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Naruto 538 – Advice from the Fox

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hi all, interesting choice of a chapter this week from Kishi. With the recent appearance of Madara on the battle field and his fast forwarding of the Moon’s Eye plan gave me the impression that we we’re about to see some major battles in the next few chapters. Instead we’re treated with an interlude where Kyuubi and Naruto about hatred and the war. Normally, I don’t mind these “calm before the storm” moments in Naruto, but I just felt this one could have been better.
– These conversation-heavy type of chapters are meant to reveal information from the past or give us an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes as an excuse for pulling back from the action and not really progressing the plot along. My main criticism this time is that no new information is really revealed. The flashback was cool, but we already know what Sasuke was like as a kid – he was the same hate addict he is today. And Kyuubi and Naruto’s conversation added no new information to the plot; they’ve had this talk before, it’s just Naruto’s more confident these days after getting his super saiyan powers.
– One thing that surprised me is Kyuubi actually being able to converse with Naruto like this again. I had figured that he was permanently sealed away inside Naruto after that decisive battle in Naruto’s consciousness. Where has the fox been all this time? Was the battle so humiliating that he just curled up and hid in a corner until now?
– I kind of miss the old Kyuubbi now, he was just so malevolent and sinister back in the day when scared the living crap out of poor Naruto. The Kyuubi today still tries to be tough, but he comes off as desperate at times since Naruto no longer comes to him seeking his power. Kyuubi has even been depicted differently than he was in the past – he comes off as being fatter and more cartoony – where is the snarling evil fox demon I’ve come to love?
– I know Kyuub was playing the old game of trying to get Naruto to borrow his powers again so he can attempt to regain control over his body, but everything he said to Naruto in this chapter made sense to me. Naruto is being very ambitious in trying to stop this war all by himself, some might even call it childish and foolish. And he’s planning on saving Sasuke by the end of it all when everyone else just wants the kid dead. What I’m concerned about is that Naruto has said nothing about how he’s going to go about fixing all the world’s problems – only that he has the confidence that he can do it. I think we’ve progressed along enough in this story that simply saying “don’t underestimate me” and “I’ll do something about Sasuke” just isn’t enough anymore when Madara’s about to fulfill his plan for world domination possibly on the next day.
– Alright, I think I griped enough in this write-up to merit a positive note. I liked the flashback to the pre-genin days of the Konoha kids. It was nice to see the good old days where Naruto and others’ only worries was about how cool they were compared to other kids in the class. I enjoyed Shino’s little quips with Kiba the most, I’m glad he didn’t change after so many years, haha, that guy needs more panel time in the manga. I also just enjoyed seeing the old art style Kishi used to use. His drawings of the kids and Konoha were much more fluid and detailed when he first started Naruto; his style is more defined and concrete these days, but also can be a bit too sterile to look at. But that’s just my opinion.
Alright enough complaining from me this week. If you were able to sit and read that whole rant, then I applaud you. If not, here’s the short of it: Naruto needs to go kick ass rather than just talking about it. Make it happen Kishi.


71 Responses

  1. Great review Bob

  2. 2nd ;-/ True Mr Bob Naruto is going to get a good dose of reality when he sees he can’t do it all. This may be Kishis way of introducing a complete merger of Kyuubi and Host.

  3. “You’re squandering my chakra”… Biggest truth in that chapter… Unless there’s a greater mode than the one he’s in now that he could use to one up Sasuke or Madara then he’s blowing it… Immature, irrational, and ignorant are what naruto is now… What would his dad do? I’m really pissed Kishi went that route with Naruto and the Kyuubi… Um how bout Naruto finding a way to retrieve the other half of the Fox’s chakra, or explain “that” jutsu… Anything woulda been better that I’m Naruto and I believe in myself…

  4. i’ll have to agree with everyone no one likes sasuke anymore after he got mangekyo sharingan if naruto keeps being like this we might begin to hate him too

    Naruto get your ass to reality and make a freaking plan!

  5. Where is the other part of the fox chakra again and can naruto get his hands on it?

  6. @Casket, have u been reading the manga? Minato sealed half the fox chakra in himself then died.

    @Bob, I agree with you. The Kyubi doesn’t seem evil anymore. He seems… fat and lonely.

