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One Piece Chapter 623-Death before Dishonor

Link to One Piece Chapter 623.

Hello everyone and I am sorry that this is late, but I just noticed that the chapters are up early. I did not know that the chapters were early and again we have to wait till next week for another chapter. But lets get started with this weeks chapter and how emotional chapter it was.

If you have not noticed Koala is actually a girl, it was a typo on the translators that had her as a boy, but that mistake is over with and Koala makes a lot of progress as a character, even thought she was just recently revealed to the story. From these two chapter Koala has progressed as a character that some authors would take a hundred chapters to progress a character. She went from this beat up little boy looking character to an adorable loved by most of the Fishman in the Sun Pirates who in fact hate humans. But her charisma and pity leads the Fishman into actually wanting her to stay with them as a crew member even if she is human. Now I know that this is the last time we see Koala but her story line fits Tiger’s main message and goal in life. He proves that the only way to change how things are is in the next generation and his crew do a great job of making Koala a human feel at easy with Fishman and vice versa. Also, another character is introduced in this chapter Aladdin, who might be one of the first character to be based on a character from the east. This is another great attribute of One Piece is that most character can be associated from a particular country. Luffy for instance is considered a Brazilian, Robin is considered Russian, these are just a few example of character that can be associated with race or country.

The Death of a Hero

Back to the chapter, which is dedicated to Fisher Tiger most likely one of the symbols of hope, freedom and tragedy for the Fishman. In my opinion Tiger has become one of the saddest life story so far other than Sabo and Ace. Tiger has made Fishman believe in something that every one should have and strive for if not had, Freedom. He shows not only the people in Fishman Island that freedom is for every one and if it is taking from you, you take it back by force. His actions against the government prove this theory. But all his life he has being fighting for everything he has accomplished. He fought his way to the top of Fishman District, took his freedom back by going against the government, made his own pirate crew, and he could not accomplish one goal. That goal was to love a human.

This chapter reveals to us that Tiger’s last ‘adventure’ was actually not an adventure, but the fact that he was captured and made a slave by the humans and this is the reason that he can never accept humans even if it kills him. Which in actuality does really kill him. Now the people who asked Tiger to take Koala back to her home town actually were the ones that sold him out to the government not only that the people of Koala’s village do so to. This proves Arlong’s belief that humans deep down want to kill of the Fishman race. And from the actions from this chapter I would agree with him, but Koala is the hope that humans will some day get along with the Fishman race. The way Tiger was attacked by the navy was a weak way to die. I expected him to fight one strong navy man or be attacked by an admiral or vice admiral. But the way he gets injured was a little rushed and not what I expected, but his actions on his death bed made Tiger some one to respect. Tiger losses alot of blood after being attacked and had the chance to get a blood transfusion, but choses to die before being dishonored by human blood. Now he was arrogant and stupid to chose death instead of going against his beliefs and honor,  but had a good reason. Any one that would rather die than to live known that they went back on their rightful belief is a not only strong but can be a good influence on to his comrades. This is where I believe Jinbe changed into the character we know today and also Arlong who was reinforced with his belief on humans and tries to take revenge. But is stopped by the vice admiral which I think will send him on to the mission of assassinating Queen Otohime.

Side Note:

  • It would not be surprising if Kizaru sends Arlong to kill the Queen.
  • It was really unexpected that Tiger was a slave.
  • Koala’s mom is evil.
  • RIP Captain of the Sun Pirates, Fisher Tiger.

This is the only picture that I can find that was colored. Looks badazz.


9 Responses

  1. I like how the story of Fisher Tiger was exaggerated.

  2. @Kisuzachi very true indeed. It seems that keeping things as legends is better off.

  3. i never liked one peice (maybe cuz i was introduced by the 4kids dub) but damn! this chapter got me wanting to read the whole manga. im stuck on one peice wiki, actually watched the anime n now im waiting on the next chapter -.-

  4. great post jdog

  5. great post jdog, good as ever

  6. @Jdogg – yeah I think Fisher Tiger deserved a better death than getting shot up by Marine fodder, especially considering the fact he survived breaking out slaves in what I assume was heavily fortified prison…
    Maybe his heart just wasn’t in the fight after having been sold out plus he did have the whole “Will not kill humans” thing keeping a hand tied behind his back?

  7. Awesome chapter and great review Jdogg

  8. @Tawuya That is true when you take the fact that he was betrayed by the people that in away begged him to help Koala. But just like Kisuzachi said that Tiger’s legend was exaggerated but that’s what legends tend to be exaggerated. But all in all the way he went out was honorable.

    @Madara uchiha I am very sorry that you were introduced to One Piece by 4kids, which I think did a terrible job of Dubbing One Piece. Thank god they got canceled. But I am happy that you are enjoying One Piece.

  9. 4kids introduced me to One Piece too 🙂

    Hence the reason I thought OP sucked for years. I only gave it a chance last year when Ace died. Once I got used to the character designs it was very enjoyable.

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