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The Black Flames 1 – In the Beginning there was Fire

Awe All ^_^ Pein0Avenue.
this is a new story but, one of my good friends Tenrai wrote a story almost a year ago but was unable to continue it. It was one of my favorite stories and gave me an idea to create a similar story, well the idea of an alternative Naruto Universe, my idea revolves around one of the turning points in Konoha history, the Uchiha Massacre, just before is where my story begins.
The Black Flames (Pilot)

It was quiet now. The cries now became light moans as the Village descended in to the darkness of night. Bodies lay on the street only seen by the light of the fires burning around them. The entire Village was weeping, all but a select few. They had planned this, for years putting together what would be put down in history as “Revolution” life in Konoha would change, and with his first speech as the new Hokage, would stand before all the clan’s in Konoha telling them of the crimes being committed to their Village, how he was there to bring back justice to the Village. He would through this time create a stronger unified Village under a new symbol. One that would eradicate the injustice his people and the people of this Village had felt under the old regime. He would say this with eye burning red with only the flames of the burning Village reflected.

Just outside the Village wall stood one of the few, a young man named Itachi Uchiha, though the burden in his eye and face made him seem older, he knew he could have stopped this but had failed. The blood of this Village was on his hands, he would have to run, leave his family behind. His brother, he was given one last mission and he knew that he would be hunted down as a traitor for the rest of his life but his sense of duty was too strong to be changed by the fear of prosecution. By his side stood a young boy, his eyes glazed over as he watched the Village that once hated him burn, the boy knew the pain of those in there. The young man turned to the boy pulling his arm, “Come, we must get a move on” the boy just looked down, he didn’t understand who this man was or why he was helping him but he knew the men that took over the village had tried to hurt him and he somehow knew he was safest with this stranger.

They walked throughout the night, the little boys legs began to burn as they saw the dawn begin to approach, the young man stopped for a minute closing his eyes. It seemed he could feel no rest, the dark lines under his eyes showed his pain. Slowly opening them to face the young boy again, “We will stop here for now, you better rest we still have a long way to go” the little boy looked around and tried to muster a sound but he was so unsure of what to say. Instead he just smiled as broad as he could and finally blurted out, “My name is Naruto Uzumaki” with that he turned around to find a soft spot to sleep. The young man knew the boy’s name, he knew more about this boy then the boy did himself, he knew what he really was and what would happen if his family and clan got a hold of him.

At the monument of the Hokage’s, all the Village stood waiting for the new leader to speak, the leader stood above in the sunlight watching down at the people, confused and scared, he was a stern man, his harsh tones was reflected in his blood-red eyes. He stood surrounded by men with the same eye looking at every direction, “I am sure many of you have questions of what has happened over the past two days, and I assure you all the answers will be free for all to hear, at 12:00 yesterday the Third Hokage gave up his position of power, the Uchiha Clan has taken control of the operations in this village as co-founders of the Village. We have removed the Tyranny of the previous Hokage’s that have put this village through hell to keep power.” The crowd began to become restless; with murmurs the people seemed confused.
“Hyuuga, Aburame, Akimichi, Nara, Yamanaka! All powerful Clans of this Village like us the Uchiha, but where any of you given the power you deserved? We had been treated like second-rate citizens, isolated to the corner of the village, segregated and for what? Did the Leaders give any of you a reason? No! They planned to kill us all, we had become too powerful for them to control so they began to put our names through mud, and do you want this for your families? When you become too strong do you want to be killed for it? For wanting more in this life then being used as their puppets!!” the crowd felt uneasy, they had suspected that the Uchiha had been the traitors that set the 9 Tailed Fox onto the Village years ago but they never thought the Village would take such actions. A man in the crowd yelled out, “And How can you prove this?!” everyone began to nod in agreement. The Uchiha Leader knew they would ask this question, a sinister smile began to form on his stone like face. “I will give you proof, please bring our guest up.” With that the men around him brought an old man onto the stage, his face was slightly bruised but he had seemed to not be badly harmed by the men, he walked calmly to the microphone.

“That’s the Third Hokage” murmured from the crowd, “He must be under Genjutsu” the men with white eye all began to look deeper, as though they where trying to see into him, “No,” the one in the crowd said, his eyes strained, vain on the side of his head. “There is no sign of genjutsu here, it would seem he is here under his own will?” the old man cleared his dry throat, he had promised his people that he would protect them and this is what has happened. He wished the 4th was here but he slowly opened his mouth to speak, his face course and eyes weary. “I am the Third Hokage, I am here as my own request.” His voice as course as his words, “I asked the Uchiha to allow me to speak to you, I am here to confirm and deny all they are saying” the crowd suddenly hushed, all the murmurs and whispers now died with those words. The old man continued “We had done everything for you, we had feared the Uchiha would one day rise up and their thirst for power would not be quenched, so we isolated them we where afraid of what they could become, When the 4th Hokage gave his life for this Village, the 9 Tails Attack, there where no Uchiha present to help. They didn’t care then!! They would allow you all to die, to weaken us and to take power. We believed the attack was their doing… We had a counter agent working for us and the Uchiha; they had planned to take Konoah by force, as you have seen over the past few days. We decided to take action, Itachi Uchiha was meant to eliminate every Uchiha but he failed, his heart was too weak and when they realized this betrayal the Uchiha decided to take action.” The Village was quiet now, they understood every word but also felt like they knew nothing of this village.

