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Naruto Chapter 539 – A Traitor in the Ranks?

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hey guys and gals, a real turn of events this chapter. I was expect things to continue ramping up what with Madara on the brink of completing his plan and Naruto racing back to come to everyone’s rescue. But I’m pleasantly surprised by Kishi’s decision to focus on another angle of the war – the medics; and exploring the paranoia and mistrust that will naturally permeate through the ranks of the recently formed ninja alliance due to suspicion of a traitor amongst them. I’m tight for time again this week so my rant’s going to be shorter than usual – maybe that’s a good thing?
– Naruto trying to “save” Kyuubi? It’s pretty optimistic, and I know that’s Naruto’s strong point, but can you really find some good inside something that’s composed entirely of hatred and malice?
– I’m kind of sad that Kyuubi’s so powerless now against Naruto. All he’s got is a bad bark, but no bite to prove his point with. The once mighty demon fox who terrorized entire countries, is now the equivalent of a disgruntled old man sitting on his porch complaining about everything yet can’t do anything to change it. The direction I see this eventually going is Naruto actually being able to team-up with Kyuubi as a fighting unit similar to KB and the Eight-Tails. That’s the only reason I can see why Kishi is bringing back the demon fox into the story so much.
– I wasn’t expecting Kishi to show Itachi and Nagato until late in the war, but this is as a good time as any to verify that they have been deployed. I also wasn’t sure whether they would retain their eyes (since Madara collected their Sharigans and Rinnegans, respectively) but this chapter makes it clear they have full use of all their dojutsu powers. They were both resurrected by Kabuto’s Edo Tensei so obviously he controls them and Madara knows this since Kabuto brought out their bodies when he first demonstrated his technique to Madara. But since Madara obviously doesn’t trust Kabuto very much, I’m surprised he’s allowing him to control the two only people in the world who could possibly challenge him in terms of dojutsu powers and knowledge of his darkest secrets.
– The Evil Neji subplot is quite interesting and offers a break from the rest of the war. I like how Kishi kept up guessing throughout the chapter by putting that Sakura-stalker into the scenes. Who do you guess think Sakura meant when she said she already has someone she likes – is she still a Sasuke fangirl or is she finally giving Naruto a chance? I think the killer Neji is an imposter and not just being mind controlled. For one thing, he didn’t use his Byakugan once after entering the camp – the real Neji wouldn’t need to ask those two victims at the end where Sakura is. My guess is that it’s one of the clones Zetsu uses to create almost perfect copies of the original person, even down to the chakra signature.

Okay, that’s it for this week. Please comment and be sure to read Jdogg’s One Piece review, white shinobi’s Fairy Tail review, and ssj’s Bleach review.


49 Responses

  1. i dont think a goody-too-shoes nine tailed fox is gonna help the naruto manga sell much lol

  2. first 🙂

  3. i figured it was neji doing the killings from the moment he came up with the speech abt suspicion, i didnt notice he never used the byakugan, but i dont feel like using that as evidence, he can just as freely use the byakugan as he can chose not to use it, especially in a situation like finding sakura in that little camp. its not like they made plans to stick tight to each other

  4. dam lol first time ive tried….owell…this is my first post…..ofcourse this isnt neji, what motive would he have to join akatsuki ???

  5. lolz @kevon

  6. i dont think its the real neji, but i dont think if its really him then that mean he’s necessarily joining akatsuki. kabuto aint a part of akatsuki…

  7. kabuto is just trying to get a chance to turn on mandara why would he want to help him since hes gana fall under the same genjustsu as everyone eles in the world…the only person thats on his side really is zetsu

  8. it has to be a clone cause thats the only person willing to help mandara do his plan

  9. No way that this is the real Neji. Now, I’m not a Neji rider or nothing by a long shot but he wouldn’t go out like that.

  10. On a Sakura note, I think that the person she mentioned is actually…….Sai. They just seem to hang out a lot in the manga and even more in the anime. It just seems to fit. I first thought of that idea when he was first shown and they said he reminded them of Sasuke. Just a guess though.

