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98 Responses

  1. I noticed Naruto still couldn’t give a suitable answer to a logical question again. The Raikage undoubtedly own their little debate. Also, lol @ Minato’s Senseless Sacrifice. The front page looked pretty homoerotic.

    And finally, lol @ Kumogakure teaching the younglins how to decapitate. This villages is composed of pure unadulterated badass. Killerbee and A are even cooler now that they’re not even brothers by blood.

    Also, like I said a few chapters ago, Raikage can easily beat Naruto. He would’ve killed him in one attack had Bee not intervened.

  2. What do you mean by senseless sacrifice??

  3. I don’t think raikage can take naruto out. Naruto was doing something when raikage was about to hit him when bee stepped in. I think that naruto would be about to out do raikage only cu raikage is too straight forward of a fighter. It’s the reason he couldn’t take sasuke down. Both naruto and sasuke use tactics when fighting do to fighting stronger opponents their whole lifes. Raikage, evidence is in the flash back, was stronger than everyone his whole life. He never needed to figure out a way to win when the odds were against him by trying things he normally wouldn’t. Besides, in the chunin exams the proctor claimed that was narutos greatest ability, which is still true.

    But it’s totally badass that bee and raikage aren’t actually brothers. I thought it was odd how different they were, but that’s awesome how the met.

  4. That first page was wicked gay. That trumps the armadillo penis. Ok things of note. The return of the fist bump. This was seen back when sasukes light left his eyes and i think its good that kishi brought it back.

    Also bee offering up his own life for naruto to be able to make it to the battlefield. Also A willing to kill naruto is interesting though not completly a surprise.

    I think this chapter shows the raikage has to die. He is far too stuvk in the old ways of doing things.

  5. @bringerofkaos

    I agree I hope the Raikage is a casualty of this war. He reminds me of Danzo.

    I hope Naruto retaliates because I don’t want the belief to be that the Raikage is stronger than Naruto. You can’t compare their strengths based on one attack…

  6. Damn! Raikage is very cold. I see A dying soon and B being the next Raikage @_@

  7. Wait is it me or doesn’t it look like Naruto is about to do the shadow clone jutsu, one the 12 page bottom right panel?

  8. Oops. Mis touch

    Anyways the raikage needs death. His open willingness to kill naruto shows his arrogance. Yes the war needs to be won but post poning madaras victory gets him know where. Especially now with rampent mistrust running through the allied forces. Naruto spoke true. If the shinobi world is obliterated. The moons eye plan becomes mostly useless.

    Madara doesnt need something like that to control a civilian population, its not those he needs the power to control in the first place. I think kishi is setting us up for a raikage – sasuke rematch in the near future.

    Also tsunade showed some balls this chapter in not coddling to naruto and supporting raikages position that they return to the hideout or the head qurters. This isnt a side we have seen before. Had she said balls before sasuke would have been hunted down and killed long ago.

    Ok im done now for the time being. Was Lee humping the back of narutos head? The power of youth explodes.

  9. @bringerofkaos, how is Raikage being arrogant? Naruto is threatening the ENTIRE world because he can’t sit still. So what if his friends die protecting him? They’re only in the thousands. If he gets captured BILLIONS of people will be f’d. Raikage did the right thing this chapter. Naruto needs to get over himself and stay put.

    @J, Naruto said it himself that he wouldn’t survive a second punch from A. That second blow would’ve killed him on the spot if Bee had not intervened.

    I honestly don’t get you guys. Just because the manga is called “Naruto” doesn’t automatically mean Naruto is right 100% of the time. He’s still an immature kid. This chapter proves he can be beat like everyone else, and with that revelation he’s still running into battle. If he gets captured it’s game over for everyone, not just the 80,000 ninjas, EVERYONE. That’s what Raikage was trying to tell him this chapter and his response was he couldn’t live with himself if people die to protect him. So he’s basically doing this to make himself feel better. Naruto has lost every single debate he’s ever been in since the Pain Arc and we’re supposed to still believe in him? The entirety of Naruto’s argument is:

    “Dead people believe in me lololol”

    Rant over.

  10. @kisu

    The problem is the raikages argument is only partially correct as well. Killing either jinchuriki only slows madaras plans not ends them. On top of that the shinobi that are stronger then bee and naruto currently living is countable on 1 hand. That is easily offset by your villains.

    Should naruto go to war? No. He has the only tailed beast chakra madara doesnt have assuming the brothers chakra doesnt suit madaras needs. But there is truth in the shinobi world being destroyed.

    Besides there is 2 jinchuriki. Why cant one stay and one go? If bee goes back to HQ why cant naruto go to war or vice versa?

    The arrogance is shown in his very narrowminded view. Killing one accomplishes very little. The joint shinobi alliance cant rebuild there force in a couple months or years madaras clone army can or at the least offset anything the shinobi force does. And madara knows edotensi now making kabuto a pawn instead of a power player

  11. Kumogakure, is the best village around kisu, we established that months ago, lol.

  12. @bringer

    I still think Kabuto is the most powerful player in this because he’s the wildcard of the two. He forced Madara into an alliance with him, and Madara knows he’s only after his personal goals. That sounds like a power player to me.

  13. the kages are all stupid. whats the point of protecting Bee and Naruto when in order to stop the moon eyes plan you gotta off Madara. these idiots are letting Madara move freely without even a search team for him, and if the kages are afraid to fight him then give up war now.

  14. imo, with all the attention tobi is getting, kabuto will outlive him. kabuto already proved his intelligence. he had to have known that tobi can easily copy his edo tensei while he was giving him a demonstration. i want to know how tobi’s plan is going to pan out, but im more interested in kabuto at this point.

  15. @uchiha

    I would agree with that to a point. As far as we know kabutos goal is sasuke. This makes him a wildcard to madara. We dont know that the moonseye is really madaras plan though. Id say there equally dangerous. Kabuto to madara and madara to the world

  16. I love how the raikage called it a senseless sacrifice when he was gonna do the somethin if not even more stupid. He was gonna kill naruto and give madara a chance to catch the nine tails free. Yea sorryy kill and track something u ALREADY HAVE IN UR POSESSION. Yea cause the alliance clearly has time to search for the nine tails and win this war at the same time lol raikage is such a dumbass sometimes

  17. How would Madara know that Raikage killed Naruto? Okay, if Naruto wouldn’t sit still til the war is over, the 9 Tails being temporarily dead would achieve the same thing as Naruto being outside of the war. If anyone is being arrogant it’s Naruto.

    Raikage has to make quick decisions since he’s in charge of the fate of the entire world (billions of people), not just the ninja world (only 80 thousand people). The entire world with civilians, people with no connections to ninjas at all. Naruto is basically spitting in the face of his friends’ resolve.

    The Raikage was right 100% through this entire chapter, even about the Minato part. Minato’s sacrifice was unneeded. His sole reason for sacrificing himself was that he thought Naruto needed a mother and a father. WTF?