    @Tawuya on the “It’s Out” post, even though Naruto told Neji “screw destiny” and “you dont have to be born special” the manga proved Naruto’s word wrong as more chapters came out. Let’s look at how special Naruto is:

    1. His father is the Fourth Hokage, a genius among geniuses and one of the most powerful Hokages. His traits were passed on to Naruto.

    2. His mother was one of the last members of a clan descended from the Rikudo Senin, who is for all intents and purposes, God. This clan was so powerful other Nations felt they needed to kill the entire clan.

    3. Naruto was born with an unusually high amount of chakra.

    4. Naruto became a Jinchuuriki at birth.

    5. Naruto has been taught by some of the best ninja in the world.

    Looking at all of that, you can’t say Naruto isn’t special. Like I said before, I would’ve bought into his words more if it turned out his mom was a stripper and his dad was some random Chunin.

  7. lolz @”super saiyan powers”

  8. Do they have strippers in Konaha????? I think that’s going to be my new “Where are they now post?”

    Where are all the strippers in Naruto, and maybe if they showed up Madara could use his Sharingan and Rinnegan to check them out?

    Thanks Kisu once again for being such an inspiration to the forum. *Holds two thumbs up.*

  9. Everyone knows Naruto’s special an Neji damn sure knows it by now! Both him and sasuke are the chosen ones decended from Rikudo super jinjuriki!
    Oh an Anko is a stripper!! Im pretty sure kakashi wants to bang her!

  10. P.S Mei Mizukage is a stripper too!! With titties that big an those kinky white boats u know she’s fucking someone! Madara probably gave her kebab a couple stiff jabs back in the day!

  11. Alrite chapter, naruto using the 9 tails chakra as a lightbulb was kinda wasting it an cheapens the mode tbh, it’ll lose its awesomeness if he keeps spamming it!
    I was thinking naruto’s got a sage of 6 paths lookin 9 tailed cloak right coz the 9 tailed is part of the Juubi which in turn was trapped inside the sage- so naruto as a result looks a little like him…. Techinally shouldnt Sasuke get the Rinnegan then??!!! Seeing as naruto’s getting a sage body make-over shouldnt sasukes eyes resemble the sages seeing as they are the chosen 2?? Is the sharingan just a weaken version of the rinnegan???? (that obviously evolved down the bloodline and lost all the paths but was able to copy ninjutsu an cast genjutsu)

  12. Chiyo is an undead stripper too! Hot! Hot! :-0

  13. Jiraiya would enjoy this stripping conversation! XD

    Anyway, the flashback of this chapter is simply based on NS Episode 176, a filler episode about Naruto’s days in the Academy. 🙂

    Kishi has said that he watches the anime and he takes ideas about his story. It’s not the first time we see something firstly in the anime and then in the official manga story.

  14. Or the SageToadessGrandma ewwwwww…

  15. sorry Wo Ai Ni, but I gave up on the anime after 166-167. I only started watching again to see Raikage pound Sasuke into the ground. Everything before then and after 167 is a complete mystery to me.

  16. lol kisu i do read the manga but my memory ain’t all that. So with the chakra selaed away with his dad can he get it then?

  17. I would say this build up i just about forging a relationship between demon and vessel! well a step towards that anyways.

  18. @casket: the kyuubi’s other half is sealed in the death god with Minato, not in Minato as kisu said. from what we know of the technique so far, that chakra just like minato or the 1st, 2nd & 3rd can’t be brought back to the ‘real’ world.
    the whole spamming of this new mode by naruto is actually quite annoying especially considering that we haven’t gotten to see its battle prowess.
    @kisu: I totally agree with u, naruto is too unique and it really did cheapen the manga, to be honest, hard work and perseverance is what can be said about sasuke. I mean that kid is ALWAYS training or battling; after this chapter I’m seeing him in a better light than naruto!

  19. @ kisuzachi

    You do hate Sasuke, eh? 😀

    The truth is that I like these last episodes. The Five Kage Summit is WAY better animated (quality of drawing, music, flow, plot, everything) than the Pain’s arc, that epic fail. Maybe you could give it a try.

