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Fairy Tail Chapter 237 – Azuma’s mistake

read it here

Gerard is in the prison thinking about Erza, i’m surprised at how good he looks considering he hasn’t eaten yet since he was locked up. One of the guard seems to hold a personal grudge against him and i won’tbe surprised if Gerard will kill him once he gets out. Even tough the prison locks out all magical power Gerard is able to encourage Erza with telepathy telling her not to give up.

Fairy Tail Vol.25 Ch.237 at MangaFox.com

Erza gets up and slashes at Azuma who blasts her with the Tenrou tree’s power again. This was Azuma’s mistake, using the power that is made to protect Fairy Tail to attack them won’t work instead the magic  takes the form of her comrades and protects Erza.

Fairy Tail Vol.25 Ch.237 at MangaFox.com

Azuma doesn’t even bother to dodge the next attack from Erza and is cut down i hope that’s the end of him so we can see Bixlow+Fried own Rustyrose and ofcorse Gildarts vs Bluenote on full power!


9 Responses

  1. So with azuma’s defeat, all thats left is the guy with glasses and the eldest of the kin and bluenote. But 5 of the 7 kin of purgatory have been taken out already. Thats pretty badass 😛

  2. To me azuma kind of gave that win to Erza because he was impressed by her courage. But over all it was an enjoyable chapter.

  3. Well, he did blast her with his strongest attack…TWICE. Any more would be redundant and if she’s not getting hurt by it, what’s the use?

    And apparently, they are comparing Azuma’s ‘Splendid’ defeat comment to Rigaldo’s ‘Superb’ defeat comment.

  4. @sasukethebeast don’t forget about Ultear and i tihnk Bluenote isn’t part of the 7 kin but stands above that or else there would be 8 kin.

    7 kin:
    god slayer guy
    the one thats in love with Ultear
    fat guy with voodoo doll

  5. @White Shinobi

    Ultear is the eldest of the Kin and He never said Bluenote was a member

  6. ah right sorry for that i misread that tought he ment eldest of kin is bluenote and ultear is not the eldest she’s just the leader

  7. Just started to read Fairy Tale (a week, or so, ago) and I already caught up. This is a really good manga! I already started watching the Anime, and can honestly say it’s better than the manga: simply because of the graphics used when they are using their magic. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MISTGUN IN ACTION IN THE ANIME!!!!

  8. zep i don’t think the anime will last long cause they already are almost at the same point of the manga it’s like the same as bleach 10 chapters in 1 episode there’s gonna be a lot of fillers and ppl might get bored with it

  9. NOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not fillers!!!!!!!!!

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