  18. Please put yourself in Naruto’s position: the persons who finally seeing an equal, good and loyal human (and not a monster) in him awaits a possible death – because of him. It’s not easy to sit still in such a situation – a situation we cant imagine…we read the chapter and laugh him arrogantly out!

    Would anyone of you sit still at home while someone suffers torture because of you?

  19. If I know me going out there could make things much worse, then I would sit at home and watch reruns of Gilmore Girls while sipping some beer. But hey, that’s just me being logical.

  20. You know what, I usually like Naruto in these types of situations but I am getting tired of his rants about saving the world and bringing peace and he hasn’t even really shown he has the power to do any of these things and i’m really starting to dislike Naruto. I know the Raikage is suppose to be strong but I think the Raikage’s blow shouldn’t have had any affect seeing that this Kyuubi Mode is new and is suppose to be so special.

  21. Also, Kisu, I guess after all this time you still can’t give Minato is credit. It’s really starting to be very ignorant of you to not be able to see or understand the sacrifice he made.

  22. @kisuzachi

    Whoah, you are dead set against Naruto, arent you? O_O

    Anyway, I agree Naruto is kinda impulsive and not always right. But no matter what I think about Naruto, A’s decision to single-handedly go against the Alliance’s will and kill one of the most powerful ninja ( thus risking Konoha’s wrath AND compromising the Shinobi alliance) IS really arrogant and dumb in my opinion. I understand his reasons but I can’t agree with them. That way of thinking reminds me of Danzo.

    Besides, forgiving Pain instead of killing him may have sound unreasonable back then too, but what would Konoha be like right now without Naruto’s decision? I’m not saying it makes him right all the time, just that this way of thinking has served Naruto well so far. As for Minato’s sacrifice to seal the Kyuubi, what would have happened to Konoha without the Kyuubi jinchuriki at their side?

    Danzo too was such a reasonable man but what did he bring to Konoha? Just look at Nagato and Sasuke and you’ll have your answer. Danzo played a huge role in those two’s actions. Konoha is lucky to still exist, no thanks to him!

    But anyway, I guess we just have a very different way to see things. We’ll just have to see the outcome of the war to decide on who was right (between Naruto and A I mean! :P)

  23. @ kisuzachi

    I agree with everything you said. Naruto is not being logical at all. And people are talking about the Raikage needs to die? Are you serious? Again the Cloud is the most badass village…

  24. @Marie, had Naruto decided to attack Nagato he would’ve lost and would’ve been dead right now. And even if Naruto is valuable it means nothing if he’s putting the entire world in danger. There are 80,000 ninjas but there a billions more people with no connection to the Ninja World whatsoever that would suffer for Naruto’s arrogance and selfishness.

    Anakin became Darth Vader because he acted like Naruto; not willing to give up the people in his life.

    Anyway, you bring up Nagato and Sasuke and attribute them to Danzo. Not true. Sasuke is Itachi’s fault and no one else’s. Had Itachi followed his orders and killed the ENTIRE clan, then a lot of this would’ve been avoided. As for Nagato, that has more to do with Hanzo than it does Danzo. Nagato bore no grudge to Danzo, his attack on the Leaf was just business.

    @Yellowflash, I think you should re-read the chapter Minato died. He didn’t NEED to die. He CHOSE to because he didn’t think he could raise Naruto right. That has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen in a manga. It was a Senseless Sacrifice. He should still be alive right now.

  25. @kisu

    preach on bro =)

  26. The whole point of this argument is that both naruto and A’s decisions down the road,(long or short, anyone’s guess) would eventually lead to only one thing: Madara’s victory. If anyone made sence in this chapter, it was killerbee.

  27. Look had minato let kashina kill herself with the 9 tails, the balance of power between villiages would shift causeing a ninja war………..just think about it konoha being the largest village with the 9 tails made it almost untouchable all the other villiages had there beast’s (nukes if you will) ralations with the other villages was already weak exspesialy after the war……….if the other villiages found out konoha would be thought of as weak and the other villiages would attacke……………………….minato did what he did to preserve the balance of power………..lets keep it real non of us know how long it takes for the 9 tails to respawn could be mouths evan years…would any one be strong enuf the recapture it………so lets please stope saying that minato (yondamie ….the 4th freaken Hokages) death was for nothing

    ps. never posted here befor, and as you can see i cant seem to spell..*sigh* love you guys though

  28. to me, this is an extended, and more complex, argument comparable to the one between naruto and itachi. If naruto chooses to enter this war now, there’s a good chance of him failing and getting captured and madara fulfilling his moon eye’s plan. If naruto chooses to stay put, there’s a good chance most of his friends and allies will be slaughtered, as well as still a chance of madara’s plan succeding anyway. Of course the alliance can still put a complete turn around in this war, but the fact that A’s willing to kill naruto and maybe even killerbee is kinda telling me they’re a little low on options. They just both have to do what they believe is right an prove thier resolve through action.

  29. @kisu dude u are such a naruto hater.. if u dislike him so much, den stop reading a manga about a character u clearly dislike… it clearly shows that naruto was about to counter raikages attack.. are u really dat blind??? If u didn’t recal madara already has a portion of naruto and bee’s chakara, and he is moving foward with his plans. So wut diffrence does it make if he gets caught??? Besides, even if he was caught, Member how long it took them to extract gaaras bijuu…like the allience army is gna sit around n let it happen…. ur just a coward who would grather do nothing while all his friends die protecting u, knowing ur 100times stronger den any of them…. just like the minato thing… wut kinda coward would not try and save his child???? U got sum serious issues man…

  30. Idk why ppl think raikage is so strong anyway…. wut did show dis chapter… dat he’s fast, n dat he’s strong?? We already knew dat about em…. he’s overratted… he got his hand cut off by a weaker sasuke, and w all his speed still couldn’t lay a hand on madara.. and they compare him to minatos speed??? Haha dats hilarious!

  31. Damn Kisu your going hard with this arguement bro!! I agree with your points though- Naruto keeps preaching how he’s gonna go all superman on everyone and stop the war but he hasnt shown any signs that he’s capable of doing so. His speeches are almost like he’s tryna convince himself like he’s unsure.
    Im still abit pissed that Raikage and A arent actually blood related…..

  32. That reminds me, i wonder what naruto’s gonna do against sasuke’s susano when they eventually faced. A technique sasuke used that would’ve obliterated itachi on the spot didn’t even faze it. Raikage with all his power couldn’t do squat against even an imcomplete one, the only thing gaara’s sand achived was keeping them alive, a techique danzo used that could’ve potentially helped mainly served as a means to avoid getting OHKO’d. Maybe the only way to stop it is to seal it somehow, or just take out the one who summoned it.

  33. I love how the entire Naruto fan base (bar a few) have a “All hail Naruto, all hail Naruto, he will never do anything wrong, he is wise, and almighty and is better than every other ninja alive, hell better than them all combined…”

    Danzou showed the Wind sucking summon could do a lot of damage, Genjutsu?