    But I know indeed many people who abandoned anime after episode 167. I wonder why!…

  20. @ Madzikage: Perhaps I’m reading a different manga, but there hardly has been a point in naruto’s life where he has gone by without hard work and perseverance. Do you honestly belive that naruto would’ve learned the techniques he has and defeated the opponents he faced simply because he is unique?

  21. @DarthUchiha
    LOL. It is for that reason exactly that he has accomplished so much. His uniqueness allows him to perform such feets. “Defeated” Neji, Gaara and Pain due to the Kyuubi inside. The Kyuubi’s chakra allows him to make up for his poor chakra control by spamming unlimited chakra into whatever he does, allowing him access to techniques he normally wouldn’t be able to do without proper control, Rasengan, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Rasenshuriken, stuff like that. Still in my book he’s alright, but their is no denying the fact that if he where not special, and I don’t just mean ideology wise, he wouldn’t have accomplished half as much as he did.

  22. @john: well put, couldn’t have said it better myself. and unlike naruto, sasuke isn’t any more special than neji or shino i.e. coming from a unique family. he is just super determined to accomplish his goals and remember it has never been said tht he has huge chakra reserves or that his sharingan increases his chakra, it is all him and his, albeit annoying and emo, badassery!

  23. O give me a break with sasuke isn’t special! Lol he only possesses one of the most hack eyes in naruto Not to mention that most of his current abilities come from him taking his bros eyes and techniques. Man without itachi sasuke would be nothing but no his bro gave him amaterasu susanno and now sasuke has itachis eyes. So sasuke didn’t exactly gain What he has now from his training and super determined my ass his main goal from the beginning was to kill itachi and he still couldn’t Do that. And if sasuke is badass than ur reading the wrong manga lol all I see is a coward who willingly took his own bros eyes cause he felt too weak on his own. Naruto never asked to have the nine tails but sasuke sure as hell had a choice to not take his bros eyes but being the power hungry brat he is he.decided to go the easy route and.power up like he has been since he absorbed oro….. through his bro

  24. And btw the uchiha were known for having powerful chakra, naturally excelled In combat and of course had the sharingan. Hmmm yea that clan doesn’t sound special at all

  25. @token
    Itachi didn’t give Sasuke MS techniques, other than the one-off Amaterasu used against Tobi. All the other MS techniques Sasuke had used were his own, that’s why his Amaterasu was better but his Tsukyomi stunk.

    I agree that he is just as special as Naruto though, it’s just that in the beginning we didn’t know that Naruto was so special. Of course, we must have been dumb thinking Naruto was a nobody because who would put a powerful thing such as the Kyuubi in a nobody?

    Sasuke is the other half to the Rikodu, so those who are saying Naruto is so special because he’s a descendant forget that Sasuke is the other half, so they are equally special.

    As to this chapter I think people are missing the point, although the flashback kindof takes away from it. I think this is Naruto starting to build an understanding with the 9-tails and it is happening a lot faster than I thought it would. Perhaps so fast it feels wrong (as Bob said, the 9-tails doesn’t feel the same).

  26. @everyone, Naruto and Sasugay are cheats. You want a ninja that personifies hard work? Look no farther than Rock Lee. Where has his hard work gotten him? A backseat to the more gifted characters in the manga. Sweet mixed messages Kishi!

    @ripcord, that’s not the reason Sasuke’s Amaterasu is better. Look at it this way, Itachi was a pacifist so he used Tsukuyomi more (which means he’s had a lot of practice with it) while Sasuke’s a screaming rage-a-holic so he would naturally use Amaterasu more (which means he has more practice with it than Itachi. It all goes back to their personalities.

  27. @Rip
    Thank you!! Well said couldnt have said it better bro!

    That part about the uchiha bro’s is spot on! Lookin back Itachi has always prefered Tsukyomi and fucked up kakashi, sasuke and danzo (although we never saw danzo’s torture) and Sasuke seems to be setting everyone a blaze in his fights wit that sexy black fire lol
    Poor bushy brow, actually poor team guy!! (apart from ten ten)
    Out of team kakashi, guy, kurenai and asuma- Bushy brow sensei’s squad should be getting wayyyyyyyyy more screen time- im dying to see Neji in battle- dude must have a super saiyan 64 palm by now!! Even team kurenai- Shino’s a beast!! Kishi doesnt give a damn about the hardworkers just the Rikudo babies naruto an sasuke! I think thats what made part 1 so enjoyable- EVERYONE got sum screentime and fights. Who remembers the Byakugan battle wit Neji vs Hinata?!