With that the new Uchiha Leader stood forward again, “please take him away till the trails” he said softly to his bodyguards, “so now you all know what has happened, we the Uchiha do not want war! We want justice, justice for the Uchiha!” with that the Uchiha in the crowd and along side the leader began to roar. “This will be the beginning of a new era for Konoha; we will be the mightiest nation again! We will regain the power taken away from us! We will take back the Bijuu’s!” The crowd whipped into a frenzy they began to chant with the Uchiha, some seemed unsure, other where enthusiastic, while some seemed scared. A bodyguard approached the new leader, and whispered into his ear, “Fugaku, we have scoped the Village for Naruto and Itachi both have seemed to disappeared in the chaos, we found our unit dead inside Naruto’s house” the man named Fugaku seemed to lose that sinister grin at these words but very calmly whispered back, “It seems my eldest son has betrayed us once again, be on alert though I believe he will come back soon. Fetch me my son, Sasuke; I think it’s about time his training begun… If we cannot use Naruto as our weapon, I will create one from my own Blood.”

The sound of cheering reverberated throughout the village, but here nothing could be heard, Itachi watched as Naruto’s body moved slightly as he slept. He would have to protect this boy but at what cost to his own life and the life of his brother, he wished now that he could of taken Sasuke but he knew too well this life was not meant for him, he would want Sasuke to make his own choice in this family war, “the pride of the Uchiha” a mocking voice came from just outside their encampment, an orange masked man stood waiting only his one eye open to view, “Itachi Uchiha, they said you had the ability to surpass even the “Great Madara Uchiha” yet here you are.” Itachi locked his eyes to the new arrival, he had met him before, he had help Itachi gain his powers. “As far as I’m concerned Madara was a coward who ran from the Village” Itachi replied with his darting red-eye locked on the new man. “Well now lets not be mean here Itachi we all friends right?” the man replied his eye showing the same blood-red glow as Itachi’s, “I mean it was you that asked for my help in all this, and believe me… It wasn’t easy convincing my associates to let the boy live and let you join” The man started to make light of the situation, though his voice had a harsh undertone but he kept polite, hard to figure out his true motives. “You know you need him a live too, you need his power there is no other child that can give you what you want, He is your only hope and if you allow you associates to take that power now, well your plan will fail and if you do not protect him and the new Konoha gain control of him, your plan will also fail…” as Itachi spoke these words the man seemed to become angry, impatient, but soon relaxed again. “Well I guess you are right,” he said in an almost mocking tone. “Going by foot may take some time, let see if we can get to the rain village a little faster with my help?” Itachi seemed hesitant but remembered how painful it was for Naruto to walk, he closed his eyes and nod his head in agreement. “Well then let’s all hold hands” the man grabbed Itachi and hold of Naruto who was still fast asleep and all three warped away.

The room was dark Naruto’s eyes found it hard to adjust; he could here the voices of those around him. The moist smell of earth and musk surrounded him, the earth was hard beneath him now. It seemed like three men stood by a single candle, Naruto could only see the outlines but with the little light couldn’t make out much more. He tightly shut his eyes when it seemed like one of the men was about to turn around. With his eyes closed he could begin to hear the discussion. A monotone voice stood struct through “this was not the deal, Tobi! Why must we wait.” Naruto didn’t recognize the voice but he felt a chill when he heard the man talk, his voice sounded dead. Then he heard a voice he seemed to recognize, but couldn’t understand why, “Yes Pein, but you do not understand the power you will loose if we do it now. The Seal is too powerful most of the Chakra will be lost and without him you plan will be meaningless” there was a long silence, and the voice came again, “what do you suggest we do with him then?” he seemed to be challenging the man named Tobi, but then Naruto heard the young man who saved him cough to interrupt. “I will train him, he will not know who or what he is. We will use him and if the beast takes control my eye can help calm him down, he will be a weapon for us, we will use him to gain the power of the other Beasts.” He seemed unconvincing, like he doubted the words coming from his mouth but both the men that were with him seemed to be in agreement. “Fine, Itachi” the man named Pein said, “I will leave him in your hands, please excuse me but I must return to my village.” Naruto opened his eyes as small as he could to see the silhouette disappear into the darkness. “Ahhh, Itachi” the man named Tobi now seemed to sigh in relief, his tone still light. “Well we did it, fooled the “god” of the Rain Village.” Itachi remained unmoved as the man next to him seemed a lot more relaxed and moving freely, Tobi suddenly stopped, “You will be getting your partner soon, I must return to the Mist Village, take care” these words seemed to be a warning, not a friendly gesture. With that he too disappeared in the darkness. Itachi walked over to Naruto slowly. Naruto was paralyzed in fear, he wasn’t sure if he should pretend to sleep or get ready to run. Itachi stopped in front of him. “I know you are awake” he said in a calm uninterested manner, Naruto felt like his body went cold. “Get up!” Itachi shouted. Springing to life Naruto stood at Itachi’s waist. Looking up at the man who saved his life, he could see something change in the man named Itachi’s face, Naruto felt like he was looking through him, no person had ever even looked at Naruto and yet this stranger seemed to care about him. In his eyes he saw his hopeful face but suddenly Itachi turned to the entrance, “let’s go, training will begin shortly. You should wear this uniform from now on.” he pointed to the wall where a black rob hung, the same as the one he had put on, Naruto had never seen cloaks like this before grabbed it with both hands. He saw the Red Cloud printed on, “What does it mean?” Naruto asked looking at Itachi and back at the cloak. “It means Dawn, or Daybreak, it means a new beginning.” Naruto pondered these words for a bit and then smiled again. He was greatful for a new chance, a chance to be more than what he was. He would be known now, he would do it right this time.


Hope you enjoyed the story! If you guys would like I can continue this story please let me know.