    DarthUchiha, – all Bee said was he was an individual, but in war you cant think of your own wants, dreams and goals, it would mean a very ineffective army…

    @ thebeastwithin – Your overestimating his power, and in the end if Madara had enough to do the plan it would be the end of the world already which means he would not have to keep fighting anyways. If Naruto is 100 times stronger than the Raikage, Tsuchikage, Mizukage and Kazekage, or is 100 Times stronger then any of the other high level Jonin, then they may as well take a nap since he will just end the war cause he says so…
    One can read a manga and still hate the protagonist, I can say I enjoy dragon ball z but Goku is my least fav character, I watch it for Vegeta, Piccolo and Trunks. In the end Madara and Kabuto are holding back waiting for something, if Naruto comes out they may just unleash their Itachi, Nagato, the Jinchriki etc. and Madara still has an EMS Sasuke that could easily take down Raikage now…. Naruto himself is lacking in his resolve, he wants everything to go his way but if he really could he would be able to stop the Raikage and move forward without nearly dying. If that happened he would be a power player, but at the moment he is untrained and wasting his chakra trying to get to the battle field… I would have stayed away and then learn how to control my powers and then come onto the battlefield at the right time…

    If Naruto entered the battlefield before Pain had Shinra Tensei’d, and Pain was at full power, do you think he would have had a chance? I mean Pain would then just catch Naruto and not worry about the rest. Naruto struggled and Pain had just blown up a whole village…..

  34. I think Naruto is being selfish in wanting to save all is his loved ones and putting the world in jeopardy! But narutos world is his friends! without them he would be nothing so in a round about way he is wanting to save his world! i wouldnt want too sit by and wonder if my friends where going to be killed or not i would want to try my best to help them even if i was a big risk!

    I wonder if Madara knows that only half the kyubi is placed within naruto? i think that he doesnt and if he was to try and extract Kyubi he would be in for a big surprise!

    Yes i think he do the hand seal for shadow clones which is a bit silly as KB did say you cant use clone otherwise the chakra will be zapped pronto!

    @Kisu, i think naruto said if he takes a clean hit he will be a gonna, dont think Raikage’s 2nd attempt was gonna be a clean hit as naruto was preparing for him! although i think Raikage has the experience to take naruto down after all he did overpower the 8 tails…

  35. Do you think that Naruto would be a more skilled ninja if Minato didnt sacrifice himself? i think he would be allot more intelligent i think as he would have someone to bring him up and teach him some kick ass moves from the get go!

    Wonder what primary Element minato’s was? do you think its genetic? naruto should be adapt to space time jutsu but he isnt as intelligent as his father obviously! So minato was taught space time jutsu by the 2nd hokage though so he had special treatment lol!

  36. @ MATT – I am not sure if it would be genetic, obviously with Uchiha its usually primary fire… I don’t think Minito was taught by the 2nd Hokage, he was Jiraiya’s student and his Technique is actually just a summoning jutsu, it was his intellegence that made it unbeatable….

    Naruto has an almost infinite amount of chakra too.

  37. ah yes, im a tired guy today so yeah he probably to young to be trained by tobirama! shame though! he must of influenced him in some way though as minato has spoken about the 2nd powerful space time jutsus previously!

  38. @thebeastwithin, I’m a hater because I’m pointing out the flaw in Naruto’s actions? Well I suppose that’s the world we live in these days, where anything but praise is considered “he be hatin'”

    Coward? No. I’m a guy that thinks ahead before I do anything. If I was in Minato’s shoes I’d either let Madara kill baby Naruto and get Kushina out of danger, or kill Kushina myself. And like I said above, staying put instead of risking the entire world is the smart decision.

    And Finally, Naruto made the hand sign for a Shadow Clone Jutsu. He would’ve made clones and the Kyubi would’ve ate him alive. That, or A’s attack would’ve hit and kill him on the spot.

  39. @Kisu

    I personally feel you need to re-read the whole MANGA again because you seem to lost the focus.

    Most of the destruction that came upon Kohona was or had something to do with Danzo. Your head is so far up Nagato @$$ that you can’t see elsewise. Do you remember the day when Nagato himself had to kill so-called Pein? Wasn’t Danzo there, didn’t he team up with Hanzo to help him sustain his power, hoping it will prolong the war to make him Hokage. Was his Roots kept underground while Orc attack back in the 1st Arc. Wasn’t Danzo also one of the suspreme that order Sasuke brother to whip out the clan? And I know you remember he killed the Messeger Frog to call their hero, Naruto. Who then put an end to your worthless FAVs. Get Over It!

    If it wasn’t for Minato: Naruto, Kohona, Ninja World and everyone you’re trying to include would have been pawned long time ago. The fight between Minato and Madara, Minato clearly pounded him. Minato sacrifice himself for the entire ninja world, in placing the Nine-Tails in his son. As we been seeing it’s Naruto that been tw saving light for his country and others as well, as they get to know him.

    I don’t know why people are starting to give up on Naruto now. Didn’t he bring back all those that died during Pein attack based on his decision. He has proven himself time after time that he can make ‘CHANGES’

    A needs to go… Period. His decision to kill Naruto on the spot was uncalled for as the Hokage said. All those 80,000 that put their life on the line to protect him, gets killed by the general of the joint force. That will cause more Chaos in the ninja world. I can see Kohona attacking Kumu. Poor Hinata. What about Garaa, how would his country react? His single-mind thoughts are no longer need in today’s new ninja system

  40. @Naruto101, search the entire site for my comments before the Pain Arc. I was in this manga just for the action. But then Kishimoto decided he need to be philosophical so I started taking the story seriously. Chapter 436 is still the best chapter in the entire manga. Naruto has yet to come up with an answer to those questions, unlike Nagato. MY problem is Nagato’s solution was a good one in the context of their violent world (4 world wars in about 80 years…that’s a global war every 20 years), but Naruto can’t even come up with one yet acts so righteously.

    MY problem is Naruto is a hypocrite. He tries to save Sasuke, and make exceptions for him even when he threatens everyone and everything, while he doesn’t extend his arm out to other villains like Kakuzu, Kabuto, Madara. If you are going to attempt to be Jesus, then you must be Jesus to everyone, not just your gay life partner. Kabuto’s done more for Naruto and his friends (healing Hinata and Sakura, helping them in the Forest of Death and giving them the Akatsuki Bingo Book) and shows him more respect than Sasuke ever did yet when he sees Kabuto what does he do? Attack him without a moment’s notice. I’m not saying I want Naruto to try to befriend every villain, but if he’s gonna go out of his way with Sasuke, why not go out of his way with everyone?

    I’m only still reading this manga to see Naruto’s answer to Pain. For me, everything else is enjoyable filler.