  28. Actually, that chapter was boring. =)

  29. .

  30. Check out onepieceofbleach dot com and check out naruto-shippuuden-movie-4

  31. @kisu
    You may have a point with the two techniques, but the point remains that Sasuke’s techniques are his own, not from his brother.

    As to Naruto not working hard, there is some truth to his hard work: Kakashi commented that he had trouble with chakra control because of the Kyuubi. WIthout it, Naruto probably would have mastered techniques a lot faster.

  32. what techniques does naruto actually have may I ask? Rasengans of differing forms and shadow clones.
    kishi should have developed sage mode e.g. hihi-sage mode as opposed to this ridukou mode. but hey naruto always manages to pull something out of his arse and that’d what he should have told kyuubi ‘arse pull no jutsu’ always works

  33. What are the The Six Paths? I’ve been discussing with my friend about the Rinnegan, Sharingan, Sage of Six Paths and the whole Senju/Uchiha background.. The olderr brother got the Spirtual Engergy, (Uchiha) the younger brother got the Physical Energy (Senju) The *doujitsu which is the Rinnegan brought forth the Sharingan and Bakugan (which are mutations). When the Sage of Six Paths gave his eyes to his son, which eye did he give his son? It doesn’t say anywhere that it was the Rinnegan that was bestowed upon the older brother.

  34. schmitsuzimaki, The Six Paths are the techniques offered by the Rinnegan. As for the Older Son, he didn’t get the Rinnegan, he got eyes with swirls in the opposite direction to the Uzumaki swirl instead of the Rinnegan’s concentric circles.

  35. Naruto can’t even do a hand weave. He can only do rasengan kage bunshin LOL.

  36. @ Schmit and Kisu and everyone else
    Didnt Madara say after he took Nagato’s rinnegan after killing konan that he now has 3 out of the 6 paths (or something along those lines)………. Im guessing that the 3 of the paths he has so far are: the 1st Hokages senju power, the Uchiha sharingan power and Nagato’s rinnegan……..Naruto and Sasuke are also probably a path each (I dunno maybe sasuke’s EMS eyes and Naruto’s kyuubi mode body) but what could the last path be??!?!

  37. @tensa

    No, that was a mistranslation. He was saying Nagato was the Third Sage Six Paths (Rikodu being the first and Tobi being the second). Which means there were 3 Rin’negan users. This implies that Tobi used the Rin’negan for a time before Nagato used them. This could mean he is the Sage’s older son.

  38. Unless of course Kisu is right and the older son did not inherit the Rin’negan. I always thought the older inherited the sharingan though…

  39. I coulda sworn the sharingan was a combination of somebody doing the nasty with a demon…

  40. i cant understand what was meant by the older son of the SoSP inherited his eyes. his eyes are clearly not rinnegan eyes. they have an entirely different appearance than that of the rinnegan.

    Rinnegan/Tobi Theory:

    i wonder if tobi is the older son of the sosp, than what if his eyes that he inherited was an incomplete form of the rinnegan and because of that it took the form of a swirl and maybe didnt have the powers or at least not all the powers(the six paths in particular) of the actual rinnegan. and also he only inheritied the sage’s spiritual energy while as the younger son inherited the physical energy. what if in order to use the rinnegan or have the complete form of the rinnegan, one needs to possess the physical energy of the sosp. (which the senju clan possesses) what if tobi (hypothetically being the older son of sosp) used nagato (who is of senju descent) to complete his rinnegan.

    this theory would make tobi the creator of the sharingan and byakugan to some extent which can explain his extensive knowledge of the abilities of the sharingan, even knowing how to extinguish amaterasu. this would explain his knowledge of everything there is to know about the uchiha/senju feud. also him being alive for so long can also explain how he is familiar with every jutsu he sees and knows how it works.

    just thought of this without checking if any of it is possible or makes sense.