  11. i think that evil neji wants to take sakura captive because he knows that naruto has strong feelings for her. she might be another hostage just like yamato

  12. @ uchihaTrinity……i hope it is sai…i dont want see her with naruto

  13. A zetsu clone would make sense. What better way to create chaos and suspision among the alliance? And If they got Neji, they probaby got others as well. Maybe MANY others. Who knows, maybe it was the whole purpose behind the zetsu attack from the start. After all, people kept mentioning they went down too easily….

    If Zetsu have infiltrated the Alliance, Naruto ability to sense evil intent could prove very useful…

  14. RIP MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE 😦 … I’m too sad to even comment on this late review. Hopefully Kishi can put Sasuke in the next chapter to cheer me up. It really must be the end of the world…..

  15. If that truly is a Zetsu clone of Neji, I wonder where the real Neji is?

  16. for sure Neji has being mindcontrolled by a powerful technique. sasuke is the one who control him.. this is the new power for sasuke after obtaining itach’e eyes

  17. I wish kishi did make Neji switch sides.. It would add a really interesting element that has been missing for a while in this manga (in terms of big plot twist). Due to maybe capping out in power in the village or similar to just how Sasuke felt tha staying in the village wasn’t enough for what he wants to accomplish would be fine reasons. Still Kishi would have to foreshadow it a bit which he didn’t so there is no way. Pretty much has to be a zetsu clone of Neji; with the real Neji captured somewhere in Madara’s hideout for his eyes.

  18. I agree with u bob, it has to be a zetsu clone. I had assumed it was doujutsu but neji very fee ninja are strong enough to one-hit instant kill a jounin-kabuto (a medic) nin survived a perfectly executed rasengan for instance.
    it is interesting though that itachi and nagato have been summoned but not deployed, I wonder what kabuto is up to.

  19. i agree with bob. i can see naruto and kyuubi having a relationship similar to that of killer bee and hachibi.

    if tobi is the older son of the sosp and reveals his identity down the line, kyuubi, being a bijuu, is one of the only living things alive from the sages time so he probably is familiar with the sages sons and maybe that would bring him to team up with naruto to defeat tobi.

    just a theory though. i cant see naruto obtaining the rinnegan or him going up against tobi with the help of sasuke like some of you can. sasukes bad and let that be the end of it. if he were to turn good again i’d quit this manga. and a dojutsu isnt narutos style ,and it would literally make him invincible so it shouldnt happen imo.

  20. The thing is if i remember correctly you have to give up 10% of your chakara for zetsu to make the clone…but i could be wrong

  21. Maybe neji is a spy, just like the one in the sand, and kabuto was. He probably never knew, it would make things

    When it comes to naruto, I just don’t want him showing up and becoming a complete failure.

  22. So naruto will come save sakura nwxt week. Atleast thats how it seems. Either that of if thats a zetsu the real neji will find him. With any luck sakura will get capped and ill shed tears of joy.

  23. If that neji REALLY is a zetsu clone, then chances are neji’s not the only person zetsu’s impersonating. That may even have been the main reason behind the zetsu assault. Seriously, about a day has past and the alliance is already getting thier ass handed to them, an madara hasn’t really even started yet. But then again, he was planning on going to war without kabuto anyway, so that’s not a total surprise. And he has EMS sasuke uchiha on his side. the way its going, I just don’t see how naruto’s gonna effect the outcome of this war in the alliance favor at the level he’s at right now.

  24. And by that talk between itachi and nagato, I’m starting to wonder if the moon eyes plan is even his real objective

  25. Here’s an idea… Nagato and itachi weren’t summoned by kabuto. Instead by the madara, who is going to use then to do something sneaky to kabuto?!
    Consider this… They dont appear with any of the other summoned forces at all. Also, the very last thing madara said was something about needing a substitute. Could they be it?

    Itachi himself even made reference to a union between the two eyes and thats the same capability madara has…

    So….. In closing… His “substitute” maybe them both.

  26. I personally hope out of personal hatred that sakura gets killed, but that’s just me.

  27. @darth

    i agree with you. tobi himself said zetsu is NOT a front line fighter and he was planning on going to war without kabuto anyway. from what we’ve seen of zetsu’s abilities, its safe to say he specializes in reconnaissance and sabotage. by zetsu touching anyone, he can create an exact clone of that person down to their chakra and we could say during the fighting zetsu has at least touched thousands upon thousands of alliance ninja. we already see how allegations of their being just one spy is causing suspicion among the alliance and that could eventually lead to loss of trust of a ninja who isnt from the same village as another. in the worst case scenario, loss of trust could result in the alliance turning on itself. im one of the people who think this arc has been a let-down so far, but if this guess is right, tobi is a tactical genius, the alliance is doomed and naruto has to save the ninja world by himself to some extent.