  41. I think what bugs ppl kisu is the fact that ur very stuck in ur opinions That no one else’s matters. I think both raikage and naruto have valid points and as is usual the right decision is in the middle. As for minato in the spur of the moment he did What he thought was right. Hindsight is always 20-20 but he did what he thought was right at that moment without a second thought. Rather he is right or Not differs by person but he did save his son , his son is one of the strongest ninja in the world konoha kept their nuclear weapon and his legacy is honored by everyone even those who knew what happened (cept for the railage who honestly is getting as annoying as naruto at this point with his bullheadedness ). And as for danzo he was half responsible for pein being created cause if he wasn’t there I’m not Sure Hanzo would. Have attacked nagato (who btw tends to bitch and moan alot and personally I was glad to see him gone ) . And say raikage killed naruto and the none tails spawned in years. Wouldn’t it be better to have both bee and naruto alive I mean those two together could wreck havoc on the field and using them could speed up the war but losing them would be bad too so its a catch 22 really. Damned if u do damned if u don’t but they can AT least try

  42. Btw kisu u may disagree with naruto but ur lover pein agreed so I guess thats really all that matters. Pein was dead he died believing in naruto and that’s that. So either nagato was a idiot or thought more logically than u. Ur call really

  43. @token, Nagato was an idiot in the end. That’s how Kishi wrote him. Why do you think so many people hate the ending of the Pain Arc? Nagato basically put his hopes in a kid that couldn’t answer the most basic of the questions he asked, “How do you intend to bring peace to the world”, even though he had a plan that works fairly well in our world. However, I still like him because of everything he did prior.

    Then again, this is Part 2 Naruto’s schtick. Making people believe in him when he shows no evidence that that belief is well placed. Like I already said, the entirety pf all his arguments are “Dead people believe in me lololol”

    As for me, I admit when I’m wrong. It’s just, excuse my ego, that doesn’t happen too often.

  44. Also, lest we all forget, Raikage isn’t even using his dominant arm.

    lol once again it’s Kisu vs Shannaro. You guys should love me for always bringing you together 🙂

  45. I seem to recall as evidenced by the talk with his father, back then not even himself could understand why the hell they believed naruto could achieve what what several ninjas greater than him could not. I mean, sure he has an impressive record thus far, and despite his inherited gifts had to struggle his ass off his whole life an even get lucky quite a few times to stay alive to this point. But even he admitted he’s not that smart a ninja, and what weight does he have on this ninja world other than those close to him? Naruto’s taken huge risks making the decisions he has as far as what happened between nagato an him as well as sasuke and this war that could potentially blow up bad in everyone’s face. Despite (in my opinion) jiraya’s childish and naive dream for the ninja world, he’s right about one thing, SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE. The 4 world wars in eighty years, akatsuki’s existence under madara’s rule, sasuke’s turnout…..those happen because of the old ninja’s way of thinking.

  46. gay life partner lol! well i get what your saying kisu but Naruto doesnt have the bond that he does with all the other villians like he does with sasuke! i think naruto is coming round to the idea that he may have to take sasuke out though i reckon!

  47. i dont think its a case of having an answer to a very open and hard question! its a case of having faith the belief and ability of someone to do the task! it is a bit frustrating though to have no answers but that wat keeps people interested!

  48. @Kisu

    The evidence is that ‘Choosen One’ to bring peace to the ninja world that was foretold by the Old Sage Toad. The first book ever written by Jayiria (sp?) the main character name is… Naruto. That’s what convince Nagato.

    I starting to think people don’t know what ‘BELIEVE’ mean anymore

  49. @Naruto101, at first I wasn’t going to address most of your post, but I’m bored right now.

    “Most of the destruction that came upon Kohona was or had something to do with Danzo.”

    lolno. Most of Konoha’s bad luck was the fault of the Hokages. Had Sarutobi killed Oro like he was supposed to then the invasion would’ve been avoided. Had Tsunade make Sasuke a missing-nin and sent actual ninjas out to kill him instead of retrieve him, then a lot of crap would’ve been avoided.

    “Do you remember the day when Nagato himself had to kill so-called Pein? Wasn’t Danzo there, didn’t he team up with Hanzo to help him sustain his power, hoping it will prolong the war to make him Hokage”

    Nagato is Pain, that was Yahiko. And yes, I read that chapter several times. Danzo joined with Hanzo so they could get rid of a troublesome group, and that would look good on Danzo’s record when they choose a new Hokage. Danzo was involved yes, but what if Jiraiya had simply taken Oro’s advice and kill those three orphans? Akatsuki would’ve never been created and neither would Pain and the Rinnegan wouldn’t be in Madara’s possession right now. Or better yet, Jiraiya could’ve just left them there. They would’ve died eventually. Jiraiya picked up this attitude from Sarutobi.

    “as his Roots kept underground while Orc attack back in the 1st Arc.”

    Danzo wasn’t even created back then so I really have no answer for you there. If I had to hazard a guess, then I’d say yes.

    “Wasn’t Danzo also one of the suspreme that order Sasuke brother to whip out the clan?”

    Yes. Had Itachi followed his orders and killed the ENTIRE clan like he was supposed to, a lot of crap could’ve been avoided. He disobeyed orders and let Sasuke live. And if Danzo had not been one of the Elders to set up the plan, then the Uchihas would’ve caused another Ninja War.

    “And I know you remember he killed the Messeger Frog to call their hero, Naruto.”

    Danzo should be a hero for killing that frog. If he had been allowed to bring back the Jinchuriki then Konoha would lose an asset. Remember Naruto would arrive BEFORE God Realm used the Shinra Tensei to destroy Konoha. God Realm on his own is stronger than Naruto as shown in their one-on-one fight, now imagine if all 6 had fought Naruto. When Naruto arrived all the Paths were protecting God Realm and were being pcked off because of it. He would’ve been killed as quickly as Jiraiya if all of them were attacking.

    “If it wasn’t for Minato: Naruto, Kohona, Ninja World and everyone you’re trying to include would have been pawned long time ago.”

    No. If it wasn’t for Minato Konoha would’ve been destroyed. JUST KONOHA. But my point is, Minato did not need to die. He wasn’t thinking like a ninja and a leader, he was thinking like a normal person with no responsibilities.

    “Minato sacrifice himself for the entire ninja world, in placing the Nine-Tails in his son.”

    He did not need to do that. No Village would attack Konoha if Minato was the Hokage. This is the man with a “Flee-on-sight” order on him. No one would attack Konoha and they could’ve resealed the Kyubi once it spawned. Kumo managed to reseal their beast whenever it broke free. Having one tail more than Hachibi means it is stronger, however it’s not infinitely stronger. Also, no Village would even know the Kyubi died.


    “As we been seeing it’s Naruto that been tw saving light for his country and others as well”

    Lol if it wasn’t for Naruto, Pain would’ve never attacked Konoha. Asuma would still be alive because Konoha would have no need to face Akatsuki. It’s a two-way street bro.

    “I don’t know why people are starting to give up on Naruto now. ”

    I can tell you why. He’s lost every debate he’s entered and all of his arguments are old and weak. He puts individuals (Sasuke) above the fate of the entire world and his hypocritical.

