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Naruto 538 is out:

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What a build up!


62 Responses

  1. awww.. play nice Kyuubi. first! haha

  2. FIRST!!!!

  3. Wow! 1st! First time ever.

    I was impressed with our boy this chapter. Showed some stones. Still, there was some wisdom in what the 9 tails was saying., It shouldn’t be ignored.

  4. lol! damn

  5. dang it. Ssj beat me to it this week.

  6. Nice chapter, and that fox is pretty darn crafty. He’s like Aizen except with a more hardcore demeanor, lol.

  7. Well isn’t Naruto the egotistical little bastard. Everything the Kyubi said this chapter made perfect sense. I don’t see how simply brushing it off like it’s nothing means it’ll cease to exist.

    Lame chapter. Didn’t need to see Sasuke again. All they established was that he’s a crazy prick. We already knew that over 1 year ago.

  8. Sasuke and those crazy eyes of his haha.

    The fox makes sense though. After you get through any of his dialogue that could be tricky, he’s only telling Naruto the truth. One person can’t stop a war and even if they could, can’t do it without destroying who they are. This chapter seemed like a good starting ground for building a relationship between the two of them.

  9. One person can stop a war, at least in the anime world. (shanks FTW)

  10. Truthfully, the fox is about the only person that can hold a candle to Madara knowledge wise about what’s happened in the past. Oh, and the old man Tsuchikage, lol.

  11. Well, in actuality he knows more than Madara.

  12. I waited an extra week for this!

  13. @ kisu

    i asgree with you to a point but for kishi to write this chapter with naruto acting any other way would be to betray narutos character. this is who he is. he has always been unwavering in his dedication to what he feels needs to be done, especially concerning sasuke.

    i def agree with you. this has to be a start of a new level of relationship with the fox. partly since the fox must know his days are potentially numbered with what madara is doing. that and naruto really is wasting a lot of power by using the fox as a battery.

  14. cool points for Hinata during the flashback for being Naruto’s one and only loyal fan.. While everyone else is eagerly sipping on their Haterade, Hinata has nartuto’s back. She’s his down-a** b*tch. I like that. You go girl!

  15. the Nine tails has a point. kishi we get it already sauske’s full of hatred sheesh!!!

  16. Okkkkkkkkkk so it was cool to see young naruto an sasuke, kinda reminded me of the good ol days when orochimaru was top villian but we really didnt need a whole chapter for this conversation. Kishi could have knocked that out in 6 pages lol We must be close to seeing sasuke again in the manga if kishi bothered to remind us that he’s still alive, out there and has always had sum scary ass eyes! Seriously tho, kishi’s got too much clearly up to do as it is with this war before u even think of bringing back angry uchiha and all his issues that he brings to the series. It feels more an more like he’s rushing it an not taking the proper care and attention. How the hell can u rush this for sum silly baseball manga?! Anyway im off to read bleach…

  17. Is it just me or is it that the more 9 tails is featured the lamer he looks? He supposed to be a gargantuan demon and he looks like a little pet.

    Other than that lame chapter, I wanna see some other fights/warfront stuff.

  18. @Bringer, I think the fox doesn’t know about Madara’s plan because Naruto doesn’t know about it. All he knows is that Akatsuki are taking the Bijuu and that’s it. I think he’s coming to terms, albeit slowly, that Naruto has the power to decide their fates. He knows that if Naruto rushes blindly that he’ll probably die and he himself will be toast.

  19. Kyubi: So Naruto, how do you plan to erase hatred that’s been around for centuries?

    Naruto:…. I’m Naruto!

    That’s this blond retard’s answer to everything. I’m sticking with this manga solely to see Naruto’s answer to the Kyubi’s and Nagato’s question. I know I’ll be disappointed, but at least I can take solace in the fact that I was right *sigh #frustrated

  20. The last picture of Madara was pretty cool. Because Sasuke was in this week’s chapter, I’ll give this week’s chapter a A. No action, no plot twist, but as long as we got to young Sasuke this week’s chapter was decent. We never seen the other important battles before Naruto and Bee showed up no way, so if the next battles include Itachi, Nagato, or the main event Sasuke, I have no problem with it.

