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Bleach Chapter 451 – Welcome to Our Execution 4

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I’m not sure if I hate what Tite is doing to the readers, or if I subconsciously love it. He has been twisting our perceptions of who is good and who is bad. Normally, like with Aizen, Gin, and Tousen back in the Soul Society Arc, I enjoy these kinds of surprises, but he has taken it too far lately. Last chapter he illustrated a very subtle, yet noticeable hint of treachery from Ginjou and Riruka, but now he has Ginjou take on a harsh, yet secretly caring mentor-like figure. It is starting to piss me off that for the first time I can’t fully understand these characters, but it is also what keeps me coming back for more each week.

Now onto the chapter itself, as we saw last week Ginjou slashed Ichigo’s eyes, essentially making him blind. He tries to tempt Ichigo’s rage by telling him he was fooling him this whole time, and basically calls him out for being a bitch. When he tells Ichigo he is going after Orihime and Chad, that is the last straw, finally igniting Ichigo’s…


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