    “He has proven himself time after time that he can make ‘CHANGES’ ”

    Yes but he has yet to answer HOW he will do it. Kishi will probably have a cop out and skip to 20 years in the future with everyone skipping under a rainbow and saying how great it was that Naruto established peace. That would be so disappointing. Naruto is all mouth when it comes to Jiraiya’s, Minato’s, Yahiko’s and Nagato’s goal.

    “His decision to kill Naruto on the spot was uncalled for as the Hokage said”

    Tsunade has no business even talking here. She’s always made exceptions for Naruto and her decisions always put the village in danger, but luck always saves her. It’s Raikage’s duty as the leader to ensure victory, and Naruto rushing in will only make things worse.

    “All those 80,000 that put their life on the line to protect him, gets killed by the general of the joint force.”

    All those 80,000 people fighting know the risk but they’re putting their lives on the line to protect the world. Naruto rushing in not only puts their lives in danger, but the lives of billions of people not connected to ninjas in any way.

    ” His single-mind thoughts are no longer need in today’s new ninja system”

    There is no new System. Raikage’s “single-mind thoughts” consist of; protecting the world, and winning this war. How is that bad?

  50. @Naruto101, you are mistaken. What convinced Nagato was seeing himself in Naruto, not the name of some protagonist. And so far Jiraiya it seems Jiraiya calls everyone the Chosen One. The Toad Sage said both Nagato and Naruto are Children of Prophecy.

  51. It could be a lie on madara’s part, but akatsuki was created under his influence. So in a way, that organization still would’ve existed even if jiraya killed the orphans.

  52. How is a 16yr old boi suppose to answer a question, dat no other person in the mangas history has been able to answer….. not even jiryai knew wut to do. Give the damm kid a break, he is trying to do the best he can in the situation he is in….. and yes naruto is 100times stronger then the jonin in the war. He was 100times stronger den them wit sage mode. I hate hhow u ppl seem to forget dat 9tails is the most powerful being in the naruverse till this day. @kisu u seem to be in ur own little world. U see something dat u like, and u completely ignore the obvious. Only ur logic makes sense to u. Raikage doesn’t have a dominant arm he only has one arm genious. Raikage is a complete moron. U have the most powerful being under ur control, yet u wna kill him??? That’s kisu logic right there.

    Oh n another thing, nagato lost to the ninetails. He couldn’t controll his power, weather naruto had help, or his main body was unable to attk, it doesn’t matter he would have still lost to the ninetails, so just let it go!

  53. @thebeast

    Too add to your argument raikage might be the dumbest kage ever for willfully sacrificing his own arm to get one light hit on sasuke. Not too mention the damage he would have sustained had garaa not showed up.

    Not even considering his far more compulsive nature. Worse so then naruto i think.

  54. @kisuzachi
    Ok kisu put it like this. The role that A plays in the manga right now is an obstacle for Naruto to overcome. He’s the one that scrutinizes Naruto’s ideals. His old school way of doing things is exactly what Naruto wants to do away with. Pain entrusted Naruto to make a change in the world and A being a major power in the world is putting a damper on that. And he does have the power to go head to head with almost any one so he can’t be ignored. It’s pretty obvious that in order for this manga and Naruto’s maturity to progress, he needs to either give A an answer, or change him. (Or kill)
    He may have power over Naruto now but that will change.
    “Rant over”

  55. Things got intense, I knew Raikage was a hot head, but killing off the second most important character (Naruto) is insane! If the Raikage father wanted A to have younger brother he could had easily ordered any female from the cloud to bear his child, just a thought. I give this week’s chapter a B +, I would had love to see Naruto vs Raikage just to see whose stronger, I wonder were there anymore Zetsu clones on the attack. Hopefully next week’s chapter would be better

  56. And by the way, why do you support Nagato if you hate Sasuke? Both of them are butt hurt because they lost their families and use their powers irresponsibly by taking worldly matters into their own hands instead of accepting their losses like men.
    Speaking of, Naruto needs to accept that Sasuke needs to be killed. All three of them are immature in that sense.
    Raikage is an asshole who would lead the world into more chaos if left unchecked. If he killed Naruto, the hero of Konoha and Gaara’s savior, how would The Sand and Leaf react? He’s obviously too hot headed for his own good, making such a decision like that.

  57. Umm the Raikage clearly was going too fast to stop his attack. So it was either sacrifice his whole body or just his arm. And Kisu. Your argument is poorly made. The people here only have a hard time countering it because you take actual facts from the series and try to make use of it to make what you say work.

    “If Itachi didn’t do what he did-”

    Let me stop you right there. The series is where it’s at because of all of the decisions and situations that happened before the current incident. The series wouldn’t be “Naruto” if anything happened different. So instead changing what Kishi wrote, why don’t you use the FACTS of the series to make the points instead of changing them. And you say Naruto pretty much sucks because he can’t answer Pain’s question. If I do recall though, Naruto did say he would FIND THE ANSWER didn’t he? He said that right? Cuz clearly if he found the answer already, war wouldn’t be going on and there would already be peace. But yet your mad cuz he hasn’t been able to answer it yet?

    If you Kisu, were the Child of Prophecy, and everyone counted on you to bring peace to the world, and then someone asked you how you would do it, what would you say? That isn’t even a question you could really answer with words. Just actions. But yet your mad because he didn’t answer it…

    Also that’s just wrong what you said about Minato. You said if you were him, you wolda let Madara kill Naruto TO SAVE KUSHINA or killed her yourself. Have you no heart? Because anyone with a heart would have done exactly what Minato did if not something similar.

    And I agree with everyone who thinks the Raikage’s a fool. The fact that you all are missing the fact that Killer Bee was there as well and the Raikage sent zero threats flying his way surprises me. But let’s all gang up on Naruto just like the Raikage and forget Bee was there…

  58. Sorry for the spam ;P

    But saying that the previous hokages are responsible for the world’s problems is true but it’s just dumb hindsight. Sandaime taught the will of fire to Konoha. Fighting and protecting what you love. His decisions were made with his heart. Not killing Orochimaru when he had the chance was a mistake, but it was a mistake made for the right reasons. Jiraiya taking care of the three random kids from the hidden rain wasn’t the wrong thing to do. It’s called compassion. It’s the whole point of this manga in terms of emotion. Minato made his sacrifice because his heart told them to.
    Would you rather the world be run by people like Danzo and the Raikage who’s solution is “Theres no place for compassion in the ninja world”
    Geez it’s like whats the point in the manga if you can’t have faith in Naruto and wait for his answer..