  41. @ripcord, here is the Older Son’s eyes. Clearly not the Rinnegan or the Sharingan…

  42. fastninja: u got a good point there

  43. I said that theory ages ago an so did alot of other people- it makes soooooo much sense!!! Tobi has to be someone we’ve already heard about. How the heck he’s stayed alive for so long cant be purely due to his chakra though- i get the feeling Zetsu’s apart of this aswell. Maybe his Senju powers and some chakra adding jutsu from zetsu = super long life span

  44. @kisu

    Where did that image come from? I am guessing it is a high-res scan of the manga? Doesn’t it look like the Rin’negan turning into a sharingan?

  45. @ripcord, it’s an anime screenshot. This is the manga’s version:


  46. Ah well that’s the best scan of the manga that I’ve seen of that picture. I always thought Kish had it shaded and ambiguous. Thanks for clearing that up. I haven’t really seen any Shippuden anime, except what’s posted here.

  47. @ripcord, I know. It was really hard to find a scan that clear. I would’ve replied to you earlier if it wasn’t.

  48. My theory is that the person who inherits the Rinnegan will have both powers of the Uchiha and Uzumaki clans…I The Sage of the Six paths had both and I think that Naruto will get the Rinnegan similar to how Nagato received it. Itachi gave Naruto some of his power. Remember when Mandra/Toby said he gave Nagato his Rinnegan (how did he do it?…by giving Nagato some of his power!). Chp 509 pg 5

  49. The reason why the Sage’s older son couldn’t inherit the pure Rinnegan is because he didn’t have the body for it. What could have happened is that, Tobi donated his EMS eyes to Nagato knowing he was a uzumaki, so now all he needed were the eyes. This could be another reason why Tobi had all those eyes, so everytime he used up a pair he could replace them until he got his old ones back, and after he had Zetsu plant the senju cells in him so he could wield the Rinnegan, and Sharingan.


    That or either he is Nagato’s father and passed the trait of having the Sharingan to an Uzumaki, knowing that one day when he awakened his dojutsu it would be the Rinnegan because he would have Uchiha and Senju powers. It’s just like in real life.

  50. When father’s pass down genes such as eye color or body stature.

  51. @UchihaTheInfamous, your theory sounds interesting. In addition now that Sasuke has EMS, it possible that he may give his eyes to Naruto in order him to fight Mandra with the Rinnegan. The “gift” Itachi gave Naruto may just be something strong enough to see through Sasuke’s EMS abilities. Who knows.

  52. @ rsvp4god
    Do u reallyyyyyyyyyyy see sasuke giving Naruto his EMS to fight Madara????????? Im sorry i dont see how or why Sasuke would do that!!! If he did i suppose it would kinda make Naruto the 4th Rinnegan user we know about (with the original being 1st, Tobi 2nd and Nagato 3rd). If anything tho it might just end up Naruto and Sasuke vs Madara in the end………….
    Sasuke will probably end up turning on Madara at sum point too once we find out what he’s been hiding. Tobi being Nagato’s dad tho- i can believe that- Tobi’s had most of the ninja chicks back in the day!

  53. Sorry, but Sasuke doesnt deserve to fight by Naruto’s side. He deserves to die as the psycho killer he is, at least that way he’ll die with some dignity instead of being proven wrong, changing sides, and then dying. But hey, Kishi loves clichés

  54. spoilers and its getting good!!!!

  55. im confused, how have the 1st and 2nd ever used the rinnengan?

  56. basically Naruto is really the embodiment of the youger brother of the SSP! he has his will power and physical energy.

    Sasuke is the embodiment of the older brother of the SSP who has the eyes and powerful chakra also the spiritual energy.

    my interpretation of the older brothers eyes is that it could be a different retina shape much like the uchiha have in EMS! rinnengan just means colider scope as far as im aware! so it maybe just its a different variation!

  57. Damn i tried to resist looking at the spoilers but i was weak!!! They look good tho, looks like Neji had his battle i think and whats even more interesting is the Nagato and Itachi panel

  58. so people think that Nagato is the only person that was an offspring from a uchiha and a senju?

