I had no idea you and I were in a debate. Please, forgive my ignorance to that fact.

    “Funny how you mention before hand that raikage’s raw speed is greater than minato”

    It’s fairly obvious you didn’t read what you quoted from me. In parenthesis I made mention of what “speed” is for each character. For Minato it was Hiraishin, for Raikage it was Raiton-augmented speed.

    “Also, like i said, shi made no mention to minato’s teleporting at all.”

    Duh. People in the Naruniverse consider Hiraishin to be speed but it isn’t. It’s just a space-time jutsu. Minato is known because of Hiraishin, and that is the reference Shi was making.

    “Unless there was someone,(who wasn’t mentioned) happened to be older than both you and me and was”

    Lol, no one else is involved in Raikage’s statement “Now that the 4th has passed away I am the fastest Shinobi alive”, so you’re introducing variables that don’t exist.

    “ah forget it, this done an over with, an what’s worse, you made it easy for me.
    I rest my case.”

    Yes, you really should rest your case since you have none.

    @Wo Ai Ni, that’s why I said “in my opinion”. For a dead character, he seems to show up a lot, and every time he shows up he’s either beating someone or being praised for his foresight. Minato has become a Mary Sue. Itachi and Nagato were sick and barely alive, not perfect at all. Minato doesn’t even have a scratch on him in a war. The heck?

  59. Minato has wind based chakra to add to the kunai which could pierce lightning armor depending on the amount of force and chakra behind it…the sand jonin had a wind sword that he mentioned could cut thru anything. Which is sharper/stronger wind sword or lightning sword? Minato is perfect…he was a genius after all! Just like Saucegay except with a kind heart that made him stronger than Saucegays revenge/emo/anger mode…lmao. 8ee is the man even if he did not have the 8 tails!

  60. Random question- why the heck didnt Raikage have a son?! Sheeeet he needs to teach those tech’s to someone (not Darui though he doesnt really cut it and his personality reminds me of kakashi too much) Im telling you Raikage and Tsunade…..Kishi make it happen!!! Oh and Mei and Madara need to hook up while ur at it- we all know she’s got a hot spot for an Uchiha!!!

    @ Kisu
    Samuel jackson voicing raikage would be just be too cool, just imagine if he uses that deep tone like he did in afro samurai then when he bitch slaps sasuke he uses that high harsh tone like he did in pulp fiction- imagine the speech …..”Little red eyed white boy DO NOT…FUCK…WIT DA RAIKAGE…BITCHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”

  61. @ Mexican
    Leave Sasuke’s anger mode alone! We need an angry guy- it spices things up abit, an angry Neji or angry Rock lee would be interesting! And when the heck is Gai sensei gonna die so those two can power up an have some serious battle time!

  62. @kisu

    sickness has nothin to do with it, u should also stop giving excuses for itachi and nagato, basic reason….. minato was killed becos he was too strong, he had to die or be killed by the author, nagato knew about his condition, but that didnt stop him from killing jiraya or any other person, so no excuses… sick pple are meant to at the hospital not in akatsuki, tryin to catch 9 tails or 1 tail, so stop that … they are all ninjas and they leave alongside death….minato’s does majorly FTG, itachi and others have so much jutsu in thr arsenal, and they cant touch him, thats why jiraya sed its not abt techs, its all about the ninja himself,

    thr is no excuse for that sickness, cos they all knew what they were gettin into, ….

    his greatness was short lived…. compared to first hokage who was known, minatos greatness came when he ended the war and did the kyubi thingy to save the village, while other kages had alot to do and talk abt….admit he is rare, even jiraya sed ninjas like him come errvry 10yrs, give him a lil credit…even if u hate him, i dont like chouji but i give him credit for doing some certain things, even if it does work all the time,

    be more opened abt your perspective, not cos some ninjas go against naruto and sasuke means u should support them without thinking about it

  63. You guys like to get technical lol.

    As for Naruto learning FTG…no. Please no. I’m tired of a 16 year old boy having God like powers.

    Why do people get so offended when Kisu says that Minato is not the fastest? Raikage is the fastest in terms of speed just accept it. MINATO CAN TELEPORT!!! He doesn’t have to be the best in every category.