  59. @j

    I side with pein. The simple fact is that even though his ideals got twisted and some of his actions were detestable he still had peace in his mind. Sasuke is just a vengefull douchebag

  60. @kisu

    The fact is, Raikage killing Naruto only prolongs the war. Just because Naruto is dead does not mean that Madara would stop pursuing the Kyuubi. Actually, on that subject, Minato died not just to protect his village, he died to prolong Madara’s plan. He did not know what Madara’s plans were, but he knew that they were evil. And that he at the time (although arguably the strongest ninja alive) was helpless and unable to stop that plan. So he died, sealing the Kyuubi in Naruto so that Naruto could figure out a way to stop Madara. What the Raikage doing is the same as Minato, prolonging Madara’s plan, not stopping it. Since you decided to call Minato’s death a waste, you might as well be consistent with your argument and say that killing Naruto would also be a waste of time.

    Whatever the outcome of this skirmish be, the alliance can fight the war with 40000 (they only have half of their forces left) plus Naruto and Bee, or fight the war with 40000 without Naruto and Bee. Considering personnel and tactical advantage, as a commander I would much rather fight with Naruto and Bee.

    Now, I dislike Naruto because of the very same reason you gave: he couldn’t answer how he would stop this war. That is our only agreement.

  61. One more thing…

    On the subject of bringing peace, I personally believe conflict makes us stronger. One example is that all technology (and I mean ALL technology) were created to make war. We wouldn’t have houses to live in or electricity to power our computers had there not been a fear of war. My point is, the world cycles through peace and war. Peace is only temporary, then people became discontent with their lives. Two or more sides compete for the same resource, and conflict of interest causes wars. Only after a war do people really know what peace really is.

    If you notice, everyone in this manga is trying to bring peace to this world. Even Madara. By using his genjutsu to control the entire world, he controls people’s thoughts and intentions, and thus preventing wars. Is that a world we would want to live in? Of course not. As soon as that happens, the human race is over. We are no better than ants or bees, where all the population is serving one individual. It erases all conflicts and wars, stopping the evolution of the human race. At that point, we are essentially dead.

    Naruto might have the charisma to stop this war and prevent future wars with his drive, reputation, leadership and inspiration. But what happens when he dies of old age? The world would be thrown into chaos again.

    My point is, peace is a state, it’s temporary. There DOES NOT EXIST a permanent peace, apparently something Naruto is trying to achieve.

  62. cosign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @C

  63. @ C

    Thats why a lot of people continue to read the manga though to find out what Kishi will write as a solution to “how to make peace”, it could be to completely get rid of the ninja system all together or to make a new world order who knows- we’ll just have to wait and see……I get the feeling Sasuke’s gonna be involved in Naruto’s answer though. Their final fight is gonna become a death match coz I dont see Sasuke forgiving Konoha. Maybe Raikage will end up training Naruto tho- he definately needs it I mean how the hell is he gonna counter Sasuke’s top jutsu’s- Kirin, Amaterasu and Susanno???? Blondie needs quite a few new jutsu’s asap

  64. @ kisu


  65. This may get confusing. I’m responding to comments in descending order from my last comment.

    “How is a 16yr old boi suppose to answer a question, dat no other person in the mangas history has been able to answer”

    Precisely. Naruto is being arrogant. He’s throwing it in everyone’s faces that he will solve a problem by himself that o one before him has. Say all you want about Nagato, but at the end of the day he had a plan that would work. Sure the peace wouldn’t be everlasting, but then again, nothing ever is.

    “He was 100times stronger den them wit sage mode.”

    Where exactly do your calculations come from? Are they from a fanbook or databook? Are they from Kishimoto? Because if they aren’t, then they’re wrong.

    “Raikage doesn’t have a dominant arm he only has one arm genious”

    Why is it that most of you people resort to insults when your ideas are challenged? Whatever. As you can see, here it’s clearly shown his left arm, which he had to amputate, was his dominant arm.

    “U have the most powerful being under ur control, yet u wna kill him???”

    Naruto is not the “most powerful being”. He can’t even use the Kyubi’s full power! And, even if he could, what good would it do if he is captured? Being powerful doesn’t give you an instant pass on everything bro.

    “Oh n another thing, nagato lost to the ninetails. He couldn’t controll his power, weather naruto had help, or his main body was unable to attk, it doesn’t matter he would have still lost to the ninetails, so just let it go!”


    WHY THE FUCK WOULD THE KYUBI COME OUT!? Are you forgetting it was Hinata’s intervention that brought out the damn thing in the first place? If all 6 Pains had attacked it would’ve been over. You’re also forgetting the Kyubi is MADE OF CHAKRA and Pain has a body SPECIFICALLY MADE TO ABSORB CHAKRA. You’re also forgetting that he was going to use a stronger Chibaku Tensei to reseal the Kyubi but didn’t get the chance because Naruto returned to normal.

    “Not too mention the damage he would have sustained had garaa not showed up. ”

    Had Gaara not showed up A would’ve lost a leg sure, but Sasuke would be dead. He has no Susanoo bones covering his midsection.

    @J, if Naruto kills the Raikage because he disagrees with him, will he kill everyone that disagrees with him? Isn’t that the way Nagato went? Naruto’s trying to act all noble so he cant do that.

    “why do you support Nagato if you hate Sasuke?”

    Well that’s rather simple. Sasuke is an emo bastard lashing out at the world and is only trying to get revenge to make himself feel good. Nagato was someone that embraced the Pain in his life and decided to use it to change the world for the better. Sasuke has clearly shown that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself (imagine the chaos that could’ve erupted had he killed a few Kages, imagine how much crap would’ve happened), while Nagato goes out of his way to protect his allies. Sasuke was selfish, Nagato was selfless.

    “Raikage is an asshole who would lead the world into more chaos if left unchecked.”

    How many Akatsuki members were from Kumogakure? The answer is 0. How many Akatsuki members were from Konoha? The answer is 4. Raikage is clearly doing something right isn’t he?

    “The people here only have a hard time countering it because you take actual facts from the series and try to make use of it to make what you say work. ”

    lol isn’t that the definition of debating? I’m pretty sure I could make a strong argument for Sasuke actually being a good character using manga evidence, but not even I would sink that low 😛

    “So instead changing what Kishi wrote, why don’t you use the FACTS of the series to make the points instead of changing them”

    Hmmm. Okay. It’s a FACT ITachi pussied out and is the reason Sasuke is running around right now. It’s a FACT Tsunade is also to blame for Sasuke still running around as well. It’s a FACT that Danzo saved the day by killing that frog, otherwise Naruto would’ve come in and faced an almost full power Pain. If you want anymore FACTS, don’t be shy to ask.

    “But yet your mad cuz he hasn’t been able to answer it yet?”

    lolno. I’m mad because he acts like he’s so righteous when he’s a hypocrite and acts like he can change things when he doesn’t even know how to start. Right now Naruto’s all talk. All of his arguments contain the word “somehow”.

    “If you Kisu, were the Child of Prophecy, and everyone counted on you to bring peace to the world, and then someone asked you how you would do it, what would you say?”

    I’d say “I have absolutely no idea”. If Pain had lectured me like he did Naruto in Chapter 436, I’d be like “DUDE! That’s fucking brilliant!”. That was my real life reaction to his plan. In fact, Pain’s plan is what keeps our world from nuclear annihilation, mutually assured destruction, except Pain’s plan would be on such a high scale no one would want to risk war.