  21. I waited 11 freaking days to be disappointed with a 100% flashback chapter. I don’t give a sht about back story, i want to see the fights -.-. When you’re fighting a war, you don’t just randomly recite old times.

  22. I can see now why some of you only appreciate the manga when kool jutsus are displayed and probably ignore most of the story. If you haven’t noticed Naruto is evolving into a the man he was meant to be. His resolve is strong and he knows his fate is most certainly to die fighting with Saucegay unless he convinces him otherwise about his “I am the Gay Uchiha Avenger” ways. Yes the old timers throw out the common sense crap because they do not yet have the confidence in the new generation. I see a few Kages dying and handing the torch in this war…Hokage-Raikake-Tsuchikage are the ones I peg to die in this war handing it over to the next generation who survive this war. You emo Saucegay lovers got all happy to see him in the manga this week…lmao

  23. getting really dissapointed with this manga. its obviously being rushed and we dont need to be told the same thing over and over again as far as naruto and sasuke goes. i understand the story so dont say im only interested in the fights, but at this point the fights are the only cards kishi has left play right now since he spams flashbacks and stupid conversations, but instead he’ll rather keep giving us flashbacks of things we already know, while in the middle of this so called war. (keyword: WAR) whatever, let me know when the war actually begins.

    p.s. both sides losing half their forces in just one day and no civillian casualties? so is this going to be a 2 day war? im sorry, but this is a fail. kishi has got some work to do.

  24. The Kyuubi like many of you have already said makes perfect sense, but what he fails to realize is that this war is different from any other. Naruto won’t feel the pain of taking a “human life”, really all he is facing is lame Zetsu clones and the undead, and from what we have seen so far, none of the Konoha 11 are going to die from that, so the pain of losing someone close is out too. The only ones he really has to kill are two people that no one in the Narutoverse gives to cents about, Madara and Kabuto, which is no different than killing Hitler and Goebbels. Where’s the hard part in that?, this war is a joke, as Kisu said, a glamorized tournament, mixed with a royal rumble. To be honest Naruto should just listen to the fox and cut his ties with Sasuke or in the end he will really lose someone he cares about maybe Kakashi or Sakura. Naruto becoming like Nagato? what a joke, Naruto will never suffer as much as Nagato, Naruto is living in a bubble. I can see it now, Naruto miraculously gets the Rinnegan out of nowhere, that would be the kicker in this manga.

  25. The way I see it, Naruto has always been underestimated and belittled. Yet he persevered and never let other people’s jugement get to him. The word impossible is not part of his vocabulary. Because of that, he’s been defying the odds time and time again. All the people who thought he’d never amount to anything… Could they have foreseen Naruto becoming a powerful shinobi? Defying Neji? Redeeming Gara? Surpassing his master and defeating Pain? Defeating Kyuubi and taking its chakra? Of course not, they all thought he couldn’t do it, that it was impossible. Just like they do now. Never learn, do they? But WE, who have been readinf the whole thing should know better by now.

    The point I’m trying to make is that what makes Naruto different from the others is his determination to never give up even when faced with unbeatable odds. To fight for what’s right no matter what, when all those who came before him chose resignation to an unavoidable reality instead: Thats just the way the Shinobi world is.

    That may sounds like naivety to some (and to some point it is), but that’s also his most endearing quality: To never yields. To at least TRY. That’s the reason Naruto got so far in life. That’s also why he’ll succeed where all his oh-so-realistic predecessors failed. That’s why he’ll become hokage.That’s why he’ll achieve peace. That’s why he’ll bring back Sasuke (even tough I’m no fan of his).

    And speaking of which, seriously, those who doubt Naruto will redeem Sasuke, you seriously need to rewatch the series because you totally (and I mean TOTALLY) missed the whole message the series has been trying to make since day one. Just saying.

