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One Piece Chapter 624-Determination

Link to One Piece Chapter 624

Waiting almost two weeks for this weeks chapter makes it feel like for ever since reading a new chapter. But the story starts right of where we left and we left of after the final revealing death of Fisher Tiger and the consequences that enfolded after his death. The summary so far is that after Tiger, Jinbe is now the captain of the sun pirates, Arlong was imprisoned, and most of the signatures the Queen got were taking back.

Jinbe the Knight of the Sea

Jinbe just became the captain of the sun pirates and it is only fitting as to how strong and close Jinbe was to Tiger. Now when Tiger was first introduced and how legendary of a pirate he was, I was expecting him to be more of a strong fighter that would not be killed by a bunch of nameless marines with guns. But it seems that his legend was just that “a legend”. A while back it was explained how Dekken’s legend of being immortal and roams the bottom of the ocean to kill of pirates was in actuality it was just that Dekken was a decedent of the first Vander Dekken. My point here is that legends are not always the whole truth, in this case Tiger was not as fearsome as he was told to be. Jinbe on the other hand is the true fearsome Fishman of the sea that even the marine have fear of him.

In this chapter it is finally explained how Jinbe became a Shichibukai and why he actually accepted that offer as to how it is in a way working for the same government that made his people slaves and killed his mentor. But Jinbe surprises us on how he has become like Tiger that he is not some one who does not selfishly look for revenge and hatred unlike Arlong. Arlong was captured and explains how Tiger dead, but only tells half of the truth. Arlong lied about why Tiger refused the Human blood transfusion. Now he did this because he did not want the reputation of Tiger the legend who freed slaves both human and Fish kind ruined. Now Arlong is freed at the same time Jinbe become a Shichibukai does this mean that the deal on Jinbe’s part was to command the release of Arlong or did the marines release Arlong for another reason. I believe it is the lateral because Jinbe was worried about some of the pardons and I believe it is Arlong’s release.

The reason Jinbe became a “Dog” for the government

There are many aspects that a character gets if he or she is a Shichibuka: for one it is world fame both in a good and bad sense. After Jinbe became a Shichibukai he recieves the title of one of the strongest pirate that sails the sea that both pirates and marines fear even though he is an ally of both in a sense. But the real reason Jinbe became a Shichibukai was to make life easier for his people. Jinbe really believes in the ideas of both Tiger and Queen Otohima and he is trying his best to make both their ideas come to life. So he believes that even though he has been fighting the marines for the past years, that caused him grief and agony he will put that all behind him to make the ideas of the Queen come true and accepted by his own people. Again this just shows how he has been absorbing Tigers ideas and in my opinion made him into the Jinbe we know today.

Queen Otohime

I really felt bad for her this chapter not because it looks like her time is short but that all the hard work she has been doing for the past five years was gone in a heart beat. She loses all the signatures she got from the people that agree with her on the idea of both humans and fish kind in harmony. But that does not make her give up, but does make her depressed as to she cries and even gets drunk and bashes at the people. She has become one of the few character that have as much determination as Luffy on the aspect of setting a goal and not giving up on that goal. This is why next week chapter might be a chapter that can break some hearts and an emotional chapter it will be. I just wonder why some one would want to kill her?

Side Notes:

  • Did you noticed that the bat that sent the letter to Jinbe is the same kind that was sent to Buggy after the war. I wonder if it was the same request letter for Buggy to be a Shichibukai.
  • This arc is with out the doubt one of the most emotional so far.


7 Responses

  1. -Cries-
    S-so d-damn s-sad. OTOHIMEEEEE -cries-

    On a more serious note. Amazing chapter, amazing analysis, amazing.

  2. This chapter explained why Jinbei is so much stronger than Arlong. While Arlong was sitting in a cell Jinbei was on the seas fighting pirate crew after pirate crew.

  3. @Kisu
    Yeah at one time they were equals Along became weaker from sitting in the cell then he went to the east blue were no one could challange him and sat around 8 more years abusing Cocoashi village

    pretty much while Jinbei was active Arlong sat around for 10 years with out a real fight

  4. the hell why did my avatar change any way a small correction he sat around for 11 years doing nothing until Luffy came around

  5. A long while ago after the battle at Ace’s Execution, didn’t Buggy the Clown recieve the same manner of invitation as Jinbei? If so, does that mean he’s a Shichibukai after the two year time skip? (!?) Jinbei’s story on how he got through might be a strong indication that Jinbei will be Luffy’s tenth crewmate, looking forward to that happening…..

  6. nice post jdog as always

  7. what i felt left out by you is the tenryuubito arriving at the end of this chapter i have a feeling a someone will be captured or will kick its ass and otohime sacrifices herself by replacing that person.

    anyway nice review and i think otohime will die in the comming few chapters

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