    “That isn’t even a question you could really answer with words. Just actions.”

    Uhm, a plan exists in word form. You have to have a plan before you can take action no? It’s not like Nagato was just collecting Biju and hoped that it would “somehow” lead to peace. No, he had a plan and clearly defined steps to achieving this plan. Naruto, on the other hand, does not.

    “Have you no heart? ”

    They’re ninjas, they’re not SUPPOSED to have hearts. Their supposed to put their nation’s well being above themselves. Minato acted selfishly trying to save HIS family at the possible expense of all the OTHER families.

    “But let’s all gang up on Naruto just like the Raikage and forget Bee was there”

    Bee is more valuable than Naruto. He has full control of his Biju, and that Biju is less powerful than Naruto’s, which means it’s less dangerous sending Bee in. Jinchuriki are weapons and they can’t just think of themselves. An army with everyone doing whatever the hell they want is a weak army.

    ““Theres no place for compassion in the ninja world””

    Why yes, yes I would. It would mean criminals (Sasuke and Oro) get no special treatment and I would feel great knowing my leaders don’t put themselves above the people (saving one’s family instead of thinking about the well-being of thousands of other families).

    “The fact is, Raikage killing Naruto only prolongs the war.”

    Raikage killing Naruto would have the same effect as Naruto just staying out of it like he’s supposed to. The Alliance could use the opportunity to take out Madara’s remaining forces then Madara himself. But hey, I’m just thinking in a militaristic here.

    “Since you decided to call Minato’s death a waste, you might as well be consistent with your argument and say that killing Naruto would also be a waste of time.”

    Of course killing Naruto would be a waste! However, it’s a necessary one. If he’s dead-set on putting billions of people in danger then take him out. Minato’s sacrifice wasn’t needed at all. It didn’t have to go down like that.

    “Peace is only temporary, then people became discontent with their lives.”

    Precisely. Naruto childishly wants everlasting peace, which is impossible. Nagato wanted to create long bursts of peace before the world inevitably went to war again.

    “But what happens when he dies of old age? The world would be thrown into chaos again.”

    The funny thing is, Nagato’s plan would still be in motion even after his death since he would GIVE the super weapon to the nations to use themselves. Eventually people WILL forget whatever Naruto teaches during his lifetime. What annoys me is the fact that Nagato had a genuinely good plan, but Naruto disregarded it to continue more of the same.

    Well that’s it.

  66. @kisu

    Maybe I got the whole thing wrong, and now if I really think about the argument I’m about to make may not fit into Naruto. But here goes:

    Naruto’s goal in life is to become Hokage, and he would achieve that by making friends and protecting his friends. He grew up with nothing, and then slowly had one friend in Iruka. Then there were more, and eventually he befriended the entire village after Nagato’s invasion. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t seem to recall any evidence showing Naruto cares about the billions (well we don’t know the exact number, but let’s leave it at that) out there more than his friends. He would much rather let thousands of civilians die than to see someone like Sakura or Kakashi die. That, in my opinion, is why Naruto went out there to fight. You can’t blame him for evaluating the lives of his friends being more important that the billions out there. That’s how he was raised up, it wasn’t his fault that he has this belief. (You should understand, this is a similar case with Nagato.) It’s not his fault for going out there to fight or die. If it was anything, it was the world’s fault for not giving him friends and family to grow up with.

  67. @C, you are right in your assessment.Naruto isn’t one to think things through and would never think about the billions he’s putting in danger. However, this chapter Raikage brought them up. There really is no excuse now…

  68. Nagato’s vision of peace is the definition of the Cold War. Powerful nations have nuclear weapons (in this case some super weapon Nagato created) to threaten each other, i.e. pre-emptive warfare as George Bush calls it. These powerful nations use smaller nations as buffer zones to test each other’s powers and might. I think we would all agree that the world right now is better than the world back in the Cold War days, where everyday people fear nuclear holocaust. And the world today is much more peaceful (in general, I’m guessing not many people using this blog here are from Libya, Afganistan, Syria, etc.) . So there is a better version of Nagato’s peace. And we are living it right now. I’m guessing that’s where the storyline is going, to the peace we have today.

  69. You know, this is the first time I commented this long. And it’s also the first time I took this manga this seriously. I’m like everyone else who are waiting to see what this ‘peace’ is.

  70. Come on, you guys gotta love me! I unite you against a common enemy every few weeks 🙂

  71. Longest debate ever?? Lol
    I disagree with you so much because I empathize with Naruto (since he is the main character) so I believe that he will make a change. Empathizing with the main character is the point of manga in general.
    The new theme of this manga seems to be that change needs to occur but our hero is incapable of finding a way to execute that change especially since he’s being restricted.
    Like I said, Naruto will be a much stronger and wiser person if he can overcome A physically and mentally.
    Raikage symbolizes the old ways of the shinobi world and the difficulty overcoming it will be.

    Thats all I really have left. Good arguments kisu :p

  72. The raikage is just freaking awesome, to be that fast being that big an be so powerful is just plain insane, b couldn’t catch up to kisame an naruto caught up to him in a flash an from what I can tell A seems to be faster than narutos ss form, an that only makes me like minato even more since raikage basically admitted that minato was faster , I’d really love to see flashbacks of them 2 butting heads

    Kisu I know minato had some blemishes as a hokage but you gotta admit the dude had skills

  73. naruto has only just started training with the full nine tails chakra, give him the years that A has over him and he probably would be quicker. actions speak louder than words and the whole naruto storyline has been about emotions, self (mostly lack of) control, etc. B intervened cos with a fist he can read people. maybe B has seen something kishi hasn’t yet revealed to us. i think B will change A’s heart somehow with his brotherly fist. my prediction is B will change A’s mind and A will end up either ‘believing’ naruto and allowing him to pass or train or dying to protect naruto. its too early to speculate but naruto was countering A’s attack, was B protecting naruto or A? or both. guess we will find out next chapter.

  74. @kisu

    I sometimes think you purposely take a controversial view that opposes almost everyone else of this blog (lol you don’t even need to believe in your side) just to create debates. I gotta say, I like it! 🙂

  75. @Kisu
    Gotta give it to u dude ur good at wat u do, lol


    Raikage totally has a weak spot for his unrelated brother lol I can easily see Bee (or A and Bee) training naruto now out in the open before he goes into battle in a few chapters time- like i said he needs a few new jutsu’s to counter Angry Uchiha’s Kirin, Amaterasu and Susanno

  76. Seriously you guys, all of yall expect naruto by now to have an answer to how he would bring peace to not only his village, but to the entire ninja world, but greater ninja’s who’ve eperienced a lot more in thier lifetimes than naruto have failed(Nagato), an some of them hasn’t even come up with answers of thier own(Jiraya, minato) And, (If madara can be belived) he’s doing all of this for the same reason and has planned for a little under a century for this. And yall expect a 16 year old who even admits to himself that he isnt that smart, who’ve only been playing ninja for 4 years, who’ve only had recent thoughts on this matter because of his encounter nagato and minato. Even though for some it wasnt the reason for reading this, but isn’t one of the main points of this manga is naruto’s growth into the eventual title of Hokage and savior? Naruto despite his power right now, still has plenty of room to fill before he can reach that point, and sasuke, madara, and(right now) Raikage are obtacles for naruto to overcome. And regardless of the reasons why naruto should not enter this war, at some point (if it even last that long) he’s gonna have to. He needs to experience war to understand it, as well as himself. One things for damn sure, he’s not gonna solve anything just waiting on the sidelines just training to increase his power.

