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One Piece Chapter 627-To the Present

Link to read One piece chapter 627

Well ladies and gentlemen, we are finally back to the present time and the flashback have ended. To sum the chapter up; flashback ends, Nami does not hold a grudge, and Hordy(can be spelled Hodi) finally reveals himself. And the flashbacks ended at the perfect time, we know now some of the history of Fishman Island and why its inhabitants have some hatred towards the human race. The flashbacks were meant to give  us an overview of two characters:  Queen Otohime and Fisher Tiger, we read about their ideas and got to see their tragic deaths. Now we will see how this all ties up to the present time.

The Killer Of Otohime

They reveal the shooter to be a human pirate who was shot by the Neptune soldiers because he had a gun and we did not get to know why he shot the queen. One thing that caught my attention was the fact that Hordy (or spelled Hodi) was one of the first on the seen and was doing the shooting. This gives me the suspicion that Hordy might be involved in Otohime’s deaths. For one he was eager to show that a human killed the queen, and its is Hordy who in the present time one of the main villains. If it is one thing I learned from reading manga is that to never trust a villain.

A Husbands Duty

King Neptune reveals to us how his life used to be as a soldier. From his description I can assume that there was countless wars between the humans and Fishman race and just recently peace started to show. But he shows what most husbands would do to the killer of their wives; which is like Neptune stated ” tear apart” the killer. Though he chooses to fallow his wife’s wishes which is to not hold a grudge against the killer, from this act he has my respects. But it true what Neptune said it is not understandable of how some one cannot hold a grudge. When Neptune started talking about the cycle of vengeance, I could not help but think of the Naruto series which is one of the plot of the series of cycle of hatred/vengeance. But Oda gives us his answer to that question of solving the cycle which is basically not fallowing the cycle and to move on with life.

The Next Generation

The three Princes and their sister show something in this chapter that even their father King Neptune was not brave enough to do, to be able to fallow in the foot steps of their mother Queen Otohime. The oldest prince Fukaboshi seems to be the one most influenced by his mother as to how brave and determined he was to making his mothers dream and hard work come true no matte what. Even though they know full well the hardship of sleepless nights, people not listening to you and even having people trying to kill you, the Princes take their mothers role head on.

To the Present

Jinbe really took it to heart of how Arlong was evil to Nami and was willing to take full responsibility. Nami even surprises me this chapter of showing some maturity, explaining how she only hates Arlong and not Jinbe. The old Nami would of still held a grudge to Jinbe even though he was not responsible for Arlong, but the fact that Jinbe did not stop him when he had the chance, Nami would put that against Jinbe. But she shows that the two years she spent in the cloud island has made her into someone more mature. Luffy on the other hand is still the same old goofy sleeping Luffy. For those who are new to One Piece, one of Luffy’s bad habits is that he falls asleep in awkward times.

Hordy’s Plan

The plan of Hordy is to stop the reverie and something more sinister possible having an all out war with the humans. Now I’ve said this before the difference between Hordy and Arlong and this chapter reinforced my statement, is the fact that Hordy does not care about his comrades as much as Arlong does. For instances when Luffy and Arlong fought Luffy used one of Arlongs comrades as a shield which made Arlong furious; while, Hordy voluntarily used one of his crew mates as a shield from Zoro’s attack, see the difference is that Arlong is more caring to his comrades than Hordy. My predictions for next chapter is that Hordy will blame the SH for kidnapping the princess and possibly framing the SH of attacking the Ryuuguu Palace. Or he could just announce his plan. Either way his announcement is not good news for our heroes.

Side Notes:

  • Even the marines can be bribed.
  • Franky was hilarious.
  • The bad news is that there wont be any chapter next week.
  • The title page made me laugh because that Nasugashira building looks like Sanji’s wanted poster.


17 Responses

  1. So it seems those cocaine pills allowed Hodi/Hordy to beat up Zoro, Usopp and whoever else was there. Sanji is like my second favorite character, but come on man, Jinbei didn’t do anything remotely wrong.

  2. Just wanted to point out NEW naruto is out.


    Killer Bee and A are not actual Brothers!

  3. “never trust a villian” lol hahahahahaa that cracks me up

  4. @Kisuachi I don’t think Hodi beat Zoro, more like Zoro was beating by the water and he could not breath so he probably got knocked out due to lack of Oxygen and Hodi took advantage. And I think Sanji was just acting like that to impress Nami.

    @madara uchiha its true though. Tell me one villain that is actually trust worthy. I mean we really don’t know whats going on in their head until they die.

  5. Jdogg, all it would take is Hodi engorging himself with those cocaine pills lol

  6. “Cocaine pills” hahaha man that made me laugh.

  7. great post. not going to comment cause my attempts to make conversations about the chap always fails. but good job jdog

  8. @just passing you should say what you think of the chapter and say any thing that you find interesting because the more you talk about the manga the more interesting you get into it.

  9. @Jdogg the barrier between villain and ally can be small remember franky was introduced as a badass villain but became one of the strawhats later. so there are some who you can trust. another example is bon clay(mr.2)

    all i want to say is don’t compare pure evil villains like carribou,blackbeard to less evil villains

  10. Then there’s Crocodile. A badass, suave villain that can be a good guy when he wants and an evil monster the next minute.

  11. @ White shinobi let me explain my self fully. My opinion of villain is like you explained some are badazz villain or some are honorable villains, but overall we can’t really know whats their true motives till the end. Like the example you gave of Mr. 2, he really was not a bad guy, just in the wrong crowd. What I meant by never trust a villain is that to never really believe them at first. That we should judge after the whole story been told.

    @kisuzachi Crocodile is a perfect example of my “never trust a villain” because at first we got the impression he was just a power crazed guy, but when he teams up with Luffy and fights the marines, he shows his true motives, which is not so bad.

    I hope that makes sense to you guys?

  12. crocodile- my favorite villian on this show

    Just sayin………….

  13. yeah it makes sense i just want to give another example on it cause so far we only had examples of bad guys turning good. Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard. At first in the Jaya arc he looked like a good guy and a bit before he became shishibukai and betrayed the marines we found out he was made of pure evil.

  14. looked like a good guy? There were hints during that encounter and even before, when ace was talking about marshall D. Teach that he was a bad guy. We just didn’t know how evil he really was until later.

  15. of course luffy didn’t know it was teach ace was talking about and he didn’t know what he looked like, but luffy and zoro was getting bad vibes from him when they met.

  16. To me blackbeard is and will be a huge character that will play a huge part in the story because for the fact that he has one of the most notorious pirate name of “Blackbeard”. And I agree with white shinobi that Blackbeard did look like a good guy when he was first introduced.

    But it seems that most people like Crocodile, to me Enel the main villain from sky island arc so far is the coolest.

    But for the sake of discussion, who do you guys think will be the final villain?

  17. Blackbeard will probably be the final villian because he killed the main character’s brother and he is a ‘bad’ pirate

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