  59. Mattmaru, it isn’t the 1st and 2nd Hokages.

    According to Tobi there have been 3 people in history to have ever used the Rin’negan. The Sage Six Paths, Tobi, and Nagato.

  60. I’m sure there has probably been other cases of Uchiha’s and Uzumaki, or Uchiha’s and Senju, cross breeding (some probably did it trying to create a child with the Rinnegan, I’m sure that Tobi isn’t the only one that knows that Uchiha + Uzumaki/Senju = Possiblity of Rinnegan) But just like with all breeding what you get is totally random, and I’m sure only the right genetic circumstances could lead to something like the Rinnegan. Some people probably came close but didn’t have for example strong enough dojutsu properties, or strong enough chakra, etc.

  61. Actually, we don’t know what constitutes a “Sage of Six Paths”. We don’t know if Madara had the Rinnegan before. Everything is just speculation really.

    @Uchiha, genetics don’t work like that I’m afraid. The Senju and Uchiha are far off descendants. There has to be a large amount of “foreign genes” in their composition, so they cannot be true embodiments of the Sage’s children. The Senju and Uzumaki are descendants of the younger son for example, and you can’t tell which clan is closer to his DNA. So I don’t believe “Senju+Uchiha=Rinnegan”, because there are many newer genes present and undoubtedly some of the older ones are gone. Plus, neither son had the Rinnegan to begin with anyway since the Rinnegan isn’t a hereditary trait.

  62. @kisu

    That’s true to a certain extent, but genetics are totally random and some recessive genes(traits) can be pulled from many generations back, that’s why they say the Rinnegan is a mutation, a foreign/genetic anomaly, which is caused by the right mixture of genes. So in theory to get the right mixture of genes, you would need to groups that close to the original I.E. Uchiha + Senju/Uzumaki or Even Byakugan + Uzumaki/Senju. These people would have a far greater chance than taking people such as Yamanka’s and Hatake’s, lol (pretty random I know, lol.) because they are closer genetically to the whole. In summation, I agree with you it’s not a direct 1:1 correlation like Uchiha + Senju/Uzuamki = Rinnegan, but the chances of it are closer than any other combinations except maybe a Byakugan user (which still hasn’t been cleared up). I really was only just trying to put it in an illustrative and simplified mathematical form. Actually the formula would be far more complex algebraic algorithm than that, and many other variables would need to be taken into consideration as you said 🙂 .

  63. @ ripcord ah right ok thanks for clearing that up 🙂 I remember now! its good that “tobi” says this so there is no one gonna come back or maybe 10 other people using it like sharingan spammmmm lol!

  64. I guess through selective breeding you can improve the gene line too! not saying this happened but it is a way to improve the the origional descendants traits by augmenting them. i wouldnt know what mutations of those gene pools would be better then the younger and older brothers though!

  65. I think the the Uzumaki clan could have a purer DNA path to the younger SSP son. the senju had a bigger village and toured the entire country fighting where as the Uzumaki seemed to have stuck to there island and kept there powerful sealing techniques hidden from the world of ninja! thats just my opinion by the way.

  66. @Mattmaru

    That’s exactly right but the best way to get that is to try and re-create the bloodlines as close as possible, and hope you can get enough recessive traits to pop up to become an anomaly(mutation) and BOOM(kicks it up a notch) the Rinnegan.

  67. couldn’t use “BAM” copyright purposes, lol. JK.

  68. @UchihaTheInfamous

    That sounds a lot like what Orochimaru and Kabuto were doing together, all that body modification, etc. to create the perfect existence.

  69. @ripcord

    True, and he always has wanted Sasuke and Itachi’s bodies/eyes, and we further found out that he gave Danzo the powers to be able to wield Iznagi, so he could have been trying to recreate the Rinnegan within himself this whole time. He obviously knew the power of wielding Senju/Uchiha powers dually. Orochimaru does it, again, beating Tobi to his own plan. Once again Orochimaru gets even more cool points. I trully like him better than all the villans, and most of the main characters in this whole story. Orochimaru for 7th Hokage(there’s a chance he could be revived and beat Naruto to the punch, he always stays ahead of the game, lol 🙂 ).

  70. Ah, man. 539… maybe Naruto’s light is not strong enough to keep everyone out of darkness for long. What a trip!

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