    There’s hardly any discussion on the actual chapter -,__-

    Where is Bob to restore order

  64. @ j

    no one is offended, except the manga is confusing us with teleportation and speed, teleportation has diff variations, and shino sed it.. that its just high speed movement, and that his bugs can follow it, so they(minato and A’s tech) are both speed , not just on d same level

  65. @ Kisu

    Itachi and Jiraiya are the first in the Databooks, they are perfect in a sense! 😀

    Well, after all, Minato was a Kage, it is logical to be portrayed very strong and talented in every area: nin-tai-genjutsu, stamina, speed, etc. Tsunade and Sarutobi have some exellent stats. I suppose A and B must also be among the first, in the next Databook. (And indeed, Minato was all alone, without having a bloodline limit or secret family techniques, as far as we know until now.)

    We have learned much about the First and we still discover more about his Wood Element and other skills. We have discovered many deadly techniques that the Second could use. We know that the Third was probably the strongest Hokage, we saw him in action too, not only in memories. We can still see the Fifth “alive and kicking”. So, Kishi must give us something about the Fourth too, who is praised by friends and enemies as the best of his generation. But again, everything is based on memories not live action; that’s why we learn little by little about him and it seems like he currently appears all the time. We have actually seen and known more about Nagato or Madara than about Minato.

    Also, this famous technique of him, when he appears, strikes and disappears, is what makes him unbeatable and without a single scrath. I think if it was in a face-to-face battle, he would surely be more beaten! (But again, I suppose due to his analytical skills, he would plan something for a situation like this too.)

    I don’t generally want to judge anyone yet and I just wait for the next Databook, where we will see, among others, the stats of Minato, Nagato, A and B. Then we will know for sure.

  66. I agree with Wo. In a head-on fight Minato would lose. There’s really no evidence to disprove that minato has a hit and run mentality in battle. Of all the fights he’s been in he does npt even show a briuse. The only time remember him getting hit was when Naruto gut checked him. Other than that, I guess that kishi is afraid to mess up Minato’s good looks or something.

  67. FTG seems like a technique that takes little to no chakra to use(dont even need seals) and lets minato basically take out entire batallions of enemies in a near instant… so there is no reason for him to consume his energy using less efficient ninjutsu… that isn’t to say he doesn’t know how to. He likely mastered both shape and nature chakra manipulation techniques to the highest level(considering he was trying to apply his chakra nature to rasengan).
    It’s not very annoying that the guy never gets a scratch on him, because his technique literally makes him invincible and his reaction time was fast enough to time the split second that madara was in physical form and hit him with a rasengan… and that’s a hell of a feat.

  68. “Itachi and Jiraiya are the first in the Databooks, they are perfect in a sense!”

    I’m not talking just powers here Wo. I’m talking about everything. Minato has perfect combat feats, is always smiling, never gets hit ever, has a jutsu that makes it impossible for him to be killed unless he wants to, everyone considers him to be jesus etc. It’s just too much. Everyone in the story has character flaws except for Minato, Rikudo and the Juubi.

  69. Minato did have a weakness…his family. If he did not have a family to protect when Madara attacked he would still be alive and I have no doubt he would still be thwarting Madara’s plans! I also doubt he would have allowed the council to kill off the Uchiha clan. Then the manga would be called Saucegay with no Narutard 😦

  70. I think some people are blowing this Minato thing out of proportion. Whether anyone wants to believe it or not, Minato is a big part of this story seeing that his actions helped shaped the future. The Rasengan, the Kyuubi and the different encounters he had.

    Also, it’s not like Kishi is trying to make him out to be a God or whatever, it’s just his technique. The FTG was special because it meant he was the fastest person in the world, no one could touch him. This is partly what made him so famous and feared. I understand that it’s boring to be perfect all the time but what would be the reason to call him the fastest man in the world if others can catch him and hurt him.

    I like how Kishi is involving lots of characters, I mean I am tired of all the stories where everything is so one sided.I like the fact that he involves everyone, the strongest like Minato and Pein, and the intellectual like Shikaku and Shikamaru and yes the weak like Kiba and Akamaru.He is trying to show that everyone can step in the main characters shoes if need be. If you ask me Shikaku and Shikamaru seem to be more qualified to be Kage than Naruto and Tsunade for that matter.

  71. Do you guys really think that Shikamaru is STRONG enough to be a kage? He has the analytical skills but that can’t help him protect Konoha in a crisis. I mean, he could play the role that Shikaku plays in Konoha as a high ranking Jonin when hes older

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