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Naruto Chapter 541 – Butting Heads with the Raikage

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hello fellow narutards, just got back from a nice trip last night, so sorry about being late on this week’s post after missing last week’s.  We’ve already had a ton of comments already on this week’s chapter on the “it’s out” post, but I’ll throw out my cents anyways since I liked how chapter 541 played out. I’ve been waiting for a long time for Naruto to show off some of his new powers on a worthy opponent – the skirmish against Kisame was half-ass and blasting through those Konoha guards was a no-brainer – Naruto really needs a kage-level opponent to test himself against and Raikage provided the perfect adversary.

Some might be disappointed that Naruto didn’t actually best Raikage during their little scuffle, but considering Naruto only recently attuned to use his powers and that Raikage is considered possibly the most powerful kage at the moment, I think our protagonist did a pretty good job.  We already know through Sasuke’s battle vesus Raikage that the guy is super-fast and super-strong, a deadly combination. Sasuke nearly died from his short encounter with Raikage and had to rely on his allies and all his Mangekyou powers just to stay alive against Raikage’s onslaught.  The Raikage only lost his arm because he is impulsive and tactically stupid, otherwise I don’t Sasuke would have come out of that alive.  Now, look at Naruto’s encounter with Raikage: he fared a lot better and almost became equal with the Raikage in some respects.  We heard it clearly from Tsunade, Naruto is able to match the Raikage’s speed; and Naruto’s only at the early stages of mastering his new powers, so it’s very likely he will be able to surpass his current speeds with just some more training or battle experience.  As well, Naruto’s goal is to live up to his father’s legacy and surpass him, the Raikage admitted he was not faster than Minato when he was alive so I think it’s safe to say that knowing how Naruto is, he’ll  leave the Raikage in the dust in no time.

Next, let’s look at power.  When Sasuke fought against the Raikage, the punches he received from his opponent nearly killed him, even with his Susanoo defenses.  But we saw in this chapter that Naruto took in one of Raikage’s punches and though he admits it was incredibly powerful, Naruto didn’t take any damage or debilitating effects from it.  I think it’s safe to say that if Naruto received another few days of training to hone his powers, he would be an equal match for Raikage and possibly even exceed the kage in both power and speed.  And since I gauge the Raikage as being stronger than Sasuke, it’s a no-brainer to say that the current Naruto is stronger/faster than the Sasuke we last saw in battle and would make the outcome of any one-on-one encounter favor our hero.   However, Madara still values Sasuke as his trump card, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if he has/will do something to Sasuke to give him that extra edge the next time we see him out on the battlefield.

Some other thoughts:

–          I fail to see the Raikage’s logic on how killing Naruto would help the war effort.  He’s such a meat head.  If he really thought killing Naruto would halt Madara’s plans even temporarily, why didn’t he suggest it long before they sacrificed some many shinobi in this war?  Also, keeping Naruto alive means the Alliance will have control over the Kyuubi and know where it is – Naruto’s death will release the fox and make it open game for Madara to capture and seal.

–          Why was Tsunade even here if she wasn’t going to do anything?  Heck, she didn’t move an inch even when it was obvious Raikage was going to kill Naruto.

–          Naruto is starting to refer to Minato as dad now, I’m glad he has gotten closer with his parents and has come to terms with understanding what they did for him.

–          What? So KB isn’t even Raikage’s biological brother?  Well, I guess that explains why their personalities are so different.

–          Seriously, the Lightning village was making little kids match power with a young Raikage to do lariats? No wonder they didn’t find a good match for so long.

–          You can’t blame KB for staring at Tsunade’s boobies when they first arrived on the scene, that’s where my focus will be going too.