  28. I think it is obvious neji comes under some sort of subtle attack on page four. There are three possibilities as I see it a. He was exhausted and got switched out with a zetsu clone on his way back to camp b. He was affected by genjutsu c. He was infect by a white zetsu spore that has caused him to turn traitor. I think option C is the most likely as he was on the front lines and he had the attack without an enemy nearby. It even explains why he didn’t attack Sakura when she healed him and sets her up to stop him by destroying the spore or countering it’s effects somehow.

  29. I agree with Mart1. Sakura is about to get a mini-spotlight by figuring out Zetsu’s spore-control. Just as Tsunade countered Chiyo’s poisons in the last ninja war, Sakura will counter Zetsu’s spores somehow. In doing so she’ll earn a name for herself, much as Ino-shika-cho did earlier.

  30. An image of Alliance full of Zetsu’s clones seems very interesting to me. It would definitely bring the chaos and allies would become suspicious of each other, leading to clashes between allies and whole Alliance falling apart. That is a plot what I would expect of someone Tobi’s capacities. That guy is everything, but a tactical genius. seems like he has had some time to draw his plans, so allies are not going to win that easily.

    Itachi and Nagato’s conversation is kinda revealing that this whole thing is not about Moon Eye plan at all. There is still lot, what need to be revealed about Tobi to us at least guess, what are his plans.

    Kabuto mentioning, that Tobi is rushing things seems not to fit into Tobi’s character. A guy, who has planned years his war is not gonna rush things just because he ran out of patience, so that tells us either Tobi is :
    a) in a rush, because he will miss some time phase, which is important for his plan ( the Moon ? wasn’t also night when he released 9tails from Kushina during full Moon? maybe a possible correlation)
    b) something has appeared that required immediate change of plans. It seems like it was Naruto rushing back to the war, but I thing someone like Tobi knowing Naruto’s could assume , that in some part he will run to help his buddies, so it must be something else …

    I suppose that Moon Eye plan is just a fantasy created by Tobi and he does not intend to do it actually, because then he had had many opportunities to catch 8 and 9 tails throughout the years and he never did . We should not forget, that his first plan was releasing the Fox and destroying Konoha, so coming from total destruction to absolute peace does not sound to me likely.

    Anyway a good chapter showing us, that Tobi or Kabuto( whoever’s side Neji is at ) have no moral restriction to do whatever it takes to get what they want. This is kinda excluding the option of either Tobi or Kabuto being those bad guys , who will at the end turn out to be good as Itachi was right ?

  31. I like the mention of Sakura figuring out the spore of Zetsu and couteracting that…. But out of all the characters why Neji? I just think it is to convenient with the Byukagan and all then again he being a sensor makes the cover all the more perfect. I’m hoping this will be more then what it looks though in the end.

  32. @lordEcan
    but Madara said that he was starting the moon’s eye plan in his head to himself why would he lie to himself

  33. i kind of suspected neji from the beginning.
    1. Being that he didn’t make any real appearances in the past 200 chapters.

    2. Neji ALWAYS …… uses his byakugan. even in situations he doesn’t need it. And he didn’t use it once.

    3. Neji is selfish, when he said “I will use these eyes” all types of bells went off. Neji has the word my or mine in every sentence when referring to his eyesight, as if his family line had nothing to do with it.

    4. this was all i needed to know neji was the killer ……. the very moment he said “… slipped my sight.” …. if i were a medic i would high tail it to the nearest exit in no time flat. Neji NEVER doubts his eye sight! he claims for several chapters that the Hyuga have no blindspots (even though we found out otherwise) and how he misses nothing, and can see all attacks coming his way, and you come into my tent and tell me something “SLiPpeD yOuR SIghT!?!?!?” ….. OF COURSE NOT!