  77. oh, and if nagato plan is considered genius, than Madara’s plan is bacically the same thing, exept with madara overall less lives would’ve been lost in the process.(of couse i heavily emphazied IF MADARA CAN BE BELIEVED) Would you rather be controlled by fear, or illusion?

  78. @kisu

    I dont have time to respond to everything but i will say there is no gurantee raikages legdrop would have killed sasuke and guarantee a leg would have been all he lost. I just wanted point that out because sasuke or not the war was still going to happen. Imagine raikage trying to lead the joint shinobi forces with inly 1 leg as well. He would have been a cripple and his speed would have been greatly diminished.

  79. @DarthUchiha, I don’t like Madara’s plan because he’s essentially turning people into zombies. That isn’t peace. That’s just people being too stupid to do anything. Nagato’s plan gave people the CHOICE to use the weapon.

    “I sometimes think you purposely take a controversial view that opposes almost everyone else of this blog (lol you don’t even need to believe in your side) just to create debates”

    I’ll break character for a moment here. Yes. That’s exactly what I do. It spices things up around here 🙂

    “Kisu I know minato had some blemishes as a hokage but you gotta admit the dude had skills”

    Duh. Minato’s one of the strongest and coolest characters in the series. His jutsu is even more versatile than Shinra Tensei, and that’s saying a lot!

  80. I don’t wann explain this in great detail cause it’ll take to damn long, so i’ll keep it really short. The very people who would become zombies as you say with madara plan, would become casulties with nagato. Lets for the sake of argment assume that nagato and madara will perform exactly what they claim to do. I’m not sure if nagato intended o use it or not, or simply use it as a threat, but civilans,( and ninjas on this series) are such stubborn people. Countless people would have to be sacrified for the survivers to understand the consequences of thier actions. And since you say there is choice in the matter, people can choose not to use it all after nagato, or it can fall to the really wrong hands. And of course some would rebel and rather face the almost certainly of instant death than allow for nagato or any one else to continue. If it was nagato rather than madara who was giving out his plans at the summit, he’d get basically the same reaction from them. At the long run, things would be at a worst state than they are now.

    P.S. Its shit like this is the reason why i love this site.

  81. not that madara’s plan is any better or right. It’s a question of what you’d rather perfer, but you have to consider the great possibly of yourself being part of the sacrifial lambs of either one.

  82. First off… Tobi doesn’t exist so stop saying his name. It’s Madara & always has been!
    Sasuke would have been killed by A but everyone knows & should know the final battle will be between him & Naruto. It’s been that way since the beginning of time…both resemble the brothers that fought ages ago.
    Tsunade even was shocked that Naruto could move as fast as A. Also Naruto isn’t gonna go all out against an allie & he even said he had to be faster in his next attack. I feel he can be or already is the fastest ninja… It just hasn’t been exposed yet. Yeah Naruto said A’s attack was strong & a direct hit would do him in but even he wasn’t expecting A to go all out.
    Naruto does need to mature but it is Naruto we are talking about. He gets stronger & smarter with each battle. Sasuke will be even stronger with his bros eyes but we still have yet to know the power itachi gave naruto.
    Also the 6th casket probably has the 1st Hoekage that Madara fought long ago…only one that has been mentioned besides Narutos dad that could compete with Madara.
    Either way Madara really only needs the 8 tails chakara

  83. I do know this much……..no good comes to OR from someone who would glady choose to play god.

  84. Madara has some of the 9 tails chakara from those brothers so Bee is the one in danger.
    He will probably resurrect the 10 tails at some point but I want to know kabuto’s plot. He’s the character that everyone should be afraid of but no one knows about.
    We’ll just have to wait & see. This could go on for another 50 chapters easy!

  85. It’s wierd seeing Naruto who’s not exactly mr. suave beeing as fast as A. Naruto fast=oxymoron

  86. The 6 casket can’t be the first hokage since he was seal off doing orochimaru and the third hokage’s fight.

  87. I love naruto,

  88. yes, everyone here does.

  89. Where’s bob with his anaylsis?

  90. @kisu, you should better than to say ninjas are not supposed to have emotions because emotion is what naruto is about. Emotion caused Nagato to flip, it caused Sasuke to have a goal in life, it even created Madara.
    Also, Pein would still have destroyed konoha regardless if Naruto came early cus he blames konoha for the 3rd ninja war and like he said, konoha feel because they are powerful other nations are beneath them.

  91. naruto has to be stronger than what kishi is leading us to believe. there are the sceptics i.e. kisu etc,but there are the believers that know against all odds, in the end, eventually, maybe in another 100 chapters time, that naruto is not going to disappoint us, that he will sweep us off our feet and amaze us. well that is what i am waiting for. p.s. is bob still fishing?

  92. oh come on this is Shonen. It’s as predictable as the sun setting. After this flashback Raikage will let Naruto pass and may or may not believe in him. Somewhere down the line Madara will extract the two Biju, there will be some fighting, and Naruto will win in the end. This story has become so predictable lol

  93. generally speaking, most hero stories are predictable. Wouldn’t really be a hero story if it wasn’t

  94. @ those who think naruto was countering the raikage

    You can see here http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/93368877/12 (bottom right panel) that naruto was doing the seal for his kage-bushin jutsu. But we were told that him splitting up would make the kyuubi drain his chakra that many fold. Thus, bee was saving naruto from his own recklessness and not from A.

  95. Yeah certain parts of the story are predictable but kishi has mastered the art of a plot twist so we’ll probably have a few of them to come

  96. The power from A wasn’t really a surprise. We were able to see what he could do to Sasuke. I mean, he’s a Kage, not your regular Jounin, clearly he’s going to be strong. Also you can look at the other Kage, if it wasn’t for Madara coming to save Sasuke, Tsuchikage would have easily killed him. Or Zetsu helping Sasuke against the Mizukage. Plus Naruto is still young, and him having trouble against the Raikage is pretty normal.

  97. @kizu

    i told u that naruto will own raikage, that punch will nearly kill any other shinobi, but naruto could guard against it, raikage has experience, but naruto will give him element of surprise,…. and that over confidence is what will bring rai down, bee interfering doesnt mean shit, and besides u hardly agree with the author.. so now he favors you right

  98. rai has a problem thinkin during a fight… all muscle no brains

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