  26. @Mexican_Jitsu, I will appreciate it if you didn’t insult the main reason we continue to read this manga (Sasuke). Sasuke speared Naruto’s life not once but 3 times, so give respect when it’s do please. Thank you

  27. *spared

  28. as the toonami promo guy used to say back in the day “aww they’re so cute at that age” lol

  29. lol look at all the haters and lovers of the sasuke patrol come out to frolic!!!! to be honest im looking forward to seeing some EMS action! be different and cool. Also hoping that Naruto pulls out some more “yellow flash!” be epic fight….also want to see a sage/kyuubi fusion mode when he is in the $hit!!! like a SS4 mode hahahahaha

    still good effort i agree with people saying it reinforces the determination and self belief of naruto as well as the possibility of a new relationship between kyuubi and naruto!! BOOOM!

  30. @marie, I totally 100% agree with you. You fans should have more faith in Naruto. Naruto will find an answer to stopping hatred. I mean for god’s sake he’s the main character of the damn thing what do you expect? Now i have absolutely how he will bring back Sasuke, or if he ever does, but I do know that Naruto wil be the hero. With that being said, I don’t see why so many people are complaining about the flashback/talking chapters. I mean come on guys the story has to develop at some point, and Naruto may have cool fights and all but if it wasn’t for its great story the fights wouldn’t have meaning.

    Now I will agree by saying that the flashback didn’t really tell us anything new, but i think it was just meant to re-highlight naruto and sasuke’s rivalry as kids and how it started. I think the real point was that the nine tails was trying to get naruto to see that he has a shit load at stake and that he can’t do it by himself, or at least not while bitching about sasuke. I will be honest, however, in saying the fact that naruto will prevail in the end, the fox made a lot of sense. Looking at it logically, Naruto is only one ninja who still has some training to do and things to learn, so how does he plan to stop madara, kabuto, AND the new sasuke? On top of the zetsu clones and all the edo tensei resurrections? I will not lie in saying that the path ahead won’t be easy for Naruto, but what makes Naruto great is the fact that he has so many people behind his back that he doesn’t have much to worry about.

    As far as the way the war is going, I will agree in saying it hasn’t been perfect, but what do you expect. Kishi can’t make every last detail of the manga perfect. The story and universe is just too huge, and since so many fans have different expectations, you can’t please everyone so i say shut up about it and enjoy what we got. And true, the war may be more of a battle royal, but what do you expect? Kishi is obviously going to highlight the big fights instead of just showing the hundreds of nameless ninja hacking and slashing at each other, That would be boring. So of course it will feel like a battle royal. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

    My only real complaint about things so far is that as much as I love the good guys, I hope kishi evens it out and actually kills some frontline characters. The war so far has been virtually one sided, and to capture a better feeling of a war, there needs to be deaths. I hate to say it but it’s true. Another minor complaint is that some of the fights with the bigger characters such as Sasori and Hanzo were kinda down played, but i’m sure kishi was aware of this. Those battles weren’t the main focus so I can see why he didn’t spend 10 chapters on each one. The bigger battles will be up ahead. My last minor complaint is that the nine tails has lost a bit of his flavor, BUT, i can understand why. Naruto has a degree of mastery over the fox so it would only be natural that he stands on more an even platform with the fox than he used to earlier. The whole ” slam the fox down and stare into his eye” was a bit more comical and silly than it should have, but i get where kishi was going with it so I won’t wander on it.

    In general, what I’m trying to say is, just enjoy the manga and stop complaining about every little thing just because it doesn’t go your way. Naruto is still and always will be amazing so please have more faith and just have fun with it 🙂

  31. Sorry for the long message, but I had a lot to say

  32. Naruto defeated pain?! Nahhhh sorry i dont count that as a victory- Naruto got his arse handed to him when pain had him pinned to the floor- once again Naruto was saved by the kyubbi when he went all 6 tails on Mr Rinnegan for slapping Hinata about like an old rag AND on top of that he had his chakra replenished by his dad by which at this point Pain was exhausted from that big arse Chibaku tensei so naruto had 2 LIFE SAVERS!!!!