  34. What if Tobi used Kin-Gin Bro as the substitute to summon his own Edo Tensei Itachi and Nagato? This Moon Eye’s technique must has a risk and Tobi does not want to sacrifice himself and instead wanna use Itachi and Nagato. Just a guess though!

  35. @Envy He can name it whatever he wants, it could be still the Moon Eye plan, but I suspect either Madara didnt tell the whole truth to kages or the moon eye plan’s outcome is something totally different than he said so. He is definitely up to something , but its not gonna be what he said it is gonna be 😀 Tobi is a deceiver and a liar I dont trust a word from him unless its confirmed from some other source

  36. I got an idea, What if the Byakugan/Neji’s eye goes in the third tomoe slot on Madara’s mask? Then he would have all three of the eyes. Just a thought.

  37. @Uchihathe infamous

    Nice theory!! I get the feeling though that the third tomoe on the mask is just for decoration tho lol
    It would be pretty awesome if it were the case though but tbh the byakugan has taken a backseat in the doijutsu department since the beginning of naruto! Kishi loves those red an purple eyes to much to make the byakugan a major plot twist- i suppose if he was going to he could always start now!

  38. @LordErcan: Tobi’s plan isn’t about eternal peace, it’s about absolute control. He’s the main antagonist; he’s not looking to create eternal peace, he’s looking to have a world that’s his and his alone, as most chiche villain “I will rule the world” schemes go.

  39. And @UchihaTheInfamous: I agree it’s a nice theory, but I dobut it’s plausible, considering the Byakugan is plentiful in the world of Naruto and he could’ve easily have already assassinated someone and gotten it from the numerous members of the Hyuuga clan alive. Heck, the Village Hidden in the Clouds nearly got it, obviously Tobi easily could.

  40. There a few things wanted to talk about!

    So Nagato and Itachi are on the scene now! So has Kabuto summoned them or has Madar summoned, lets remember that there are two sets of itachi’s eyes on the scene now, well one being Sasuke but i dont think his eyes will be used for the moons eye plan as he has not been in the manga for a while now! im sure he will come in later on!

    Everyone keeps going on like Kyubi is Narutos bitch now! lets remember how tough it was for naruto to get to this stage! Kyubi is laying a bit dorment at the mojo yeah and he cant use his powers! I do feel sorry for him in a way but i think with him having time to contemplate he will see the vision that Naruto has eventually and his power and hatred can be focussed in a new direction! I dont blame Kyubi for hating Mankind as they have ruined it in the majority! but if you fall victum too it then your just a casualty! Naruto in his way is doing something about it and i think he will inspire kyubi malevolence personified to change his ways! Naruto is a powerful person in himself but with the kyubi himself on his side he will finally have the power to change the course of history i think!

  41. Thing to think about is that has Kyubi always been Full of hatred or has since his creation the course of Ninja changed his views? Him being the most powerful one i can imagine his personality being a bit arrogant and noble, he has been used countless times as a tool for war which would piss anyone off if they had no freedom i guess!

  42. I really hope we see more of Nagato and Itachi 🙂

  43. Yeah me too they kick ass! who do you think would win though between them, one on one without the 6 paths of pain! i would naturally think Nagato but Itachi would probably be allot quicker physically!

  44. @Matt

    Hmmmmm well if your judging it from the amount of jutsu each have, Nagato’s arsenal far outweighs Itachi’s, however Itachi is probably one of the smartest shinobi we’ve seen…………
    I’d have to say Itachi, knowing him he’d have a counter strategy to defeat pain and his top notch jutsu’s

  45. Hmmmmm that’s a tough question! Honestly It could go either way but im gonna give itachi this one only and only because against jiryia pein fell into the genjutsu trap and lets be real about this itachi is one of the best at genjutsu and eye techniques so only cause of That I would give itachi the win. Honestly though its really close ur eyes and pick one lol

  46. good thoughts there Token, do you thinkNagato would plan for a genjutsu user though? its a bit hard to plan agains Nagato because he can do anything! i wonder what genjutsu powers Nagato has? we havent seen any yet have we?

  47. How the heck did Nagato climb to the top of that stone fixture? I think he may be able to walk now, because how else could he have gotten up there, seriously.

  48. Naruto Chapter 540 is out!!

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