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Bleach Chapter 449 – Not Be a Drug

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Chapter 449 – Not Be a Drug; most likely a mistranslation for “Don’t Be a Drug.” Not that that is any clearer. Celebrating the 50th volume of Bleach, Tite treats us to a couple colored pages. But once again, he leaves us with almost no more information about Urahara’s little operation, nor the identity of the secret shinigami he and Isshin are conspiring with.

At first, I thought it was Karin. But the way Isshin is looking at them, the fact that Urahara is the one talking to them, and the tension on page 5, when he says “We’re waiting,” lead me to conclude this is not Karin. On the first page, Urahara tells them to put some of their reiatsu in to complete the process, so maybe it is Rukia. After all, her reiatsu was the key to Ichigo gaining his shinigami powers in the first place… Still, the look on Isshin and Urahara’s face on page 5 makes it seem like it is somebody they are unfriendly with…


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