  33. Naruto beat Nagato not in battle but he made Nagato have faith in him and change his ideals in the end. so i call that a victory for Naruto.

  34. @kisu, i can see your frustration but lets remind ourselves of who naruto is! he isnt some genius! he is confident, thick headed and that is why he is like this! it is right what Naruto said! if he 2nd guesses himself he will fall apart! hes a kid of conviction! say for instance a sports athelete! they thrive on confidence in there ability! if they doubt there ability they lose the majority of there skill and power!

    Ive seen it time and time again and my football team have just came through a bad patch, the same people who where losing to some real poor teams and now they have amazing confidence because of a certain manager, they believe in themselves and there team mates! Naruto has never been one to plan much unless its out in the battlefield and he goes with his instincts so he doesnt have the answers. unlike madara he seems like he is a a master chess player always planning ahead! im sure you know all this Kisu though ha ha!

  35. Lol, it’s funny that the ones complaining about re-hashed plot points spew their SAME COMPLAINTS week in, week out!!! Yes this is a forum to voice your opinion but please don’t feel obligated to every week post something which adds nothing to the experience…
    It was an alright chapter that reiterated some relational points between characters (Naruto/Sasuke, Naruto/Fox etc) that will probably make digesting some of the stuff that happens in the next few chapters a bit easier.

    “When are you going to learn to stop underestimating me” TOO TIGHT!

  36. one thing that i liked about when naruto got his controlled kyubi form is that he surprised the 9 tails when he sore the symbols and felt the presence of the sage of the six paths when naruto activated that mode! to surprise Kyubi is definately something difficult to do and also in his malice and rage of being controlled he was probably on some level impressed with Naruto for over coming him even if it was just half his presence and energy! I think Kyubi has been gaining confidence over the series with Naruto but in his cunning ways he will always try and find away to escape his vessel.

  37. Give it about 9 chapters naruto will be chillin on kyubi’s nose like bee lol

  38. Was I the only one that caught that “Valley of the end pose between Naruto and Sasuke:” Looking just like Madara and the 1st Hokage. Just like when they fought at the Vally of the End and Sasuke was on Madara’s Head and Naruto was on the First. I just love subtle hints of foreshadowing. And yes people they will manage to fight at the Valley of the End again. I calling firsties on that one :-).


    @ John

    I said a long time ago, that it’s a possibility that Naruto gets the rinnegan. There have just been subtle hints of it, like with the discovery that Nagato was an Uzumaki, and then this Sage body he has. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Sasuke did the fusion dance in the end to combine bodies and eyes to become the new Sage, smh. or better yet Sasuke pulls an Obito and gives Naruto “his”(Itachi’s) eyes. Now that really would be a kicker, lol.

  39. i dont know why everyone is complaining. i agree with marie and mattmaru. this chapter reminds me of the reason i first started watching naruto in the first place naruto is all about a knuckle headed kid who never gives up even when everyone else counts him out, and against the odds manages (even with some luck or help) to rise above the doubters and haters. this is the first time i have seen naruto grow up. he was talking, not arguing defiantly to the fox. he was confident and not scared to walk into the cage with the fox and with a flick of the finger put the fox back in his restricted pillars. this chapter shows some of his maturity and self belief. overall i liked this chapter it was a change to the one day war.

  40. There’s a fine line between being a hater and realistic when it comes to the stories message. First of Naruto has only proven Neji right in the fact that you are born special and only few are chosen to be important or something along those lines, if no one remembers you can see the chunnin exams and read Neji’s message, secondly, Gaara has achieve just as much in a shorter time, became Kage of his village and is looked up to and respected because he is realistic, hardworking and responsible, thirdly, he didn’t surpass his predecessor’s they paved the road for him, Nagato, The 4th, Jiraiya and a couple others were the pioneers, Naruto was practically handed a map to success. What kind off message is Naruto sending, it’s okay to be in an abusive relationship? Sasuke has been trying to kill Naruto multiple times, if that isn’t an abusive relationship, I don’t know what is. Sure this story is also about redemption, but their is a fine limit, and a point of no return, you can’t just kill people and expect redemption, if you really seek redemption than let justice be served. There are many messages and everyone can take what they want from this story, I just choose to listen to what the realist had to say.

  41. its his way of the ninja! doesnt always apply to everyone!

  42. Kyubi makes allot of sense and he is being very realistic in what he is telling naruto! Maybe Naruto cant change whats gone on! certainly he cant change the past! he cant stop people hating Sasuke! but maybe he can save sasuke from the darkness that he has plunged himself into. in turn Sasuke would have to do something heroic to change the way people see him! Naruto always seems to inspire people and obviously Sasuke is proving to be the hardest one to do that!

  43. @John, I completely agree with everything u just said

  44. So, to sum it up, The Fox, Neji, and Pain have been right all along and are the three most insightful people in the whole series. Nice. :-).

  45. I told you all The Fox is Aizen with a more hardcore attitude, lol.

  46. @Kisu/John/U.theFamous
    I think this talk is leading up to a more important role for Itachi. Naruto’s heard this story before. Think realistic. But how about hearing it from the guy who had to make a similar (exact same) decision.

    @Evry1 Do you guys think Itachi will appear to continue his talk with Naruto? Or is their convo done and gone in the Search for Itachi arc?

  47. I think the next talk we see from Itachi is going to be in genjutsu/flashback form when Naruto fights Sasuke.

  48. @Marie I concur!!!

    @ Shanks Ftw!!!

    @Tensa Pains Powers were so broken!!! No one could have beaten him unless thet knew his secret and even then who knows! At least he didn’t get Pawnsausaged like Saucegay did by K8ee in a coulple of minutes only to be saved by his team whom he dumped in a heartbeat when he didn’t need them!!

  49. @Bloodlustsasuke
    Good observation, but for Itachi, it was a way harder choice. The Uchiha were planning, pure conjecture up to the point they were killed. It was really a very difficult choice for Itachi, Itachi could have sided with either side and no one would have blamed him, family or his village, Naruto is putting one person, one person’s life to the whole ninja world, even those who he cares about. Sasuke is not little anymore he can take care of himself, he doesn’t need to be babysat by Naruto. But yes, I agree, despite what we know of Itachi, he remains an enigma, and he will definitely come up again.

  50. I loved the chapter, I kinda missed the goggles. 🙂

  51. @John ok so what would you do in Naruto’s shoes then? would you just give up? would you kill Sasuke?

  52. @John/Kisu etc – a few comments on what you said. Neji’s dogma had more to do with destiny than anything because of his father being killed in his Uncle’s stead because he was Branch. Hence his contempt for main branch, Hinata and Rock Lee. He saw Hinata’s “destiny” as her forever being weak. This is where Naruto and him differed; Naruto as he always has does not believe in anyone being bound by fate or destiny. That’s been his message from the get go; he will always fight no matter what the odds. He fought against the stigma placed on him by the village, he fought against Neji’s superiority complex, he fought against the cycle of hate and pain that would have had him kill Pain instead of forgive him (before he knew he’d resurrect everyone) and now he’s fighting against the fact that Sasuke is past redemption (even though he probably is, lol). He continues to fight against that in this last issue where he refuses to accept that he can’t do anything about the war. The point is that he has not proven Neji right. In fact Neji (as with all characters who interact with naruto) has changed his way because of it; the hate and contempt he felt before is gone now.

    Gaara, as well has only done what he’s done because of his battle with Naruto. It made him let go of his hate and bloodlust. When you think about it actually, Gaara has killed waaaaay more people than Sasuke and he was made Kazekage! Gaara also achieved what he achieved because he had advantages in using his tailed beast and other talents i.e. he was more skilled because from an earlier age he was encouraged and tested in continuous killing and battle. Yes he is “realistic, hardworking and responsible” but those are just aspects of him which have manifested after he embraced Naruto’s Ninja Way. Without that meeting he’d be a bloodthirsty psycho. Think back to him appealing to Sasuke at the 5 kage meeting. That was Naruto speaking right there.

    Naruto hardly had a path laid out for him by anyone except for maybe his Father. Otherwise all the others Jiraiya, Nagato, the 5th etc had to be shown something by Naruto before they believed in him. Jiraiya gave up on Orochimaru, Naruto has not given up on Sasuke. Nagato gave up on society, Naruto has not. The list goes on and on.

    If Naruto had succumb to Kyuubi’s taunting and “realistic” views it would fly in the face and belittle everything he’s done thus far.

    Abusive relationship? To a degree, yes. But I think Naruto, on a simplified and sometimes exaggerated extent, represents someone like Nelson Mandela or Gandhi etc. No matter how much hate or anger is thrown at them they don’t give up. They absorb that hate and continue to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  53. @Tawuya

    Your argument follows exactly what Kishi wants us to follow. One could argue that Kishi contradicts himself a bit because Naruto is from great clans and he was picked to be the 9-tails host BUT at the start of it all Naruto was belittled and chalked up to be nothing. Yes, his success is partly due to his heritage, but it is also because he is a gutsy ninja who never gives up.

  54. @Mattmaru
    No not give up, giving up would mean letting Sasuke get away with his plans and such. Personally, I would have Naruto get rid of Sasuke, if he threatened everything else I cared for then that would be a no brain er. If Naruto can catch him great, but if he has no other choice, then it would be best if Naruto fought him for real and ended Sasuke’s revenge against everyone.

    Naruto may not believe in fate or destiny, but it does not mean it did not apply in his success. he was born to Kushina Uzumaki and The Fourth. He was granted Bijuu chakra since birth, that was not his choice, he met people that influenced him by chance, which is a close cousin to fate or destiny, yet it’s also true that Naruto’s choices where part of his success, don’t forget without Jiraiya’s or nagato’s previous chance encounter nagato would not have even bothered to ressurect the people of Konoha. The difference between Sasuke and Gaara is that Gaara has always been targeted for assasination, while everyone went out of their way to acomadate Sasuke, wouldn’t you agree? Sasuke had a choice he chose to be a criminal, Gaara was always on the defensive and only killed those who threatened him. It’s a fact that Naruto’s predecessors have laid out the path for him, he is following Jiraiya’s and Nagato’s dogma, he is succeeding because he is following it , Naruto is proving Neji’s original dogma day by day, was he not born special? is he influencing the ninja world? yes. And think about this, it was many years, maybe decades before Nagato and Jiraiya gave up, not entirely though, on their goals. Nagato for all his hate on society still wanted to create a new one, Jiraiya still kept tabs on Orochimaru, the second best choice. it’s still too early to consider Naruto as being successful when it has even been a a couple of years, he has let him run rampant. Oh and remember, even those peaceful heores met a tragic end, greats like Martin Luther King, Ghandi, and Malcom X, to an extent. Did they achieve complete equality, peace, no but they pioneered those concepts in a non violent way, in modern society, just like the First Hokage, Jiraiya and Nagato, so yes naruto has the road set for him he just has to walk it and not give up.

  55. Naruto is one of the children of prophecy. That seems like destiny to me >_>

  56. @John – well that becomes a deeper philosophical question, “are chance encounters, chance at all?”  Naruto was “by chance” bestowed with Bijuu chakra at birth.
    I think it’s absolutely right that, as you say, it boils down to the choices that Naruto has made that he’s been successful and yes it is the culmination of all these chance encounters that have enabled led us to where we are. Lol, Nagato meeting Jiraiya and being asked by him to be the child of destiny only to fail and be subsequently stopped by who the “true” child of destiny is VERY CONVENIENT but we’ll ignore that as a necessary plot driving tool!

    Yeah Sasuke has chosen his path, although you can argue that the trauma of being trapped in Mangekyou Sharingan after his adolescent self found his freshly murdered parents sort of make it so he hasn’t “chosen” his path per se…Which non-combatants has Sasuke killed by the way (failing to recall for some reason)?

    Neji’s original dogma was a bit vague and adolescent so could be twisted but at the time he was mad that his father was forced/bound-by-destiny to sacrifice his life. Neji’s whole thing was that you could not define or deviate from the path that you were on i.e. go with the flow. No one can really say if Naruto is walking a path or defining it; that’s the beauty of the whole thing, hehe, but he can, as you point out, “walk it and not give up”. And that’s what’s great about this chapter is that before only at the very last moment would Naruto “walk” his path, he’d mostly stumble along and Kyuubi in acts of self preservation would pop up. But now he’s walking it and bringing it. This will be his first time meeting Raikage after he bowed his head in the snow and begged for Sasuke’s life so I’m betting newer, more confident (read “delusional” by some) Naruto will have a thing or two to say and show him! Last time Raikage said “Ninja should not bow their heads so low, so easily” I have a feeling this time his parting words will have a different tone (LIGHTNING VS FLASH it’s on!).

    A tragic end for Naruto would actually be the most satisfactory. He dies heroically and his ideals are carried on with Shikamaru as Hokage of new united ninja world. The fact is that Naruto (and Sasuke) are becoming waaay too powerful to allow them to live for much longer. God status = death or powers being stripped away, ask Aizen and Kurosaki Ichigo!

  57. @Kisu – is it “Children” or “Child”? Coz at the time Nagato was viewed as Child of Prophecy. And that prophecy is also very ambiguous… will either cause great destruction or bring about positive change… sorta covers all fronts doesn’t it? But yes it does ring of destiny.

  58. @Tawuya, when I have the time I’ll give you a full reply k? But yes, it is Children of Prophecy. The Toad Sage said he made a mistake in thinking there was only one child of prophecy when in fact there were 2, hence the “Children”, after Nagato died.

  59. Thing is that Naruto could of easily went the way of Sasuke! he was hated at a young age and in his mind had every right to rebel against everyone! he may not have had his family slaughtered for the benefit of the village but he has had everyones passive and direct frustrations centred towards him! giving credit to Narutos determination and will to staying strong to what he wanted to become! he has had the path paved for him in some ways yes but if he had not the drive to do it then he would not be stairing into the eye of the beast and controlling him in such a domineering way and really thats his true power! determination and will power! because when its all said and done if he didnt do that he wouldnt be where he is now despite the prophecy! Sasuke punked out and sort revenge!

  60. @Tawuya and Mattmaru
    Now this is productive arguing! lol. Mostly I think it comes down to this, the fact that Naruto keeps saying the same line over and over, “I’ll do something about Sasuke”, “I’ll end the war by myself” and so on, without elaborating on how, it’s just to repetitive and childish, I have absolutely no doubt the Kyuubi went insane after hearing that so often, that and “Believe it” would drive anyone insane. I don’t recall any non-combatant per say, but attacking Bee, without any cause, just to get the Bijuu seems pretty evil, Bee was just minding his business, when Sasuke attacks him for his own personal Vendetta, almost killing Karin, who was his ally, at this point Sasuke clearly is not in the side of “good” anymore, a number of Sammurai dead at Sasuke’s hand, but no one really cares right? lol. Plus his revenge is no longer focused on an individual, he is focused on Konoha, all of it, he just wants to watch it burn, and everything in it.

  61. @ John

    U reckon Sasuke will fight the other 2 elders of konoha?? im assuming danzo was stronger than both of them tho and he killed him nicely

  62. @Tensa Gizzla
    I think Sasuke will fight them, but they will probably fight him together as a team, good opportunity for Sasuke to showcase his EMS, the two other elders probably got some insane combo attacks though, wouldn’t put it past them, they probably embody ideal teamwork, what better way for Sasuke to put the EMS on notice than defeating the ideal pair? That’s what I think.

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